Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

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Sixties funkadelic record cover

Mars moving to Saturn in steely, gleaming Phoenix auto-reboot Scorpio with the snazzy Leo-Leo-Leo NOWNESS of this astro does feel like we’re standing on the verge of getting it on.

It’s also a bit “honestly w.t.f” as the Moon-Saturn-Chiron vibe means that even nano-issues seem to poignantly ping on ye olde psychological crap OR the standard Saturn issue time-money-status anxiety.

See your Scopes for more, obviously, but remember you can’t just do pure raw Leo “Scott & Zelda go to the races” live-for-the-moment AND you can’t just go on a covert Scorpio mission, shunning the dazzling golden light from the Leo stellium.

And, lol, the next Full Moon is in Aquarius and opposite Bitch Goddess Lilith in Leo. In short, weird and individuated but with a strategy and amazing hair/scent/shoes. Funkadelic indeed.


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45 thoughts on “Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On

  1. OH this is meee! My cap sun, cancer ASC, aqua moon has been itching to get it on with my virgo sun scorpio moon man, after months of taking it slow, I’m hoping to seal the deal this weekend. Bonus- we both have Mars in cap and venus in scorpio- sexy!!!

  2. The Mad Monday for Muggles Report.
    Fact: I don’t respond to people who talk on mobile phones and then expect you to move out of their way. It’s called being a considerate human being. I did tell offending female it was not all about her and nobody wants to listen to her rubbish. I was only there for a lip gloss and it could have come to blows at the back of Target. Don’t push me because I am close to da edge…That chicks just lucky I wasn’t hungry, I get all sorts of crazy when I am hungry.

    • S, the world is still going to push whether you are close to the edge or not…

      People use addictions, mental/emo/lack of cell phone manners as excuses …

      Think I am done here…

      And go ahead and rage cuz. “Sorry, I can’t hear you”…just like I said fuqing month or two a go…

      And Jesus, I actually doubted myself…

      Won’t ever happen again..I am DONE..

      • Mystic, I will always love you but yesterday I unsubscribed already….

        Who knew…well, me quite frankly…xo

        • Hey this is the first i’ve heard of you being unhappy with your subscription- i don’t have any emails from you and i just tried to email you but it bounced saying no such address! Can you please email me with an email that is current? Thanks!

          • Yes, well, easy to say when your name has not been known here for contributing anything of substance.

            Good riddance indeed.

            • I haven’t been frequenting the comments as much recently because I’ve been very caught up in work etc, so I don’t know what has happened… but sorry to see you go Sweetpea. Your name and avatar is a familiar face here, even though we don’t know each other. Best wishes and hugs xx

            • Your last attack on S was undeserved, as is this one. Became obvious that every time you were in this mood you’d been drinking.

              Am pretty sure you said you were done last time?

              S – please know that there are many of us that are here rooting for you and ignore Sweetpea please xx

    • hope youre going good S. Been noticing lately people walking me off footpaths, into the road/creek. Same type of person I guess. Acting like others are invisible and should get out of THEIR way. I worry my aura is not assertive enough lol but nah theyre just up themselves.

      hey Sweetpea the ‘dont push me’ are lyrics from a hilariously fab song that is perfect for dealing with rude muggles!

        • Thank you for getting the lyrics in my post. I just couldn’t work out, if I was invisible or about to be in a fight. I’am not one for getting into fights. When my blood sugar drops, it can cause me to disassociate.
          I’d like my aura to be stronger too. Would come in handy when things just seem too much.

          • Well, don’t disappear S. Keep your blood sugar levels up! Feel loved, xx.

            • I do battle everyday Sphinx to just be here. The reason in the everyday, so I don’t lose the season. Much love to you Sphinx as always you lift me up.

              • A spy once told me that at training they were drilled with the consciousness that under any circumstance, you NEVER give up. He told me that really emphatically after I was diving once and was so sea sick I was vomiting into my respirator and so faint I started floating away. I always remembered the way he said it and try to recall it when things are hard. Like fuq the chemistry, fuq the people who don’t care, I just keep going because one day it will result in something. Something always makes room for that kind of tenacity, there is a shift, a gift or a resolution that changes everything. I believe it can happen for you too sweetie. Love to you, xx.

  3. Yea a strange mix of inspirating and entrepreneurial risk taking moves with suspicious paranoid omg who is out to get me now that I’m out in the open! Saturn demands that security precautions are taken!

  4. Why do ppl have to be so nasty? Dont care what ya astro is. The point is you are doing ‘low’ whatever it is. To say ‘good riddance’ is mean.

    • Thanks Katz and Saggibee…

      Just if peeps are going to elicit compassion about their well being, well, you can’t expect me to take it seriously if they don’t….i.e, ” don’t push me because I’m close to the edge…fist fight in back of Target”…it sounds really quite flip and feels like I am duped for having poured my heart out to S. It confirms what I felt from the get go…

      And no I have not been drinking for weeks but I don’t owe anybody an apology and I’ll be damned to answer to when and if I’m done here at Mystic’s. It’s none of your business! Quit using my prior weaknesses as a weapon against me…

      I dare you to expose yourself…

      But go ahead if you really feel the need. Here in Cali it’s way past bedtime so I’ll be asleep. Knock yourself out…

  5. God bless George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars. And Toledo. And all the innocents caught in the middle: Ukraine, Gaza, Israel, Middle East, people in planes just trying to get home or get to work… God bless the bees. God bless You. And me.

    • Bless you Scorporation. And goddess bless us all, each and every one, and this amazing Mother Earth we are all passengers on. She needs our help now. Thankyou. <3

      • Yes, God bless Earth & all the Life she carries! Love & Strength, Gemyogi x

  6. This is so accurate! I recently started roller skating in the hopes of getting on a roller derby team. The fashion and female camaraderie!

    • Woo! True story: I plan to have my 40th birthday party at the roller rink :)

      Roll on, melissa!

  7. Feeling this. I don’t know if i want to start up therapy again or get me some low slung bell bottoms and a superfly coco dark tan. Everyone is on edge. Everyone in my family is coming up with some dark asides. Like “hey how are you i just called to say that you were never there for me when blah blah blah went down 1000 years ago”. IF IT HAS TO BE IT IS TO ME. #puts down the baguette.

    • true life TLS, and thank you for your inadvertent prevention of me airing crap @ family that i am adult enough to work thru on my own (and, uh, with the input of wise MM readers).


        • Too funny, thanks!
          What an unbelievable horror (scope) situation I am up to my neck in, so surreal can only muse at how blind one can be too realities….Child is unwell, doctors suspect but cannot elicit clear clinical proof, I am unwell but so much going on where to start, partner is confirmed, then had treatment maybe he is recovered?…Absolute chaos, yet we are more loving to each other than every before, and I do feel it will hurt much more before any resolve…All I wish for is the innocent are protected, removed from the worst, the suffering and denial is truly depressing, but thanks for that zippy quip…

          • Living without a diagnosis/answers is The Worst– how to make a plan for wellness when you don’t exactly know what’s wrong? Treating symptoms is the only option then, but it’s like living in a dark room & you can’t find the light switch. Ugh I feel for you, aquasunbird… Strength & Light to you! Never accept the darkness.