Buddha- An Aries?

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Buddha colorful art

Buddha…An Aries…Yes, I know. He was. A multiple conjunct Aries.

No matter howย  many times i hear that, it does not ring true.

I reckon they mucked up his birthday for one of those complicated religious festival reasons (to displace something Pagan or whatever) and that Buddha was actually supposed to be a Taurus.

That makes WAY More sense…Even though Aries Buddha would like the worship and being listened to soooo avidly, Taurus is the transcendental sign. Aries could not sit still long enough and you know how Arieans flip OUT if they have even the hint of a belly where-as Taurus sees it as kind of stately?

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74 thoughts on “Buddha- An Aries?

  1. I concur… my Ramzilla Beau shows signs of ADD the second he has to sit still for more than 5 seconds without any kind of external stimuli…

    • And Buddha just doesn’t have that masculine hunkiness thing all aries boys seem to have…yum.

      • don’t remind of me of my most recent ex aries boy 9teardrop forms-saturn girl looks sternly on saying get a grip gf) hunky as for a 51 year old shoulders to die for too bad he had his head up his arse.

  2. Oh, so misunderstood…its ok though, your forgiven, blessings dear Myst, of course he was an aries. I once meditated for 5 years under a huge ganga plant, oh the revelations, the insight, but enough about me, lets get back to our ramkin friend buddha.

    • maybe…just maybe…..the Aries has it? i mean who could boil the entirety of existence down to “nothingness” ? the aries person does have a crap-free, non-avaricious way of interpreting the world, live and let live etc…maybe? Buddha an enlightened aries obviously not one of the types who goes around starting fights and whatever…hmm

      • It is more like “somethingness” than “nothingness”, which is kind of the same thing in the end…!! I think there is nothing more dynamic and war-like than a battle against your own perceptions. Nothing more difficult or worthy a fight either, it’s effect is so intense and changes everything in your life – big and small.

  3. I am in fabulous air-head Aqua mode so best I can proffer is that yep he is a Taurean, is’nt his birthday celebrated on Wesak which is a Taurean date? Once upon a time I knew for sure, but like, he sat under a tree contemplating/ emancipating himself from his attachment to earthly desires for like ever, not really Ariesish is it eh?

  4. And might I add, saffron robes are not quite the Aries thing non? I’m thinking something more militarily oriented…or at least, structured so it communicates the “I may be chillin’ under this tree now but I can heartily kick your ass if I need to” vibe that Arieans have.

    It’s not so much that he couldn’t be an Aries, but more about how Buddha’s marketing is so much more Toro.. I mean I can totally see a Toro appreciating the flowing robes after a robust meal. An Ariean would be walking it off immediately. Or at least fidgeting it off.

  5. Hi DavidL – yes, I can totally see Buddha as a Ram! Disciplined enough to get the philosophy down pat; with boundless energy to enthuse pilgrims and … the centre of attention!

    • yes, he must of come first in ‘spiritual’ school ! and apparently he was a great cricket player, captain of the team. Anyway since when can a taurus live on a single nut or leaf daily.

  6. Wesak Buddha’s birthday annually celebrated on the Taurus/Scorpio full moon- now thats a polarity you could contemplate for eternity…kinda worthy of a scripture or 2…

  7. taurus does make more sense than aries. they are not the most humble types and buddha was not the leader type he had many followers and obviously more now but does not hold himself up as the “one”.

  8. I know an Aries Buddhist nun. She has Aqua rising and Kataka moon (or vice versa) and she’s one of the most humble, serene, subdued people I know. The Aries comes across as a fierce work ethic.

    I can buy Buddha as super high manifestation of Aries. Why not? He was born a nobleman but was motivated by the hardship he witnessed outside of his palace to walk away from the privelige and find a remedy for all suffering. Not only did he have to conquer his own thoughts but he had to go against the prevailing Brahmin power structure and caste system to do it.

    Then again, what is the source of his birth date? Much of Buddha lore is legend as his actual teachings were transmitted orally for five hundred years until writing was developed in India.

    • must quibble on the subcontinental lack of script in ye olde times – that would be the reeeeelly ancient old hindu vedic texts? the Buddha c.500BCE – ie a reformation/ evolution of hinuduism and allsorts.

      • The Pali canon was the first to be written down in 80 BCE. Prior to that, it was orally transmitted. The Mahayana texts were written in Sanskrit in the first century BCE.

        • i’m upping the hyper virgoan factor UV ๐Ÿ˜‰

          i meant *writing* script developing independently on the subcontinent; being a tad weary of the westerncentricism that everything meaningful of necessity first occured in the occident – with buff men in little leather skirts leading the way, all the way

          (am partnered to a Greek who often has to bear me gifts on account of similar clashes of civilizations, on a domestic scale)

  9. On the contrary, I’d like to argue that Buddha was indeed an Aries and not a Taurus, for the following reasons:

    1) Taurus is the pleasure-seeking, comfort-loving sign, and Buddha renounced earthly pleasure and comfort on his path to enlightenment.

