The Immediate Future Is Hardcore

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Mert and Marcus Vogue Paris

So wow, happy Mars into Scorpio finally. It’s going to feel even more hardcore once the Moon is New in Leo in 30 hours time or whatever it is – the times for London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Dubai and Hong Kong are on the Daily Horoscopes as always.

It feels fresh already.  Like ideas, foods, attitudes, people that don’t nourish and empower are just being ejected at warp speed. Nearly nine months is a long time for a guy like Mars to be warming up, resting the horses and sharpening blades/strategy in Libra. Plus of course that was Jupiter in Kataka so all the insights into ancestors, emotional patterns and habits added to the prep feel.

So since Jupiter hit Leo a few days ago, the vibe IS different. I got a leg wax and it was like the beautician was tweaking on Space Dust, a hardcore Leo vibe or both. Everything she said was theatrical and in a punchline. “The exfoliation era has ended. It was a mistake.”  “Chia seeds are not just hype, chia is GOD.”  “You cannot have firm skin without a firm attitude.”  “The Nineties brow was a terrible aberration.”

Overheard in the street: “fuq grunge” and “you are not rustic, just admit it.”  At the drycleaners, a long discussion between the dry cleaner and an officer about getting the gold epaulettes on his uniform to sit the right way.  I found out that one of the most officially hottest men on the planet is a subscriber here.  My dentist enthused about Brian Eno’s Lux album at length.

It’s an extremely potent fresh vibe and it’s about to get more raw – bring it your A-Vibe and remember the core component of this is Creativity & Transformation.

But this is still the Dark Moon – shredding & smudging.

ALSO – see the Shop page as the Soulmating E-Book is up and i have also put the description of the Future Leo Mmp3 up there – it’s out shortly after the New Moon.



Image: Mert & Marcus – Vogue Paris

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127 thoughts on “The Immediate Future Is Hardcore

  1. oh wow Mystic, officially the hottest guy on the planet is in indistinguished company — hurray for your subscribers!! :-)

    After months of plannning, finally the plan is in motion, only I am about to drop out of exhaustion. New Moon in Leo will find me near the ocean to recalibre my mind.

  2. Oh yeah. Big time. My hair has officially become the lion’s mane (!!) it always wanted to be.
    People are noticing my work. Just got offered the potential for a very epic collaberation where I might get SEEN.

    Just realized the dude I was “hanging out with” has hit me up EVERYDAY for weeks now. You know, like he likes me or something. Don’t want to get my hopes up but, um, EVERY DAY? And for the record (since this site is based in Aussie Land) he’s from Melbourne :).

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this.

      • Same here! It’s all about my fabulous hair and yes, the line of wanna be suitors (some really hot too :) is really uplifting. It sounds shallow but after the turgid swamp that was the first half of this year I have NO problem with shallow at all. Bring it Leo! 😀

        • Ditto about the turgid swamp! and sudden shift. Yesterday I got asked out twice and given flowers! and I’ve been offered a fabulous commission for my artwork!

  3. The energy is electric. Having a hard time doing relax and chill zone.

    It feels more like a full moon to me than a new moon even tho I am guessing I should probably be doubly relaxed now with the void dark moon etc- moon in Aries has trouble relaxing & mars just crossed my ascendent and is lighting up my mars/Pluto/south node !

    Maybe tomorrow I will make it to the hot springs for a rejuvenation- maybe even without 2 year old xoxx

    • I’ve been thinking about going to the mineral baths too! We have several and the last time was yrs ago.

    • I slept for eight hrs when I got home from work yesterday afternoon and woke up at midnight.

      It rained here in the desert first time in a yr.

      Now I’m having a coffee and no time like the middle of the night to do a meditation. Later today buying a new laptop and printer. Yay!

  4. OMG praise be! It’s almost certainly psychological but I feel better already, I really need Mars onside for the next few weeks, operation epic life change is a go-go.

  5. One of the hottest men on the planet?! How hilarious if it is our favourite, RyGoz! :)
    Have woken up with an entirely new set of attitudes this morning. YES. I needed this. New Moon tonight is the official reset but yes, I already feel clearer.

    • If it is him, I just want to say hi and that I totally saw the Eva Mendez thing a mile off even though I live in nowheretown, noplace and she’s one of my top three lady-crushes so I approve, everything’s grand, thank you for being all scorpionic on screen and please don’t stop just yet.

