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Boris Vallejo

Hey the Weekly Horoscopes from July 5 are posted and as you might anticipate, they’re full of data re the upcoming Full Moon in Capricorn and our intensely Uranian week ahead. Yes Uranian. As in the Sun + Mars + North Node stimulating a now forward-blasting action planet of Awesome. Think about that Grand Cardinal Cross-Zap Zone of April – that was with Mars Retrograde. Now it’s a similar electric edge but with the voltage cranked up courtesy of Mars Direct. The weird are not just turning pro – they’re getting accolades. Time to get your A-Vibe on and no, you are not imagining it, something is most definitely up. Way up.


Image: Boris Vallejo

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141 thoughts on “Another Planet

  1. Hope this full moon in Cap flushed out the totally crap roof painting people who have taken $2k of our money and aren’t returning calls….

    The really bloody annoying thing about it, is that its the one bloody thing we got moving before the Mercury retrograde, so I can’t even blame it on hubris.

    On a different note, the art is coming along nicely. Does anyone think that calling an exhibition of prints of Rumi Quotes “Ruminations” is tacky ? Mr Triffid fell over laughing, and not in a good way.

    • Here;s your tag line for the prints DT.

      “Runimentary” as in rudimentary “elements or the first principles of a subject” (Oxford Dictionary 1992, 924).

      A-non. x

      • Thankyou ! This is interesting and I will have a think about it. I’ll let you know if I use it. It would be my first exhibition, so appropriate.

        • Sweet DT, yes let me know, please.
          Good luck with the exhibition.

    • Ok. Let’s workshop this. So, why have you chosen to make prints of rumi quotes, and why those particular quotes?

      • I’ve chosen Rumi quotes because I love his work. I have dozens of these that I have made my own “Motivational” posters from in Word, but I’m really enjoying turning them into Lino prints. It slow, but satisfying work. In the time I’ve taken to cut two prints, I could have made a dozen or so drawings of the same thing…. And I’ll be making hand-drawn canvases as well, but need to focus on getting at least 5 prints made, or I’ll lose focus and run around in circles.

        I’ve chosen the quotes initially because they resonated with me, but am working on either choosing shorter quotes or working handwriting into the prints cos its an absolute bitch to cut out words. Shouldn’t have chosen KG Somebody That I Used To Know as a font either πŸ˜€

        • My fave is
          Keep breaking your own heart until it cracks open.

          And of course,
          Be crumbled
          So wild flowers will come up where you are
          You have been stony for so long
          Try something different…surrender

        • Yes but WHY do YOU love his work. What is the point of sharing those specific quotes. Is there a common idea Or sense among those you have selected? Do they resonate for you because they are about healing, or freedom? Or selflessness? or forgiveness? something else? Does the intensive process of making a linocut print relate to how you feel about embodying (maybe) his ideas or is it more that you like the aesthetics of that kind of print. Are there other images or objects that might also connect / relate to those quotes? Your ceramics maybe, have you ever felt somehow as though you resolved something within yourself while in the process of making it? Maybe (like in that quote gemyogi mentioned) a pot that you broke, then repaired, then broke again, then repaired again..then broke finally and coated every shard something that might indicate / mean for you transcendence…if that’s a thing… You don’t have to answer at length if you don’t care to, but it’s interesting to dig around in our hearts / minds and see where we can take it. Please disregard if all of this sounds a bit over the top for you, or if something sparks an idea then that is good too. :)

          • My process is kind of mega intense and recursive so I think this why I mentioned the ideas that I did, but it’s definitely not everyone’s thing. So, grain of salt etc x

          • I think you meant to reply to DT?!
            I don’t think I need to explain further, just sharing my thoughts on Rumi with DT.

          • Hah ! Love the way your mind works πŸ˜€

            I am a student of the Occult (A Seeker) . I love the way that Rumi nails the deep truths with such elegance. The more I learn, the more sense he makes. They resonate with me because he so neatly encapsulates something that I may have taken a decade to learn, and if I had read that line a decade ago, it wouldn’t have touched me at all. We have to be ready. Maybe, finally, I am ready for Rumi.

