Astro Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler - Virgo

“I lost the house, the wife, the credibility, the entourage. I lost my soul. I was alone … I’m sort of OK with it now, but the first time I’m in there, pushing a f***ing cart, getting my supper. I used to go to the 24-hour place in gay town, so no one would recognize me. The only thing I could afford was a shrink, so that’s where my money went. Three times a week for the first two years. The year after that, twice a week and now I’m down to once a week. I’ve only missed two appointments in six years.”

Mickey Rourke has always been one of those Virgoans (a la Charlie Sheen) who make peeps go “w.t.f. – he is a Virgo???”  You know, aren’t they meant to be vaguely together?

Considered an immensely gifted young actor at his debut, he managed a quite spectacular slide into hideocrity: madness, poverty, a domestic abuse charge & blah de blah. Kim Basinger called him ‘the human ashtray.’ And now he’s back – apparently an Oscar contender for his iconic performance in The Wrestler…His astro??

I can’t find a birthtime so no ascendant (he looks like Gemini Rising)  or Midheaven which is a pity. But how funny is this? He’s Sun/Jupiter in Virgo and with Moon in Aquarius – so bats but brilliant. He’s got Venus conjunct Uranus in Leo so would be hopelessly attracted to women who were hot, charismatic & theatrical live-out-louders but they’d make his elegant & detached Moon/Sun feel claustro and repulsed.

Interesting.  And he’s always got another career thing going on other than acting. You know, he tried boxing. He once owned a little magazine/ice cream stall thing. So to me he just reeks of Gemini…And so my theory is Gemini Rising & Pluto opposing in Sagg kinda correlates with his time out in the cold & doing therapy. Tres Pluto, non???

And now he is playing this character in The Wrestler who sounds v.individuated & Plutonic. Right now, Rourke’s got Saturn hovering between his Sun & his Jupiter; some tangible, official Saturn-style success & official recognition would be apt for such a transit. But note that Uranus (ruler of his Moon) is opposing his Sun & applying hard over March/April. Part of him is yearning for the validation & another bit must be already kicking up.

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16 thoughts on “Astro Mickey Rourke

  1. “I lost my soul” oh yes! tres Pluto!!!! He also lost his looks too! Too much surgery and all that boxing … euuuw.

    MM, on a completely different note – are you still doing Astro Queries? I’m sure you mentioned you were on the old site.

  2. Mickey Rouke is so very watchable, mesmerizing to me.
    True king of cool. Still great looking just transformed from who
    he was to who he is. Very charismatic, very naughty, very butch.
    As you say, prob Gem rising, kinda split in two.
    Virgo’s generally leave me cold (just my personal experiences only).

  3. I ADORE Mickey Rourke. Always have. Have you ever seen Barfly with him and Faye Dunaway? Both brilliant. I remember an interview with Carre Otis saying that when they were married he would always come to her fashion shows, be in the front row and crack onto all the other girls afterwards. So yeah, he prob is attracted to flashy model types. Apparently he got Bai Ling’s number the other night and they are going to hook up (according to my very reliable sources)…she’s kinda like an exotic cat…that fits the Leo thing…and maybe the Virgo part beats himself up afterwards.l

  4. I love him too but what has happened to his face, he looks like the Sin City real thing…so sad because man if anyone ever illustrated Charisma with a Capital peach blossom it was him pre face re-construction…

  5. Anyone see him on that ABC2 chat show a couple of months ago? It has a gay Irish comedian as the host and he sat MRourke next to Jessica Biel, who seemed to edge further and further away from him during the interview. It’s amazing she didn’t fall off the end of the couch. I don’t blame her. MR was creepy and sexually insinuating in a very weird way, and his hands shook badly as he sipped a glass of scotch. And he had wet hair and a gothic-style walking stick.
    Run away!

  6. He had me with angelheart – is that what it was called? With Lenny Kravitz’s wife – sorry honey can’t remember your name but you were also Bill Cosby’s daughter… Although the chickens were off putting.

    Would MR be officially classed as creepy if he was still visually pleasing? That whole attract / repel thing is fascinating. Maybe he has an irresistable smell.

    eau de passe? eau de machismo… eau de virile

    Interesting that he was on with Jessica Biel – they are both having career rennaissances at the moment and rose to fame at a similar point in time previously. Wonder if they have similar transits happening.

    I smell like eau de avoiding an essay rite now…

  7. It is Neneh Cherry i think.

    Also I don’t know where else to post this, and I don’t want to clog mystics inbox with random comments, but I LOVE the arts & letter daily website. even MORE interesting info overload! goody!

  8. Are you talking about the name of Cosby daughter? Lisa Bonet is her name. Neneh Cherry is a singer, Lisa Bonet singer too but also actress.

    Apologies unpredictable Pisces, not normally this padantic!

    Mickey Rourke’s face has been reconstructed due to the damage it was subjected to during his boxing career. He entered a baby-faced pretty boy (although clearly with a bad streak) a la Nine and a Half Weeks, and came out of said boxing career looking like he does now.

    Yes, I agree LOVE the site, all of it!!

  9. Unpredictable Pisces, i just had a peek at the arts & letter daily website. OMG! it’s so good, i’m never going to get away from my computer…. hehe

  10. Mickey Rourke RULES!!
    yes he be a freak-azoid, with as many iconic roles as just plain awful! really awful, but geez he’s still good. smashed up face, addicted to surgery or whatevs, he has that je ne sais pas que quality,

    did anyone see that Brill doco featuring his obsession with his dogs?

    remind me the title if you know?

  11. Im with you RLP – he’s human – just like the rest of us. He’s doing human things and there’s nothing more inspiring than someone who makes a humungous mistake and then comes back from it. Some people just have a different scale of living – an exponentially enlarged way of succeeding or cocking (it’s a reference to the angelheart chickens) it all up. I met many “everyday” peeps like him when I did readings – I never cease to be amazed by the resilience of people who fail – they’re the ones who have the balls to try in the first place. I almost cried when I saw MR on tv last night and the soundbite from his wrestling movie. Give the man an Oscar…

  12. I hope Jessica Biel was nice to Mickey. I feel like I always want to protect him. People are so harsh toward him. He had a tough childhood and became a mega star so fast. And he was insanely in love with Carrie Otis, and she was a very sick puppy at the time they were together. Give the man a break. He loves playing with women, but deep down he is so vulnerable, and if he was still gorgeous all women would be going crazy for him like the old days.

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