Venus-Saturn Relationship Reality Checkpoints

Henry Lizard Lover

See your Scopes for more details on this but if you’re in “seriously w.t.f” mode about relationships/no relationships, whatever – look no further than our favorite karmic taskmaster, Saturn. Yes the Time God is in opposition to a dignified Venus. Venus in Taurus is sensual and gracious, horny even.

Saturn in Scorpio is a Muck-Raker. Just witness the non-stop parade of slimy abusive types through the tabloids and courts since Saturn got into Scorpio in late 2012.Β  Rock spiders is derogatory to spiders – these people are beneath our contempt but it is satisfying to see justice being served.

Anyway, Saturn opposite Venus is not the most cosy of aspects but it is rad for clarity. Fragile relationships show the cracks – significant decisions are made or discussed. Likewise, nebulous situations firm up somewhat. Saturn is the ultimate in ‘shit or get off the pot” transits.

And yes, this can also apply to relationships with collaborators, biz partners, close friends, exes, a health carer, agentΒ  –Β  your MUSE even.Β  Warning: trying to dodge the obvious when Saturn is at work is not a functional policy. Besides, it will be good to know what’s what so we can get on with the full on Mars blast so strong for the rest of June.

Roy Lichtenstein

Top Image: Henry Lizard Lover
Bottom Image: Roy Lichtenstein

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207 thoughts on “Venus-Saturn Relationship Reality Checkpoints

  1. Funny… I have been feeling some sexual chemistry this week and I have no one in contact with me. I don’t want to miss anyone now that I have this energy.. but “sigh”… it would be great to have some great physical fun!

    Crossing my fingers..


  2. Ahahaha! I haven’t even read what you wrote, Mystic: the top pic was enough lol

    Ok, I read now.

    • The spiders thank you for keeping it real. Respect.

      As for me, no human relationship Venusian Voodoo in my world. Trans Venus is opposite trans Saturn + my natal Sun-Venus in Scorp/8th house. Those relationships I have are steady & as they always are; also, nothing new/resurrected has flown in the window. But I am in a holding pattern until the last week of June. I know I am. So, practicing gratitude for my (relationship) drama-free life & watching a lot of great films in the interim– just got Netflix, free trial month πŸ˜€

      Wonderful movie that I saw the other day & must recommend: Electrick Children (2012). It’s all about synchronicity & knowing & divine intervention & signs & … Beauty, really. Make it Love/make it real, Venus/Saturn, totally.

      • oh films are SO GREAT for fab, satisfying distractions… arrange in any theme you want…. i went through a rom-com phase, god forbid, when starved of proper romance, gosh it did the job. brain could experience what it wanted.

        enjoy enjoy :)

        currently watching the sort of but not really 1993 trilogy, Three Colours: red / white /blue. french, stars a dewy Julie Delpy in White … juliette binoche as .. oh well you can watch :) x

          • Right– thanks for the reminder, Pi! I’ve been meaning to see those. Start with Blue, I’m on it. πŸ˜‰

            And YES to the power of guided imagery & watching good film! Here’s a rec for you, if you haven’t yet: “In a World…” (2013) A touch of rom (but not gratuitous puke), mostly Saturn Lilith quirk righteousness 10th house themes. Creative & fun & serious. 5 stars πŸ˜€

        • Oh I love those, at least Blue and Red- haven’t seen White yet. Yes to Blue first, then Red.

          • And not much of a rom-com fan, mostly because they usually suck, but when I’m in the mood, nothing beats the 1995/6? BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth as the ultimate Mr. Darcy and the enchanting Jennifer Ehle.

            • Colin Firth got his website or online status organised by an Aussie female fan, think she is from Bris Vegas.

      • Electrick Children looks wonderful, I am going to watch it this weekend! Thank you for mentioning it, Mystic’s readers always mention the coolest books and films.

        • Yeah, Rache: you’ll love it, do watch soon! Something else it’s very much about: Mystery. Sweet, sweet mystery…

          • ooh is this the film with rory culkin?
            really wanted to watch this youve reminded me about it and ive now got my nights plan :)

  3. while the first (majority) part of saturn transits are the “ugh dregs drudgery pls no more crap gahh” part, where things start not to work and we are coming to terms with dysfunction, then after the Saturn Singularity (or Prolonged Saturn Clusterfuq maybe ha) the latter say 30% is “rip the bandaid off” application of brute wisdom earned out of the specifics of your initial saturn transit. Because the pain of shizz not working properly is stronger than the pain of just dealing with it right the and there.

    Venus through my 11th house Toro though, makes sense why such divine, creative, REAL, humans are in my orbit at the moment. I just want to hand out gold trophies to these brilliant people for making my life better by simply existing.

    • You should totally do that: Hand out trophies. Artsy notecard with a simple, handwritten, “Thanks for being in my life x” would be a great way to work Venus for real :)

      • i do do that. thank you for the reminder… these are new people for me but their energy is so fun and open and engaged with the world, but sensitive too, hmm. will make effort with them to strengthen the connection if all parties are on board :) XPI

        • Ah, of course you do: I should’ve guessed that πŸ˜‰ Ramble on, Pi (like the Zeppelin ditty) x

        • Ahh lovely, lovely! Yes do try to do that Pi. I bet these people would love to hear that. So often we (well, I anyway!) censor ourselves out of fear of how compliments will be received. So maybe they don’t get to hear that often enough? Anyway that’s some of my Moon in Virgo self-inhibiting stuff that’s been coming up w an exact square to this full moon-sun axis. Mongey, sleepy, deny-ey emo energy. Tried to meditate my way through it but just kept falling asleep/out of focus. Ah well. Tomorrow’s another day! Hopefully a bit more confident & zesty/up+at em. Weird full moon…

            • Thank you GemYogi. Someone caught me on chat late last night so a long conversation about metaphysics. I couldn’t sleep anyway! So 5 hours sleep. But the sun is shiningaand I’m gonna dredge this mars-pluto vibe that had me going earlier this week for some renewed energy and focus. Enjoy your weekend!

      • Gratitude letters. Love them. Ppl often wait until someone’s dead without saying we love them, or thank them for friendship/love/support/inspiration. Do it now!

        Thanks lovely astro biatches for the friendship/love/support/inspiration! Xxxxxx

        • My Fearless, Tres Sportive Martian Aqua gal pal taught me by example. Totally free and generous with her praise/feedback and appreciation. Too late when we’re dead. Yes :) xx
          scorp Inc, I had forgotten the habit as my friends who I am familiar enough with to share more personal comments like that, well these circles have been shifting so has been a lull in the

  4. For me its the Lichtenstein

    The juxtaposition of the proto-natural with the harshly-squared-off-cyclops

    the iguanas just made me laugh

  5. This could not be more appropriate. Had very confrontational tres appropriate conversation yesterday night with Ex. I felt great because I have this kind of info as a giant back up and this FM is at the end of my 6th near 7th on my dec venus etc.

    To my amazement he is actually listening. Even weirder wants to hire me for a job.

    But the most awesome thing is quitting my job and re defining boundaries of self. I have had the most awesome local support from this venture from near strangers and I could not feel luckier. All my work is working and even if its not the money I get to survive and thrive emotionally is such a good feeling. Here is to us getting our game on. Saturn forever.

    • That’s FAB, Ms, and just what our scopes have described! Also, it’s what my Tarot spreads have described, so I guess I have been channeling you when I read? So I may as well give you the entire jist– spoiler alert: Love & Money sustenance & success are yours, babe! This is it. Enjoy :)

      • Thanks doll, :) what a lovely message. Best to your scorpy self as well.

  6. In negotiations with a Taurus but I’m going on vacation for a week so nothing can be implemented until after I get back. So we are in this weird void where there is lots of feeling but no action or even confirmation. Both trying not to lz about it because what if we meet up in 3d and the chemistry isn’t there? Anyway, last night we both agreed we’d be happy to be friends anyway.