      • also, just realised that I risk looking like a news-tard who isn’t up with the latest not having done the necessary checking before launching into badly timed statements, I blame the cat who is yowling outside my window sounding eerily human and distracting my brain.
        *shuts up*
        *changes identity*
        *moves countries*

    • He is a cutie and friendly too! I wanna know more about his dream studies.

  6. Jupiter into Leo brought back to me my Leo ‘Bro AND my Sagg Adonis.
    Who’s lucky little Saggo when she’s not splattered on concrete. Nasty stuff
    to mess with.
    Took Leo Bro’ 7 months to return my Xmas greeting, how Saturnian.
    He is Bother Sun to my Sister Moon. Same age, both fire, same christian name, has spare room :-) and in good health save for a hernia…
    This information is important, for geriatric rendezvous.
    Said no though to a Kataka wanna- be- silver- fox,-used- car- salesman, as you would wouldn’t you?
    6 more days till Candlemas, August 2, aka Return of the lLght in the southern hemp, she the jasmine blooms to prepare the senses for Spring. It’s aphrodisiac fragrance rejuvenates me, a waking up from the hibernation, seeing if there is still a body under the mountains of warming apparel, furs & ugly boots.

    Tanx Myst for the hard core heads up,
    signed the Dancer that Runs with the Pit Bulls.

    • Where I live its wattle that heralds spring in August and my birthday soon

      • Groover, YES, wees in LEO energy now, the whole month is BDay month for our lovely Leo’s.
        Have a blast, do 3 things you have never done before :-)

  7. Jasmin & Violets.
    Am having a Moon in Libra moment at the mention of jasmine.

  8. oh thank christ. I am hair tastic and wardrobe demon right now. Libra mars was just such a bloody drain, I am down with this new vibe. Sharpening knives and ready to roll Mystic.

    • Yes, ‘draining’ exactly how it felt, Bubby, from the top to the bottom of planet it seems. x.

  9. Dreadlocks. Somebody *please* talk me out of this.

    Also, I find I’m having a really worrying “Not giving a fuck” phase at the moment. This really *isn’t* good. I have made promises to people, have to organise medical appointments for my children, need to tackle mountains of Very Important Paperwork and I just don’t give a rats arse and haven’t for the last fortnight.

    This is VERY unlike me. My Virgo Rising is in hysterics, but I feel as though I’ve entered some strange lacuna where nothing touches me and I touch nothing. If I was depressed, I’d say I was depressed; but I’m not. I’m really hoping that I get some sense of touch back with this bloody New Moon tomorrow.

    Luckily I’m going to an Indian Head Massage Workshop tomorrow, with one of the most down to earth women I know. Who happens to be a Reiki Master as well. If she can’t sort me out, no-one can !

    • weird, isn’t it? i’m feeling the same. how annoying! waiting for the new moon too. :(

      • 0ho0o, the head massage sounds fab. Next Saturday I’m going for an acupuncture treatment. My German lady patient (have peeps from all over) has been suggesting it forever.

        Hope your feelers start sparkin’ soon.

    • Walk away from the dreads, Dom! They are *tons* of work if you want to have a fungus- & smell- & itch-free head. Seriously time consuming & high maintenance. Spare your energies, spare your fab hair!

      • A happy medium: cornrows. You can get them in an hour or two, & leave them in, maintenance-free (except trimming fuzzies), for a couple of weeks or so without causing any lasting damage to your coif.

    • they are a lot of work. I’ve had them, If you have straight hair, it’s going to be very hard to upkeep because you must clean between each dread on your scalp with dr. bronners unscented and water any time it gets oily, Rinse with salt water to tighten locks. Always air dry in the sun and be completely dry before bed. You will have to buy beeswax dread wax to keep them dreads looking nice. Also having a friend to help retighten roots helps. Wearing a helmet is a pain. You will have trouble sleeping the first night because your scalp will hurt. be prepared for other people to be mean to you. it sucks but I was really treated horribly by police people until they spoke with me and horribly when i went into stores (looks like a shoplifter). Treated badly by other people who tried to say things like you get fleas in your hair (untrue). other people get angry at you for what they view as cultural appropriation. so as long as you are cool with all this, then yeah get them! I salute your efforts! I had to give up mine just as they were starting to look good, about 6 months in.

