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The Hierophant

The Hierophant

1st House

You live for learning. Your whole being is focused on a new class, teacher, teaching. Or, the Hierophant is you, you plunge into a new term, course, student-teacher relationship. The Fire of the 1st House meets the Earth of Taurus, the Hierophant’s associated sign, and from the kiln comes something that takes time, IS a process, but this learning is divine.

Queen Of Wands

Queen of Wands

2nd House

The Queen Of Wands energy here is like a catalyst for stuck cash flow and dying financial paradigms. She is Awesome in motion, a blur of brazen self-belief and actualization. This is strong female Fire sign energy. Either recruit her to your cause to enhance prosperity or get that you ARE her. The part of of your chart where Leo is could be particularly likely to prove profitable now. Or…Leo people bring money.

The Ten Of Swords

Ten of Swords

3rd House

Don’t – honestly – fuq around too much with any info or message you are about to receive here. No second guessing. No analysis  – just straightforward yes or no. In this case, cynical IS a good look. Save time, conserve Qi. Sometimes ‘no comment’ or no response is also an excellent policy.

The Ace Of Wands

Ace of Wands

4th House

The Ace Of Wands here indicates a bold and successful new start to do with where you live or at the very base of your psyche. You are now equipped with all the confidence and skills you need to start over and to leave a difficult past behind you. Any change to do with your home life will be deeper, more profound and better than you imagine. Collaborate with the auspicious new beginnings vibe. Work your Fire aspects.

The Empress

The Empress

5th House

The Empress here is creative intelligence fired up to a fresh dimension of Awesome, one capable of securing you financial fitness. She can also be the sign of impending motherhood, she is nothing if not fertile, the most fecund sign of the Tarot in the 5th House of Art & Procreation. She is always a favorable card to find in questions of romance, parenting and performance.

Six Of Swords

Six of Swords

6th House

Take you to the river. This is the card of disillusion but in a way that you rescue yourself way before the situation goes to shit. In a wellness scenario, you seek a 2nd opinion and/or a whole fresh paradigm of healing. In a work dilemma, you’re prepared to cut your losses if it is just too dysfunctional and draining. This card speaks of necessary but emotive changes and evolutions – yet it is also affiliated to Mercury in Aquarius so for now, set the feelings aside and operate from a mindset of pure indigo lucid objectivity. You can unpack and sort the baggage later.

The Emperor

The Emperor

7th House

Your relationship is Yang to the max – a lot of authority and male-ness take the reins. Are you comfortable with this new (im-)balance? Could be that the plans you make with the other one in your life zoom ahead, but where is it exactly are you headed? Locate the brake pedal, the balance with love/emotion/ spirituality and the concrete things you are building together to keep the dynamics smooth and manageable. If you are solo and like men, you’re about to meet a major contender.

The Five Of Wands

Five of Wands

8th House

The Five Of Wands here = your fight for control and an affirmation that any struggle right now IS worth it. Or will be, once you’ve aced the task at hand. Whatever you are engaged in, whatever your key query of the moment is and whatever your other cards, the Five of Wands says that a feisty attitude of warrior-spunk will help you prevail. Grace under pressure, a Leo may be helpful and stay Saturnine in demeanor.

Six Of Cups

Six of Cups

9th House

So at the moment, you need Eagle Vision – not Mouse Vision – to realize a huge goal and regain perspective on your life arc. You could also be driven or inspired to achieve a childhood dream. In some cases, you realize that you ARE in fact living out a life that your Inner Child, the little person you were, would be thrilled at. Monitor your dreams and intuitive flow for a hint of a magical destination, person or course of study that was always meant to be in your path.

The Ace Of Cups

Ace of Cups

10th House

Intense emotional attachment to work, art, commerce and/or the love of your fans creates something unique and enduring. If this is to manifest as an actual Romance, it’s capable of altering the very public perception of you. It can’t be concealed. It would be a Big Love. If you are in a relationship, it is deepening & showing a more spiritual dimension. Solo? A shift is already underway.

The High Priestess

The High Priestess

11th House

The High Priestess represents a powerful, magical or at least empowered and daring female of genius who is about to manifest in your life at large. If you are struggling with your own identity – and you are a woman – she is your cue to go deeper and turn back on to your spiritual Awesome. Do not settle with low-end friends and Qi vamping leisure/social activity. Make ready for some epic enchanted energy to enter your realm.

The Six Of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

12th House

An ancient angst, injustice or grudge could weigh upon you psychically – get help if need be. This is not the card that says linger in your stagnant schizz. The Six Of Pentacles is also when your mind dwells on petty injustice, like when someone rips you off with $$$ and it’s too much of a hassle to properly deal with it but the unfairness grates on you and the dickhead dwells rent-free in your brain. Don’t let this happen. If it is a small thing – like a petty sum/crap service – accept it as some strange financial karma – like haven’t you ever done a shoddy job but still got paid for it? – and then move on. If it is bigger – seek redress.