The Astrology Of Gifts – Buy By The Moon Sign

The astrology of gift-giving is really very simple. We tend to buy gifts for other peeps according to our Moon Sign & if we know the other person’s Moon Sign, then that is a brilliant way to choose a present [ Read more…]

Dark Moon Pluto

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Dark Moon trine Pluto creates a spooky undertone but fabulous insights if you can be there with the intensity…as it also aspects the Nodes. So you may be able to glimpse destiny at work in your life…Ishtar, Circe and Lilith [ Read more…]

La Luna In Taurus

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Yay the Moon in Taurus: Strong, sensual & completely unflappable. Eco-grounded and in harmonious aspect to uber-Jupiter  & Pluto. Perfect weekend for gardening, sex, massage, getting a grip (Taurus-style, just give yourself a good talking to and then go bake [ Read more…]