Reading Colette

Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl) reading Colette. There is a reason why everyone scheming, ambitious, horny. sophisticated and a bit bats eschews self-help lit for Colette. Everything you need know about sex, money, tranquility, career, love and personal development is basically [ Read more…]

Love Tips From Lilith

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Alla Nazimova & Arthur Jasmine in Salome Bitch Goddess Lilith is still in Aries, still hanging out with rad Uranus and now opposing Saturn. So who is incubating a brazen new attitude re love-sex-art-money and kind of getting off on [ Read more…]

God’s Wife

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So how fabulously timed is this latest “discovery”  – it’s perfect for Lilith-Uranus conjunct in early Aries. Yes God had a wife or, in other words, even in the most monotheistic and mainstream religions the single male God had a [ Read more…]

Lilith Bitcherel

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  Vanessa Davis You know, the Lilith conjunct Uranus situation (till mid-April but strongest till the 5th) can generate a lot of rage. Especially in the ladies. So it’s a brill time to drain some venom via bitching it up [ Read more…]