The Eclipse Needs You

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Forced growth, relationship flashpoint, having to re-balance vital life elements, the need for diplomacy when Uranus square Pluto (the Zap Zone) is agitating for drastic change this nano-second and fuq what anyone thinks…yes, it is intense. If you are going [ Read more…]

Ten Redemption Moon Must Knows

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Hey Pilgrims, the Eclipse coming is on Mars and a real zinger for relationships – past, present & future. Subscriber peeps, see the Weekly Horoscopes page for Ten Redemption Moon Must-Knows.     Image:  Fly Art Productions

Proof Of Libra

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Mystic! My Moon progressed into Libra earlier this year. I just want to point out I had one bottle of perfume before this. I have almost as many essential oils for burning to scent the house. Maybe there’s more to [ Read more…]