    I feel like Saturn in the situation. The older woman. I didn’t realize how wise I’d gotten until I listened to him talk about chicks in their 20s. I remember then. I was like that once. I really feel my age and glad for it because I’m at peace.

    • I read about chicks in their 20’s written by men and I wonder who the hell are these people? And that was back when I was actually in my 20’s. I think my 40’s I’ve come to the sudden realization that my body has finally matched my mind. Sort of an ugly thing. But a part of me is always like 15 y.o. blowing up school toilets with fireworks and crap like that. :)

  7. The planets have to trod their path thru the galaxy regardless of our natal chart or destiny. Sometimes I wonder how at the mercy of the energy being imprinted by these huge forces we truly are? Some transits I can’t relate to or maybe I just need a better astrologer than myself to explain it to me! Was pretty nervous when Pluto in Cap was opposing my natal Venus.. but passed over without a whimper?

    • Glad the Pluto transit passed without chaos for you, Sphinx. Totes agree there is a larger plan, and I love the thought of vast celestial bodies in their transits across the sky, and we each the tinier universes acting out our little plays. What is that Shakespearean quote?

      After recent events where my dog was run over while Pluto exact on my natal Pluto in 4th, I went and looked back at the day my dad passed, and Pluto was in exact opposition to my sun Venus in 7th, and a couple of degrees off my moon. Also just realised after you mentioned it, Pluto opposing my 10th, where scary financial changes have been occurring, but I have certainly been more true to my heart.

      I feel kind of accepting of Plutonic changes these days, as I used to identify with Persephone very much as a young girl.
      Comfortable in the dark, I know it well.
      Currently very Uranian! With strong undertones of haute Neptune.

      As Saturn will be in my 3rd next year, am thinking of applying to study again. Doing some serious writing, cos it would be a doctorate if I do.

      You mentioned going back to study too? The jupiterian influence expanding your sun, I hope more people get to know your kind wisdom. Actually you come across very well in words, would you write a book or a journal?

      • Likewise, Veronica! Def a child of Persephone myself, as she’s conjunct my Virgo DC, & Pluto conjunct my Moon. Have known nothing else. And yes to the extreme vibes these daye of Uranus (trans my 1st) and Neptune (trans my AC-Jupiter)!

        And I too am seriously considering a return to uni– I can’t believe I just said that out loud. Yes. But not to expand my grad work to a doctorate: going back for a bachelor’s in something different! Keeping it hush hush irl for now until I have the details better worked out; there’s info coming at the end of June that I need before I can come to a solid conclusion. But if I decide to do this, everyone will think I’ve lost my nut, and maybe I have. Wouldn’t be the first time πŸ˜›

        Kia kaha! x

        • (Once Saturn gets into late degrees of Scorp, I’ll be hosting him in my 9th house, where also resides my NN-Neptune in Sagg.)

        • Scorp inc. I meant to say to you, I was considering what I know of your experiences (from this blog) and it seems as if this lifetime you have danced so close to death/extreme situations eg tornado, operations, giving birth, quite often…

          As if your spirit is regularly testing out the limits of earthly existence. That Scorp tiger thing :)

      • Ha, Saturn is moving into my 5th – thx for mentioning this – it’s exciting to realise this may be the time to get involved in study again. It’s interesting as it’s appropriate thematically to the studies I will undertake. Jupiter on my Sun will be good I think for pushing that theme while Saturn streamlines concurrently. Then I have trans. Pluto moving from opposing my Venus to my Mercury, which is powerful upheaval of perceptions & communications I imagine! The gem Asc means I have a lot of i.d. caught up in that reforming of my communication persona.
        And separate to my studies I do channeling and I might start a blog around that but it won’t be too involved.

        Dr. V – I like it!! Wishing you all the best with yr studies. Thank you for your lovely advice. I have always known I have books inside me waiting to come out! I can’t wait to read them. :-) But I have much work to do cultivating my crystal kids who require the bulk of my consciousness & physicality atm. How are your dreams these days? Yes Lady Persephone is so you! I didn’t appreciate her soft power till adulthood, but I can totally see you harmonising with her frequency! She is a heavy hitter in the most surprising way.
        Think I am looking fwd to Neptune hitting my Jup then MC in years ahead, I reckon that may be my time in the sun. πŸ˜‰ . More power to us V!

        • Have you ever read any Sanaya Roman – the Orin series? She channels Orin. I found ‘living with Joy’ in a book exchange in Ubud one day (all the other books were mills and boon) and it was a real game changer for me. And I went on to read most of the others in that series.

      • awesome going for your doctorate! i envy you! I would go back to school myself but alas the student borrowing system needs to fixed before i would even attempt a doctorate,

  8. Somehow after all the pain and chaos and years of Plutonic love zombie delusion, fear of growing up, and lost year of pharmaceutical space dust and scotch I’ve become Saturn Girl. “The life of a hedonist is the best preparation for becoming a mystic.” — Herman Hesse, Demian. Although I was rarely hedonistic and mostly just trying to navigate a brutal anxiety disorder while finding my place in the world.

    “Fun” things don’t seem fun to me anymore. All I do is work, yoga, study. I crave something more… I just want my health, creativity, and autonomy. That’s all. No distractions. I’m not ready for love.

    • I strongly relate to all of this. I’m a Sag Sun/Neptune with a Pisces rising, Gemini moon (tightly opposing Neptune) and Saturn conjunct Jupiter in my Libran 7th house. I can wash up and check out with the best of them. But I’m getting older and better and so in honor of my full moon I cleaned the shit out of my entire house. Washed the dog, too. It felt stupendous.

      Then I made a list of all my pragmatic needs and asked Jupiter to knock them out of the park for me and then some. My major lessons/themes lately have been along the lines of reality trumping anything I could dream up on my own, so I’m trying to work with that vibe.

    • Yep. I relate to the “what used to be fun is not fun anymore” statement. Work, study, gym for me. I also think I’ve lost my sense of humour which is a sure sign of Saturn influencing one. I’m looking at trying to find a way to live on my own without another housemate as I sense this is the next bastion of “growing up” that I’m yet to conquer. I’m also going through a phase of not liking men. It’s been growing in my awareness for awhile that I find them really deeply disappointing. I’m sure it’s some psychological development stage I missed out on when I was like 10 or whatever … but yeah. I really don’t like their energy at all right now and don’t want them around me. And the more they like me and give me goobly eye male attention the more I feel like I want to vomit. Or punch them in the face. Lilith?

      • all the best mid-century European directors made films about women’s disappointment with men. You should go on an art film bender πŸ˜‰

      • You know me. I almost always suggest “punch in the face” as an option. :)

    • I can relate! Two weeks into giving up the booze and I finally get it. I am sleeping better, my skin (despite the dermatitis breakout) is certainly clearer, I feel more in control and I’m sure my mental/emotional clarity is sharper. I’m focused on my finances, buying a house and turning my career into what I want it to be. I’m doing my Pluto / Uranus conj Virgo 1st / Mars in 2nd – if you have to work on something, you may as well transform its DNA. Mars direct has been exhilarating in that respect.
      I have no interest in investing in love… I’m about building my emotional capital, not giving it away in some romantic Ponzi scheme. I’m applying Saturnine cost-benefit analyses to all my foundations (Saturn transiting my 4th). Great love is going to have to find me as I go about living and breathing Operation Awesome.