            I find Lino carving to be deeply meditative. I use an almost identical method to decorate my ceramics, and in my paintings. Recursive patterns and Mehendi style flowers – either carved in, or painted on. Love it. Its the one thing which puts me in Flow (apart from researching new vitamin supplements, but lets not go there – I don’t want to let Inner Virgo out)

            The word and idea of Kintsukuroi is also involved here, not quite sure how. The idea that something is more beautiful for having been broken – which ties in with Gemyogis quotes – there’s a crack in everything, That’s where the light gets in. Although that particular one is Leonard Cohen πŸ˜€

            I appreciate the thought that went into your reply. I hadn’t really thought about it to tell you the truth. I was, still am to a degree, an intensely wordy, intellectual person. One of the hardest things for me is to follow the faint windsong of my creative side. To focus on the visual and the Spiritual… I find it quite hard. So I consciously didn’t think about it – I just let it unfurl. If I feel like doing pots, I do pots (still not happy with the pots, but getting closer). I’m off pots and onto lino prints at the moment. I also use my lino prints to print onto porcelain. I deliberately don’t think about it – I do what I most enjoy at that time, following another Rumi quote:

            ‘Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’

            I find I am circling the same mediums – porcelain, prints, painting – and the same decorative styles – while refining my techniques. Rumi is kind of a thing to hang it off. What Twyla Tharp calls the “Spine” of an idea…

            and honestly, that’s the most I have actually thought about it in almost two years πŸ˜€

            • Hi!
              I can so definitely relate to learning to shift the analytica-word-brain aside for the sensations and non-verbal communication. SO MUCH of my art learning as been about this.

              β€˜Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.’
              yes, learning to trust and not intellectualise at the expense of hearts desire..

              so i guess the point of my little interrogation up there was to see if you could draw out an exhibition( i think?) name that didn’t necessarily refer to Rumi, but that represented something bigger that his words are a part of, for you. Maybe. if that was still a thing.
              Hope the show goes really well :)
              You too GemYogi, if you are reading this, for your innovative shopfront exhibition :)

            • beautiful words, domestic triffid. very inspiring, thank you.

    • I think “Ruminations” is hilarious and awesome, but it sounds like you’re not necessarily going for the laugh here.

      • Thankyou, I’m not adverse to a good laugh, but don’t want it to be too “punny”

    • Yes @ DT, I think it is a little cheesy. Go obvious or oblique, but not ‘cute’ imo.

  2. “The weird not only turning pro…..they’re getting accolades” & “strange sexual synchronicity”! Up periscope.

  3. Up good? Or up bad? I can’t even tell anymore. I went through April relatively unscathed, and thought- great! I am all over this shit! HA! The last month has been emotionally exhausting. I want to get off this thing now.

    Please PLEASE tell me this is the good up.

    • I agree. Merc retro was worse than April ZZ- dunno how l kept my job or sanity. Though all the retros have been not good. Most disappointing was Jup in Kat. But apparently gonna be better in 2nd house for Kat. Still trying to workout alot about the astro. Im tryn to keep lowkep about full Moon in Capastan

  4. Uranian energy is fine but not what I want to hear when I’ve booked an operation to fix my blocked tear duct. It’s a pretty hideous operation.
    But Merc is direct (not completely out of shadow) and so is Mars, so I should fine right? 2 days before a super full moon in Cap on my ascendant? All good right?
    Medical astro fiends? please say yes.

    I guess I’m what Mystic referred to in Daily scopes – “zap zone responsive”
    Tired of all this zappage.

    • I understand it’s not such a good idea to have an operation around the time of the full moon. Sorry x

      • Think I’ll take my chances. At least Chiron is in trine to Saturn now. The next most convenient time is in October when i finish Uni and then Merc, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron are retro!

        • Hey I have a blocked duct as well

          Are they going to take your eyeball out of your socket?

          • Haha…. No! :)
            Its called a Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR).
            Google it.

            Mine was caused by chronic inflammation from an allergy. I didn’t think hay fever was a serious condition but apparently so. In my case any way. Ive also had sinus problems that I’ve ignored. The socialist reccomended that I see an immunologist so it doesn’t happen again or to the other eye 😯

            • people don’t realize how insidious allergies really are. they think it’s just some watery eyes or sneezing. I found out some foods i was allergic too was causing my eyes to be slightly bloodshot looking with mucus in the corners. also causing me dry eye. The eye doctor just shrugs it off as that’s normal for 20 yrs or must run in family or must be urban airborne irritants. here have some restasis. avoid those foods. eyes normal now. I can even wear contact lenses that i was forbidden to wear previously.

              • well, I was the same – watery eyes, sneezing… “oh it’s nothing!”
                Until now.

                And I get dry throat and really itchy skin too. I thought it might be peri-menopause, and it is a symptom but nope, more serious. Gotta sort it out.
                Thank you Saturn!!

