Help, I am logged in but cannot a page/horoscopes i usually have access to?

You may need to clear your browser cache, hit re-load and/or reset your password. This will make your browser be in the now. Some browsers cache more aggressively than others. eg; Internet Explorer. There are some specific I.E instructions here. See also How To Clear Your Browser Cache

How Do I Get Mystic To Do My personal astrology chart?

Mystic is usually booked out but she announces availability for Cosmic Consults via the Daily Mystic – the must-know astrology email sent out to subscribers.

Why do I get the message log-in failed?

This means your password is incorrect. Please go to http://mysticmedusa.com/login/ then click “Forgot my password” and enter your username.

Your new password will be sent to the same email as your Paypal account, or the email that you choose when setting up your account.

When you log in with your new password here: http://mysticmedusa.com/login/ please update your password to something you won’t forget.

Why Does it Say Membership Expired?

Your membership is due for renewal or there has been an issue with Paypal processing your payments. You can renew via the site and you will be able to access your Horoscopes and the Oracle again.

iPhone Users: Do you keep getting logged out when using an iPhone?

You will need to have your iPhone cookies set to “from visited” or “Always” to login on your iPhone.

To do this click on Settings > Safari > Accept Cookies > “Alway”, or “From Visited”

Step 1

Step 2

The name on my account is the wrong name, how can I fix it?

You can update your account details by going to your Account Profile and update your details from there, remember to click save.

When does my membership finish? 

You can check when your membership ends by going to your Account Profile. (You need to be logged in to view this information)

Who Did The Awesome Picture Of Mystic?

An amazing artist named Olaf Hajek.

How Do I Get A Cool Pic Of Myself To Go Next To My Comments?

Please go visit Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars – and sort it out there.





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