      • Good for you, Chrysalis! I love “if you have to work on something, you may as well transform its DNA”…hell yeah. Reminds me of another quote I’ve always loved and applied mostly to writing and being blocked : “I merely took the energy is takes to pout and wrote some blues.” — Duke Ellington

        I too am off of booze completely. Even just casual drinks with friends once a week knock me out the next day, make my skin dry, make my mind dull. And make me feel so shitty that I crave more to not feel shitty! It gives me nothing and takes so much. But this time I’ve been doing it differently…no AA or recovery cult stuff like before (it works for many and I believe in most of the principles, just feel drained from the people and the dogma). Doing it for my health and because I love feeling vibrant and have so many goals I want to accomplish and because I’ve truly realized that it is a parasite on my existence. Clear goals, consistent therapy and a very low dose of an antidepressant are doing wonders.

        I wish you the best of luck in your world domination. πŸ˜€

        • I totally agree with all the above comments. I’ve been sitting here alone watching the sky for 5 hours wondering what is up with me. At one point I almost thought I was suicidal. Don’t worry I’m NOT. It’s just that I’m aware in an inescapable way that “fun stuff and short cuts” make me really really sad.
          Things I used to feel smug about just seem creepy and icky beyond belief. I’m really trying not to sound Pollyanna-ish or like a reformed smoker type vibe. I don’t want to swing to the other extreme. I’ve been bargaining unconsciously for weeks and trying to avoid this feeling but I just do not feel I have a choice any more. I need to jump off this metaphorical cliff and fly/ trust / let go/ believe / back my creative vision, honour it, commit to it and work my fuqin ass off. No matter what.
          Yes. I COULD so easily slip backwards right now. I’m in a vulnerable and slippery place and I don’t really know the way forward.
          I AM scared. But if I slip now and go backwards I have this feeling that I will get really depressed and top myself. I was listening to Lana Del Rey’s new albulm and then played her old stuff and could feel myself slipping back into that soggy South Node. “The Other Woman” tragic shit. Eventually I just deleted a few people from my social networks – copy cats and outright back stabbing plagurists and just sad lost souls with no originality of their own who pretend to be my friends but really just use me and abuse my staunch loyalty and generosity. I realised I was just repeating old family of origin patterns by being associated with these women and expecting reciprocity was literally insane. It’s just my way of hiding behind dysfunctional mummy’s apron because I’m scared of being rejected and standing up for myself. So
          I’m done with the easy and the famiar.
          Fuq the comfort zone. This will be hard I know that but staying stuck is not an attractive option.
          I want to be Saturn’s GIRLBOSS
          I don’t know exactly where I’m going but I know I have to go.
          Sorry if this sounds like a bad country and western song. Blame the full moon

          • Definitely feeling you on this one invicta. Quaking at the ridic levels of change, I try to worm out of it but unless I want to condemn myself to a life of more of the same, ….. Well we all know what has to happen. Being brave. Really stopping to feel how good the results of positive action and change will be. Letting our bodies experience the chemistry of joy assoc with it.
            To the victor (victa) go the spoils!

            • yo Pi
              Tell me about it dude.
              Quaking at the didic levels of change.
              Hate that I’m still verboten crushing on Scorpio ML. Periodically angry with myself, then acknowledging that at least I am aware and not projecting as I did with the previous verboten crush. If that one was level 12 then this is like 6 in terms of motivational obsession, as in wanting to be more awesome so he’ll like me like me like me ugh and it’s only a 3 in terms of pain and a 2 in terms of being self destructive since he’s vanilla and not into anything weird and married with 5 kids so there is no leading me on or me being hopeful of us being a thing. I’m trying to see the progress I’ve made and not beat up on myself. Just throwing myself into my web work. The hours on chair are killing tho but hey hey. Forwards is the only way xxxx

              • am still actively avoiding Frenchie tho. He has the money to buy his ticket. His passport has arrived. He wants to come. Why won’t I Skype with him???? grrrrrr

                • Been talking to Frenchie, still on Facebook. He would have to borrow money to buy his ticket and he is behind on paying his son’s school fees. I’m so not taking that on.
                  I said under no circumstances should you borrow money for a plane ticket.
                  Parenting comes first.
                  Then I began making a list of exactly the qualities I want and don’t want in a man.
                  I spent an hour on that list. As I walked through charring cross station I saw the man I’d described in my list EVERYWHERE. I even saw him on the train in my same carriage. I’m defining everything about him, how he looks, his age, how he treats me, he’s marital, financial, emotional, fitness situation. Absolutely everything. I’m going to be crazy specific. Fuq settling

  9. omg.. f-ing spot on, this morning i wake up and i demanded from myself that i ask HIM (mysterious scorpio man that spends all his waking hours with me, but then doesnt kiss me or sleep w me) WHATS UP? Is he using me for my house and food? Or are complex emotions running his mind?

    I just want to sleep with him and hold him tight… I’ll ask him soon… because I am going completely Love Zombie :( and it sucks.

    (Oh and he’s leaving for the other side of the country in a month……. so… WHY NO KISSES? we have only so much time…)

      • actually…. worse.. he’s a crackhead and smack user… he has no libido. we talked.. he likes me, i like him.. but no sex drive from his part.

        • Drugs are his first love then eh? Scorps are very loyal to their first loves …

        • He is in a full time LTR with his addictions and you will always be the other woman. Remember that.

          • and will likely also conduct his relationships in a dependent manner – exhibit A: use of your home and resources.

            darling, learn what you can from this and look after yourself x

        • the only way you will ever have a relationship with him is to become a junkie yourself. period. i have done exactly that and do not recommend it.

          • thankyou all for saying what I know deep down. He is leaving in a month… being the best of “friends” til then… still in the hope of stealing a kiss..atleast when he leaves… damn thats so Love Zombie ish… dear lord..

            I am learning a lot about myself thoughout this, how I react, how i try to please, etc.

            Much Love xxxxxx

            • Dear WLFJ
              My heart literally hurt reading that. I’m sorry you are experiencing that pain and I really do know how it feels. My first cohabiting long time boyfriend was into smack and I f*cking adored him and he loved me but in the end I left because I got tired of being all that stood between him and heroin. 4 year relationship. The next guy I loved and lived with was fine when we met. He was a waiter and I was a waitress. Then the fashion industry scooped me up and suddenly I was making mega bucks and he just couldn’t cope. I was 17 and he was 34. He started stealing my money and smoking crack, secretly of course. I tried to help, setting him up as a photographer, buying all the equipment and bringing him the top models, my new friends and colleagues ..he was half Brazillian and a dead ringer for Jonny Depp and ridiculously sexy so he began shagging them, sometimes two at a time. I remember smashing my fists through glass windows out of frustration and anger and “love” for that man. I turned down so many awesome modelling contracts because he said “if you go, we are done.” I was too young and stupid to know that , or to even want better. I love like- I don’t know, ridiculous passion. I don’t even think it s love. I think it’s arrested development childhood shitz. I’m referring to my issues not yours now but just want to say that I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. And fuq does it hurt. The oracle just told me again for the third time in 4 days that I need to stop fixing on people who are not available to me romantically. I’m now 41 and currently crushing so hard on some married Scorpio who lives in NY. I live in London. It is insane behaviour. I am ignoring sane, single men and in pain over unavailable ones. I seriously need help. It’s not as bad as when I was 16 or 17 but the root is still there. I do NC and keep promising myself I’ll start psychotherapy. I know I need to. I’m off to the gym now, been cranking non stop all weekend on my computer and alas my project is STILL not ready. I have to go slow, have patience, work harder, keep going and stay sane. I just read your comment about Scorpio and withholding the affection you crave and wanted to give you a cyber hug and say. Yeah. I know xxxx
              big hug

  10. My 0 degree natal Saturn/Venus conjunction is topped with 0 degree solar Saturn/Venus opposition. I don’t know how it happened but I turned into an ice queen, always polite and not so interested in people’s motivations.

    It cleaned up the clutter in my imagination, that constantly buzzing “what is it?” question. Love it, my life and my mind are both drama free. If something works fine, good; if not, move on.