                • whoa me too. I had horribly itchy skin that i could not figure out. I just assumed i was an “itchy person”. But yeah i found out I’m pretty much allergic to many fruits and vegetables including lettuce! :( How can anyone be allergic to lettuce? but it happens. I was vegetarian for 15 years with 5 of those being vegan. :( I can’t believe how hard i must have been exposing myself to those allergens.

    • Greetings Scorpbot,
      I wonder if a full moon is perfect, as water is drawn to the surface of the Earth during a full moon (best time to plant) … I would take it as brilliant symbolism ! Best of luck, speedy recovery.

      • Hey Cosmic πŸ˜€ haven’t see you for a while.

        Thanks for the positive take on it.

        • Best of health and healing Scorpbot. I’ve had a bilateral lensectomy so I get your concerns. x

          • Thanks S.
            Anything to do with the eyes or face freaks me out. It’s the post-op care with this particular op that worries me more than the actual op.

            Oh well, it’s gotta be done.

      • And Uranus is the energy of innovation, yes? Should be a great time for sudden healing!

        I don’t know. But I wish you a perfect procedure and rapid recovery!

    • Scorpbot, yes this time is all about our taking calculated, strategic steps to fix what ails us & keeping the flow unblocked– you’re golden, babe! And with so many planets finally moving direct over the course of your recovery, that time ought to be without delays or complications. Big gentle power ups to you! To clear vision, salud :)

      • And to freedom of movement & expression, Salud! πŸ˜€

      • Thanks Scorp Inc. By the time Saturn’s done I’ll be all shiny and new. With new vistas and fresh eyes wand new vistas :)

        And well done on your healing. I know you’ve had a few ails yourself.

      • Thanks Scorp Inc. By the time Saturn’s done I’ll be all shiny and new. With new vistas and clear eyes with which to see them :)

        And well done on your healing. I know you’ve had a few ails yourself.

    • Hey it’s great astrology to fix stuff and take care of things…Mars Direct is the key thing it is moving toward Saturn which is classic ye olde good auspices for surgery.

      • Oh thank you Mystic!!!!

        Have had a really crap week. That is good to hear. One less thing to worry about.


  5. I had to share a breakthrough with my astro biatches:

    I’ve got a venue!! for my art show in July!!! very cheaply! and it’s PERFECT. The real estate agent agreed to let me have it for 1-2 weeks this morning! walked in, and asked him and he said yes JUST LIKE THAT. I didn’t even have to hard sell him…

    More to come…. Soooooooooo excited!

    • You GO !!! Yay you !!

      But please -spill deets – where venue ? How did you find it ?

      • Maybe she entered The Gemini Zen Zone and randomly made the find/ connection.. after that, asking is a mere formality :)

    • So I’ve been passing these 3 empty shops in my neighbourhood for a month or so. Asked my local real estate agent (who sold me my house), he says that belongs to another agent, I think they’re moving there from their office round the corner. Today I go in and ask for Nick the director, introduce myself and say my RE friend tells me you’re moving into these empty shops, when are you planning to move? He says October, what do you have in mind? I say I need a space for a popup art show for a week or so. He says the last rent paid was $1200 a week! So I say we’re low paid artists but I could offer you $600 up front. I can pay a bond and we’ll leave it as we found it. He says don’t worry I trust you, just let my property manager know when you want it!! So this is 3 shop fronts on a prime shopping strip for less than an artist run gallery would charge, and more than double the space!! So I can be the curator and have a group show with my friends!! So happy!

    • Just got so awesomely weird!

      I woke this morning to a phantom text, then lined up a double espresso and went nuts cleaning my house from outside in.

      Yeah, I started on the outside.

      My fuqing a-hole property developing new neighbours stole my serenity four months ago when they decided to do a Block style reno, with no clue how shit gets built.

      I haven’t been able to open the north facing side of the house at all, and with winter its chilly without the sun shining in.

      Fuq that, I reclaimed my home today and I’m rollin nude in my own pad and fuq them if they catch an eye full.

      The prick reckons he’s too broke to rebuild the fence; well he better get busy with the credit card because I live here too.

      I cleaned the fridge as well, and the garage, and my workshop-studio, then lit a 12 hr candle to burn of qi-vamp contamination vibes.

      I waited, did some writing and sent out a couple of missives.

      By five this evening I’d been welcomed aboard a publishing team as a major editorial contributor.

      I’m now rubbing shoulders with a successful author/university lecturer/publisher editor-in-chief, and another lady who worked for Vogue for nine years!

      I got the brief and I’m on the pay roll.

