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Riikka Sormunen

Dear Mystic

AS you know, things didn’t work out with the Leo Policeman. Over lunch (two months and three dates after we met) he tells me he’s heading to Darwin with the army for four months, back on Christmas Eve. Nice! Why the hell he joined a dating website is beyond me. But that’s just the start. Mars retrograde smack bang on my Pluto brought 198 realisations about my relationships with men crashing down, it was like i was in a 7-eleven and they were all on display under those incredibly bright neon lights.

I mean, what are the chances of out of 250 ‘kisses’ on a dating website attracting the one man who is completely unavailable, and falling smack head over heels with him after one date? Before that, there was another soldier – a Taurean Commando actually. I shit you not. That was last year’s Impossible Love. He worked 3 months in Baghdad, one month off. We had a whopping two dates before 6 months of stupid emails from across the seas. He, too, has now disappeared.

Before that? Nada. Zip. Zilch, for three years. I’m not sure if you remember the Leo with Narcissistic Personality Disorder but that was me, and that burnt me to such a crisp so that i needed a long break from all men. Before that there was a three year relationship with an actor who also liked to disappear to other countries randomly, and for long periods at a time. Thanks, Neptune in Sagittarius in the 7th, for the attractions to men who are Not There.

So i feel like i’ve done my time. I did therapy. I journal. I’ve looked at the family of origin stuff where this comes from – I don’t want to go into it here because it’s all so cliche it’s actually boring and sort of embarrassing- but I’m ready to make a shift. A leap. Whatever you want to call it. As a Pisces, it’s my birthright to actually believe that I can escape my past / upbringing with magic and good intentions. I know it’s possible!

A friend who i was discussing the issue with (always attracting either completely absent / slightly sociopathic but always very interesting men because of who i was brought up around) said that just by seeing it clearly (as i did with the strobe lights of Mars Retro conjunct Pluto) can produce a shift.

I hope so. But i’d like to make a symbolic action to the universe, to show that i’m ready to change this pattern!
I have tried the peach blossom cure and i’ve never much of a hoarder (I own a small apartment of possessions, 8 pairs of shoes max) but i’d be keen to know what else you suggest… Write down my dream man? Burn sage in the south west? I think the peach blossom cure worked to bring in a few internet dates but i’m ready for an Actual Relationship. With someone available. And kind. And interesting. Sociopaths and soldiers need not apply.

Do you have any secrets that go beyond peach blossom? I have faith in you, the most powerful witch i know!

xxx Single-for-too-long Pisces

My Dear Single For Too Long Pisces,

Flattery works lol. Okay, forget the Peach Blossom Cure – it IS brilliant but just for scaring up stray suitors and you are clearly seeing some action. Just not the sort you want. You DO Have Prometheus and Circe in the House of Love at the moment so your instincts to rut-fuq your way out of this are fairly epic.

YOU are going to become our Dark Moon/Venus into Taurus experiment.  Take Venus into Taurus (Thurs @ 11.45 in Australia – see the Daily Horoscopes for the times in all the other zones) as your deadline and go for it in the meantime. You will be reporting back. And yes, genius work on the awareness and all.

First fling salt around the entire house and let it sit for a bit. Then vacuum it up. Whilst the salt is sitting write letters to any of these guys you still have issues/baggage with. You are not going to send them. You are going to burn them. So say what you want. Do not drink during ANY of this. It’s a Neptune squared New Moon. You do not want to start live-texting this schizz to any of the suspects.

Okay and then do your own exfoliation with salt and rosemary a la the Ancient Egyptians, set up a little makeshift shrine to Venus (candle, flowers, picture), get new bed linen and pillows, get rid of any paraphernalia/memorabilia to do with exes – i know it’s there – and (wait for it) Feng Shui Your Vagina.

Also, get a mugwort smudge stick  – Juniper Ridge is fantastic quality -and do the whole place. Your neighbors may think you are a rabid stoner but so what? Mugwort = Artemesia, the most magic and stagnation banishing herb of all. Accomplish all this by the time Venus gets to Taurus and at that exact time, do some sort of heart-felt affirmation that you are now ready for an actual relationship with an available man.

Then…wait till Venus is sextile Neptune on June 4 and report back.

What does everyone else think?