      • Or you can get fake fibre optic dread locks. I had them for about 3 months. My hair underneath was short and the dreads were just plaited into the ends. Bleach blonde. Looked fab and being plastic they were super lite and easy to maintain. Life in plastic. It’s fantastic 😀

        • I’ve had cornrows too actually. I LOVED them!
          They rock.
          I wonder if there is anything I HAVEN’T done with my hair. Can’t actually think of anything I haven’t done with my hair….
          Venus in Leo eh?
          Gotta love the mane!

    • i have to respectfully disagree with y’all- dreads are NOT hard work. the creation period, the first 4-8 months, does require some effort, but it’s not any more than daily styling of regular hair. BUT what they do require is dedication and a long-term vision. unless you go the full-on mega maintenance route that eel was talking about (which btw, i don’t recommend- having them too tight at the scalp can lead to permanent baldness (apparently!), and wax just gets icky), your hair will go through a really long awkward at best stage. this is where everyone quits- i had three friends who dreaded their hair at the same time as me and they all cut it off after 4 months or so. people definitely treat you like a crazy person, and then you look in the mirror and completely understand that. for me, it was a spiritual experience- the giving up of control over my hair, the stepping back from ego identification with it. also humility. you have to rip them apart when they grow together, which is a surreal experience. (i suppose you could cut, but pfffft) they shrink like crazy and then take a long time to start growing. my hair was waist-length and shrunk to chin-length, and then took a year to grow at all. then, like two years ago, it took off, and now my dreads are almost back to my waist. it’s weird. you also have to give up attachment to shiny. they will never be shiny. and they take forever to dry in the winter. and they darken your hair- mine turned dirty blonde and now i have to bleach it to be back to normal. oh and they do feel like rope, and sometimes apparently aren’t so fun to snuggle with. and you lose the sensual pleasure of brushing. other than that (hahaha), once they’re fully locked in and growing, they’re great. wash and go, you never have to worry about body, you get instant hippie cred (unless you wear makeup, and then there’s a whole bunch of cognitive dissonance from hard-core holier-than-thou hippies, which amuses the fuq outta me), they don’t smell bad at all and hold onto essential oils well, and are super, super powerful, in that ancient do-not-cut-thine-hair way. they hold everything, don’t let you off the hook, make you take responsibility for your own life and issues and shit. there is nothing light and fluffy and heehee fun fashion about them, and that, dear dt, is the heart of the matter. xxxxx

      • hdq, I’m glad to “see” you. Last post I read of yours, you were not in the best of places. I hope things are looking better for you. x

        • thank you, dp. :)
          i’m grateful to be back, and i am so, so, SO much better. full circle from when i descended to the underworld 4 years ago- i’m coming out into the light, and happy to be alive! isss good, ya. :)

  10. That’s fab Mystic, but do peeps mind being ‘outed’ as subscribers?

    Muggles might not grok it.

    • Oh did u work out who it is? I can’t for the life of me. I mean “officially hottest man on the planet” could be such a variety of people…well, i’m Venus in Aqua. And Pisces.

      Unless you conflated Mystic’s descriptions of a few different people? Thought said hot man outed himself to her (ooh, sounds funny)

    • Sunrise, nobody is being outed – i think that would require a name? There are many people with name recognition who are subscribers and personal clients, they are never ever “outed.”

        • It’s my buddy Sam. He is officially the hottest guy on the planet. If you saw him you’d totally believe me. Oh I wish we had romantic / sexual chemistry… He is so awesome. And SO HOT.
          Had no idea he was a subscriber tho. Nice one Sam. Told you this was a great site. hahahahaha

  11. I just said to Mr Virgo Statistician that it felt like I had won the feature on a cosmic poker machine. Not sure if I’m going to get free games or pirate chest spewing up coins or a stupid chicken trying to cross the road but it feels ace. Neurotransmitters are on fire.

  12. I hope One Of Hottest Guys On Planet (can we call him OOHGOP? ) isn’t my ex, who has become semi-famous and quite publicly adored. I’m happy for him but it’s always hard not to compare my life to his, and right now my life is quite the opposite of semi-famous and adored! More like… shipwrecked.

    • awe don’t say that! I’ll have to rescue you, little mermaid. x

      • throw me a line, Invicta! No, we’re going to stay Jupiter optimistic. A house, a job, an art studio, all things are possible. Life can quickly change for the better. And all exes have lives that are not as perfect as they look on Facebook.