    2) Buddha – the actual founder of Buddhism, that is, Siddhartha Gautama – was not a jolly round fatso. He was an ascetic, and as such did all those monkly things that monks do, like fasting all the time (remember the renouncing of earthly pleasure and comfort). Almost all accurate depictions of him show a rather slender man (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gautama_Buddha). The fat Buddha is more likely a Chinese monk named Budai, who came after the time of Gautama.

    3) Gautama was adventurous, pioneering, confident, enthusiastic – tres Aries. He was exploratory (always on foot roaming the land); a born leader who loved freedom; expressive and generous. I reckon he had Aries written all over him!

    What do you think, Mystic?

    • Taureans most certainly come in all shapes and sizes, lovely gem – I was actually referring to the modern depictions of Buddha (which are not of Gautama at all, but Budai) that pervade the market nowadays (in which he looks like a jolly round fatso). Mystic wrote in her initial post that she suspects that Arieans “flip OUT if they have even the hint of a belly” (I assume she was thinking of the jolly round fatso Buddhas I am speaking of), and so there’s where that phrase came from. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. I totally relate to Buddha as an Aries. Everything he learned had to be proved to him. ( And teaches it -If you meet the Buddha on the road- kill him) He was willful- see how he had to go 100% to the end of Asceticism before he got the lesson, he went his own way completly independantly of his home and upbringing. Idealistic- that’s why seeing the suffering in the world was so painful and why he had to seek enlightenment.
    He had a few good laughs at the demons who were trying to mislead him from enlightenment.
    To me his Aries quality is the example of the fierceness that you need to find peace in this crazy world. Enlightenment ain’t easy…..

    Just as a side note, those fat jolly little buddha’s that you can buy, are actuallymodelled after a priest, I can’t remember the name- but I looked it up one day- Totei or something….

  11. LOL, and Aquas can’t sit still either, and they are supposedly doing all this meditating and consciousness raising….

    While we are on the topic- do any of you more educated people esp Sabrina here- do you know any titles of books I can look for written by the original followers? The only books I can find are by modern Buddhists, and I don’t know what to look for…..

    • I mentioned above, Buddha’s teachings were orally transmitted for five hundred years until the advent of writing in India. So basically, the early Buddhist community learned his teachings by heart, then recited them to their students and their students and so on.

      You could try “Buddhist Texts Through The Ages” by Edward Conze. It’s an anthology of translations of texts from India, Tibet, China and Japan.

      • Thx, yes, I knew that, but I was wondering what the first bit was after…. I’ve read bits and pieces from all over.
        I’m not so much looking for academic, and authoritative, but just a generally good book.
        I’ll check that out.

        • LOL so, what you’re saying is you don’t want to be “told”?

          You’re looking for something more conversational/accessible, less Oxford University Press?

          • Yep, true.

            I guess the actually question I was asking wasn’t a question….I should have asked What do I look for?
            Even just the word Thereveda gives me something to google…

            Haha, Aries- give me the point form notes…..

    • Blackie, I have to second รœber Virgo’s recommendation of the Conze text, it’s a thoroughly researched piece of work.

      As has been mentioned, there are no real written pieces by the original followers, but I would suggest Sarah LeVine’s ‘Rebuilding Buddhism: the Theravada Movement in Twentieth-Century Nepal’ – she is a lovely unbiased writer and really tries to recreate the doctrine step-by-step as it would have existed all those light-years ago.

      Donald S. Lopez’s ‘Buddhism & Science: A Guide for the Perplexed’ is also worth a look-see if you want a fresh perspective on the subject. Hope this helps!

  12. As a buddhist and a Taurus, I don’t understand this bit about Taurus being the “transcendental” sign. I was never able to transcend anything.

    • I know taurus, there is something transcendental…. heavy duty sign,
      for heavy duty wax floors traffic definitely… maybe don’t even know it…so much the earth you are…. and then- gentle… gentle ..that’s impressive by itself, that’s enough by itself, being gentle… ever crossed a taurus? you learn what transcendence is then… if you survive, if they let you survive that is- They have total control… They are hooked up always… Taurus transcending… very buddha like… in the temple, quietly carrying the stone urn of contemplative wood chopping, constant hard work in silence, carrying the urn to it’s place on the altar whatever… thin physique, perhaps whisp of beard… gentle , quick to notice distress and quick to comfort… hmmm
      Reading metaphysics of the universe or some such book usually on the shelves… (and there are always shelves)

  13. This blog may be my favorite, but I gotta tell ya, it doesn’t answer some things, like what is going man, Serious zap on my head and it is getting VERY strong man, last few weeks in particular – some serious light vibes
    vibing in like Robert Duvall air calv. totally and it is not answered for–
    I mean some spaces opening up… (mars to saturn? stillness…but then

    something…. I mean the chiron thing kicked in last night… And my mind is bent man… like something seriously bothering me like hard wind on a tree rooted in bare rock flattened out by wind in the night –that is serious. I don’t care about latest belt styles either… this is bullshit (not the belts, my mind)

    Bring on the sufi dancers I mean really, what is going on here?

