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Julie Newmarr

Yes,  Venus is in Leo and about to make a series of superb aspects to Jupiter (party, expansion, the path of excess leads to palace of wisdom type uber Sagg attitude, Uranus (strange attractions/ sudden developments) Saturn (romantic/artistic lucidity) and then Bitch Goddess Lilith for an extra strong dose of anarcha-sexy-weird.

None of this is subtle and all of it plays out over the rest of August. It’s brilliant astrology for overt, dazzling love and creativity, hair, fashion, music – it’s like Andy Warhol/Jennifer Lawrence energy, Bugs Bunny flipping Elmer Fudd the finger.

Genius ideas that wake you up at dawn they’re so hot. Fuq bourgeois normality and expectations – yes, you’ll keep weird hours and get an amethyst eye-shadow obsession if it’s what inspires/empowers you.

You need a simple symbol, a mantra, a fresh mission statement or vibe that encapsulates all the dazzle of the New Everything.

Jupiter got into Leo a few days ago, joining the Sun, Mercury and Lilith, but it’s Venus into Leo that’s really going to set this whole thing OFF.


Image: Julie Newmarr

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59 thoughts on “Leo Venus Alert

  1. I wish I could scan in an old black and white pick of my mother who is a Leo, with Leo venus conjunct her Leo ascendant…. the only thing missing is the cat ears.

    • Gah! I just realised jupiter is crossing her venus, that explains the sudden and out of character designer makeup shopping spree. LOL

  2. Jupe and Venus in Leo?

    That can only mean Prince & the NPG. Awwwwwww yeah.

    August makes me nervous, as an Aqua. I’m the Wrong Side-a-Town, yo.

  3. I am totally feeling this. Although for me it’s manifesting as the confusing and conflicting urge to:

    1. Style the interiors of an apartment I don’t own or even have a chance of owning in a unique fusion of Zen-minimalism-meets-Belle-Epoque-brothel.

    2. Jump on a plane and head to a far-flung Scandinavian country to eat cured fish and make charcoal sketches of rock formations.

    Considering that I have the money for neither option right now, it is making for some seriously GAH!!!! moments.

    Also – Julie Newmar’s Catwoman … HOT. Like Ellen, I think I could have turned for her.

    • I thought all Scandinavian countries were all rather neatly compacted north of Germany and south of the Arctic.

      • Just Sweden is 1500km long … it’s terribly remote in the north when the snow sets in … But if you want remote there’s always Greenland

        • But when you live in country where 3 states and 1 terrritory are bigger than Texas; its compact (no withstanding the erroneously named Greenland)

            • i got uran/merc cjunct in Leo so lm channelin that. But l bcome a shrinkn violet in front of Fire woman. In the secret hope a water or earth girl is noticing it. Such a Crab modus operandi

              • lol..well good luck! Oh – and when are you gonna get yourself another name? that is one depressing song, man!

                • Will do Skarab. Is there anything else? Would you like the motel shifted 50metres to the North (thanks to Basil F).
                  Seriously, l will change it.
                  Stll getn over Mork’s death. The most affecting death , to me, since Lennon’s. Ppl say l’m as manic as him, when l’m on, & esp poignant to me as we both 21/7. My email even has a reference to him in it.

          • I’m in Australia – Europe itself as a land mass is far-flung when looking from here. :/

            • Mercator projection map is a massive lie. Sweden would fit very comfortably into NSW which is smaller than SA. Europe really isn’t a continent; it’s the western adjunct to Asia. Biggest country in Western Europe is France, about same size as NSW.

  4. Venus in Leo mantra ? How about
    It’s not what your doing it’s how you look when your doing it.
    Or from The Producers , Zero Mostel.
    “Flaunt it baby, flaunt it ”
    Or simply be a FIGJAM
    Fuq I’m Good, Just Ask Me

    • Dave, l’ve been thinkn more along the lines of DILLIGAF. (l prob do).
      On another point:
      I still cant access my dreams. Arent you suppose to dream everynight? I rarely am aware of doing it…… Im so envious pf you guys that can

        • I went to the link l will source. Im in Redneck town so l llget it from Syd. but l might have nice little nap now what with all that bra talk on that post – kore katakan fascination

      • Hi Katz, If i’m not consciously recalling and writing my dreams down then I don’t remember them.

        Recently i have joined a dream group and it took a month before I was getting decent recall again.

        Some tips:-
        Pen and paper by the bed
        Tell yourself each night that you will remember your dreams
        Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and writing down your dreams.
        Set your alarm a little earlier so that you have the time.
        When you wake up don’t move. Stay in the one spot and run through the dream in your head.
        If you do move position, move back to the position you woke up in.
        Even if it’s just a small fragment you remember write it down.

        It gets easier and easier.

        • I will try that. My main trouble is I don’t know that it happens; if it does at all. It’s not like I’m in a dream then I forget. I actually don’t experience dreaming very much at all. I do experience them once a month maybe. I would love a dream or two. Esp if Olga Kurylenko or Rachel McAdams was in it. (I know dreams ARE more than THAT. I’m doing the mugwort thingo.

  5. How do I take advantage of this? I’m a Leo Sun (my natal Jupiter is in Leo!), Scorpio rising, and these awesome-sounding transits are right on my tenth house cusp yet I feel like total dog doodoo. I look and feel like shit right now.

    • First things first. Avoid those with a poopers scooper and plastic bag.

    • I feel like dog doo too. I have a stellium in leo with jupiter and venus conjunct my sun. I hope the good stuff kicks in soon. Or maybe its that saturn squares my leo planets that stops the good vibe of jupiter. When jupiter was in leo 12 years ago I went through a marriage breakup and was devastated. I’m feeling unusually negative at the moment.