  11. Now this feels more like my actual situation with the Pisces cutie pie in multiple bands. I didn’t block him but I have him with the privacy settings as one would have a boss from work. Seeing his activity and getting admiration from other ladies makes me anxious and I don’t want for him to see me project my anger even when I don’t want to. I’m having fun actually networking with other people as desire for one person can feel so isolating but it feels stiff and like trouble in paradise. I love him, though.

  12. I have Venus-Saturn square natally in learning triangle (I think): Venus in Leo 3rd H opposite Saturn (tightly conjunct Vesta-Lady Chiron) in Aqua 10th H, squaring Jupiter in Taurus 12th H. Trans Venus conjunct Eros in Libra 5th H, trans Saturn in Scorpio 6th H.

    It totally blows, but I think I have becoming pretty adept at dealing with this same shizz over the years. Def got my Mars stoicism on right now … trying not to fret over the other shoe dropping.

    This Gemini moon lady meeting fellow Gemini friend tonight after not speaking to one another for 1.5 yr. We were longtime friends, then she screwed me out of a bunch of $$, I walked, she contacted me to get together. Let’s see what she has to say during this full Saggo moon! I’ve got my heart open, ready to listen :-) Bon weekend, peeps. xo

  13. Well there goes my sleep hygiene jag. This is full on, I just had to send the hot Italian off for a cold shower. Jaysus. Fuq…

  14. I have natal Venus (Leo 24, 1st house) opposite natal Saturn (Aquarius 29, 7th house) . This current Venus Saturn opposition is leaving me wondering about interpersonal relationships not just I have, but in a more general way….sliding doors type of scenarios etc.
    I wish I could be more light hearted in affairs of the heart but I find that very difficult, Natal Pluto and Uranus both in 1st house don’t help either – all my emotions and thought processes run very deeply and intensely,

    • I have Saturn & Venus conjunct. When I was younger I thought I was very odd to be so ..defensive of my person. But now I feel very true to myself for behaving as I did. Why be lighthearted if it is not your way!? I am gem Asc but with moon in Scorp I am lighthearted like a bulldozer.

      • “I am lighthearted like a bulldozer”

        πŸ˜€ love that Sphinx! It’s also the ways Scorps “flirt” LOL

        A Saggo guy i know has Venus & Saturn conjunct in Scorp in 12th!!! So serious and deep. Merc in Capricorn too. No wonder we had a connection.

        • I have no idea how scorp females ‘flirt’ – l’ve always been too afraid to approach one and l’m a scorp male ))
          I’m afraid of sag girls too

          • Oh c’mon. Just try and outstare them. :)
            It’s all in the eyes.
            I have Saggo moon trine Venus in Libra – a good conversation and witty repartee always works for me. :)

            • Sextile not trine.
              Anyway, I don’t think Scorps flirt they just stalk you. πŸ˜†

      • This is very accurate for me too. Light and fluffy Saggo rising, but Scorp Moon is like lead balloon. Nobody seems to enjoy the intensity of it. I’d rather just crawl under a rock. *sigh*

        • I like Scorp intensity. I like to outstare them. I only got Jup n Nep in Scorp. No 8house. Maybe my Aries SN

          & to above; how exactly does a Scorp bloke have no libido? Must be lots of nonScorp influence. I reckon l must have it.

          • strong aspects to Saturn I reckon. I knew a guy with low libido – he had Saturn square venus in Scorp in 12th. Suppressed and /or inhibited

          • Scorp is a sign of extremes. And it gets its share of a sexual reputation, but it is also a sign of severe restraint, as in being able to be chaste to the extreme. I reckon they could give Caps a good run of who can withold more.

            • My reset person (a text book example) was a 5 planet Scorp + asc. We had mad flirtation fr April to Oct last year. We never did anyhthing bit we were the ‘frisson in work. She was Xtremely chaste much to my annoys. It was first time l realized that some didn’t go off like rabbits. Prettiest woman l’ve ever met

            • Thanks for clarifying EEL.

              I hate that cliched impression people have of Scorps being nymphomaniacs. UGH. So annoying!!

              Yes, we like “bedwork” but it’s more of a spiritual thing, as opposed to our opposite sign (Taurus) – the physical.

              Plus, I have a Cap rising… I’m all about “restraint”. I love that word. :)

              • Hey Scorpbot. Please don’t take offense. I have had an inordinate amount of male friends over the years, who are Scorp, who are like that. I’ve only known 3 female Scorp friends and the first 2 were like their common reputation.

                So your Cap influence adds restraint. I understand that. Im a Kat but l got Aqua Moon /Uranus 1st house making me have very dtached emotions most of da time. Im not a Sun sign by cliche either

                • We’re cool Kat. :)
                  Lucky I have a Saggo moon – helps me move on quickly.

                  Appreciate your comment anyway, as I was offended.

                  I’m not a fan of Scorp men at ALL.

                  • One thing that truly is Kat about me is that I hate to offend. But I got Mercury/Uranus conjunct (in Leo of all signs) which, if I don’t watch myself, will come across as didactically correct.

                    As an aside, my separarted (to be soon divorced wife) said she didn’t believe astro bcos I could be so cold. Till I found out having the Moon (ruler of emotions/ Kataka) placed in the most d tached of signs. & Merc/Uran cjunct made me feel much more better about myself. Ii gives me something to correct about myself. MM & chat on this site is most appreciated.

                    I’m so glad you’ve accepted my apols

                    • I know what you mean about Scorp men. I’ve had many good friends (Scorp Males) and they are fun to be with sharing my passion for bikes, yadda, yadda,.. But some of their views on women (their oh so mighty conquests) have made me wince- Kat Sun/Asc speaking here

                  • yeah, I get that Kataka with Aqua moon would be a challenge.

                    Keeps things interesting I’m sure. :)

                    My Saggo moon lifts me from the doldrums every now and then. It’s not entirely compatible with my Sun either.

                    • Semi-sextiles and quincunxs are not as covered as is trines, sextiles, squares and oppositions.. I got 3 brotheres that are sun/moon sextiles and conjuncts – simple fellows. My only sister is is a quincunx like me complex. She a Leo/Cap. We talk about that complexity often.

              • Scorps that are evolved are choosy. Not in that Virgo way that can be thought of as “picky” but they are discriminating. If you don’t pass muster, some sort of weird “test” that only they have the answer key to and makes no sense to any outsider, you aren’t good enough for them. Unevolved Scorp says more sex da better because either they haven’t learned to control their sexual powers yet (so they understand it’s an energy leakage…most likely just young) or they are sexually vamping off other people which will come back to bite them later.
                I used to be more open to sexual explorations when I was younger, but as I gained enough experience points, I became choosier (Venus in Virgo not withstanding) because I didn’t want to share my energy with someone not on my level. I became aware of consequences and responsibility of doing that, understanding I can cause damage to others if I am not careful.

        • Haha- Scorpio moon is a lead balloon indeed! I’ve got one too, so yeah. Brings down my fiery chart into uncomfortable depths.

          • Then you know what I mean! Also can be worse depending on what house it’s in! If it’s in a house associated with water or earth, watch out. It’s grounding in a way because as an air sign, i’d probably dissolve into the ether.

          • Totes agree EEL, about the discriminating Scorpio moon. Mine senses the energy of anyone or anything so minutely, aided by multi Virgo placements in 12th.

            It was a lead balloon on all my Aries-ness when I was younger, most definitely.

  15. I also hate whatever fucking transit is going on right now.

    I was just offering some words of gratitude…thanks man for being here sort of words for someone I look up to. His shitty little reply was so craptastic tonight……….pretty much the equivalent of throwing a gift in the trash in front of your face.
    Remind me to keep my heartfelt gratitude to myself next time. Some things must be made to say silently I guess. Going to go lick wounds now.

    • :-( well he’s sounds awful. I wouldn’t imagine anything such a person could say could have any true weight as you are clearly awesome and no dweller under stones. File it under “not my problem” honey!