Image: Riikka Sormunen

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86 thoughts on “Rut-Fuqer House Witchery

  1. Astounding, this sounds like me, i am also a Pisces, there are slight variations on the theme but the intention is spookily spot on, thank you for sharing this letter it is amazingly therapeutic just seeing the words.
    Im sorry ‘Single for too long Pisces’, for your situation, I’m sure things will turn around for you.
    Mystic’s house witchery sounds brilliant, you are such a genius Mystic, straight from the cosmic source, grounded and magical.
    I saw my dating history so clearly it hurt, blinding shafts of WTF and painful recognition, the supermarket analogy is perfect.
    Since leaving my long term love of 11 years Ive dated, unavailable, sociopathic, murderous, thieving, handsome maniacs. Mars retrograde gave me such clarity, i feel cleansed of the capacity to do it again however i have noticed in the last two weeks since this revelation i have had roughly four men of dubious intent cling to me like flies, barely any interest for 2 years and now this scrappy selection… is it residual psyche flotsam, i hope so, i too am looking for grounded and available, a little smudging around the vagina sounds like the trick :) thank you Mystic and bloggers for being so open and welcoming.

    • OMG – was this written for me? Had near death experience with 4 yrs with narcisist, left, fell head over heels – like never ever ever ever felt like this with anyone ever, with a totally unavailable Scorpio who dropped me after 5 months because he was ‘not ready for a deep relationship’…dated a billion men since and it’s totally so depressing!!! Lovely men but just not lighting the fire for me – Still not at peace over unrequited scorpio and I have burnt every damned thing tainted with his energy and some!! No longer curled up in the foetal position sobbing, but really – WTF? Basically, this pisces has been on a hell ride with relationships for 5 yrs!!!
      I sympathise!!!

      • Pleidian Pisces,
        I had the same experience with a totes unavailable Cap. Sun Scorp. Moon – he just oozed Scorpio – but married him!
        7 months of marriage and 7 years of therapy…..I feel your pain.

        • What is it with narcissists?? It’s like you need to change the number of months you were with them to years to get over them…

  2. Pattern-breaking is sort of what most hypno/regression therapists focus on.
    Past life work is supreme for this kind of issue i.m.o.
    I don’t think salt can really cut it because you need to locate the splinter that caused the ‘infection’ in the first place, the trigger event.

    • p.s. I wanted to add congratulations on really wanting to experience a change Ms. Pisces. It is one step, but absolutely the only way things can improve, it can be so hard to galvanise oneself to really make a change!! Lots of luck & best wishes, xx.

  3. What’s an “actual relationship” and what’s that supposed to give-and-get you? I think if you do everything on the list by deadline you’ll learn something about caring for yourself and making yourself a priority and that’s not a bad thing.

  4. I took the headline literally and came over here armed with advice to get rid of rats. Rattus rattus, not love-rats.

    So anyway, snake poo in the ceiling or wherever the rats are scrabbling.

    You’re welcome, and stop dating military/law enforcement types. You’re just asking for trouble and extended absences.

    • thanks for the anti-rodent tip !- I have a friend who keeps snakes and I have just fb’ed her asking to keep me some a side…

      Go for it Pisces – even if you can’t break the pattern in one fell swoop, I think all these ritualistic intention setting gigs act cumulatively.
      Interesting to hear that the Neptune in Sag in the 7th sets you up for attraction to those who are “not there”. Same problem here, either literally on the other side of the world or somewhere in outer/inner space..

      • Neptune in Sag 10th House. I feel ya on that on bullatagate. Can’t help but think it’s my Gary and Karma transits at play here.

  5. Ok, I will try this too!! I have been single and dating challenged for about 4 years now. I have done counseling, practiced good saturn behaviors, worked on being an even better mom and focused on my career. … trying to just be a better person in general … but still nada in the dating department. While I have realized that I am commitment phobic, and seem to attract men that are also – I have not done any house witchery yet! So, I will do it, and look forward to finding out if anyone has any luck as well. Venus is also going into Toro, my sun sign … so could be great timing to try.