    • Hey maru67, I’ve got so much Leo action on my 10th H and MH that well, quite frankly, i can’t be bothered talking about it. i don’t so much feel like dog doodo as hyper-fuqing-surreal. it’s as if i’ve been slipping into a parallel world where reality has taken on an absurd new meaning….and no, no drugs or addictions involved – eventhough natal Scorp Neptune conjunct Asc is champing at the bit in the background… doing this the Haute way and have my wits about me. i suppose in the end one has to do what one has to do… oh grasshopper….sorry i have no answer.

      • Yeah, that. Nice stellium, but DAMN. I don’t “do” drugs and alcohol. They’ve not ever been an issue but I do have Neptune conj my asc opposite my natal Moon, and with Saturn on that . . . geez. Last time Saturn was sitting on my asc I was sixteen and attempted suicide. Per MM’s posts I’ve been hyperaware of that situ revisiting and thought I was owning it (I thought going No Contact with my Mother was the coup de grace for that era; nope), but I just want to sleep for the rest of the year. Twelve years ago was the most mellow time of my life, so hoping some of that comes back soon!

        • Well, you are older and wiser now than when you were 16 … and you should also have some kind of pro help/support if you are that worried …these are trying times for a lot of people; and people find different ways of coping e.g. counseling, psychiatry, body-work, yoga, meditation, studying, looking after one’s body – whatever makes you feel good about yourself – but you know this!

      • i’m even thinking of changing my name to The Lion Crab or krabkween…maybe even catcrab …scarycrab?

  6. Same here….12th houseLeo sun, 1st Leo venus,uranus ….now what? Im more worried about the jupiter chubbiness :) (trying to be mindful).

  7. I know I am repeating myself but I am working the eye make-up.. who knew I would ever consider it. AND.. I bought a short leather skirt!!

    Again repeating myself, but getting a little stressed about the job even though the end of the month should bring in a very productive time. Whatever happens.. “I’ve got this”….

    Pisces dude comes in on Friday!! The love weirding begins..


    • Now Ellie, go get some Victoria’s Secret pieces of cute nothingness.
      Paint your toes nails rose or red.

  8. Definitely feeling the Leo vibes as in “i’m the shit bitch”

    But someone please stop my Scorp rising/Scorp moon from stringing along and then stinging my Kataka ex-boyfriend -___-
    My Pisces sun is feeling so much guilt rn. It’s a complicated situation as in he broke up with me out of nowhere and claimed he was unhappy for months I was livid that he betrayed me like that. We didn’t talk for three months and now he’s back and we’re in a gray area and I am not feeling it. After being screwed over I wanna swim away like the lil fish that I am which would be ideal but instead my Scorp moon is like break it off when it will have the most effect, not to hurt him necessarily but to even the score. I recognize this is not the most moral aspect of my personality.

    And the Leo vibes! They’re sending me over the edge. I’m all about how I look right now and for furthering my own career and personal goals.

    • Honey, what is the gray area? He hasn’t made up his mind after the last bingle? I think you Venus in Leo this bitch up. He left, he came back. He needs to go through his roster of issues, get into a discussion with you like a mature adult and you get to take the time you need to see where you are.

      No pressure.

      As for your thirst for justice, I say ask yourself if this will serve your end goal (do we know what that is at this point?). If you’re pretty much done and it’s just a matter of time, then leave with a flourish. He should get that given his own dramatic exit.

      But if you think there’s something there, then IMO your goal is to not have him waste your time in the purgatory of uncertainty as clearly you have hair to do, outfits to put together and perfectly handsome strangers to stun.. the last thing anything in the spirit of Leo would do is be put in a position to convince someone.

      Maybe you don’t even have to do anything but just work your beauty and let him come to you hmm?

      • Thank you, fallenangel. That was the right amount of eloquence and bluntness that I needed. I’m confident I’ll make the right decision. And you helped.


  9. I’m @ peace..I am living on a beautiful farm that was built in 1911..the place is just magic..Leo sun, Mars & merc.. I’m feeling like things r happening, but just not at the speed I want..new man in the scene..another Taurus man, not the one I love zombied over, that was hell, I don’t ever want to go through that again.. It literally fuquing aged me..but I have this thing going on in my life with Taurus men truck drivers!! Wot the hell..anyway like I said, I’m @ peace, and wot will be will be. I’m even more determined now that the law of attraction doesn’t work..it’s all about fate..and the stars perhaps xxx

  10. Natal venus in leo 11th house. Hearing lots of new people through work who I’ll get to meetsome time soon particularly as i’ve been added onto the list of delegates attending a conference – cant wait. So thats groups/people i guess. Technology…I launched a new bpog on wordpress…bought the domain name etc. I feel the language resources ill be offering is going to fill a gap. Will eventually look into making money off it. Baby steps.
    Kinda still pining over the leo dude…hate not feeling heard and things not resolving the way i pictured in my head. I know im still waiting for him to email me back and say lets reconsider. Around october time. And even though i know its wrong i cant shake the feeling off.
    Apart from that enjoying the post-uni grown up feeling.

  11. well I am love love loving this vibe. It has been party month for me and my birthday is still to come. yay!
    Dazzling love stars… where do I start? The SO (formerly known here as the Lusty Leo, sh** head, Ahole and other not very nice endearments) has in the past month accepted every invite to dinners, weekends away and concerts with so much ease and charm that he possesses it is scary.

    I actually felt like a couple with him at dinner (with 6 other peeps) , you know exchanging looks, little touches etc wtf? This is after 6 years of a roller coaster relationship and no I don’t think it is going to end…. that is what is really scary. Yes he will be go awol soon Im sure but it won’t because of me for a nice change.

    What is going on?