Pamela Zaps Back


Good ON Pamela Anderson, both for sharing her story and speaking out against the abusers whose main defense against discovery is usually shaming or destroying the victim. People in the public eye being so transparent and brave gives support to the victims still suffering with this schizz today and helps the shift the blame back where it belongs. With the perp.

She’s had Mars going back and forth opposite her Aries Moon for months now AND her chart has a natal Cardinal Cross/Zap Zone type vibe with Mars in Libra opposite Moon square Mercury.  Uranus is also heading straight for her Lilith in Aries.  Epic.

Saturn in Scorpio (since Oct 2012) is like a big rock has been turned over and all sorts of sociopathic child abusing creatures are scurrying around in the light now, exposed and bought to justice. It’s incredible. Fuq them and the people who shield them from justice.

On a lighter note, Pamela took down her hair extensions when Jupiter was crossing her Ascendant – it must have felt like a big image morph for her and i think that is fab too.


Image: The Independent

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106 thoughts on “Pamela Zaps Back

    • This celebrity worshiping is pathetic. This whole scene is run by reptiles, wake the fuq up people. MM is a great blog, but I can’t take it seriously with shit like this

      • I’m not sure I follow you?

        The focus of the post was the ‘making a statement about abuse’, rather than celebrity worship.

        Also, I’m not sure this blog is always meant to be taken too seriously.

      • Well we all have ‘reptilian brains’ to an extent. Really you might as well say, the whole scene is run by power mongerers. It doesn’t change the fact that Pam A. experienced what she did or make it less important does it? It’s a common experience sadly, regardless of where you are from or where you work.

        • :) Gemini Yogi RELAX. Take a deep breath. I’m trying to shake you out of celebrity worship and scrutinizing. You’ll thank me one day

            • For a moment I thought I was on my knees because I was cleaning up my children’s breakfast but I was mistaken – actually I was unconsciously worshipping celebrities. Busted!
              Thanks AVR!

  1. Totally agree with you, Mystic, about the rock turned over. Fuq them completely. And may the universe bless Pamela.

    • Yes, interesting, huh? Julia Gillard announced the Royal Commission on 12 November 2012, so clearly a Saturn in Scorp thang! And I really agree – evil bastards – just want to stomp on them like the nasty little maggots they are…

  2. I have always loved Pammy, mainly because of her animal activism.
    I thought she was fairly down to earth, whenever I read her quotes.

  3. I have a fondness for Pamela because of her animal work, that may now be morphing into hero worship.

    “I prayed to the whales with my feet in the ocean”… I mean, WOW. What a speech.

    • timely for me too, as I recently gave a police statement about some terrible (historical) events that happened in my home. yes right during mars retro! unfortunately that particular person has escaped justice, and I have to face the fact that I have no more power over this matter. I’m told that only a confession would change anything, but when someone has no conscience, why would they confess?

      they are scurrying around in the light for sure but plenty are still getting away.

        • Counselling Bubby counselling, not suggestion, an order! Ask your Doc to refer you for Talk Therapy.

  4. found solace from her trauma in her love for animals

    yes they are the best healers and confidantes, i truly hope the world catches up on their being sentient beings and animal activism gains the ground it deserves

  5. Such a brave lady. She has certainly faced some serious shizz in her time. I hope she starts to heal and find some peace

  6. I am so pleased for Pamela. Read this story today and shed a tear. I’ve never liked her much because I felt she was such a barbie doll/cartoon/male fantasy chick. I like her so much more now I can see the real woman and the scared hurt teenager. My heart goes out to her and all abused women and girls. Also happy all this shit is coming to light.

  7. Thank you for this post MM.
    Pamela Anderson and I have the same birthday July 1st.
    Guess this puts us in the same corner (natal chart wise). Early childhood and adult sexual abuse survivors. Animals do make you feel real again.

  8. I love her hair and I think she’s looking amazing. Very similar timing to Tara Moss’ revelation about her rape years ago. I hope it’s healing for both of them to speak out.

  9. Good for Pammy. What a transformation, has this SunPluto at nine Libra quite in awe. I wonder if she knew that being a pinup sextape junior high school masturbation fantasy kitten was just a rung on the ladder towards assuming her real potency, evident in her pic,or is she as suddenly taken by herself as I am now re-taken be her! Her energy is completely uncovered.

        • My wife used to tell me how beautiful she was, when Pam was in her rockenroll titty glam era, and I thought, yeah ok, pretty for a groupie or high-efficiency sperm filter, but now I’m like, who is this wonderful woman radiating herself so fearlessly and true?