    Single-for-too-long Pisces – good luck!! And just know you are not alone. keep us posted. :)

  6. Still sounding pretty embattled there, Ms Pisces. Maybe learn to feel some positive emotion about men in place of all that blame, anger and resentment? While ever that’s in you it will sully your encounters with new guys, so detox this feeling as quick as you can. The only way I know to do that is to feel adequate and know that you don’t have to put up with ‘less’ than your worth – then you’ll be free to just appreciate the dudes for what they are, even if they’re not for you. Sounds like you might be hoping that something outside you will make the difference – it won’t. The negativity has to be transformed from the inside out and the dilemma is that you can’t do it on your own, so keep up the therapy for as long as it takes. You’ll know its finished when you no longer feel any incredulity about their behaviour or the circumstances you found yourself in looking back. Instead, you’ll feel incredulous and move to protect yourself as it happens. You’ll know your ready when you genuinely feel hopeful and actually look forward to meeting good men because you’ll see them for who they are and it’ll give you pleasure to be close to them. Maybe MMs ministrations will help you get there – best of luck.

    • blah , blah, blah, *yawn*
      So over comments like yours.

      Of course it’s the woman’s fault. SHE needs to work on herself more because guys are perfect exactly as they are… right…. Give me a break! Do men ever do as much work on themselves as women do??? Hardly.

      • doesn’t matter how much “work” we do. There are very slim pickings.

        • I hear you Over It! I’ve been single coming up to 9 years. I met 1 decent guy in all that time, when it was too soon and I didn’t want to waste his time when I wasn’t healed and ready. Have regretted it ever since as yes indeed there are EXTREMELY slim pickings out there. For a guy, the world is their oyster as there are many amazing women to meet. We, unfortunately, are not that lucky! Times have indeed changed. Does not matter how much work I do on myself. Does not matter how my Feng Shui is. Does not matter “insert here”. Finding a good, decent man who wants to commit is an impossible dream these days. Sadly.

          • I don’t know, Bulls Eye… I hear if you can’t believe it you won’t see it. I definitely feel you, and I’ve been having a lot of trouble changing my beliefs about this, too. But belief is everything…

      • Thanks Over It, I don’t know if Caspice intended to sound so patronising but i took it the way you did. Blah blah blah. Honestly, i’m sick of thinking about it! And i’m not incredulous Caspice, i just see the patterns and need to laugh because i spent most of Mars retro sobbing over the awfulness.

        • I feel for you Pisces, I really do.
          And it’s not like you’re a love zombie either. You had a 3 year break to take stock. So did I. I was content on my own. Wasn’t looking but was open.
          They say love loves a vacuum. Well, why didn’t anything happen in THAT vacuum.
          “They” also say if you’re not looking your man will find you. Pfffft. Nobody did.

          So I went online, met what seemed to be a lovely guy but he had serious issues. I couldn’t get serious with a love zombie who objectified women. He had a string of failed 6mth -1 year relationships. Just went from one girl to the next without any time in between. HE clearly hasn’t been doing any work.

          Why do women have to to all the soul searching?

          It’s a different era since Neptune in Aqua. I also think social media has changed the dating landscape.

          And to answer your question as to why the policeman went on a dating site if he was planning on leaving? Well, a lot of guys go online to get free sex.

          Anyway, I don’t have any answers and I wish you the best. You’re not alone.

          • I am not familiar with “love loves a vacuum”: what I’ve always known is, “nature abhors a vacuum.” So nature will throw any shiz into the black hole just to say, There: filled.

            So beat it to the punch– fill your vacuum with hand-picked loveliness! There’s no sub for a quality romantic relationship, but there are lots of ways to bring more love into your life, from feng shui remedies to art to culling crap relationships & watering the good seeds in your life. Nurture the good, starve the negative. “The grass is greener where you water it” (the Oracle).

      • The only reason a man isn’t getting the same advice is because he’s not writing into Mystic asking why he hasn’t gotten an actual relationship after serving his time and blah blah blah.

        Perhaps enjoy yourself, Pisces, as you are. And enjoy your relationships – even the ones that only last one date. Lilith in Leo style.

  7. Wow. This is a perfect beginning for a New Moon, Single-for-too-long Pisces.

    I suspect yours will not be the only report on June 4 :-)

  8. Aww, pretty pisces maybe you have a Saturn square your mars? Write the universe a letter!

  9. Ok this is pretty much the same journey as me since 2010, but I suspect ms Pisces and I have v similar astro.

    Leaving the country is always a good way for me to re-set my heart.