  13. “It feels fresh already. Like ideas, foods, attitudes, people that don’t nourish and empower are just being ejected at warp speed”

    Fuq me, had to eject at warp speed a disempowering type only a few hours ago. A libra to boot, at warp speed as well.

  14. Bring. It. On.

    I can’t wait for the new moon. Things have definitely felt fresh since Jupe got into Leo, but it still feels a bit like a waiting game. Mars is FINALLY (THANK GAWD) in Scorp, and I feel like that’s what I’ve REALLY been waiting for. Like Jupiter in Leo had the game finally appearing in my field of vision, but it’s not yet time to pounce. Mars is Scorp now and my muscles are tensing, just about ready….only a few more hours and that New Moon will have me launching. But with Mars, I already feel the scheming and the plans gathering some momentum FINALLY, and I can’t wait to burst and take ACTION.

  15. Omg Leo DiScorpio is here?! Well well well *fluffs hair, pushes up tits* Hey Daddy, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly, but pick up your hand & have a look. You’re lead 😉

    • For chrissakes, of all times I’d have a typo, it would be in my public come hither comment to Leo. :-/ Smooth.

      But seriously, I did just become more acquainted with a famous man that prior to the new moon I was not so familiar: Ram Dass. A doco post-stroke on Netflix, “Fierce Grace.” I loved his perspectives on living disabled gracefully… And his relationship with Maharaji reminded me of Rumi’s connection to Sham… Beautiful.

  16. Woah….what was that? Just felt a shift in energy and the tears came streaming down and totally compeltely caught me off guard. On remembrance of the leo dude. Its his bday tomorrow.

  17. There’s a lot of destructive energy around me at the moment (in that things are breaking down) but I feel so positive about it because I didn’t want things to be the same anyway, so a breakdown is necessary. Had a conversation with a mysterious artist woman at the studio this week (who has an ouroboros tatted on her ring finger like I was thinking of getting) about destruction and creation, the Enneagram number 4, and how life can be difficult but rewarding once you accept and surf all this (inevitable; we are both 4s).

    Now that it is over I SO appreciate Mars in Libra. I can’t think of a time in my life where I did so much overhaul on the basics. It felt really tedious and frustrating at times (still does) but now I’m primed to have some fun with this fun astro! 😀

    Also love the overheard quotes, Mystic. The chia one reminds me of the #shitnuminousgirlssay tag: I get an extra kick out of it because I actually hear shit like this all the time at the studio and I’m just as guilty as everyone else. ^_^

    • That’s funny Rache
      You were considering that tat on your ring finger. I remember. I’m considering changing my name legally. It’s a Japanese thing. But considering is the operative word. I’m also grateful for mars in libra now that it’s OVER. Lol

  18. Now that I’m reading this blog – jupiter in leo. lillith in leo. Conjunct my lillith in Leo. Uranus in Leo. I’m working temporarily as a clinical supervisor of 25 marital and family trainees from different universities. Our receptionist is a leo. She’s hysterical. Everyday, she’s drawn on her brows, biggest painted pink and red lips, 3 inches of false eyelashes, platinum blonde, and the funniest person ever. My other peer is just as crazy as her. I feel completely off my rocker with an insane schedule supervising these 25 back to back, and staff is crazy — and it’s just the cuckoo’s nest. But I’m having the best time of my life laughing everyday. Toothless — dentist pulled a tooth got infected. So I look even crazier. Funny thing is I don’t care! It must be the mars in scorp and the jupiter in leo.

  19. Hi Mystic.. have you been receiving messages about the Tarot? I just did a Tarot and clicked on Save to PDF and it brought me to the Blog. 3 times.. but it has the page with my Tarot open so I can go back to it. I can’t save the reading.. :(

    Well, if someone already informed you please ignore this!


    • I love the Tarot readings though. I just wish that when you do a general reading, no specific question, that when the reading says “Yes” for all romantic intentions but then a card shows up that says “Beware.. you might be humiliated” I could figure out what it really applies to!

      It’s just my lack of understanding the full concept of astrology and how it relates to my chart!