      • you are probably right. also could just be bad timing. anybody can have a bad day,

        • Yes, not you at all. He probably had a bad day or issues you know nothing about. Hopefully he reflected on it later.

          • Much better today. Thanks for the good vibes! Must have had a shit day yesterday. :(

    • Some people just have no grace! He must feel fairly lowly about himself if he is not able to accept the gift of a compliment with gratitude. Agree with Sphinx – not your problem. PS I LOVE Scorp moon people: so thoughtful, caring, solid/loyal. I am going to an Aries Sun, Scorp Moon’s 40th tonight and was thinking yday so carefully about what card to choose for her as she is so heartfelt and really puts thought and effort into what she gives to her friends. Be proud, EEL: Scorp Moon may not be light, but neither is gold.

      • it wouldn’t surprise me. I imagine personal Chiron transit hasn’t been kind.

        They kinda put off their bday celebration? lol! awesome. they have same sun moon as Lady Gaga. :). Thanks!

    • Not Worthy!!! Express your gratitude to someone who has proven themselves. XX

      • Thanks for the reaffirmation. I guess I thought he was worthy because his inspirations saved my life during dark, dangerous, and desperate times…times I thought I’d kill myself. I didn’t think I’d still be here after 2010. I kept going, I just wanted to thank in person.

          • Things are better now tonight. Not perfect mind you, but it’s harder now that i can see a chink in that armor.

    • How appropriate for this Truth Serum full moon, right? Now you know: nothing there to be grateful for. Save your energy, pull the weed. Next. x

      • I was grateful for my life. still being alive and all. inspiration to keep going instead of killing myself. obvs im in a better place now, but i feel confused. I wonder if i am better off dead. :( not like im suicidal now but just wondering if this whole thing is a huge mistake and my love was again wasted.

        • You are not better off dead. I’m goin thru a real schiessenfest with psychopathic boss. It actually feels like April was spose to feel like. You are cardinal too? Scopes been sayin l should get another job. It aint easy. Any difficulty can overwhelm; hang in there

          • i found a whole new part of myself and new art thanks to this person (bcos i would not be open to such things 2010) but people keep saying that’s not worth being thankful for. What is?
            Im still sort of pissy because I just spent hundreds$$ as a sponsor to bringing this person to my town. So i still have to see him to tonight. ugh.
            i hope this is all a mercury rx misunderstanding.

            katmando, good luck getting your job! but yes, hang in there and survive the crazy boss! i thought april was crazier for me but was mostly work related. When the universe bitch slaps me about work, i take it in stride. i get back on and retry. of course it’s hard. it’s called work so it’s not easy. i just grit teeth and keep moving.
            but being bitch slapped about your hopes and dreams, that’s like the universe hates you and enjoys cruelty. You don’t just get back on. You lay in a shapeless pile broken.

        • EEL, your gratitude is so right on & obvs this guy’s utility to you has passed its expiration date. In the final analysis, YOU inspired you to muster more strength/inspiration & carry on– he didn’t do shit. You did it all, gorgeous! I think that’s the truth here, and that his callous idiocy (in response to the gracious generosity of your spirit) is proof that it was You all along xx

          • oh i agree the heavy lifting part is all 100% me. A person though still needs luminaries. They still need impetus, fuel, inspiration…something driving them. Art that is not made from that just doesn’t have that gravitas. My works between 2000 – 2010 show that. A lot of people think they superficially look the best, but they “feel” shallow. Sadly, they sell the best. ugh…. I can’t operate like i used to pre-2K which is use my self-loathing as fuel for my art anymore. That stuff is gorgeous to look at and powerful, but the newer stuff is different. It doesn’t come from that. I used a new fuel to make that.

            But my sorrow with this dude is looking at things from a patron of the arts POV instead of a maker (like i normally am).

            I do admit i wrote the above stuff with very little sleep. I have rested some more and consulted the oracle. The Oracle says something to the effect of this guy will seem to disappear but will be back bigger than ever. So it’s not over whatever needs to be played out.

            Yeah, i’m attracted to him and would drop my panties in like 2 secs for him, but I’m also satisfied being just a grateful fan girl. There were plenty of other guys at the event I flirted with but so many ugly, fat, or boring neckbeards. I sat next to one I thought was sort of attractive and tried to start a convo. so fucking akward. He started sweating profusely. Was gross…. fuck I’m a Libra. You just don’t sweat on Libras in public without exertion. I don’t know why my area is so full of these. This same genre in NYC inlcludes these guys but also handsome hipster types, silver foxes, musicians, artists, etc… all sorts of people.

            • Hey universe loves you. It’s obvious you don’t love yourself AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Meditate, and drop the idea that YOU need to change or be better/ different. Sending love + light dear EEL.

            • I don’t know your situation exactly but it sounds like one I’ve experienced. The arts is full of confusion, everyone always grasping at something beyond themselves, plus you have the whole history of the artist outsider, and ocassional geniune madness, massive egos and posturing to contend with. What I’m trying to say is its probably not the best scene to find someone who will treat you like a lady. You can still have luminaries, but you don’t need to invest in a muse- they’re just there. Apologies if I’ve misread.

              • I’ve dated “normal people” before and it’s never worked out. I can barely stand one date.

                This writing describes me to a T:

                :( I’m a super Uranian and this is my fate. I am also an artist and this is my first swing as a patron of the arts. It’s weird to be on the other end of things.
                Things are just fucked but fucked has always been what I regard as normal.
                What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

                  • I hear you sisters. I hear you. Normal just don’t work for me. It actually cripples me and makes the guy act like a psycho freak…
                    One day my freak frog will come along and we can croak and hop and fly our ugly freak flags high and giggle at barbie and ken trying to keep up the stepford verneer of botoxed normalcy.

  16. I personally hate whatever is going on right now. Constant bickering around the same stuff. My craziness, his remoteness. I can see the patterns that need to be broken but I can’t do it entirely alone. Can I? Is that it, do I have to be with someone and yet go it alone? Suggested going to relationship counselling but apparently I’m the only one that needs counselling. Has this happened to anyone else? How did you move through it? Is it possible?

    • being with someone and going it alone was the #1 reason i left my longest and best relationship. It may be the perfect situation for another person but was eventually hell for me. Enough so that i flushed 6 yrs down the drain and never looked back. It was a major dealbreaker for me.
      There is no point in it for me.

      • Oh I have been there, just like I left after 14. Alouetta said… craziness and his remoteness. Great business partners, good friends, good coparents, but no romantic connection, no emotional closeness. Over and done. Hurt like hell.

        • Yeah I “love” the way the guy is remote ie he withholds and the woman is hysterical or cray cray. Like obviously you’re gonna go cray cray if the dude acts like he’s in a spy movie when he’s in an intimate relationship with you. It’s beyond infuriating. It’s passive aggressive and devious.

  17. Venus/Saturn=my job grant approved. Phew. Momentary joy/ relief. Gollowed by restructure/shake-up and casualty-one woman fired/AKA restructured. More to follow. We are told to be excited about the changes as bodies fall. Right..,

    Mars on my Venus, squaring the Pluto/Uranus ZZ. Hard to function and help peeps- when the branch you stretch and reach from could be sawed off. Utter hypocrisy. FM was dead on Saggo Saturn/Sappho. Skipped the parties and stayed home watching teens fav bridal shows-

    Looking at plans b, c, d. Game face on!

    Prog ASC about to enter Cap. Getting on hiking boots! Prog Moon in Scorp. Let’s do this! LOL!