    In my experience so far at least, The pattern changes without salt, expensive bedlinen, bowls of pebbles. Because it changes right in your head/heart/ solar plexus ok all the chakras and neurons. The type of damaged or unavailable man we were once energetically aligned with just appeals less and less, in some ways at least. We semse the attraction but the wisdom kicks in at the same time (wrote ‘sane’ time lol)

    Be interested to know how if things change for you if you do these steps too though.pi x

    • Keep doing the work on yourself too. I went from analysing my paternal relationship to investigating that with my mother, goes way deeper in some ways (identity etc). Like peeling an onion. The next lover might not be perfect but he will be a better choice than the last.

    • Sorry if this a slightly flat response. Magical realism comes easily in artistic pursuits but not so much domestic environment, at the moment. I found it was not doing the job for matters of the heart either, alas

    • Thanks pi, I remember when i first dared to look at these issues (yonks ago) someone once telling me about a woman i could see in Daylesford (Victoria) if i wanted to get my ‘karma with men’ changed, and i said no, because i enjoyed the pain. It was something i ‘knew’ – better the devil you know etc. I didn’t think i’d know myself without my pain. Now i wish i could look her up! Pebbles etc are just a statement of intention. And i’m doing reiki too – solar plexus needs the most work of all… x

      • I have a few names of people who do that kind of thing if you want them Pisces.

        • yes, i think you need to do this work at the energetic level and it needs to be targeted. worth calling in the professionals!

          • Yes!
            I agree that calling in the pros is a good idea. As is Feng Shui ing your vag and your home. I love this story because of your rad candour and it really resonates with me. I have a v similar pattern for very similar psychological / family of origin reasons. For me the house witchery and Venus / Neptune trine and other astrology based explanations certainly helped me but the part of your story that really stands out is that you enlisted the help of a professional psychoanalyst and faced the scary/boring/predictable yet debilitating demons yourself. In the cold light of science – not saying psychotherapy is always the way forward but for me it feels like the next important step. Scary and easy to procrastinate away from. I’m going to do the salt flinging and Feng shui my vag again tonight but I’m also getting psychotherapy this mercury retro. It is time. Thane for sharing. X

            • Thanks Invictus, I stopped the psych because i felt utterly drained (it was twice a week and for a whole day after i would be ruined), but am still having realisations from it. It is storytelling, really, which is shamanism at its core… I still have realisations from it, even though i stopped it perhaps before ready… it is very expensive (not just money-wise but time and energy-wise) but so intense… he was an amazing dream analyser… and yet he was scary too… in that Pluto ‘hi this is the truth’ way… x

      • yeah, like I think my absence of enthusiasm comes as much from my current living environment as much as anything else. which is why i was curious to see, after you have done a lot of work on yourself and the psychological origins of these relationship dynamics, if after all this you really do get a shift once you try Mystic’s suggestions, etc.

        Once (only done it once, should keep doing lol) – the Oracle suggested I fix all broken light globes in the house. One was shattered and stuck in the fitting. I spent half an hour using a wine cork and gaff tape to remove this thing, fresh globe, let there be light! plus the other couple that weren’t working. about 2 days later I had first contact from a Leo who was much different, in positive ways, from previous relationships. but I woudnt have been as conscious of this difference if I had *not* unpicked everything in my head about the landscape of previous relationships..

  10. Not going to do the whole list but since I wanted to do a round of declutter for this New Moon, I’ll go and chase down the “Exes memorabilia”, see if there’s any left. Physically and psychically.

  11. Or ! ….. go to Cambodia or India and work with the poor. Then your problems with men will seem absolutely insignificant.

    • or start right here in Australia – go volunteer for anything and give love to something that needs it

  12. Methinks Single-for-too-long Pisces is trying much too hard and the energy of the Universe is pushing back. Sounds somewhat desperate which, at bottom, smacks of negative/insecure beliefs about herself. That’s where she should put her energy, sorting out her feelings about herself first. Once she is more confident, her outlook and behaviour will change.

    • I have to agree. Falling “head over heels” after one date is a red flag… Sure, I understand feeling excited about the opportunities/the new journey after one date, and maybe that’s what Pisces meant, rather than first date bam: here’s my Mate.

