Love Under Mercury Retrograde


Dear Mystic,

Hope this finds you well. Two quick things: firstly the Tarot is brilliant. It is beyond spot on, thank you. Even picks out the fact that said guy (below) is King of Swords, every single time.

Secondly, how big a deal is it to fall madly in love when Merc is retro? I know it is supposed to be when you are mooning over your ex etc but I’ve met this man. He’s amazing. We just have this thing – you couldn’t script this stuff. But am mildly anxious that as soon as merc gets out of the shadow on the 16th it’ll all go poof… Does love that starts in a merc retro stand a chance?

The Fiery Taurean

Dear Fiery Taurean,

Thank you re the Tarot. Yes it amazes even me.

Now, there is honestly no rule that says you have to “moon over your ex” during a Mercury Retrograde. Or even a Venus Retro. And there is more going on than just Mercury Retrograde. The Zap Zone. Eros on Pluto, Mars-Mars-Mars. So unless you bought a dodgy bit of electronics off this dude, i think you’re sweet. If it is as good as you describe, why would it just go poof?

Technically, as it’s Mercury Retrograde, there could be information about him that you don’t yet know…a triangle even. But why not just relax and enjoy the endorphins?

The next Full Moon is super-fateful – square Mars on the North Node trine Venus. That should be definitive. Stand by for epic rant re this in the Daily Mystic. Just don’t try to clarify-delineate-elicit strong statements before that mid-July moment.

Image:  Earl Bergey

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33 thoughts on “Love Under Mercury Retrograde

  1. I love that … ‘… why not just relax and enjoy the endorphins?’ Well said. I’ll take you up on that too, amazing MM. Thank you.

  2. agree on just enjoy the endorphins .. why taint a good thing with pointless worry. if something crappy will happen then it will happen, and at least you were having fun up to that point. :) remember to always leave yourself somewhere to go, figuratively speaking, learnt that motto a while ago from a wise woman 😉 …

    • i mean, pointless analysis, that’s what my pisces mercury was made to do. don’t get me wrong. worry though, about love, when there is an actual person involved (as opposed to zomb crush)? the ‘what if he’s…’ rabbit hole? not since my Awakening… no way, nu-uh, yeah yeah, un-huh, i’m an asshole …and i’m proud of it. I think my venus in aries kicks in and I think, “fuq him if i am going to worry about the status of this thing and lose myself in this tripe girly stress emo crap” so that fires me up to go for a run or at least detach just enough to make it through the next hour/day. Retain identity and boundaries. I don’t know if that’s any help but I feel far less caught up in the situation when it may not be warranted :)

      • Really relate to your Venus in Aries statement. My Pisces sun can get all heart eyes on someone really fast & create reality as I want it to be not exactly how it usually is and my Scorp moon likes to grasp onto things & suffocate them almost. Which is difficult when things don’t work out well. But my Venus in Aries is always like yeah? let’s just move on — new friends new social life new crush :)

  3. I’m loving te same intubation and endorphins !!! Mid July huh …. Bring it on

  4. I’m loving te same intubation and endorphins !!! Mid July huh …. Bring it on

  5. Reasons why love under merc retro could possibly work:

    1) It’s poetic! MM always says poets have merc retro, so why not a relationship?

    2) It’s a connection from a past life you were destined to enjoy (ie not karmic)

    3) Deja vu moments abound – synchronicity!

    • is #2 just personal experience or something learned from an astrologer? :3

      • Ok, it’s not real astrology :) .
        But Merc did go retro around when I started dating my now husband?
        We met at a party 15 years before & he ended up living with my ex for a couple of years.
        My ex invited us both over for dinner is how we met again (merc was not retro at the time).
        But within a month we were dating and Merc had gone retro. So I think it is a thing! Lol.

        • is mercury by any chance conjunct your sun or your 7th house ruler?

          mercury IS actually my 7th house ruler so i do favor the mercurial. and it does seem in the past 5 yrs or so any sig romantic movement is made during rx. so who knows!

          • Interesting Eel! Mercury is my chart ruler & my partner is a mega Gem (Merc,Sun,Venus, Saturn). Checked last big love & it was Merc in Gem direct & by when we paired up it was Retro. You may be right. But I have Sagg rUled 7th & NN in 7th.

          • Actually yes (sorry if not talking to me, I get confused with threads), Merc and Sun are both Taurus in 5th but one is at 23 degrees and the other at 47. So not sure if that counts as conjunct. Still no ‘poof’ although so newly direct and I wrote a song out of it. So all good for mo. Going to Paris to see him this weekend. x

  6. Feeling calm about the situation. Have written a reply back to the leo dudes email. Feeling calm but nervous. Got a friend to read it who is just brutally honest and after sleeping over it i have followed through with the edits she recommended. I love it when friends remind you that you shouldn’t give your power away or where/when exactly you’re giving it away. I get so lost playing nice that its humbling to know i have friends who can fill that gap for me when i cant sometimes for myself.

