Weekendly Horoscopes

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Yes the geopolitical situation is fuqing bats and obviously a major flashpoint but we go on and the Weekend Horoscopes are posted, for your information and hopefully guidance. It’s a strange weekend because we’ve got Saturn going Direct and Uranus [ Read more…]

Mars Square

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Obviously you would have seen/read the news, just vile. Am heartbroken. Such desolate imagery and sudden horror. Obviously cue super brutal Zap Zone (Uranus square Pluto) style geopolitical fuqery and blame-storming on a grander scale than usual. See previous post [ Read more…]

Aries Streetwear

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Describe the vision behind Aries? What is that name all about? Sofia Prantera: It was Fergus’s job to come up with a strong name for the brand. Ferg is amazing with words and slogans. He’s an Aries, that’s why (I [ Read more…]