    Do WHAT, asks Retro Gem Mars, and chorusing Libra crew..,,

    Xx Kat

  18. My Aunt Flow arrived yesterday morning. Torro love says he had been sure he had gotten me pregnant. We had an oops moment, but ended up being far enough from egg dropping that no babe. He seemed disappointed, said he missed a baby and wanted one. Not that we haven’t had talks, but it was his biggest commitment to his desire for one. Hmmmm……

    • People don’t realize how tricky conception is because everyone looks around and sees teen pregnancies and movie stars pregant in their 40’s so they think it’s some easy feat. It’s very hard after 30. Don’t be discouraged! =)

      • So true. I have wondered if we fully commit and earnestly try if it would even happen.
        Thankfully at a spot that if it didn’t we would not be crushed.
        Sure would not make a huge deal about it. Never would do IVF or anything as I have kids already.

        Just glad he can really put it out there, maybe the effect of the truth serum moon. I knew he did, but he has held back so as not to put pressure on me. It wants me to make my decision for myself. Good man that way.

  19. i am in agreement with the saturn girls up there that this is a really good vibe. clear, grounded, sane. i’m quite pleased to have it in my solar return, venus rising in my 12th and saturn on dc from the 6th. also to have a sag moon instead of a void cancer one- there is that! i’ve made it across the country, outran a tornado through kansas, made some amazing memories with my kids and sister, clarified some standards, and feel much more like a grownup. i feel GOOD being a grownup, and that alone is a massive sea change. also finding simple joys in my credit score, responsible spending, and the awareness of the considerateness of others (not necessarily related to me). it’s beautiful.
    i would appreciate honest advice.
    i hung out with the karmic crab today. i have been coming to terms with losing him for months. i can’t move back to him and i don’t want to. this was clarified by this road trip. using food as a metaphor (tho it is immeasurably bigger, of course), i started out eating vegan soul food and drinking bicycle-roasted coffee, ended up at a diner with fried bologna sandwiches and bad coffee. i have cultural and climate needs that are incompatible with this area, and i would become embittered and depressed really, really quickly. plus custody stuff. so.
    today. i am still as deeply in love with him as ever. more, even. there’s no more fairy tale delusion- he is massively disabled. he doesn’t remember his mother or the house that he grew up in (and has lived in for the past 3 years). he’s unable to use technology. he can’t go outside for long because his eyes are screwy. he’s on antipsychotics. he wears diapers.
    i want to spend my life with him. i want to have babies with him.
    this is not the kind of clarity i was expecting.
    karma is directly on my DC.

    • that’s intense, hdq. all other massively relevant details aside (with sensitive awareness of all), do you have some kind of astro moon’s node link with him? or chiron? you seem so drawn to the connection .. xxx

      • our nodal contacts are there but not huge- his chiron on my SN (but many, many peeps, many here too, have that same 20 aries chiron, so..). my sappho-nessus on his SN, my eros on his NN, and his uranus on mine though with an orb of 4 which i don’t count so much in synastry. what we have are pluto aspects and mars square venus (i am mars, obvs). it was love at first sight and then all the crap that followed. nick cave’s “I let love in” describes it best. reset person, check. pluto LZ obsession, check. but then we got saturnized and all fantasy evaporated and we stood together in the harsh light of ye olde time lord and knew that our future was together. and then he died and was reborn and now this… it’s been the craziest journey of my life.

    • Are you prepared to have babies with a disabled man you will have to care for, or have carers care for? What is the question hon? I’m confused. That’s like being a single parent with children, your partner being one of the children. Feel free to tell me to fuq off! Xxxx

      • i would never tell you to fuq off! what you’re telling me is what i’ve been telling myself for months, and what i was prepared to solidify yesterday- that i can’t spend the rest of my life being a caregiver. i have lovely children already and am in a space of finding myself as not mama again, finally having my body back, and starting my professional life. i have zero desire for more children! until yesterday… i understand your confusion, i share it!!!!! i thought saturn would be like “hey, chica, here’s the deal. this doesn’t serve you- finish it and move on.” instead i got a completely different message. saturn says this is my convoluted and difficult path? no easy freedom? yikes.

    • Well if anyone could look after him, I reckon you could.

      But it’s a HUGE proposition. Does he recognise you and remember you well? Would there be extra help if you lived together? I reckon give it some time and see how you feel, and if he slowly improves maybe?

      • yes, mercury retrograde is my ally here. time is my ally. i’m not coming up with a scenario where we have family support. it’s super complicated and convoluted- so many considerations. i just want to scoop him up and drive away with him, away from bad doctors and worse meds and sterile environments. obvs that’s not an option. all i know is that if it happens, it will be a hell of a hard path.

    • This is intense. There is no one right answer. You do what is right for you. I had dated a karmic man myself with schizophrenia. I still love him, but we are only friends now. Owls don’t knowingly build nests in unstable and dangerous areas, nor do they choose mates that cannot contribute in some way to that situation. I just couldn’t see myself with a lifetime of picking him up from the police station or mental health facility every time he decided to just go off meds becase “he felt better”. I still help him out and he’s improved his life significantly since his Saturn return a few years ago. He’s a great guy though, but not for me in that marriage way.

      • i do not think he needs the meds. he isn’t schizophrenic and they make him worse, but his doctors and parents are both in that medical model where there must be some sort of medication, and if this one doesn’t work, well then, we’ll try a different one. none are not an option to them. it pisses me off, but that’s their paradigm.
        but yeah, you’re right. :(

    • Just trying to understand this more. there are absolutely no upsides to your involvement with this man whatsoever. He is almost completely physically, mentally and emotionally incapacitated. You cannot bear to live in the area where he must remain, for lifestyle reasons, and you don’t want to anyway. Yet you still want to procreate with him? You already have a kid, the only thing he would be contributing to anything would be sperm . That is 100% now and forever IT. No love, no capacity to share burdens of any sort, no independence, no conversation, no financial input when you would be at your most vulnerable post baby. Nor any other time.
      You mentioned elsewhere that you dated an addict and became one yourself for a time to meet him at his level. If that is incorrect pls accept my apols and correct me. But I can’t help but wonder if this is you meeting a very similar situation, as in the dynamics and power structure of the relationship and capacity of your partner to be fully present in that relationship, and being drawn to it like a vortex as there is some unresolved issue or pattern going on. The emotional terrain. As far as you have described it at least, this man even if he did once for a while, does not sound Iike he is any longer in a position to love you wholly nor offer the material nor emotional support you (anyone) are likely to want, need or at least strongly desire at some point in a normal healthy two way relationship.
      Hdq, with much love and compassion, what on earth do you get out of this?? as a free and independent woman with rebellious tendencies? What deep need are you satisfying by engaging with a man who can never love you as a complete human being. Not because of who you are, but because of what he is experiencing, whether this is a drug dependency or a catastrophic and inexplicable brain injury.

      Of course it is ok to love him and want the best for his comfort and wellbeing. But I just have trouble understanding why you so strongly need to make this attachment permanent and irrevocable .

      Forgive me if this sounds in any way callous. It is not intended to and I do get that we dont all want or need a relationship straight out of Dream Weddings magazine or whatever.
      Love pi xxx

      • thank you, pi, that’s pretty much it. these are 100% the thoughts that have been going through my mind for months. except that he’s not emotionally incapacitated- he is very much a creature of love and completely adores me. maybe 50% physically and mentally gone, though he’s improving. it’s generally fuqed.
        i’ve never felt anything so unavoidable. i know it’s a copout to attribute it all to fate, but that’s how it feels. i feel strapped into the roller coaster and in for the ride. and i want to slap myself and i appreciate your energetic slapping. xxx

        • as to my patterns, well there is the 12th house venus conjunct chiron rescuer complex that is the dominant force in all of my relationships. if a man isn’t massively wounded, i’m not remotely interested. on some level i think this is a desire for reciprocity- i want to be rescued too! rescued from what i don’t really have an answer for- my enduring teenage (though it started in childhood) angst, alienation, and depression? by all accounts, i should not be so wounded, but i am. something like that. this has been the dominant lesson of these last two years of pluto and saturn- i can’t rescue anyone and no one can rescue me. all we can do is walk together, hand in hand. so i think i “choose” (which doesn’t happen- my three major adult relationships have come as a bolt out of the blue- you will be with this person NOW, always while still with the previous guy) wounded men because i feel like they get me. i don’t want superficial, and while i love physical comforts, i’m unwilling to sacrifice one drop of the emotional communion for them. it kinda sucks.

