Futurealism Is Here

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Go see the amazingly cool UFO Tumblr of the artist Ana Bagayan Personally i think that if aliens are going to come and officially visit us, they will wait until Pluto is in Aquarius.  Fitting, right?  

Headhunters Looks Tres Pluto

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“An accomplished headhunter risks everything to obtain a valuable painting owned by a former mercenary”. Can’t wait to see this, it looks totally Pluto with its blend of art, sex, dirty commerce, strange psychological fuqed up compulsions and mercenaries. Pluto [ Read more…]

Totes Uranian

Cristiano Siqueira – The CloneWar Project The Clone War project is totes Uranian.  Are clones the chic new thing to freak about? Cloned employees, cheese from cloned cows, cloned online dating operations? The law covering clones is sketchy, is it [ Read more…]

The Zodiac In Light

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Brit artist Darren Pearson has devised a spesh technique & done all the signs of the Zodiac “in light.”  You can see them all here – Taurus looks strange all skeletal lol…Above is Virgo – presumably morphing into St Virgo [ Read more…]