    I guess from this experience ive also realised ive grown with regards to how handle things. Nice to see i can separate the no from a judgement on my self. I wonder what his reply will be….

      • He cannot continue is his reply and also just gotten a reply back with a load of praise and complements. He’s free to decide what he wants. We live only once and we should only pursue what we most want and what/who feels right for us.

        I have followed my gut instincts and just once i did get the feeling that his emails so full of praise were nothing but gaining time and that he’d actually already made his decision 5 emails back. For the first time in my life I’ve been exposed to snooty judgemental people (his sister) who turned her nose on my family, in particular my parents not being professionals -me being the fIrst to go to uni -Oxford at that. Its sad because i don’t feel he’s followed his heart, been influenced too much by his sisters (she told me he feels very guilty for things -but thats more what they have told him to control him- he played the role of a father after theirs died when they were 8). Its a weird dynamic and I’m sad i got caught up init. Your heart is bound to break when you get in touch with others.

        The astro promised so much. I am a virgo sun libra rising with venus in leo 11th house. Jupiter will be transiting my 11th house so im guessing jupiter-venus contacts. Heart hurts but i”ll keeping choosing joy.

        • thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you’re hurting but you’ve done the right thing. He’s not being authentic and sounds like he has years more growing to do.

          Props for following your instincts.

          Hope good things come of Jupiter in Leo. :)

        • is he the baby in the house growing up with older sisters? Men often recreate the family dynamic they feel “comfortable” growing up in. If he has bossy older sisters, he want you to sort of play that role for him. he may prefer older women. I was with a sagg like this but one of the things i will never miss is how at war i felt with his sister. it’s like she still kept wanting to boss him, but it made me mad because she wanted to boss me. Im like nu-uh twiggy I’m the same age as you and i don’t take shit from another woman, don’t care if you are his blood or not.

          • No believe it or not he’s the oldest and only brother to 3 sisters. All a couple of years a part. He’s 8 years older than me -i didn’t have an issue with age gap i am a serious individual and am fine with the older vibe. He had a problem. His younger sister is just a year older than me and he considered her his ‘baby’ sister. You cannot squeeze romantic feelings where there are none.

            He has totally and his sister also reiterated rather proudly that all the girls hes met have been introduced to him by his sisters. For us both, family compatibility is important because we are conversing with marriage in mind and not for a casual relationship/lets see where this goes.

            In my conversation with his sister, i felt for sure that she didn’t like me -constantly gave unsolicited advice for the hour and half i had coffee with her, amongst other shocking behaviour. I’ve heard nothing but good about him.

            I want to make sense of the last three months because i can’t believe its ended so abruptly.

  7. Thanks so much Mystic. Well, so far it is changing everything I ever thought I knew about anything. And, at worst, I am going to come out with the most kick-ass dinner party stories ever ; ) Fascinated as to what the info I don’t know yet might be… xx

  8. A few years ago, I fell in love just as Merc went retro. It went poof just as Merc went direct. I’m not saying that this is what will happen to every romance begun at this time, as there could be other factors that affected the outcome of my short-lived romance, i.e., it turns out he is an idiot and we never should have gotten together, and so on. Perhaps my planets were transiting in such a way that I was susceptible to such foolishness, or perhaps my karma was to learn to be able to see a d-bag coming at me going forward. Anyway, that’s my story with love and Mercury retro. Wishing The Fiery Taurean all the best and better love stars in Merc retro. x

    • Hahaha well right now it all feels like a bit of an astrological experiment to be honest. Time shall tell. Sorry yours went poof. Although sounds like it was for the best in the end. X

  9. Chapter 3: Pisces Dude the Short: I am still involved in the actions of the Pisces dude. He’s being very short with me, keeping his distance, but staying in contact with me. He comes in tomorrow but he hasn’t officially said “let’s get together”… not sure what is up. Although I am happy he’s in touch.. I am just wondering what act he is pulling. It looks like he’s nervous about something…

    Chapter 4 hopefully tomorrow…


    • Ok.. I had to check the dates for Mercury retro right now.. June 2 – July 2. He showed up again on June 22. I expect this Pisces dude to jump ship and fade away. He comes in on 7/2.. perfect timing..

    • And looking further I met the Pisces dude during the Mercury retro in February. When Mercury went direct on March 1 things got weird, troublesome and disconnected. So, here we are again.

  10. Try and just enjoy the ride! Even if it does end up being short term, it’s nice to those butterflies and have some fun companionship :)

  11. yup just got back with my man today…now i’m eagerly looking for a job and going back to school (:

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