Desperado Leo?

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  The Eagles – as an entity, as an apparent band, as anything relevant in my dimension whatsoever have only landed in my life three times. (1) Via my Baby Boomer-Pluto-In-Leo/Wealthy Capricorn Uncle who believed they were “spiritual.” (2) Via [ Read more…]

Yes But Would It Work On Leos?

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“…Biologists tracking jaguars in the Guatemalan jungle might smell nice but it’s all in the name of science, with researchers finding the Calvin Klein cologne Obsession for Men attracts big cats.  Biologists Rony Garcia and Jose Moreira from the Wildlife [ Read more…]

Leonic La Luna

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Behold the Moon in Leo and near Mars. It’s  good for a blast of fuq-them-all style hubris delivered with a shake of your dazzling hair/mane whilst you flex those magnificent muscles. Then, gazing down upon your immaculately gorgeous nails, you [ Read more…]