          • Yes I was the same as you, but saw a show years ago where she was taking the piss out of herself and had the most wicked sense of humour. That changed everything for me I saw her in a different light after that.

  10. Just read the article, such that it was and I have a slightly differing opinion about things as normal.
    Could it be that she has always been a very sexual being into which men and possibly women have fallen? A walking talking come on and when you are young you have no idea how to control the situations that just keep happening to you? Granted I am letting no one off the hook here but maybe if we take a differing angle.
    I say all this because… similar stuff happened to me and I have never carried a grudge about it. I just saw it as part of me and my path. Now I understand what I have, I am extremely powerful in that department and have embraced my goddess fully. My friends are always in utter wonderment as to what it is. Last week for instance, I had three men stop me in the street and tell me how astounded they were and literally fall over themselves. I was in no way trying to be flirty or wearing provocative clothing, it just happens. Then at dinner with my girl chums the waiter utterly fell into me and I ended up taking a loaf of bread home because he wouldn’t let me leave without. My friends just hooted. Then on the walk home with another pal a man stopped in his stride, removed his hat bowed and called me utterly beautiful. My pal just stood their open mouthed. I shrugged. Now all this is fun now and I am so used to it but when I was younger it was harder to control. Same thing happening but I had less strength of character to say hang on…
    Pammy is a very sexual girl and driven to sexual men too I might add. Tommy Lee was utter sex on legs and on seeing Motley Crue for the first time I could not take my eyes off him. Jeeeeeeesoooooo gorgeous.
    So if she can take what has happened and let it be her story and know it has formed part of her but it was always part of her.
    Thank god the tide is turning and we can now begin to reclaim our goddess status, the patriarchy is falling slowly and it’s up to us to take our strength, our quite undeniable strength.
    I see my past as something to be embraced, I have a genuine understanding of my user, I can’t say abuser as I can’t see it that way or I don’t see it that way and I understand that my sexuality was there all along and maybe I just got to see it a touch earlier than is normally anticipated. Who knows.
    I hope I haven’t offended with this post but it is the way I see my life to date. And I think Pammy looks great with the short cut Like like like

    • What an interesting view to take on all this. Not sayings it’s good or bad, just it makes one think.

    • I have had two friends who could be described as very sexual beings. like when we were out , this one girl would just stand there at a club and in a short time there would be about 4-5 guys standing around. It was definitely a force with her, and she was well aware of it.

      I always felt there was heaps of energy coming from her lower chakras, whereas mine is really strong from my head and crown, so it was fun to hang out with her, we had complementary energy so to speak. We attracted very different sorts of men btw

      It is definitely contentious to say ‘walking talking come on’ though, as if there was some sort of invitation by a young vulnerable person to be misused and taken advantage of sexually. I’ve had men’s eyes on me at age 12, and I didn’t like it.

      Abuse isnt all about sex either it’s about power and the breaking of trust but I do get what you’re saying, from your point of view it’s about taking back your power and how you choose to frame it.

    • Adults who prey on children are attracted to their vulnerability & innocence– that’s what perps find “sexy.” For them it’s nothing to do with any concept a mentally healthy adult might deem attractive, like energy or looks or whatever. It’s only about vulnerability & innocence, and that’s why perps & child sex abuse are so warped. Perps are the scavengers of childhood & security. There really is no comparison.

      • Many years ago, a friend’s father was convicted of molesting a six-year-old girl. His defense? “She came on to me!” I want to puke every time i think of him.

        Kids know not what they do, & a healthy adult knows that & protects them, not takes advantage of the situation. Perps are master manipulators & complete, selfish opportunists.

        • Thanks Scorp Inc – I put my childhood sexual abuse in the pit (i.e black holes). Wasn’t until my first breakdown that it came into view. No wonder the first assessment was to keep me hospitalised for a year. Groomed from age 6 and abused 8-9 years old. My father took my innocence, while I slept. I was bed ridden with German measles at the time.
          He was abused (I suspected) as a child and started drinking alcohol aged 10. It is possible to break the cycle.
          Definitely you can survive, just finding help and support is vital.

          • Yes, while it’s true that most perps were themselves abused as kids, most kids who are abused do *not* grow to be abusers themselves. Becoming a healthy adult who can be trusted with children is like a default setting, a Real Love setting, & often those who were “there” once are super attuned to their kids’– and animals’– needs.

            It’s overwhelming how Strong & Beautiful survivors are!! You are Love & Light, babe. All you survivors in the audi: Your gorgeous. Shine on xx

        • Serious lolita shit. So sad to see a woman buy into that like a religion. I guess Pam did too for awhile. At least she got paid.