  14. The buddha? Jack Kerouacs thing, and gary snyder …. kerouac always complained snyder was crazy working all the time, but noted snyder would always be happy wherever he was…. amazed Jack… Aries a mover and shaker perhaps? always active– yet contemplatively… maybe that’s the point- conscious action to the extreme— (is this a trick question?- don’t mess with my head man…)haha

  15. I buy Buddha as an Aries, but I am one, so clearly I’m biased.

    I do wonder which part of my chart cancels out the Aries hatred of the “Buddha belly.” People (who don’t see me naked) describe me as tiny, but I’ve always had a bit of a tummy – and I’m not particularly vexed by it. I’m not built to be a “hard body.”

  16. Don’t see why not. Anyone can be a Buddha or a Christ. It’s a matter of committment and dedication to one’s Soul, not what sign they are.

    • agreed! especially not on modern western sunsign which would be almost antithetical to everyhting to do with traditional astrology or even modern vedic astro? saw fascinating doco on the three wise men and the star they followed and the likely astroscape they would have been acting on, as astrologers (magi=magician!)

  17. I always thought Buddha would have been a Pisces. Not sure why.
    I love the bit in the John Safran versus God doco when John says if Buddha was around today, let’s face it he’d be playing bass for The Strokes!

    • hmmm, upon thinking about buddha as a bass player..the rhythm section does seem to fit… or something obscure like the triangle in the orchestral percussion section ๐Ÿ™‚ whaddaya make of that, john safran

    • I have Buddha above my bed Pegs, one a statue and one a small pic.

      My teacher had said that the pic of Buddha should always sit above all others not just because of an individual person, but because of a state of consciousness.

      • Have i told you about my Scorpio Mother?
        Wore crucifix, star of david & a #13 around her neck,
        she said she was covering all bases.
        Born Friday the 13th Scorpio. Now i unnerstand all those
        planets i have in 8th house, dammit.

        • (whoa, meant affectionately of course,) maybe Im the dum bass

          pluto — mars older brother (so called, – pluto- not really a planet, more a “reperesentative of the kupier belt” more galactic…
          pluto- stone killer…. just , hello- wake up dead (but a real nice guy nonethe less…. otherwise..)
          scorpio I thought… all martian and junk…. definitely no way aquarius….. (unless one goes on psychotic murder spree or something , yeah then maybe…. (but I’m only guessing really)

          • hmm..being a pisces its difficult to explain the thought process in a small screen…or maybe i am just lazy… but i was thinking aqua as in inaccessible and difficult..impossible to manage. not that i personally find aquas inaccessible… but defo, often impossible ๐Ÿ™‚

            isnt the kuiper belt between mars and jupiter or something? or have i forgotten my astronomy already

          • not that one, the belt beyond pluto…

            my brain is so fried and nerves shot… can’t remember name of it

            forget where I heard that, sounds right , very

            pluto like the size of united states which looks cool..

            little fuque took me out last year- no coming back from it really…

            Watch your ass.

  18. I am Aries Ascendent and I have done several Vipassana 10 day courses of meditation (total silence etc.) so I believe Buddha could be a Aries of course!

    • Neat FireTrine

      Also thinking how one must be a warrior too in the sense of the pitfalls (negative personal traits, reactions, etc…) in day to day life….Everything is a test. That’s one of the best ways Aries “warriorness” is utilized, on the battleground of the self.

      Low Aries no. They would rather sock you in the jaw…

  19. I thought Buddha was a Taurus. His determination seems very Taurean to me and the whole compassion, gentle, at one with life and past lives doesn’t seem to Ariean to me. My feeling of the Buddha is very earthy and connected to life forces, very Taurean IMO.
    I don’t know any Aries men with even a whiff of enlightenment, they all seem to be still acting out the impulsive boy child thing.
    AND he was trying to help others reach enlightenment, isn’t Aries a bit too ‘me’ oriented for that?

      • Yay, Firetrine.

        Has no one ever heard of the sacrificial lamb, the other side of Aries?

        Me oriented is not very exactly true- it’s just that everything is seen through the self and related back to. Comprehended through first hand experience and therefore believed to be true, that doesn’t have to be a selfish thing. And it’s also a Buddhist tenet.

  20. Well, synchronicity again because my client this morn, just after this
    discussion, had a huge tummied budddha man-like physique, a Gemini, my
    polar opposite as well. That was a cool message from the cosmos.
    Bought the tithe to the temple, bless him & made insecure me, at the mo,
    feel safe as i go thro’ financial meltdown, which my Capricorn bit freaks at.

    So shall go with Buddha being a Gemini, altho’ with all that travelling, why NOT
    a Sagg. That was a long walk, no wonder he was slim.