      I haven’t dated a soul in five years, and that was after 3 years solo post-divorce. So five years ago I was tripping about being a single mom in my 30’s, feeling alone & drained, and I got involved quickly with a guy who turned out to be most self-centered & trifling = me feeling even more alone & drained! I broke it off after a few months & peace was restored to me & my life. I figured that’s what I get for trying hard, for fixating on the Empty rather than the Full. Let it go, let it go… And then I saw the truth: my life is so full, my heart is so full, that I have everything I need already! Over these last five years I’ve experienced crushes & attractions, sure, but gone is any try-hard expectations/hopes & the subsequent lows that come with such unrealistic highs. I don’t feel like a partner is missing anymore, only that coupling is apparently not meant to be a part of my life at this juncture. And so, moving on 😉

    • I’m going to agree.

      Sometimes you’re single. It’s not a negative state. It’s neutral. When you’re single and recovering from bad experiences with men, just embrace being single. Get into new hobbies, appreciate and take care of yourself, blah blah blah and a relationship will eventually happen without trying to force one by lurking on dating sites.

      Definitely let go of old emotional wounds…those take time to heal and you can’t ‘force’ them to heal. I’m sure the magic spells will help the process somewhat but eh.

      I’m over society’s demand that everyone be in a relationship at all times or else they’re an old maid / prude / whatever. I love being single. Being in a relationship would confuse me and distract me from my career goals and I’m currently doing a Uranus on my MC transit.

      But then my 7th house is empty, and with Aquarius on the cusp, so no wonder I don’t want to conform or submit to anyone…I have an independent streak.

  13. Dear Single For Too Long Pisces. Live – Laugh and fill in the blanks if an when you can.
    Matters of the heart are so complex.
    Been given some odd advice re: dating and getting laid recently. “Hang out at X Hotel, you wouldn’t have a problem finding someone”. So can’t be bothered picking up a bit of strange. Animals can smell my kundalini on the rise.
    Today I walked out the door sans IPhone – two guys wanted my mobile number and I might have got a wolf whistle. Sure I ended my day at Maccas just to regroup. Even got mayo in my hair….note to self: Boogie Nights may not be the best role model for my Lilith placement. I had to leave.
    Good luck to you on your love quest.

  14. Does anyone realize this is a bit like “I realize how childish what I wanted was so now that I realize it was unrealistic, can I have it?”

    I have done the same.damed.thing many times. You may be sick of hearing its time to grow up, but there it is.

    • I liken it to Bargaining (a la the stages of grief). We are human, we hurt sometimes, we move through a process as we integrate our experiences & heal. Bargaining is one piece.

      • Venus square Neptune is the most exact aspect in my chart. In Pullen, I’m like 25% Neptune. I get it. I get it hard. But, I no longer feel I’ve been single too long. I still FB stalk the Pisces, but I don’t expect him to be an ideal to me. I choose NOT that. That’s how I have borders. I use them. I can’t say “Hey Universe, I have borders, so now give me a way to loose them.” Borders ARE the magic. I don’t know if Pisces has teh Venus-Neptune curse (birthright, ha ha) or not. But was reading about it thinking of her and a way to sound more compassionate, guilting out over another relationship that doesn’t exist (lol!) All about Venus-Neptune and the sacrifice it requires and deeply desires:

  15. I’m not single but i would like to clarify and strengthen my relationship with my S.O. going to give this a try. The timing is perfect as he is out of town and will be back on June 3rd or 4th.

    Before he left 2 months ago I was back and forth on whether we should stay together but I have missed him so much. Maybe this will also help to know if its right or not. If it goes bad when he gets back I may have to end it graciously.

    think i will skip the vagina Feng Shui however as I am a little nervous about putting any fire near my sacred parts.

  16. Me thinks the whole internet dating thang is open to attracting nutters – women and men. Its a candy shop for guys and gals to get free sex and not commit to anything else. They get it and just move on to the next person.
    The website design makes it too simple to f##q around, too simple to just disapear.

    been there done that – its a joke. Stay away

    • You could be right… I guess there’s natters everywhere… but like animals when we meet them in person our instinct kicks in… bit harder when separated by screen…what amazed me was how many guys too scared to meet when i was all (venus in aries-like) HURRY UP and ask me out already!

  17. Hey Lovelies,

    Really hoping somebody out there might be able to assist me.

    This post really got me to thinking… I am going to visit my sister this weekend who has just gone through a really traumatic experience (botched surgery on her kidney – doc removed the healthy one as opposed to the unhealthy one which was meant to be removed).

    Background info – she is a physically disabled woman with a history of depression. Needless to say this latest incident has really hit her hard.

    I wanted to try and help her out as best I can and I thought doing a cleanse of her apartment to rid it of any stagnant negative energy in order to help her heal emotionally and physically might help.