    • I am confused by this comment for so many reasons. What do you think is “goddess status” or “strength, our quite undeniable strength.” Is that all sexuality?

      I understand you call sexual abuse being used, like you are a drug. But it was abuse if you were a child who didn’t have a choice. I am all for goddess’s and humans getting to make the choice of who they partner with or if they want to partner at all. The ability to make a choice is power and strength and children don’t have it, no matter how sexualized they are by others or within themselves.

      • I think she could have meant that as sexuality, or even more broadly as the whole Feminine Power (of which sexuality is a piece). But sadly it’s a moot point: in the US, more boys are sexually molested than girls, by current estimates. So… yeah :/

        • I still wonder about her idea of us all being goddesses and embracing goddess energy. Does that automatically mean shagging everyone, no strings or whatev? Cause is sounds like that. If the femnine power is the power to fuq the public, its not much of an evolution.

          Yes. Boys. So painful too because there is no public narrative for them.

          • God no 12th house. You have to pick up on your own sexuality and then use that. You may be a once a lifetime girl or a three times a night. Shag as is appropriate and don’t be told to conform to any one take on it. For me it is always about who you are. Really who you are. No conditioning, no constructs, no constraints etc. It’s taken me a while to figure myself out but now I have life just feels so comfortable.

            • It’s just that women don’t seem to understand the true nature of the power they hold on any level.
              And it shouldn’t be to the detriment of men just understanding and using it right.

              • Huh? You lost me again.

                What is “the true nature of the power they hold” and how is it so different from male power? Are we talking about something other than sex here?

                “And it shouldn’t be to the detriment of men just understanding and using it right.” This sounds like victim blaming again where sex=power.

                Seems like Pamela claimed her power quite nicely the other day – to defend those that can’t defend themselves – and that your comments are in disagreement to that ?

              • Power for me is about knowing who we are. Then that encompasses all of our nature and in this instance we are talking sexual. But if we know who we are and how we see the world and respond then we have power. Equally power has been taken from the female for a long while now, we are talking eons so it seems and it has created havoc. As soon as we allow each individual to step up to themselves and be responsible all the better. And I am not then saying Pammy or myself was responsible for what occured to them but that we may stand a better chance of deflecting this or not seeing so much of it in the first place. To open this a bit further one of my bugbears and where I would throw some stones is at the societies that think girls of 12 should be married off to guys of 40 odd and that’s ok?!?!?!?! That is legalised abuse of the highest kind where she stands no chance, none of ever really breaking free or of retaliation. If we freed these women and let them seek their own sexuality when the time was right, men would be fed (sexually) and women would be happier. As it is the whole thing is screwed (sorry for the word use there) but the guys can’t have sex unless wed and the girls are not allowed to be sexual. Don’t get me started…..

                • So we are talking about the same thing, I pulled a definition of power from wikipedia “In social science and politics, power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of people.” I’ll add to that and say self control is also highly powerful. As for sex – there is a lot of ways to get/do that and not all involve women/girls/vaginas/etc.

                • I respect you and your open and exploratory mind emg, but we are talking about children 6-12 yr olds (or younger), who aren’t in a position to “step up to themselves and be responsible” and that’s is why others have to be responsible for them and for themselves and not impose their own urges onto others, whoever they are but especially those who aren’t experienced at self-posession. I’d say what made her a target was her vulnerability more than her sexuality.

                  The man who abused me when he was 25 and I was 8 was also abused as a child and I can grieve and empathise with his experience as much as for my own, but I cannot respect the way he handled it and I bear the cost of the damage done myself – no replaying that story on another vulnerable person at the cost of their self-security.

    • You know I find you hella rad, though, of course Emg. No disrespect for your experiences. I just foam at the mouth at the mention of sex perps. It’s like a gag reflex, my thing. x

      • Hey of course I understand, but yes the guy with me was abused as a kid too, so he was a survivor too?? And even though I was a child I still cannot see it as abuse, he had a need I filled it. But I also had a need, not sexually at that time but he filled that. Complex. I see it as karmic and strangely sad but also just part of life. Life can be downright ugly at times.
        As to those with the desire to use kids etc, I feel utterly devastated for them. How awful for your sex drive to come from such utter base and filthy stuff. Do you simply become asexual or how do you sort out your drive? It is such a tough question. Do you simply lock these folk up, throw away the key? I can’t see that drive altering.
        To answer another question about power and strength, I think a lot of the rape crisis will eventually unravel when the female has taken back control. When she can openly ask for her needs to be met sexually, to have no social stigma attached and to be available when she wants it not when she is married or in a socially acceptable bonded union. Reclaim our own sexuality first and foremost. It is about holding the power.
        And Veronica,
        I am one of those with a flashing base chakra I think Hahahahahaha

        • Do you know that as a clinician I cannot list “pedophilia” as a focus of treatment? Because there exists no treatment proven to treat pedophilia, empirically or otherwise. So do I advocate locking perps up & throwing away the keys? Oh heaven’s no! I believe a humane (cuz I am compassionate) euthanasia of perps to be appropriate; skulls made into jewelry & proceeds of the sales to benefit programs for children & animals. Done & done.