      • Virgo Ellie, i have had no emails about it. It is working. If you have that issue, it would seem to be your browser cache. Please clear it, hit refresh and try again. OR some isps have a setting whereby you automatically access cached content to speed your load time so that can mess it up. Again, just hit reload.
        Also, in the meantime, just screenshot it!

        • I had that issue about a week ago but a reload did the trick – I failed to save that particular reading though. It didn’t even occur to me to do a screenshot. ‘Doh!

        • Sorry Mystic.. it finally worked itself out. My computer has been acting weird but not with your site so I thought it might be a website issue. I was able to finally save it and I tested it out again today with success.

          Thanks for responding.

  20. And.. I feel weird. I have a couple of people who are really draining me. Like they have some evil intent. I always need to figure out why? There is something brewing with the Pisces dude gang. Not sure what he has drawn up.. but something has changed. As the tarot said.. take it slow and watch every move.

  21. AHHH That explains it. I have natal moon in leo at 7*. This morning Torro lover said oh, you brushed your hair. It looks pretty. WHAT? I brush my hair every morning??? LOL.

    I will admit it looked lovely. I do nothing to my hair, no perms, no dyes, no blowdrying, no curling. Just my burts bee shampoo and conditioner.

    Leo stepdaughter(with mars conjunct sun and jupiter in leo too) looks like my daughter because of our hair. Me brownish auburn and her strawberry blonde.

    I have 12th house leo this dark moon, entering my 12th house, I have been sick. Feel like I am falling apart.

  22. Of all the subscribers to all the astro sites in all the world, he has to pick the one where I share my messiest innermost thoughts.

    Nothing but me, trees and morning birds where I am … Bliss

  23. The Leo’s birthday yesterday, so I took him and his best friend to a nice dinner, then we went to see a play (I did the set design) then to a nightclub and had a bit of a dance to retro, guaranteed -to -make -everyone -dance type music.

    Haven’t been out in aaaaaages

    Jules Leo in my 11th for the next year or so. Ready to burn!!

    • Sounds awesome!
      I’m loving all my Leo friends having their birthdays right now. Amazing how many Leo friends I have in my life. I’m not very social but I am incredibly loyal and I find their loyalty really heartwarming.
      It ensures longevity in the relationship.
      Feels great.

      • I enjoyed your comment below, Invicta

        “I feel Goddess -like in my home” and
        “There will be dark days ahead. This is just not one of them” :)

        I know that fire- flaming feeling, and am getting some of my fire mojo back now mars has shifted. Will be getting a haircut and doing goddess at home, and goddess out-and-about.
        Yep, I love Leos too, I find Lioness friends really creative and glam, and my Leo partner is loyal almost to a fault!

      • I agree – was just saying to Scorpbot yesterday that my friendships with Leos are enduring.

        • I find the same with Scorps, they are my oldest friends from way back.
          When we are together, we still know exactly who the person each other is, essentially.
          I need to have that (even if I don’t see them very often anymore) as I have moved so much, known so many different groups of people

          • yes! also for me Scorps are the other friendship group who are always there, as you say, in proximity or not :)

            • Yep probably.
              Also have long term aqua friends. My moon is in fixed Scorp, so my deep emotions don’t change easily. But I’m really kind of mutable for a person having so much cardinal in my chart. Lots of Virgo, I guess 0_0

              • yes, I feel the Aquas are stayers as well (not in romantic terms, lol) and maybe also the Toros. Have a good Toro mate and I know there is no risk in it.

      • I have to say, we all needed it :)
        Sometimes after months of laying low and slow one has to get their groove on!

  24. Mmmm I am feeling like I am getting a bit of traction in life

    Designs are coming together for a late August launch of sideline biz with sister and getting excited! I have been through so much professionally in the last few years it’s good to feel a sense of freedom and expression of our DNA

    Still a bit to do and a business plan to write….

    We were told years ago in the main Wat in Bangkok by a guy reading palms and an almanac that we would both be really wealthy after “lying down” years – 40-42 ish things get much better and in our 50’s she ends up a millionaire – checked if that was in Thai baht hahahaha!

    I am returning to printing and fabric design and through my last job of local manufacture I have great contacts so will be created in Oz!

    Eco home wears…..very bold and tapping into all the things we love juxtaposed against each other to be super fresh and unique. We are both double Virgo so have struggled with confidence but we believe in each other and that’s what makes this work

    Time feels very right

    • Good luck! Started a biz with another fire sign and two air signs. I laugh about it now, but I swear I don’t want to go into biz without an earth sign ever again, lol. You will do great!