    I have a vague idea of what to do – taking cues from Mystics advice above… Does anyone else have any tips or pointers for me???

    Hoping some one will read this.

    Love xx

    • Rose quartz in the shower or bathtub. I needed to remove another person’s fear from my stone, so I placed it over the shower drain. Letting her schizz go, so that love and heart healing could happen. Then I could reclaim my stone but share the Universality that is Love.
      Just an idea but it has helped me heal too, which is true magic and faith. xoxo

      • I’m with LS on this one.. that’s beyond ridiculous. However in the spirit of shooshing up her space, I’d suggest a lovely plant or two.. something alive IMO is literally a boon to a space.

        I mean, how many stories have we heard of prisoners surviving years of solitude save for the company of one friendly (albeit opportunistic) rodent?

        Perhaps a bowl of colorful fish?

        I also like getting Chinese charms to hang on doors/knobs or walls.. they’re inexplicable and mysterious enough to imbue with thoughts if you’re stuck staring away for days on end..

        I really do hope she heals and bless you for doing that for her.

    • I am so sorry to hear this terrible thing has happened to your sister. I’m no expert but some appropriate crystals? burning some essential oils? lots of love (in her house and to you both) <3

      • Thanks guys, I have a bit of a plan.. thinking of getting her a rose quartz & thinking of making a body scrub for her to use as part of the cleansing, including bergamot oil as I have read it can help lift the spirit and assist with inner strength and overcoming despondency… sounds like just the ticket.

        Hope it helps. Hope I can help her to find the strength to get through this.

        wish me luck.


      • Good advice Leo Socialite. That is an insane mistake to make. And worth a billion dollars of penance. You can buy a lot of rose quartz and a long stay at Gwinganna with that. What a tragedy.
        But my own answer to your question is that just being there for her would be enough… x

    • Holy fuq – botched kidney surgery with a stationing Mars in Libra?!? That is just TEXTBOOK!


      Good gawd, my condolences to your sis – I hope the doc is held accountable for this massive fuq-up!

      This aside, it’s so sweet of you to help with your sis’ state. I do unfortunately find, though, that for the most part the Qi in a place is primarily dependent on its inhabitant, the short of this being that she has to *want* to help herself in order for Feng Shui remedies and the like to be truly effective and lasting.

      I would approach the issue from a metaphysical standpoint and talk to her in order to uncover the things that raise her sense of self-worth and that also make her feel loved, as kidneys and the sign of Libra both correlate to Venusian territory. Venus is about to be dignified in Taurus, so you have help here on an energetic level regarding addressing all things Venusian. Help her see that it’s vital for her to allow herself to feel pleasure, to be loved loved, and most importantly, to love herself. She IS worth it!

      Express how much you love and value her and also how you’re concerned about her emotional state, then focus on accentuating the things that give her Venusian mojo a boost. Maybe she could use a pamper day complete with pink mani/pedi? Seconding that rose quartz can be very helpful to her, but again, she has to be an active participant in wanting to raise her own Qi. Additionally, she might try some flower essences for self-worth, like Columbine or Christ Thorn.

      Best of luck to you and to her – I’m so sorry to hear of her suffering and hope she is able to find her way out the other side of this!

      • Thanks guys.. @liberatingvenus.. I’m not sure she is willing to want to raise her own Qi, that’s the thing. I thought all along it might not be worth it if she wasn’t going to be into it…

        She’s just landed back in hospital now anyway
        as she’s having ‘episodes’ which no one knows the cause of.

        I’m going to go and try and do my best to help her feel loved and try to get her to think positively… Although, honestly feels hopeless to try and pep talk someone when there really is not a whole lot to be positive for (apart from, thankfully not dying – but at what cost??).

        Especially as she was already in such a dark place before this. I’m not sure what I can do other than just be there. Had a good cry last night for the first time, feeling a bit better..

        Suppose I just need to try and up my own qi tonight before I leave. Maybe get some rose quartz for myself too while I’m at it.

        And yes, the doctor is under criminal investigation and my plan was to discuss with her what her thoughts are about litigation. This dude needs to pay. (three botched surgeries before hers – QLD health & the hospital are also accountable for not realising before he got to her!!!).

        Thanks everyone xx

        • Bless you – you’re a good soul for caring about her well-being!