    • Not sure a six year old can be sexy or even at age 12 when the molestation and first rape occurred. That’s rather creepy.

    • Interesting take EMG. I too had some kind of ‘sexual come on’ thing happening in my younger years, it was really hard to handle, and I now know has contributed to my life-long struggle with my weight – being overweight was a way to deflect male attention, but my Mother never saw it that way just that I had no self control.

  11. I am not offended but I am quite stunned to read something like this here of all places.

    Emg are you high? Time travelling from another era?

    Child abuse and rape have zero to do with your apparent ability to pull men or your wigwam essence style goddess worship.

    • Ha, love the way you express yourself TLS :) .
      I think Emg’s response is coming from a place where you take ‘responsibility’ for everything that happens to you in life? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is always karma, or destiny or a lesson about our power?

      Personally I am not sure that we have as much control over events as we like to think we do. :(

    • Agreed, was confused by above comment and don’t agree – see the victims as just that….not as oversexed and walking comeons

    • Easy now. I think I know what Emg is talking about. I don’t know how to describe it either, nor am I excusing it anymore than Emg is. I also don’t know Emg and maybe they are indeed out-of-line here, but I have a girlfriend who could fit this description.
      I don’t think my girlfriend was abused as a child, but I have seen her come to terms as an adult with some of her personal energy signature. And I could see how that signature, in the relative innocence of childhood, might have been attractive to an abusive type if they had been around.

      Nobody here is excusing abuse (nor saying that one need mute ones personal energy to avoid attracting unwanted attention, or some schizz like that). Just reflecting on the strange undercurrents of life.

      • personal energy signature. Like that a lot. It’s the aura we give out.

        • It’s odd that abusers do tend to draw to certain people.
          The strangest thing is when I am completely minding my own business running errands with zero makeup men hit on me more, from wolf whistles, to cat calls from cars, innocent flirty to rude creepy disturbing rapey vibes, stares and in my face trying to hit on me.
          It disturbs me, and I am not a hot blonde like Pam, so it really freaks me out.
          I am not putting out any sexual vibes whatesoever.

          • You’re totally allowed to feel what you feel. I know my daughter feels utterly uncomfortable when she is out and someone passes comment.

            • Because, it’s extremely rude and creepy to yell scream or sexually harass people mind there own business. It’s evasive.
              Some men need to be taught to behave better in public.

    • Oh my god, thank you! I can’t wrap my mind around what Emg is saying.

      I’m SO tired of victim blaming! Even if Pam was ‘sexy’ as a 12 year old, that is not a good reason for her to have been raped! Nobody ever deserves that when they’re a kid and I bet you anything she wasn’t ‘asking for it’. Rape is ALWAYS the abuser’s fault and it is NEVER excusable. I don’t think Pam needs to ‘be enlightened and see this as part of her story’ blah blah. It’s just a reflection of our rape culture which makes men think rape is okay cuz ‘women are just sexual objects here for them’. Please…

      • Guys I’m not blaming anyone and I can’t say I was a victim or to be blamed. I’m not finding scapegoats all I am saying is that it happened to me and I see it differently. I have no hang ups on any of it and feel for all sides as the above post covers. I ask a lot of questions but rarely throw stones. I’d like to see women holding their power especially sexually because it has been warped for a long while.
        And as to High…No never taken a substance in my life and time warped No. This is just me at nearly 50 looking back and trying to gain a foothold on what my life is and was about.
        I’m a very happy person, that doesn’t carry crap around.

        • My dear poor Emg, let me more clear and apologies to anyone i may offend or trigger with this.

          My credentials as both a slut and a professional beauty are impeccable.
          Whatever you have experienced in terms of men wanting you on the street or whatever it is you are on about, i guarantee i have surpassed it. I say this not to boast but i have made millions of dollars from my looks, had men give me mercedes and high end jewels in exchange for my company, had my image used to shift countless items of designer goods and been paid $10,000 just to spend two hours at a party.

