Monday Is Artemis Day

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“Spiritual practice will not eliminate negative emotions. Emotions are part of the palette of life, part of the way consciousness moves. Not only can’t you get rid of them, but you’d feel empty and impoverished if you did. Practice can [ Read more…]

Friday 13 Redux

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Again, Friday 13 is not a problem. It really is not. It’s Goddessy and awesome – go here for my previous rant re it. And while we’re at it, black cats are lucky as well. Image: Donna J Bauman

Thors Day

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It’s Thursday, day of Thor – the Teutonic/Norse God of Thunder.  In France it’s Jeudi – Jove Day or Day of Jupiter &- this is the bit i did not know: “…In most of the Indian languages the word for [ Read more…]