  25. After months of dithering, I’m finally walking out on my abusive, controlling husband tomorrow when he leaves the house to visit his parents. I love him, he was my childhood sweetheart and this hurts like hell, but we’re both miserable and we truly don’t belong together. New moon in Leo conjuncts the cusp of my 11th house. Not sure if this means my hopes and wishes are tied into my leaving–or that the new moon is shining a light on how I’ll never have the life I want if I stay with him. It’s saying, You need a new dream. The old dream is dead. Mars in Libra has been in my first house these last nine months. Its move this week into my second house is telling me to have some self-respect, to value myself to walk away from his insecurity and paranoia, to say no more to the constant verbal and emotional abuse, to once again earn my own keep rather than rely on his handouts. God, help me, I feel so guilty. He’s happily watching television and believes I’ve given him another chance (after his latest meltdown over something trivial) when instead I’m working out the logistics of walking out and starting over again.

    • Don’t feel guilty! That’s how he keeps a hold on you.
      You’re doing the right thing. Keep going.

    • Good luck with the transition phase. Seek out support, don’t go it alone now. Get your living arrangements organized, somewhere safe with people who understand your situation. Your parents ?
      I’m sure you have been in this frame of mind before, what happened , what elements of the transition failed ? They will appear again.
      One more thing, if any of the above points are question marks then wait till they are sorted before you leave. Another week or 2 will not matter, if that’s what it takes to be organized. If you are not ready
      In very practical ways it will be extremely difficult to make this a permanent transition. If you can’t handle the practical get in touch someone who can. Be strong and be smart and it will all work out for both of you.

    • You can do it.

      As David wisely advised, once your plan is clear in terms of where you will live and other practical short- to medium term logistics, ensuring you are SAFE most of all, go for it.

      Set your soul free, and think only of yourself. Guilt is the most wasteful, pointless emotion (although you obvs have it as you are a kind-hearted person), but turn that guilt into KINDNESS FOR YOURSELF.

      You are brave, and you are strong, even if sometimes you will feel doubtful.

      I send you so much love and courage and sheer guts to live the life you want, and DESERVE.

      If you are in Australia, there is fantastic state and national support for women who are experiencing domestic violence. (even if not physical).

      Also, if you believe he may stalk you after you’ve left, you can organise an AVI/restraining order that will determine he has to stay at least 100m away from you at all times.

      Be safe, and stay brave. Much love!!! x

    • Emotional and financial abuse can be seriously damaging, don’t think that just because he’s not hitting you it’s not abuse! My first serious relationship was with someone who was physically and emotionally/mentally abusive but it was the mindfucks and manipulation that really damaged me more than anything….yet I still fell into a similar pattern years down the line and told myself it wasn’t so bad because he wasn’t hitting me. Bullshit.

      Stay safe and believe in yourself, it’s so hard to leave when you still are in love…even if it’s unhealthy…

    • good for you and good luck. as people have cautioned, ongoing safety is paramount. they can get pretty crazy after the split. make sure you have support, people who know what’s going on, etc. and don’t be afraid to make use of the services.

      May this be the making of you x

      • Thank you to everyone who replied to my comment. You’re all strangers to me but your words carried such sympathy and helped me beyond measure. I have absolutely no one to speak to due my isolation these last few years.
        I left quickly and yes, David, this time around I did plan my next steps which made all the difference. The last time I left my husband managed to convince me to come back home and I regretted it immediately. The things we put up with out of fear, shame and pride, right? My family lives too far away to help but I have their emotional support even though they never saw my husband’s “other side.” The mindfucks, the emotional manipulation, the rigid and controlling tension in our home…so hard to explain to people who have never been in this type of relationship.

        • Wow… that last sentence… says so much. That is the environment I grew up in. My father was an abuser and an alcoholic to boot. And no, no one can really get it who hasn’t been in an abuser’s grip. And yes, they all have another face they show to the world. It can make you crazy.

          I’m so glad you’re getting out. You will be too, I know it.

  26. I agree – Don’t feel guilty, this is your life!

    People like that say those things so you won’t be brave enough to leave, the empowerment you will feel from taking your life back will be worth all the angst.

