Weekly Scopes From August 16 Are Posted

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Carlos Ochagavia

Performance Leo is back, Scorpios are watching out for tendencies to brood over B-Listers and Aquarius the Demon Slayer. Yes, the Weekly Horoscopes from August 16 are now posted.  We have a superb Mars & Venus synergy gathering force, augmented by Pluto and Jupiter.  So potent for Sex, Art & Commerce, amongst other things. See your Scopes for more,  Please read your rising sign as well if you know it.


Image: Carlos Ochagavia


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5 thoughts on “Weekly Scopes From August 16 Are Posted

  1. I’m enjoying this play of energy between my usually empty 6th (Leo) & 12th (Aqua) houses. It’s not all rainbows & unicorns, but my Scorpio bits like to see some action. Still waters become a real snooze fest after awhile.

  2. Love this energy about all Marsy Venussy Leo/Scorpy its all me and perfect timing for August the party month. At my age i should happy with a quiet dinner with friends kinda party but noooo

    I found a most excellent lions head/beanie complete with dangly paws and gave it to a lioness friend for a pressie but i ended up wearing it most of the night that or my leopard fur ear muffs.

    Gonna buy me another one and a gold bracelet for my birthday next week. yes

  3. I love this advice for us electric people “Quell any nerves that only come from the defeated mutterings of stupid old demons”.