The Flinch

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If you have not yet read it, The Flinch is a free e-book that’s like the modern version of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. Our flinch instinct can totally save our life. It’s a valuable evolutionary mechanism. We [ Read more…]

Spook Moon

I don’t know what your plans for the weekend are but it’s the spookiest Full Moon in Scorpio.  It’s not casual. Brill for Scorping, insights, depth dialogue, endings & transformations, divination, whatevs. But not precisely frivolous. Awareness, of course, is [ Read more…]

Big Bull

Red Bull Billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz (right) with Virgo Racing Car Champ Mark Webber. Red Bull makes me cry and i’ve no idea why.  So i can’t drink the stuff but the man who invented it – Austrian ex-ski-instructor Dietrich Mateshitz [ Read more…]