          • Brought tears to my eyes. Rescue yourself darling! It’s the only way forward. Most of this love and compassion is for younger you. She is the one who really needs your love and support not this guy. More hugs OOO xx

            • I think this is a good point. and i am very very glad that you are so self aware hdq, I had hoped so based on what i know of you, hence my confusion at your feelings re allall this.
              I think the thing (one thing anyway) I have taken away most strongly from my own work is to always always look inwards first, we only choose / find ourselves in certain relationships in order to externalise and learn about an inner process.
              I have venus-chiron conjunct too, in 10th house. also analysed to pieces and more to come. v interesting yes :)

              I don’t know if understanding the aspect means we can completely avoid it, it is a thing. BUT, BUT. in SEEING it, we can make conscious choices. Chiron is not just someone broken or damaged. It is also someone wise and aware of their wound/s / sadnesses and working with others in a conscious way. someone can be on the path to deep healing. I think of my lovely, sensitive Leo friend who i was involved with – griped about at the time a little – but this man while with his own personal psych matters to deal with was still far more self aware and evolved than my previous two r’ships. I felt, noticed the change.

              12th house could be harder as it is so deep..

              much love xoxoxox pi

              • “like”.. Your comment “you look inward first”… bingo! Love knowing that step because it is all based on ‘us”.. no one else. I also like the following comment you made: “I think the thing (one thing anyway) I have taken away most strongly from my own work is to always always look inwards first, we only choose / find ourselves in certain relationships in order to externalise and learn about an inner process.”

                Thanks!! Just confirms that I am doing the right thing!!


  20. Oh wow I’ve been reading everyone’s situations and it sounds like we’ve all been led down the garden path! This Venus-Saturn standoff feels like tough love for sure. I was struck by Cupids arrow back in Feb and started to see a male friend and musical collaborator of four years in a new light. I’ve been a smitten kitten ever since, fooling myself he has just been holding out on me – alas this weekend the cracks have shown and its truly too much for me to keep playing this charade without anything coming from his quarter. He has been sidelining and avoiding me and overnight its like we’ve become strangers. So heartsick and exhausted but strangely relieved.

    • I’ve been thinking of making a move on an old friend who had now been single about 2 yrs. we are really good friends and enjoy each others company. He’s the main carer for 2 young boys 6 and 4, ex partner is the weekend parent. I feel we’re too similar, probs no passion there?! We met 8 yrs ago before he got with ex & had kids. I always think, if it didn’t happen then, there was a reason.

      Interestingly, he is coming over for dinner tonight. πŸ˜‰

        • Ha ha. Had a lovely dinner and catch up. Laughed a lot, he slept on the couch. No shenanigans. Although I was tempted. We are more like old mates than lovers. I think past the point of ever getting together in a romantic way. Just as I thought.

  21. Yep feeling a bit slapped around by the universe – work wise I have been able to get back to stability after the rug being ripped out in April but am still reeling from my slipping into love ( well certainly felt like it) with married coworker – nothing happened but a lot happened – at least know he felt the pull and wanted me too but now all just fleeting memories

    Why the only person who stirs these feelings is totally wrong for me! It’s heart breaking….so I only have a hint of the kind of man I want….

    • it sounds like 7 or 423 songs have been written about your situ. it SO happened to me last year. Outer planets put me thru a mortar and pestle

      • mortar and pestle. ugh. Yes. so well put :)
        Refined Extract of Pi+Pluto, one spoonful before bed. medicinal use only

        • If you’ve ever felt Love. It is an aroma. It will linger with the passage of time and play to our heart.

        • I feel ‘ground’ alright. Reconstituting is hard the hard part. (why do they reconstitute apple and orange juice?- take the water out, put the water in?????) Now where does this piece go again……? Its easier to put a car motor together!

          • I was told that orange juice actually has pumpkin in it. Where is this going indeed?
            I water down apple juice that is sugar loaded. Pulp in not out, you’d think it was rocket science πŸ˜‰

      • I was joking with friends my life has been a soap opera – but you’re right, it’s more like a country song….

        My only consolation is I didn’t break my own moral code – no cheating/lying/stealing – yay for me, just doesn’t keep me warm at night

        Thanks Pi and Katman and S – yep love IS a perfume that lingers in my heart

        • Got to go a bit country, when your talkin “dog ate my homework” in the love department.

          Sometimes the cheatin is done, when your loving the wrong One.

          I’d rather not be involved in the soap opera drama that comes from residing in love zombieville. Hold the qi suckers at bay…any which way.

          • yep am walking into sunset with held high but feelin shaken

            Hoping that was just temptation and I have passed some test and now Mr Wonderful shows up….

            Have to add my fav country lyric

            “I went out feeling single but I was seeing double”

            hahaha not that bad yet!

            • I’ll just subtly reframe Mr Wonderful to Mr Good to Me. Mr Wonderful even killed a vintage juicer, the weapon was a banana. So ain’t about to flashback to that schizz storm. Hells No.

  22. Soz ifya heard this b4.
    What hapns whenya play a country song backwards?
    Your crop comes in, your partner comes back and ya dog comes back to life. (Apols in advance)

      • I like katmando atm. One of my alltime fav albums (Tea for the Tillerman) is by a man born same bdate and he has the same moon too. Cat Stevens; so it sort of fits. And jump. Mmmmmm

        • As soon as I spotted your new name, I though “Katmandojump”. My mind took it’s lead from that movie “White Men Can’t Jump.”
          Great album Cat Gold!

    • LOL. πŸ˜€

      Love me some quality alt country.

      Townes van Zandt. <3

      'Waiting Around to Die (w/ Calvin Russell)'…. Beautiful

      • I was thinkn of the aliteration to white man cant jump when u replied.

        My jump question was more about my ability to do it. Im oldest and slowest player on my AFL team. Young blokes think its funny but accepting of me

        • I am a Geelong Cats fan. It explains why I like replying to your posts.

          • C Enright is distant relative. Cats my fav Vic team. But lm a Crows fan. Cats had a belter today.

            • #GoCats. Thank you for the news. Got to see the Bulldogs win against the Pies. Victory! Corey Enright is a talent. Crows = thr licorice allsorts :)

              • Liq Allsorts- lol. What about Hawks- poos n wees. Watch Aish at Bris; Future brownlow winner

              • The colour of poo. Joke time: What’s the difference between a Collinhwood support and a park bench?

                A park bench will support a family (sorry dear Pies fans buts it’s footy time).

  23. Interesting..

    Natal placement = 5th house Pisces
    Walking by (actually sitting) = 1st House Scorpio

    Natal placement = 1st House Scorpion
    Walking by: = 8th House Taurus.

    Feeling the horniness but clearing out the ex’s from contacting me. I have a list of men that want to date me… but I have not interest. (sigh). I am not waiting 6 months after getting to know someone to see if they worth it in bed. Nope..

    So, yes I am going through and auditing my last 2 desires. SO weak they are. I need a man who is strong enough emotionally to be in my life. If not.. it ain’t gonna work. I don’t deal with wishy-washy..

    I start my new job next week. It will be interesting to see how it goes. My hobby it taking up A LOT of my time. I am going to keep building that part of my life.

    When does this June – July phase end?


      • Okie dokie!! I need to make sure my main focus is on work which is suppose to end in August. Interesting how this time of uncertainty is very closely related to my new job. New endeavor somewhat, new environment and I may not have this job after August. I little bit noivois. But it was suppose to happen. As my Dad said last night “you have a job”.. TY God! Yes!!

