Slippery People

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So i have a couple of emails requesting clarity around what i mean by Slippery People or Lower Neptunians. They’ve been mentioned more than usually of late, as certain intense astro tends to flush them out. Lower Neptunians are not [ Read more…]

Become A Tarot Muse

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Hey happy Monday, Void Moon in Leo – STEP AWAY FROM THE HOME DYE EXISTENTIAL SCISSOR SISTER mania & Venus opposite Jupiter building – DRINK THE ANTI-LOVE-ZOMBIE VENOM POTION NOW – the Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday are up and Go [ Read more…]

Karma Venusian

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Once upon a Venusian Weirding…Love-Sex-Beauty planet Venus is not only hitting on half the sky this week and next, she is on the all spooky South Node, gateway to your previous existences. (I did a proper rant re this in [ Read more…]