      Just when I was about to pull-up-stumps and jump the fence: hey, presto!

      Next-up, some romance, please :)


  6. Weird in a good way I hope ?

    I’m getting All pro at work people are wiggin out because they’re system use is crap and tho taurean beauty/co worker is diggin her heels in defending her obvious faults as ‘too busy’ making money to do the admin
    Poor me has to try and take over her section

    Waa waa blah blah

    Stay cool calm serene and vibe aquarian is my general game plan

  7. So last night we cracked a 1999 magnum of vino to share with a friend who has had a death in the family and needed some hangout time and it was Weird alright, we were all a bit loony and I woke up feeling wiped out, so I spent a long time on the couch in front if telly and when I finally did go to work I basically did all of my days stuff in an hour, total time warp!

  8. Surprise: my roots are carrot orange. Carrots are roots, but I was going more for beets. Beets are a tuber? I think so. I must have been in the wrong section of produce.

  9. Hey guys – i have another content thief out there.

    This person has taken the MM image that i commissioned off Olaf Hajek and is using it on her/his site – it’s copyright to me obviously.

    I am blocked from posting on their wall but please could you go and comment or post if you have a chance, i would appreciate it – thank you

    • That’s a weird looking page. I am no expert obviously, but it looks like some kind of spam trawl bot thing has seen green grass growing on your page and rumbled over to harvest what it can. Nom nom nom numbers

      I noticed the earlier posts on its page re slimy plagiarism from MM blog have been deleted.

      Astrology “horscope” O I see yes so attentive, astro-Grub

    • You can report their page to facebook with the option of advising that they’re using your intellectual property.

    • I reported it as a duplicate of another page. Don’t think that English is their first languagep Scumbags!!!!!

      • Sorry- typing on the iPhone- they are scummy to cop your picture. They will reap their just desserts.

  10. Well the ZZ for me was pretty bad. So I can’t think what’s going to happen. It’s started off weird by my new helpful best friend who is so lovely n been pursuing me for 4 months found a mate two
    Nights ago n has fallen for them just as I realised i was finally falling in love. Shrug.

  11. Hmmm… trying to figure this out. Yes, things are weird and I know there is something brewing I just can’t trust the positive feeling I have about the under toe of change. Not sure if it’s a strong desire or hope or if things are really changing the way I want.

    Work: I feel so energized about it. I honestly feel like I am going to be ok and yes my work environment will change to provide me a lot of diversity that will give me a lot of growth. woo hoo!!

    Self-Esteem: Still evaluating that! (sigh)… So afraid of people! It’s crazy when there are so many that want to be my friend! The utter negativity I have about myself created from my upbringing is hard to break! . Baby steps…

    Romance: I have nothing to update. Still a mystery as to why the Pisces dude reconnected with me. Stay tuned. This could be a great short film


    • Darn , vs . for my email address that brings out my real picture.

  12. Love found and lost
    Hurricane forces sweeping through
    Abrupt endings
    Mustering good will
    Breaking open open gently open
    Standing at the shore
    Waving goodbye to a life that never was
    Will never be

  13. I am very preoccupied with the need to get a very drastic haircut. What is “drastic haircut” astro? Is this it?

      • Oh hey, you’re right. Uranus transiting natal first house Aries opposite transiting Mars about to bump into my natal Libra/8th house Venus. I think my Lilith is right around there too. Sounds like a call to liberate myself. Fortunately I’ve got a good face for that sort of thing.

    • I just had a rather drastic haircut, I went an unusually long time between cuts (6 weeks) so it was rather long and then I went rather short. But as a Leo Ascendant, I always have good hair days.

      But if I wanted to make a drastic change, I would wait a couple of weeks until Jupiter enters Leo. You might even want to wait 3 weeks until the Sun is in Leo. Think big hair.

      OMG I just noticed, there’s a stellium in Leo starting about Aug 12. Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury all in Leo. And my next haircut is scheduled for Aug 14th.

      • So when would be an auspicious date for my art show opening? I’m thinking Friday aug 1 might be good?!

        • My hair is always fabulous. And it just keeps getting more fabulous.

          Art exhibit in August? When I lived in LA, art galleries were closed for the entire month of August. And openings were on Thursday nights. But this might just be a local tradition.

          To check out mundane aspects for an event, I like to consult You can look down the left column of upcoming aspects and click on them to see the chart of that time. The Leo stellium means there are interesting aspects throughout August, including a Mercury conjunct Jupiter on Aug 2 and a Venus conjunct Jupiter on Aug 18. But I don’t really know much about interpreting aspects to pick an auspicious moment. Mystic’s scheduler is probably more useful.

