84 thoughts on “Are You Sober?

  1. or should the question be are you aquarius? No i’m sober.
    whatevs obviously I am following protocol (aqua rising) and not sober which is fine as a ‘crush on me’ kataka friend came over for dinner with 3 million overseas holiday snaps which I warned him NOT to show me and he didn’t. Just a short version. i love my moon in scorp bluntness sometimes.
    Everybody I know has been/ is going overseas and posts up 3 million photos on Facebook /ipads etc aaaagh. Im not jealous just bored with it all.

    • ah, this is interesting. I find that witnessing a friend’s overseas experience through the muted blue windowpane of Facebook is like only ever seeing shitty, blurry photographs of great works of art. The medium totally dilutes the unique and distinctive subject matter (work of art / o/s experiences). In facebook’s case, one friend’s jungle trek through the eastern forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dodging militia and machete-wielding bandits, is juxtaposed with another friend’s drunken photos at some hockey game in Canada, or a swaddled toddler grimacing with parent smiling in a somewhat tired fashion in front of some European monument. I don’t know. it’s odd.

      • FTR i wish i did have friends who dodged militia in the eastern DRC… i’d probably want to sleep with them. lol

    • some people have to realise their joy is not going to be enjoyed by everyone with the painstaking detail you might find compelling or interesting. overshare is a killer yes

      • I mostly disagree. There’s so much corruption and misery I see shared on my newsfeed- I’m happy to see joy shared, especially travel pics. I pore over each one, as I am currently too poor to even travel the 300 miles to Seattle.

        Exception: the bundles of joy. Don’t care, don’t want. But then I just scroll on to the next post about colony collapse disorder…

    • Oops, I’m currently doing the Europe trip with toddler and guilty of posting pics on FB! I find it do relaxing at the end of day when bub finally asleep to pic out my fave pics and post em up. .. I have been wondering if it’s annoying tho!
      And also yes, Aquarian. Definitely not sober!

      • I don’t think it should stop you sharing! Your pals and loved ones probably love seeing you having a nice time :)

        • Agreed, don’t stop sharing! I cherish the Europe pics. Even with toddlers. πŸ˜‰

    • Sorry about the friends with photos comment I just get obnoxious on red wine. Should stick to champs

  2. this dark moon sucks. i feel like everything is happening in slow mo or not happening at all. i know i should just adjust my goggles.

  3. MM – have you seen the mcdonalds ad that says “Good Vibes Only”?! I loled at that… Seems even corporate higher-ups are getting in the spirit? Astro magic! I’m lovin’ it!

    • well when you are a multi national paying shit wages and make “food” that causes cancer and diabetes what are your selling points really?

  4. No not sober, tipsy off wine and having to deal with my Scorp moon in response to a little thing with a Scorpio sun. I grab onto things so easily -___-

    I’ve got the biggest crush but I have no idea what he’s thinking. Scorps are so tricky!! How do you know if you’re a LZ ??

    • When the Oracle’s answer to your “is X thinking of me right now?” Is “LOL”…….might have discovered that one from overuse

    • i don’t know. if i knew i was dealing with a scorpio, a large part of the situ would be out of my hands . so i would do my best to psych the scorp out by being far too indifferent about them. it would fail completely of course as scorp gets what scorp wants and would see through my feeble ruse but hey at least i would have the illusion of control for about 36 hours. lol

    • As a Piscean with a Scorpion Moon you should actually know what he’s thinking, if you’re connected. (What house Sun and Moon?) If not, do whatever it takes to release, cut all ties from ropes to threads, unless you’re into being gamed. And you might be.

      • I’ve got a Scorp moon in 1st house and he’s got a Libra moon. Unsure what house it’s in. He’s also Venus in Cappy. He kept saying we would hang out and was very actively calling me but then chilled out a lot. Perhaps it’s because I stood him up? Idk can’t deal with the hot & cold game though. My Venus in Aries is going insane lol.

        I’ve been giving him plenty of space and I suppose I will continue to do so until he comes around in which I’ll be like hey what was up with that? There’s always a chance he won’t though in which case there’s my answer.

        I did really enjoy the connection though. My Scorp moon felt so at home when I was around him. And as a fellow water sign we def connected *sigh*

  5. No, I’m pisces.

    Fell off health-wagon with a thud last night and scoffed one medium cappriciosa pizza and half a bottle of red. Would have finished the red but my eyes were shutting without my assistance! Thankfully, finished off my neptunian binge with a 12 hour sleep rather than anymore drinking.

    What is it with the dark moon and wanting to eat/drink self into a coma! xxx

    • it’s not just any dark moon, it’s approaching cancer so it’s a “carb binge new moon”!

  6. I feel you, Mystic. In fact I started cracking up before I even clicked on and saw the whole thing…

  7. I have been questioning myself regarding my drinking. I can drink and it is not good. So, I have been fighting the urge and trying hard to fill that time drinking with working out. (sigh).. it’s hard. I wouldn’t say I am an alcoholic. Just using alcohol to lighten myself up and I am bored / lonely. So.. it’s been almost a week. Crossing fingers because I look horrible when I drink too much!

    • I feel ya, I’m also giving up my vice and replacing with hard cardio. Endorphins do help since it is endogeous morphine, and what could be better than your body’s own released morphine? Hang in there, it is very much worth it.