    Stay strong and follow your instincts

  27. Mars moves into my 5th, Jupiter my second about to conjunct natal Uranus. Jupiter trine Jupiter in sag. Uranus trine Uranus, Neptune trine Neptune …These are officially my best transits for years. Now to take full advantage or should I say how to take full advantage !

    • Woo hoo! New creative and potentially money making ventures? Awesome transits!

      • Also I just love the smiling baby looking straight at the camera in your gravatar pic – makes me smile whenever I see it :)

  28. Where is all this energy coming from? I’m supposed to be fast asleep but I’m wide awake. After the hectic week I had, the shoot I arranged at my flat yesterday and all the prep work for that, then taking the hottest straight, single man on the planet for a night out (my best male friend for 7 years, a Leo who I adore and has been there for me no matter what thru thick and thin – arranging his birthday party was a must do. So after all that I’d put today aside for sleeping. I mean I should feel exhausted. Yet. I feel glamorous and goddess like in my beautiful home. I can’t spell fortrace of solitude – I’m wafting around in a floor length gold silk La Perla gown. My hair is fiery red. I’m loving this feeling so much.
    Lana Del Rey “fuqed my way up to the top” on repeat. I’m so up myself
    Didn’t care about the nosey neighbours yesterday during shoot. Actually kind of got off on how scandalous they seem to find me. I know I’m arrogant. It’s where I’m at right now. My Feng Shui is becoming an obsession. I still love this site so much and my PIABs
    Now I need to rest and recharge because I have an extremely busy week ahead. Where is the off switch ?
    Worried my adrenals might be on over drive as a default setting. All this yang can’t be good Going to find balance via yin yoga and dream therapy. Dreams have been epic of late. It’s like I sleep two or three hours and have intense, hardcore wisdom downloads. Period just started. Had no idea I was premenstrual even although it would explain slight LZ lapse / withdrawal symptoms after seeing ML. God that man is addictive. Scary stuff. Glad he’s back in NY. Energy between us is just insane. Pure Venus meet Mars. Straight up chemistry like I’ve never felt before. Shoot was epic. Pictures look great. Keep wondering when it’s all going to come crashing down on me. Probably need to work on feeling I deserve this. Sorry if this fumbled stream of (un) consciousness doesn’t make sense. I am sleep deprived but my body doesn’t feel sleep is necessary apparently. Need to shut the fuq up before someone sections me. Seriously
    How long can this high self esteem bender go on? Is this real?
    I think it just might be.
    God I love this new moon in Leo and Mars is sexy Scorpio. I ADORE Jupiter being on my Venus. I guess feeling like CINDA FUQIN RELLA (aka the feminist ending to Pretty Woman in my head where she turns him down and takes the bus to finish school.) is just par for the course.

    There will certainly be dark days in my future. Today just isn’t one of them. I feel regal …. In a slightly sleazy and sexy LA kind of way. It’s all the gold La Perla and Lana Del Rey. And my awesome RED hair (plastic extensions ) hehehehe

    • Go the red plastic hair – it’s gotta be better than having bismuth off the chart ‘cos of decades of hair dyes! And the Mars into Scorp is fab.

      I have Moon in Scorp and Saturn has been just lancing my moon till she has cried a river. With Mars there.. I am getting my own back.

      • Good for you Sphinx – yes quell relief re the swamp that was the first half of this year being over. The feeling of relief is palpable!
        Moon in Scorp. mmmmmmmm intense! Which house?

      • Sphinx, you know I feel ya with the Saturn over the moon shizz, it was the retrograde that was the killer.
        Mars now almost on top of my moon this week, but the best bit is it is into my 2nd at last!!

        On the topic of bismuth, I have known and known of a few very long term dyed-redheads who have developed brain tumours, is what you mean? I wondered a bit if there might be a correlation.

