Earthing Out

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CRAZY amount of Earth in the astro right now – it may feel a bit concrete for those of us Air/Fire types who get claustro easily and it can be creatively stifling. But it’s brilliant for getting grounded-regrounded, cleaning up [ Read more…]

Happy New Moon In Gemini!

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Happy Fresh Gemini/Mercurial/Uranian vibe everybody. This Moon is at 18 degrees of Gemini and particularly good for swift, glib and beautifully executed turnarounds/startovers in pursuit of your Awesome. Do the Law Of Awesome, stay glib & out of reach from [ Read more…]

Luna in Gemini Now

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Moon into Gemini, Mercury nearly Direct, Uranian days & nights, The Ultra versus your Awesome –  everything speeds up from now. The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are up and highly informative/motivational. And Happy Snakes Day f.y.i. – remember Patrick only [ Read more…]


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The Daily Horoscopes for Monday are posted & what interesting times we live in!  Sun into Pisces moving to Neptune = Magic you can grab if you know how. Moon in Glib Gemini on lucky Jupiter is a bolt of [ Read more…]