Weekend Links July 26/27

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Frank Dicksee

* An Artists Has Made A Primitive Computer Out Of Crystals.

* Hypebeast – Azuma Makoto sends plants to space for art.

* Terrifying GIFs from Blake Lively’s new lifestyle website – New York.

* Red polyester pentagram pillow cases to freak out the Muggles and maybe your hair/dreams if you sleep on them.

* Dazed – The Internet Knows Where Your Cat Lives.

* A survival guide to the global kale crisis – Quartz

* Backyard Bill – This cute guy calls himself “a Leo/Virgo cusp” but you can tell he’s totally Leo, right?

* Philosophy For Life And Other Dangerous Situations – Ancient Philosophy For Modern Problems – by Jules Evans.Β  This is actually a really cool book, kind of soothing and inspirational to read.

* Fascinating – The Down And Dirty History Of TMZ

* For astro-fiends only – super-long, super dense Dane Rudhyar article on the 12 Houses from 1952 – slip on your kaftan, llight some patchouli and pour yourself a glass of Blue Devil Hoochie Juice to read How To Become Your True Self.


Image: Frank Dicksee

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19 thoughts on “Weekend Links July 26/27

  1. Looks like Virgo to me. Doesnt have the patrician bearing. Manual work is usually ‘below’ a Leo. He alsew could be just another so n so.

  2. You meant “plants” and typed planets…I wondered how am artist would send planets to space though

  3. Wow those images of the plants in space.. Just heart wrenching.
    Charles, the bonsai!

  4. *glassy-eyed & with smoke pouring from ears* Ouch! That’s what I get for reading an “astro fiend only” link. Maybe smaller portions is how I should consume that; only one or two houses at a time, not six. I was starving hungry & ate way too fast, probably.

    But surprise of delicious surprises in there: I’m a fuqin genius, marrying the men that I did! Hell yes πŸ˜‰ No regrets, not a single one. Mars in buggy Scorpio, pow pow Pow!!

  5. Are you kidding me? That intro vide for Preserve looks amazing! I don’t know about the website, but that video… beautiful!

  6. Gah, TMZ. The televisual equivalent of “Celebrity Blowjob!” Magazine (TM).
    The downside of being famous and human I guess.
    My cap moon and Virgo psyche (it’s all the Virgo i have so I’m calling it) finds sensationalised, crude gossip-mongering terribly tacky and vulgar.
    other kinds of gossip (sorry, ‘networking’) handy for business purposes tho, all my mercury has to do something after all!
    Fascinating to hear of the internal machinations mystic.

    • Ok managed to skim to the end. By golly. Is that the highest word count ever, about gossip columns, outside the academic world?

      I was wondering about Levin’s application of “they are no better than us and here is proof” , where this drive comes from, given that the site strays out of celeb news at times. The early experience of witnessing his father dealing with the police seems formative. Is there an Aquarius /uranian leveller in his chart somewhere? Or is it more of a Scorpio thing, revealing the ugly truth to get some satisfaction seeing the subject get their comeuppance. or is it a jilted Leo thing? Twisted light.

      • Hmm, or, given his smooth TV lawyer-ish appeal if we believe the description, maybe a Libra Sun with a mercury in scorp? Squaring something? Mars in Leo (Porsche)?
        Anyway, it’s past my bedtime.
        Can’t believe I have made it this far on the weekend links sans excess vitriol. *pat on back* πŸ˜‰

        • U don’t have to be MarsLeo to like Porsche. Im MarsVirgo; there’s a whole thesis on why that’s so. 1 Power without bling. 2 for drivers; not poseurs. 3 Faster round a track than cars with more power. (my mars and venus lines intersect over the Porsche factory – FREAKAZOID)

          • Ha!! Mars Venus lines, are you kidding? That’s fantastic.
            My Venus in Aries likes proper sports cars for all the reasons you describe.. :) pi