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2014 Zeitgeist Super-Scopes COVER

Hello lovely subscriber peeps – this is just a quick note to say TWO things…

# Thing One – the Scheduler is being revamped to be synched with iCal. I know i mentioned this before but now it’s booked for mid-August. The only complex thing will be transferring the data from the old Scheduler to the new, zippier one. But there should be no interruption and i will let you know if any probs.  It’s funny – you know how the Scheduler was down for a few days (was Mercury Retrograde?) because it was clashing with the Tarot/Wordpress upgrade/something weird – it was dealing with THAT which got the dialogue going with the dev guys about well, why can’t we get one that synchs etc.  Although, when this Scheduler was put up, the other plug-in was  not available. T.M.I but hey i am Virgo-ing out on the Dark Moon.

# Thing Two – most of you have the Zeitgeist 2014 Super Scopes already but i do get some ‘where are they?’ type requests so i have uploaded them to be sent out to everyone on the Daily Mystic list (ie: if you are a subscriber) in about 18 hours. So ignore that email if you have them already, otherwise grab them. Yes the year is  half-gone and all but there is most likely still some pertinent stuff in there.


8 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Note For Subscribers

  1. I emailed you on thing one Myst.

    Now thing two, I will download and have another look. The first time I looked I ran screaming from my desk. Retroretrozapzonecardinalcrossretro…
    That’s all I saw at the time.

  2. Hi Mystic! Remember you said this year had a super auspicious date for business foundation, not only for Western but also for Chinese astrology?
    Could you please let us suscriber peeps know?

    • Hey it is in the Horoscopes for the year AND routinely referred to in the dailies and i did a daily mystic on it a few months ago…but i am doing the next daily mystic all about mars into scorpio so will make mention of it there. Stand by!

  3. Fantastic news- I just became a subscriber so I hadn’t seen the Zeitgeist. Thanks Mystic!

  4. Mystic thank you so much for doing this. I am deeply grateful. I look forward to potentially being able to import your calendars and thus upping my astro nous significantly.