Happy 38 hour long Void Moon in Scorpio!  Try not to (over) obsess, yes? And if you are looking to magic up your everyday casual/gym wear, this “gray moonrise tank’ is kind of awesome i.m.o. From Moonlock on Etsy

Edie, Andy & Neptune

Edie Sedgwick was an actress, disinherited heiress, fashion model, Andy Warhol ‘superstar, Aries and addict – to speed, glam, attention, alcohol and arguably a few other substances.  Where there is Substance, magic, charisma, beauty  and addiction, Neptune is never too [ Read more…]

Primal Moon

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Sun opposite Pluto makes this Scorpio Moon really primal, right? It’s got a sort of feline jungle vibe to it. Also, i would just like to say that La Belle Femme Magical Oil i got from Alchemy Works actually DOES [ Read more…]

Saturn Loved Me

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It’s not just the Full Moon guys – by now you should have grokked the awesome clarity that is the curse/gift of Mercury Opposite Saturn in Libra, it’s especially so re relationships. Don’t duck it… Hey you know i’ve got [ Read more…]