The Law Of Awesome

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Depth perception, haute Awesome under stressful circumstances, breakthrough insights, knowing when it is time to Phoenix and exactly how to do it, not doing shit that is beneath you, eating proper high quality protein & super-greens, remembering that Law Of [ Read more…]


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The Scorping is nearly upon us!!!  Soon Mars, the North Node, Saturn and a Solar Eclipse will all be in Scorpio.  In mutual reception to Pluto, ruler of Scorp. See the Saturn in Scorpio Horoscopes Till 2015 for more… OR [ Read more…]

Super Sagg

Asians, Bruce Lee was told, could not become Hollywood movie stars, their flying wedge kicks prowess aside. From BigThink “According to his wife Linda Lee Cadwell in I Am Bruce Lee, the excellent new documentary directed by Peter McCormack, Lee [ Read more…]