          I know how it feels to keep pulling for a family member who won’t get out of their own way – it’s so incredibly frustrating and sad. I think it may be worthwhile, for the sake of conserving your own energy and not driving yourself bats – because it’s clear you that care very deeply – to find a way of practicing a form of loving detachment to a certain degree. If you have a greater level of investment in her emotional state than she puts in her own, that’s recipe for imbalance and you can wind up throwing a lot of your own Qi down the tubes that way. I have learned this the hard way.

          Please do protect yourself and exercise good self-care, because these kinds of scenarios can be so very draining. It hurts to come to the realization that we each have our own paths to walk in life, and if she’s unfortunately determined to walk the way of The Dark Night of The Soul, it’s a journey she must undertake on her own. You cannot follow in her descent and must save the only life you can – your own <3

          Love to you both – perhaps it might help just to send some prayers out into The Universe that she finds some form of guiding light so you can Let go and Let God(dess). Sometimes, it's just not our hands that are on the wheel…

          I will keep you both in my thoughts and hope for a positive outcome!

  18. I have 186 unread messages on my dating website and rising at 20 a day.

    why bother i say.

    no good will come of it . .

    the end

    • exactly M .don’t waste precious time on dipsticks when you can date the whole universe as a loving person

  19. Right.. so I’m not sure where to start as I feel I’ve likely occupied or at least, tried on for size every point of view expressed here – well, in some fashion anyway. I can only leave you with hard won nuggets gleaned from doing time in Pluto and Earth, sometimes the two are interchangeable:

    One, online dating does breed a lot of fly-by-nighters.. it’s kind of like the Craigslist of dating. Not Ebay, craigslist ok? So when you preface a sentence with, “I met this guy online and he is a master warlock for an off planet secret society/programmer by day..” you have what is the equivalent of a “Do Not Pass Go, Do not Collect $200” situ in Monopoly.

    Meaning most online dating pools are not a matter of choice between good vs. bad, but Bad vs. Worse. So you are in essence working in a dire environment to begin with.. which is not to say magic doesn’t happen. It does, but it is literally by wading through the River of Dead Things that it may happen. Sometimes it’s not even just one river but several aquaducts possibly used for toxic sewerage. Cough.

    Two, I am not a fan of over-analysis. IMO, men have done well and maintained productivity through a lack of too much thereof. I encourage finding lessons that may dismay and delight you over these soirees into relationship land, but after a certain point, it’s just an over-walked circle/over-tilled plant.

    So to be pointed, I am pro-clarity, pro-lucidity, but anti-psycho-driving yourself crazy thinking it’s you. IT IS YOU. So what?

    Three, Accept that we’re all damaged and the things we think we’re doing to help it, probably help less than the things we do just because we either love them, are drawn to them or are just too sodding happy when we do them.

    There is no fix point perfect enough to attract the ideal mate.. because if you sat down and designed the ideal mate based on who and what you are right now (as you know or are willing to admit), I guarantee you the Universe will have a better design than you do. Whether it’s for now, for a time or forever is also part of that design.

    Another big clue of course is when you end up having conversations where you feel you have to convince anyone to stay within a relatively accessible space-time continuum for anything to happen then it’s safe to say, it won’t be.

    Four, You really ARE limited in self-knowledge. We all are. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to be better, but when it comes to love, part of the magic is having someone come to you who clearly fills in blanks you didn’t even know you had. Just by virtue of being who they are.

    Five, So really your only job right now is to assume you’re perfect as you are and be open. To be clear, you’re not perfect period, but you’re going to be perfect to someone, bat shit crazy crap and all.

    And when I say Be Open, I also mean in a deeper sense to not turn disappointments or tragedies into a philosophy. I know that one pretty well, and it’s as good as getting brain washed. Don’t. However hopeless things feel or are, just think, Leave A Window Open.

    Mind and heart.

    Six, the whole trend of traveling men etc.. makes me wonder if you’re vicariously tapping into the spirit of not being tied down. Or at least being mobile enough as these people are. I can only say that for myself, I definitely had a need for an Out in relationships. That Out took the form of many things, some were travelers, some were just not right ad nauseum.. but you will know this by how fine you actually feel (even whilst complaining) about said people not really working out.

    Meaning the process of dealing and negotiating with someone unavailable has a lot more draw.