  8. Just showed my major multi Aqua son who loves That 70s show this and he had a good laugh.

  9. Today, for the first time in 4 days, I am finally not hungover after mad solstice ritual night involving 100 proof cinnamon liquor, invocations in the haunted old match factory, many bruises, scrapes, and wounds, what seemed like hours of screaming, surreptitious fireworks on Main Street, being THE alien in town with my aqua stellium on my MC Pluto sister, and walking OUT of hell. I remember none of it. But it worked- for the first time in two years, we are free!!
    Think I’ll be sober for a good long while after that one!

  10. Hi .. I have the dark moon and mercury retro converging on my asc from opposite directions (square my Sun). it will be more or less a conjunction tonight.
    Jupiter in my 1st house is also trine my Pisces Sun-mercury 9th house.

    I am not sure if the dark moon/ merc retro on my asc squaring my Sun means “do NOT do anything” or if the square and the Jupes trine actually mean, Send the application for the overseas thing, book the hairdresser, wake up the dormant blog in a proper way etc.
    New moon soon will trine Uranus in 5th and square my MC axis I think.
    Any thoughts..sorry if this is needy any annoying. It’s always easier to see from the outside x

    • Pi, take a chill pill! You are seen, you are heard, you are loved!!! Believe it.

      • Rraaaarrrghhhhhh …must… Make..difference… In.. own… Life.. nghh! Fight!

        Otherwise I just ignore astrology? Tempting. Astrology diet. Hmm

  11. Just wondering why people write questions to MM to be published, then when people respond, don’t follow up?
    I am sure some people put a lot of effort and care into their advice so I think it is a bit rude not to respond.

    Even if the commenters are harsh, disagree or have the wrong end of the stick, people who ask for advice could at least thank others for their time?

  12. Love it! And totally reminds me of The Aqua/Leo.
    This Dark Moon cannot be over soon enough – I have heeded all of MM’s advice – heeded all Merc Retro protocol – have helped several friends with same advice to get through June. But I’ve done nothing but eat for the last 24 hours. And today has been totally fuq’d up on so many levels – it’s like I’m going through a punishment for dealing with the rest of June as well as I have. So I am not conceding defeat – but I am heading to the pub (that just happens to have a dessert bar too).

    • I was just about to post something on Facebook and then looked over at a drinking straw dispenser in this place I am in… Branded object… Slogan? ‘Never lose your cool’
      phew! saved by the marketing messages from the ether

  13. lol lol Love that 70’s show, watch it every chance i can get…… so many cool little bits.

  14. I can entertain drunkards, nor could I ever date one, yet paradoxically, I’m pissed (buzzed) every night, but, I only have two beers (little creatures), or a cider, or a vino (blanc or rouge).

    I was called “quirky” early in the week, after I talked with, (hit-on) a busty, belly-dancing, strawberry-blonde, Phd, lecturer/tutor, at uni.

    She entertained my advances (like a Maincoon kitty with a ball of wool) then disposed of me in 90 seconds after she appeared to lose interest. Stating that “I would recommend that you focus on your studies rather than your tutor, but, thank you for your kind and thoughtful words–see you.”

    Quirky- “peculiar, in a quaint, interesting or attractive, way” (Oxford Dictionary.)

    Can quirky mean I want to fuq you interested, or I’m interested like when I drive past a car wreck on the highway?

    Aqua A-non.

    • My lovelife is the car wreak on the side of the road.

      I was called “complex” by the Cap that broke the drought. He kissed like a Piscean and I think he might have been married, tho stated was not. Why bother loading the dice with lies? Honesty is not difficult and yet is foreign to so many.

      Thank you for the feline reference in you post. My fav breed is the Norwegian Forest Cat, which is related to the Maine Coon.

    • In my neck of the woods, if someone refers to you as quirky, it’s sort of an insult. (Im in the southern part of the u.s.) It’s a nice way of saying you are weird but harmless with maybe a quaint hint if brokenness. There is almost always a negative twinge associated with it here locally. I have a feeling that is one reason why that “quirky alone” website didn’t do to well in my area.

      If you are in another part of the world. ymmv!

  15. i’m really enjoying intense music right now:


    “If you clash with the character of one person or another
    It has to be that way
    You’re not a dollar bill to be liked by everyone
    If your character and that of those around you
    Were soft and sweet like marshmallows
    You would never become the person destiny’s ordained
    Don’t stop to think about excuses
    Get rid of them, and do what you should

    You say you can’t do more?
    Couldn’t it be, that you can’t do less?”

  16. I just skimmed past an article in a newsfeed… it’s Beiber so I’m not going to expend any energy reading it save for observing the first line.. ‘he got busted walking out of Rio’s most notorious brothel…what goes on in Centaurus’… bahahahaha this is NOT (of course!) why I have this name and not all that goes on in Centaurus should be public πŸ˜‰

    Yep, I am always sober… well these days. In ancient times it might be alleged that this was not the case.

    I’ve been tracking this balsamic witching moon just fine and also super productive, inspired, transitioning, clearing but somewhere around the middle of today I succumbed to mind punching frustrating muggles. I’m past it.. but just in case that’s not true..I’m safely out of the fray.