          • Thanks Charles. In Melb we have a big art fair from 13-17 August. A lot of openings are on Wednesdays or Thursdays too. But I thought 1 August sounds better than 31 July!

            • Checked Scheduler, Friday 1 August is mercury into Leo, so that sounds good too! The opening will be at 6pm so there’s a good chance Merc will have shifted by then.

              Everyone will have fabulous conversations! and hair!! πŸ˜‰

              • I was thinking, you could either get some hot Mercury aspects and communicate, or else some hot Venus aspects and make money.

                Then I got to thinking, the show will run for a while. And then I thought about a recent discovery I made, the Smithsonian Institution scanned and posted online Walter Pach’s handwritten sales ledger book from the legendary Armory Show of 1913. The show starts with lots of people making claims to works, and over the next weeks he records the sales. Some people came back over and over and bought more stuff.

                So I suppose you can think of it as a launch event, with potential for lots of smaller “launches” when works meet a buyer. So let’s hope that Venus guides your show during the upcoming Leo stellium.

                • Thanks Charles. I’m planning to keep it open for only 4 days, and I do see it as the launch of my curating career and possibly the seed of my art dealer business. That’s what I’d like to do long term. This has been brewing for a long time, and now I’ve finally got a space to launch it from. Maybe will do more popups in future as I don’t want to be renting permanent gallery space! This will be great on my CV for getting grants etc.

                  • Just yesterday, I was eyeing an empty storefront next to the local art supplies store and was considering doing a popup gallery.

  14. Last night, I had a Neptunian dream. It felt significant. I’m curious as to what others here think it might mean.

    There was an Indian family. An older woman, maybe in her 50s and wrinkled, a man, 2 young girls. They were out in the middle of the night. I was not one of them, I was watching them and wondering what they were doing so late at night. I looked at them and knew their story. The woman had gotten pregnant. She was too old for it to be safe for her to have a baby, so she had hidden it. Stayed in the house, told no one, not seen any doctors. She decided to basically let the baby die quietly (which was apparently inevitable).

    I saw the older girl holding a body wrapped in cloths. The body of a young boy (older than a baby). The whole family were going to bury the body where no one would find it. That’s all I remember.

    Things of interest: I am not Indian, I don’t want kids but I’m 26 so not too old to have them. Lately I’ve been getting nostalgic for the past and old friends, going to school for a new career. I just finished reading The Four Agreements and was moved by it.

    I’m curious as to what the dead baby means. I think it was about me even though I was ‘watching’ it (I frequently have dreams like this, like I’m watching a movie).

      • That could be true. I’ve always been interested in Eastern religion, philosophy and culture, so I must have had past lives there.

    • A dead baby in a dream usually is the death of some master plan you thought you might have achieved at some point in the past. Sometimes people’s plans change or you outgrew a goal. That’s how i would interpret a dead baby in a dream. A part of you in the past is no longer in sync with the you now.

      • I think you’re probably right. I’ve changed a lot in the last 5 or so years, and moved a lot too. I’ve had to let some things go. I’ll think more about what it could be.

  15. Chapter 4: The Hookup So, the Pisces dude sends me a txt at like 10:30 am asking me if I was around this w/e. I like “yup”.. He says “do you want to hookup”… (to myself..LMAO! Really??)… So, I respond back with “define hookup?”.. He says beach boat.. what were you thinking?”… I said “Good Answer”… that is what I was hoping for”. I haven’t heard from him since. So I sent him a txt asking him if he changed his mind? No response… LOL!! He’s suppose to be talking to my Dad next week to help my Dad with something the Pisces dude noticed while driving by the house. It completely baffles me.. are men really that heartless?

    I will say it is extremely painful to let this go. I am so use to giving myself up for a guy, never setting boundaries and walking away with learning something beautiful and new about myself but ending up alone. I have been spending most of my day asking myself; Self?… why does it bother you so much to say “no”.. to possibly getting hurt. ahhh… it’s painful. But this is really good for me. Let’s see how the next couple of days go.

    Isn’t it a mystery! LOL!!

    • I have to jump in here Ellie. Grow up. ‘Hooking up’ for ppl over 25 is just embarrassing. If a guy txted that to me I would delete and ignore. You’re acting like a LZ.

      You can analyse and wonder about what he means by this or that as much as you want, but it sounds like it would be a big waste of your time.

