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Dear Mystic

So I’ve been head hunted for a new job and after, in a typically mercury retro manner, agonizing over the decision for about a week, I’ve decided to take the opportunity in the hope that it will take me in the direction I want to go. But the thing is, I have to sign the contract soon, and the latest I can sign it is a week before mercury goes direct. Any tips on contract signing during mercury retro? Pretty please?

I’m Virgo, so yes the retro drives me especially bonkers (as it does too, my Gemini sister. Lol).

Yours in Mercury hell,
The Virgo Careerist

Dear Virgo Careerist,

Actually I think a LOT of people could benefit my answer to your question so thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify. Yes it is ideal not to sign a contract during Mercury Retrograde however this is more likely to be the case for when you suddenly get the urge to (say) go into debt.  Or if it involves spending a huge amount of $$$.  If it is avoidable, you don’t.

BUT if the opportunity arose before Mercury Retrograde – which it probably did for you, i imagine – this is just sealing a deal already begun pre-Mercury Retro Bats.  Also, you need to weigh it up against other factors. The Pluto in Capricorn makeover of the global economy is not even halfway through yet – you get headhunted for a great growth opportunity, you grab it – it doesn’t matter if Mercury is doing triple somersaults in the sky at this point – sign the damned contract.

You also weigh it against other factors in your personal chart – if Jupiter was doing something snazzy with your Uranus or Venus was in your Brill Career sector, that balances out the Retro. You know? Just – obviously – triple check the legal stuff on the contract. Be more thorough than you usually would and if this new gig involves leaving an old job, make sure you super-finesse that exit and the legalities associated with that.

Good luck with the great new growth opportunity!  Jupiter will be in Virgo from mid-2015!

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3 thoughts on “Mercury On My Mind

  1. Oh, thank you for asking this question as I have had a couple of job offers come in on positions in the works for many months and part of a strategy of several years of build up employment and post grad study and was wondering the same thing! I think of this Merc retro question as more in terms of is the offer solid , for a long lasting and quality endeavour rather than being concerned with the contract.

    My situation however feels to have a real Merc retro feel about it, like an X coming back, a bit of dressed up trickery and delusion waving under my nose, whereas 3-6 months ago I would have taken both of them in preference to my current new role. It’s all a bit too late as I am steaming on up in a completely new direction and it feels more exciting, more Mars, to go in this new direction than run with what has finally come to fruition. So the new offers are more a confirmation of my value and just a nice recognition of my efforts.

    Congratulations and good luck with your decision.