She’s Got Luggage

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You know, i’m fascinated by the diff between baggage & luggage -it’s especially of interest now. Heading into the Zap Zone, it’s good to travel light. Yes to luggage – our actual must-haves, life-enhancers and repository of wisdom. But check [ Read more…]

Are You A CapriCAN?

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Hi Mystic, Just wanted to say that as a Capricorn functioning through all of this Zap-zone WTF-ery all year, that I’ve found it so much easier moving with changes than against, working harder than slacking off, and closing doors on [ Read more…]


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I think we all sense that something is brewing, yes? It’s not just the Full Moon in Pisces in a few days – that has heaps to do with maverick self-mastery and realizing what Neptune wants you to be dreaming. [ Read more…]