        • Goodness, I haven’t heard about that bismuth cancer link really, I just had a mineral test via my naturo. and it was through the roof. I didn’t dye my hair for 7 months but then I gave in again.. Maybe I should do henna instead. 😯

  29. Mars just entered my 6th house. Qi vampire adult baby employee (10 years older than me) wants to quit job with me (year long contract) and go back to old internal role a few months early (cause it isn’t what she thought it would be). it’s a mutual not good fit, really. ahhhh!!! relieved. i have wanted to kick her out for a while but my boss wouldn’t let me (maybe thought it would be awkward as her old job is still in same department). so i am thrilled but anxious as she told me at the end of the day last friday after being off ‘sick’ for ages. her work is full of errors (typos – not due to lack of training, and accuracy is critical in our work) and she is always absent. i am feeling anxious though cause i want her to leave asap (neither of us is happy and why continue the charade) and not sure if that will be possible. also angry that i have to listen to her bullshit excuses about why she is doing a crap job. she is sloppy and has even said she doesn’t listen to me (she burst into tears and said she was mad at herself for not listening to me and my tips on how to work carefully and not quickly). but now she’s saying she is making mistakes cause i don’t let her ‘own’ anything. what she doesn’t realise, cause she is an egomaniac who thinks too highly of her abilities, is that the job is completely different to her old one. she wants me to just give her new tasks and let her figure them out hy herself but there is no way she would be able to because it would require knowledge of systems she doesn’t even know how to use. i would never expect that i could just jump into her old job and perform it – i couldn’t! they are totally different roles. i like to show her how to do something once and then she can run with it the next time. she also doesn’t seem to realise there is often a customer receiving her work. i am not going to let her send them crap. i think i can’t win cause if i did things her way she would then complain i was setting her up for failure. she took 1.5 hours to do a 10 minute task cause she didn’t read the background info i had sent her, and both her attempts were incorrect. she is also chronically absent (poor lifestyle – she looks like a bit of a slob – sometimes she wears these old ratty t-shirts and her gut peeks out, and we work in corporate area) and is passive-aggressive. and an extreme overly familiar extrovert and i am an introvert. i think she loves feeling like the smartest person at her old job and rescuing people there / being their go-to person. my boss says she probably just isn’t all that smart too lol. sometimes i just don’t realise that about people at work. i asked him for his thoughts, cause i wanted to see if he agreed with some of her points so i could get some feedback. he made that comment and also that she needs to leave her ego at the door (so he agrees with me and is not fussed about her leaving, which makes me relieved cause i was worried he would think i failed even though he knows what a nightmare it has been for me). i am angry (furious, actually – it is waking me up at night) cause as the boss i can only really say so much about my point of view without getting into HR trouble. so really she gets to be delusional about the whole thing and why it isn’t working when i have worked really hard the whole time to try and help her succeed and be happy. and she is always away ‘sick’ and i am working 12 hour days and not sleeping cause i am stressed. i just want this whole thing to be over. also stressed cause i have to have a meeting tomorrow with these two snooty peeps about this barely formulated concept of theirs. and have a mountain of work to get done. and a school project. and the guy i like who seemed to like me too but wait it turns out he has a girlfriend (found out on the interweb) now appears to be avoiding me. everything is just peachy lol. could be worse though of course. these things will pass… need to plan a little mini break or something.

    • at least she is giving me the
      gift of leaving – i am grateful for that. and we are on pleasant terms – just want it all over with asap so things don’t drag on and get hostile.

    • What a fab omen! New Era, right in your face to start this new moon cycle :)

  30. my moon in leo guy broke up with me 2 days ago. broke my heart – we were on off dily dalying and after spending 2 lovely days together, he sends me a text.
    and now this will sound awful but i also kind of feel sorry for him for losing me? but then i feel more sorry for myself for losing my love. oh god heartache is worse than toothache i just recovered from. gawdamit.
    part of me still hopes he will turn around….i can place my own denial but its still there haaa :(

    • No it isnt! Root canal theray has sent me on unvehicled space flight

  31. I have been just effortlessly assertive in all kinds of strange situations… this is something I had as a little kid and took totally underground for awhile after some hard knocks. But now I know I am both right and powerful and also that no one else is coming along to preserve my boundaries for me. I am the whole thing and it is my job to take good care of it.

    This blast of pure ego is the best thing I could have asked for regarding personal growth. I feel like I cringed my way through the beginning of the year, just completely unconvinced that I was or could ever be worthwhile. I know better intellectually, but I couldn’t feel it… now I’m feeling it. I have Saturn conj Jupiter and Venus conj Pluto in Libra. I think Mars just walked me through a worst-case ego scenario like one of the ghosts in A Christmas Carol. Thanks, Mars, and thanks especially for GTFO.

  32. Even the weather here has been relatively quiet during all the retro action of 2014, but today, right on cue: tornado watch! It begins.