New Wave Neptunian Cinema 2

First Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall His Past Lives and now Cave Of Forgotten Dreams. It certainly vibes Neptunian…Art, mystery, primordial caves, forgotten dreams, childhood fascinations, shedding light on something rendered invisible, neander-creatives… “…When Werner Herzog was a boy, he [ Read more…]

Fabulous Leo

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“…I’m standing on the door of the Less is More club, thinking about my fingernails. I’m up here, above the throng, a fashion leader, with the crowd below swooning at my feet, and I’m dressed impeccably from head to toe [ Read more…]

A Brand New Hope

  Steven Klein Vogue Paris – So these ladies are treating Neptune in Pisces/Uranus with immense respect: green veggies, grog, pucci and indigo turbans already. Notice how ever since Neptune went into Pisces on Monday, old dreams and fantasies have [ Read more…]