Greedy Guts

Hands up who has been carbophiliac ever since Mercury went into Taurus back in early April?  Can we blame Mercury in Taurus + the Sun for porking up?  Well, why not?  Seriously, i think it slows the metabolism and warps [ Read more…]

Saturnine-Uranian 2

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Please don’t forget that, letting go, new era omens & forced growth aside, that the Saturn-Uranus opposition is basically Magic. It’s exact in two hours. Amidst everything else & the random bitcherel generated by this tension + the Full Moon, [ Read more…]

How Deep Is Your Virgo?

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Forget figuring out how Plutonic you are. We are ALL Plutonian at the moment. Thank YOU Full Moon in Scorpio building, Chiron sextile Pluto et al. I’m more interested in conjuring up a Virgo Test. What sort of multiple choice [ Read more…]

Mercury Bats In Taurus

Rightio, here we go again… Mercury is now officially Retrograde in Taurus…a guaranteed turgid slo-mo few weeks with (yes!) some upside as we all channel tranquility and improve meditation skills. Still, don’t sign contracts, watch keys, anticipate delays and be [ Read more…]