    And lastly, regards the house witch cures.. yeah I had a place where my worst relationship happened. I couldn’t move right away so I did lots of the same thing, salt, painted, cleaned, feng’d, chanted. Know what worked?

    I moved. But I moved having bought a place.. so it also had that significance of all the other work I was doing in a practical sense i.e. eradicating debt, saving etc.. so practical things ARE magical, because they’re also very symbolic of moving psychic blocks. Just something to think about..

    I really, truly don’t think there’s anything wrong with you doll.. it’s just an unfortunate time, it’s temporary. Be present for the good that is, and don’t think too hard of what isn’t, sometimes the Universe needs a little benevolent ignorance from us as an act of faith, no?

    • “Six, the whole trend of traveling men etc.. makes me wonder if you’re vicariously tapping into the spirit of not being tied down. Or at least being mobile enough as these people are. I can only say that for myself, I definitely had a need for an Out in relationships. That Out took the form of many things, some were travelers, some were just not right ad nauseum.. but you will know this by how fine you actually feel (even whilst complaining) about said people not really working out.

      Meaning the process of dealing and negotiating with someone unavailable has a lot more draw. ”

      BINGO – welcome to the hazards of 7th house projections! We’re less inclined to own 7th House planets because we perceive them as originating from a source outside ourselves, i.e. The Other.

      In this story, this is exemplified by men who are *not there* – there has to be a reason for picking unavailable partners that *vanish*. Especially if a 7th house planet is within orb of squaring the IC/MC axis, we also have to start looking at the parental influence as to why a partnership is appealing – or at least familiar – on some level.

      With Neptune, there’s a tendency to put the partner upon a pedestal and ignore red flags, putting on the blinders and seeing only the best in a person or feeling sorry for them in a way that can potentially lead to some really co-dependent/enabling behavior. I find that when a planet is in the 7th, we have to work extra hard to own it so that we’re not faced with it in the mirror of relationship.

    • “Meaning most online dating pools are …….. ”

      “literally by wading through the River of Dead Things that it may happen. Sometimes it’s not even just one river but several aquaducts possibly used for toxic sewerage. Cough.

      That’s GOLD!!!! So true. LOL

  20. Well that was just beautiful. Thank you FA, I am going to write some of this out to come back to…. so generous of you….

    • Hey, you’re welcome darkling.. I just didn’t want you to come away from this thinking you were THAT different from at least 60% of the world wondering about and wanting the same thing.

      Really, RELAX. Those are soon to be old stories and truth be told, most everyone has lived it, whether or not they can admit it.

      I think the one thing that’s easy to forget, and mostly because it’s rare as well as painful to remember if lost, is that if it’s love, you will always be ok in their eyes and you WILL be a priority. Even when things aren’t perfect, they will be more than good enough.

      Along with that I also think so much of this is not as within our control as we’d like to I state of play and wonder is necessary no?

  21. Well I just did the whole lot- with just two hours to go until Venus in Taurus. I did kind of fudge the salt part because I cleaned it up before I wrote the letters…but I did have some good release moments on my own beforehand.

    And get this- right after the final step ( a salt scrub that I made sooo nice) my text alert goes off immediately and its the cute Australian I’ve been messing with. Not true love or anything but really this was to the minute.

    I think my affirmation for Venus into Taurus will be ” I am ready for the next relationship I’m in to be the real deal, whenever that comes around.” In the meantime I’m doing the phoenix stuff and purging the brainscape.

    And yes, I feng shuied down there and yes I have a cauldron!!!

  22. So Im a bit like the Pisces with the Leo policeman.. thus I did the spell you provided. Did all the specifics the nite before and then I set my alarm for the moment that Venus went into Taurus.

    On that day I had plans for my honorary grandparents to come by (they’re a Cancer Taurus pair that have been together for 62 years and are still totally in love). I also had plans for a date with a new guy. 29 degree Turkish Taurus. I had thought that Dick and Dorothy would be there in the afternoon, and my date at 6. Well everyone was late and I was mid visit with D&D when the Taurus arrived, and I kid you not as soon as he walked up to my door, the alarm went off.
    And if ever there was a couple who’s relationship glory Id like to bask in, its Dick and Dorothy. It felt like a potent convergence.
    The date went well, with us literally rolling in the hay (I mulch my garden with hay) under the stars til dawn.
    Who knows from here, but it certainly got a good start.
    Thanks, as always, for the mojo! xx