Saint Scorpio

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“The good Christian should beware of astrologers. The danger already exists that astrologers have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell.” St. Augustine of Hippo   Lol, right?  I [ Read more…]

A Scorpio Woman…

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“A Scorpio woman has extreme highs and lows of desire; my birthsign also says I’m a worrier. I like a good-spirited argument.”   Hedy Lamarr   Indeed. She fails to mention that – a la this previous post on this most [ Read more…]

What Is Missing Here?

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Interesting how she puts “wife” first – even after that torrid Leo on Leo coupling (cigars, Walt Whitman poetry books, no sex, blue dresses with dna spoofed on them) that was the Bill & Monica thing.  I would put “Scorpio” [ Read more…]