      • Nahh… I think you are wrong. You have to give it a chance and I am looking at this as a good learning experience. That is why I asked about “Hookup”.. and he explained what he meant.. but he probably freaked when I said I like it. It’s just showing his true colors. I will never get into a good decent relationship until I fall on my face. And that is what is happening right now. He’s just a lesson for me. I need to heal my behavior as I was brought up.

        Being a LZ is a good learning tool!

        • Being a LZ is a lifestyle choice here.

          You don’t need to give it a chance or pretend it is a ‘a good learning experience’ (it isn’t in your case, as you are fully aware that it is a failure scenario).

          If you enjoy indulging in this behaviour that’s one thing, but treating people as ‘lessons’ is actually really dehumanising of them. And yourself.

          • we already know he’s unreliable and disrespectful, at the very least. i don’t get what else there is to “learn”. do you still need to learn that that’s not a good basis for a relationship?

            I think you’re stuck repeating the same courses Ellie. Get with the peer-assisted study program and fast-track your ass outta there!

            • Yes… I am still walking through the fire of what is a decent relationship. If you have ever been in the martial arts… they don’t just bring you to next level… you have to be challenged to be ready for the next level… that is how I am looking at this. I am being challenged for the next level!!

            • Calypso…disrespectful seems to be a sign of insecurity.. a little boy who wants his sand box. He needs to grow up too! ..

              • Yes, he obviously does. But the point is, that’s not your problem!!!

                From everything you’ve been saying here, it sounds like you are addicted to drama. I’m sorry to be so blunt but you seem to want feedback.

                You say you won’t look at anyone as a waste of your time, that it’s too negative. You are letting yourself in for a lifetime of Qi-vampires feeding upon you if you maintain that stance. You will be sucked dry.

                You say everything is a learning experience- and you are correct. If you look at this situation with clarity, you will see that your learning here is to stand in your own power and cut the cords that don’t serve you!

                It’s not negative- in fact, it’s the kindest thing you can do not only for yourself, but for everyone else involved.

          • Yup.. the Pisces dude has freaked.. for some reason thought I would be a bimbo for a night. Nope!! Kudos to Virgo Ellie for standing her ground. Although I wanted it… I said “no”… he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me!! Fine… but the Pisces dude has to help my Dad!!…Let’s see what happens!!


          • Yeah…I don’t think it’s dehumanizing at all. Dehumanizing is when someone doesn’t care about another human life and kills them without any recourse. This scenarios involves 2 individuals who are trying to communicate after being trapped in a box for several years. It is very hard for anyone to go from living in a cave to working on wall street in one year! It doesn’t just happen. It takes years of learning (ie. good and bad experiences).

            Everyone in our lives is a learning experience. I will not look at someone as a waste of my time. I won’t do it! It is too negative.


            • “Everyone in our lives is a learning experience”. How convenient for you.
              That’s bad as sleeping with a girl then dumping them when you know they like you.

              You treat him like a toy, while you pretend you are learning.
              The relationship is uneven as you have more knowledge. You just choose not to use it. That’s abusive to an extent.

      • And Gem… Yes.. I need to grow up. This is how we do it though!! It doesn’t come easy!! So, you are right about that!!

  16. Internet Merc retro brought lovely people into my life-but in the end- Uranus broke us up. Big provider offered fancier service, which didn’t work. Couldn’t get a tech out for a week- then told me I can’t go back to DSL cuz our area us under ” forced migration. Probably spent six hours over two days on the phone. Did tons of ironing too.

    Flashpoint- being lied to and told we could not go back! And the cable option will be much faster. Done!

    Stayed haute and polite. Got service reps to advocate for me. Nice nice peeps but company forcing me to more costly option? Hah!!

    Every convo revealed more- finally last guy said a tech could come today- instead of in a week. But I stuck to my plan- which was cancel the service. So hard for a Libra!!!!

  17. Anyone good with dream interpretation? I Googled the most recent dream that has me wondering what I am being told but it was on both ends of the stick of being good and bad.

    I dreamt that blood drops were appearing on the ceiling of a room I was in. Not sure where it was. I could say it was the house I grew up in. It turned out it was raining blood outside. I had a couple of drops on my hand so I could see the red.

  18. Had my AAA vibe on this last weekend as the most bossiest Stage Manager ever but in a firm but fair way. It worked though and we got through 42 songs in 3 hours with 60 performers with a full house plus 4 blown microphones. and only 3 backstage crew and no assistans. It was friggn awesome and was praised lots at after party which is quite lovely for this Leo gal.. mmmm feeling fine today.