  24. Amazing how a good workout changes my perspective and mood.
    It’s really interesting and quite comforting to read how everyone is facing up to these uncomfortable relationship issues and being supported in the process. I’m now starting to understand that my desire to constantly “communicate” -translation -email monologue, witty little updates about my day- with an unavailable man who I know has feelings for me but for whatever reason can’t DO anything about it (i.e. FF was just weak, scared and pathetic, whereas ML is deeply in love with his five kids and another divorce would just be awful. Also when he once told me he was in love with me I blithely responded without skipping a beat “but sweetheart I wouldn’t want you if I could have you.” and this rather shook him but was the truth. So I like my men tied up as it were. I’m afraid of them getting patriarchal and controlling on me. I know I’m attracted to men like my father but my worst night mare is ending up like my mother. Married to a cheating, charming sex addict who never gives her the validation, affection or SEX that she craves. This makes her angry which turns him off and justifies the behaviour so it becomes a vicious cycle. I decided young that being the other woman was preferable to being the wife. It’s no coincidence that I found Sylvia Plath’s poem Daddy in my father’s drawer completely by accident as a pre teen along with several other beautifully illustrated letters, drawings and poems by his awesomely cool, spunky, feminist, fit girlfriend. This was actually the night of my first proper date where I came downstairs wearing make up for the first time and my dad told me I looked like a man in drag as he sat cuddled up on the sofa with my mom watching TV. My point is that I have become rigid and cynical and am stll being that woman, Jinny, my dad’s art, cool girlfriend and instead of blogging my awesome creativity and sharing it with the world I’m doing what she did and casting peals before swine. That is the theif of my time and my talent and the wasting of my crowded tenth house. Also the moon square Saturn T square points to this fact. It’s suddenly so clear to to me. If I spent the time I spend composing “message in a bottle” emails to whichever dude currently fits my projection posting those words on even tumbler or pinterest just imagine the creative relationship I’d have with the world. Of course there is also a risk. By coming out of the shadows I expose myself to haters critics and what Steven Pressfield calls real world feedback but shit man. Coming out of the shadows means I get to live in the light and be nourished by it. Excuse the hackneyed analogy but yes! This site has helped me so much in that regard. Because of my posts on here and the responses both positive and negative I’ve found my wobbly, squeaky little voice and begun to practice using it. Thank you for that astro homies and MM.
    I am sooooooooo desperate for my blog to go live. It’s driving me bonkers but it just is not ready yet. It’s full of typos and I’m still getting the hang of stuff like categories and SEO type stuff, resizing images, just organising the content and naming it, dividing, figuring out what it’s safe and appropriate to share and what will be dangerous and too personal in terms of comments, trolls and haters since it’s me. My face, my name, my real life details up there for all to see and respond to so I need to be prepared for a shitstorm of abuse from misogynists, prudes and spurned ex lovers with axes to grind. Also I’m a perfectionist so typos won’t do and I’ve screwed up the categories a few times and had to go back to square one. It’s a labour of love but shit. It’s my love. My love to share with the world. Not my dad, not some unavailable, secret married guy who is going to say all the right things because he wants to fuq me or is infatuated with me (lower Neptune) this is my way out of the negative cycle of hiding my light and living on scraps of borrowed matches a la little match girl.
    From now on instead of emailing ML about my great workout or my bad party experience or whatever other mundane shit I want to share I’m going to make it a draft for a blog post. Lets see what happens..
    No offence but you do not, you do not, you do not anymore.
    Daddy you bastard I’m thru.

    • Oh wow Invicta.. I know we have responded to each other here.. but are you a Virgo Sun? Your story sounds SO similar to mine. I always found myself being “the other woman”.. the men I was connected to was unavailable. One was married. My longest connection trying to figure things out.

      I told myself when I was young that I would NEVER get into a relationship like my parents. My Mom would scream, yell and make my Dad miserable. He is a good man. My Mom was depressed. Hence why the trouble. So, psychologically, I find myself in relationship situations where I let the man be who he wants to be and I just accept it. I was ok with it up until recently. I don’t want it anymore but the guys who are interested in me are SO weak. I am not a prima donna. I will never be one. That’s what most men, that I like, want.

      Any. whooo… Just curious if you are a Virgo Sun? And what is your rising and Moon sign.


      • Hi Virgo Elle
        Sorry it took me so long to respond. Ive been away.
        Yes I am a Virgo sun, mars and mercury all in the 10th house
        My Sag moon is in (special needs) 12th house and is square my Virgo Sun (and the rest) as is Saturn.
        Square my sun and I think my moon too. Basically I’m an astro schizophrenic. I have Sag rising on the Galactic centre (whatever that means) in jupiter and Jupiter in Sag. The only fixed planet I have in my Venus in Leo in the 8th house. Talk about being epic in bed with other people’s husbands eh?
        The other woman, finds time to manicure her nails.
        That’s me.
        Actually I heard LDR sing it the other night and it made me bawl my eyes out. It does make me a bit sad. Coco Chanel also had Venus in Leo in the 8th.
        Have you seen the LDR video on YouTube for her song Ride? If not do. She says, I was born to me the other woman. Who belonged to no one, who belonged to everyone. I was always an unusual girl. My mother said I had no moral compass just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and wavering as the ocean with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom that both dazzled me and terrified me to the point where I couldn’t even talk about it. When the people I used to know found out what I’d been doing, how I’d been living they asked why but there is no use in talking to people who have a home. Who don’t understand how it feels for home to be wherever you are.
        Every night I’d pray that one day I’d find my people and eventually I did. On the open road.
        We had nothing to lose, nothing to gain and nothing we wanted anymore except to make our lives into a work of art. I believe in the freedom of the open road. I believe in to kindness of strangers. .
        I believe in the country America used to be
        I believe in the person I want to become and when I’m at war with myself, I ride. I just ride.

        Who are you? Are you in touch with all of your darkest fantasies? Have you created a life for your self where you can experience them?
        I have.
        I am fucking crazy.
        But I am free.

        • Totally screwed that up and misquoted her but check out the video. She’s Sag moon and Venus in Leo too.
          Amy Winehouse was a Virgo sun with Venus in Leo too.
          Love is a losing game
          No. Think positive Victa.

        • omg you have Venus in the 8th and moon in 12th too. I knew the moon but not the Venus. No wonder I relate to you so much…8th house Venus karma is intense, it is very much the “other woman” etc. I’ve always felt so strange because I crave intensity and can be exhibitionistic at times but then moon in 12th makes me so fragile and introverted at the same time.

      • Virgo Elle
        I’m so there too.
        I’m tired of being the other woman.
        I don’t want a wimpy guy because wimps will cheat given half a chance because I’m way out of their league and anyway why down date but boy do I have self esteem issues around deserving the love of a decent man. My dad was a good man too. In many ways. He wasn’t a great father and he was a rubbish husband but my mother was so passive aggressive and co dependent and angry that I used to WISH they’d just get divorced already.
        So yeah, Virgo sun, sag moon, sag rising.

  25. Wow just got a series of vicious emails from a photographer I used to financially support back when I was rolling it dough. He’s accusing me of …oh well who cares. It really is a muggle convention out there isn’t it?
    All because I won’t buy him a new camera he wants to start working in a production co I’m trying to set up. When I told him he could hire the equipment he just flipped and started yelling at me. This from a guy I supported all thru last winter because he had no money and was going to lose his house in Brighton.
    cross him off the list, move on..

  26. Forget about Venus Saturn – what about neptune transiting my natal saturn at the same time that Saturn is transiting over my natal Neptune???? For weeks and weeks it’s been like a drumming in the distance and since last Friday I’ve been going down and for no good bloody reason. So I have a sticky beak at the transit chart and, whew! Is this a double whammy or do the transits going on right now negate each other? Apparently I should channel art. Motivation is zero though!