          My looks and the desire of men (and women) have gotten me in bed with celebrities and in private jets/ yachts with people whose success i could never emulate. yes i grew accustomed at an early age to causing car crashes when i left the house from people being distracted gawping at young me and yes i have enjoyed the power of my beauty and sexuality. There is nothing like the thrill of walking into a club or a party and knowing all eyes are upon you.

          NONE OF THIS is akin to being an eight year old with the cock of a “family friend” in her mouth literally pissing yourself with fear because he has threatened to kill your puppy. And then having to be “tickled” by him in front of his wife and your parents at family parties with nobody believing you and his constant threats to come and “catch” you.

          That is but one example. Sorry Mystic but Emf you are full of shit. The reason why it is against the law is because it is a CRIME.
          Sexual abuse breaks lives. You are completely misinformed and basically a patsy for the abusers. Users and karma my arse.

          Don’t tell me you also think that the people in concentration camps were just playing out some karma? That they should have just been more empowered and everything would have been fine?

          • High 5 to you The Leo Socialite. Thank you for your words and conviction to the truth. x

          • I refute the shit. I am entitled to my own opinion and if you read the first post then you will see that I too feel as you do about much of this but I still hold that we all appreciate the world differently and could it be that I have held no damage from my situation and have gone on to not be troubled by it?
            I do not side with the perpetrators and am a pacifist on all levels and yes clearly they have a lot wrong that they have to stand up and take responsibility for or we as society are to make them take responsibility. It’s just for me, I found my own way through and now you hurl abuse at me???

            • By the way I was two when it started and went on until eight years.

              • And do you know I thought about not posting up that I had a different take because I expected a lot of misunderstanding but hey I wrote it and I will stand by all I have said about my experience.

                • Emg, Thank you for everything you’ve written.
                  I wonder if perhaps because you suffered abuse from such a young age, that in a way you have been programmed, or trained, to prioritize sexuality, or have a well-developed base chakra, as you put it. And men instinctively know that, hence the reactions. Also because it did start so young, you possibly have a very detatched, unsentimental attitude towards it all. When abuse starts so young the personality fractures in order to deal with the confusion of it all.
                  There are horrible people in the world who take advantage of the individuals ability to splinter the self when exposed to abuse at a very young age. The younger the better because the personality creates a work around and is able to seemingly function normally. Those who are abused at an older age are in a way more traumatized, because there is no initial fracturing. Though they are also able to fully heal more easily.
                  Wishing you all the best regardless. xx

                    • Yes to this – both comments. No one sees themselves as an abuser. That’s how abusers multiple each other. Best to heal yourself.

                • There is just no letting people have their own experience. The other people who have invalidated yours and put it in the sick basket make me angry.

              • Hi Emg, I am really sorry to learn this story. I don’t have words for what I feel hearing that.. I just wanted to note, I am not taking sides here, you are completely entitled to your point of view & I support that as being your way to your truth, xx.

            • Sorry to comment again, and if this is labouring the point or too personal I apologise in advance … I just can’t stop thinking about what has been written here.

              Unfortunately for us all, we repeat traumatic events in order to understand them better. Hence Pammy’s life as a sex symbol, rather than as a vet. Once we really, truly, deeply get it, we stop attracting that experience and attract something quite different.
              Emg I was struck by the way that you describe yourself almost as an exciting new toy for these various men, and the obvious delight you take in that reaction. You also keep suggesting that it is because you know yourself so well that you embrace your sexuality to such a degree and in a very particular way.
              Have you ever thought that you are actually pulling these experiences in order to understand what went on when you were very young, and so that you can proceed in an entirely different way?
              Also your daughter’s hostile reaction to that kind of behaviour in men has got nothing to do with that being part of her own attitude to sexuality, or being part of who she is, but most likely due to having a mother who constantly needs to pull certain reactions from men in order to feel normal.

              It would be very difficult for someone who has been abused from such a young age to truly know who they are and what their attitudes to sexuality really are. A particular kind of approval from men and a near complete inability to access the trauma of it all would make it so hard.
              Gosh my dear…. you were a toddler !!!!! :-( :-(
              And your extremely efficient mental levels have explained it all away very neatly, and as not having held any damage from it, but anyone who reads what you have written sees the deep confusion and dissociation in it all.

              Take care.

              • Thank you Anon, for articulating so perfectly what I (and I’m sure others) have been thinking….

                Big hugs and healing to you all.

  12. Always loved Pammy knew there was more to her than her assets. Good on her for outing these cretins!

  13. Good for Pamela for speaking out. Powerful!

    She has incredible features although (in my opinion) she would be even more beautiful if she wore less makeup, or more subtle makeup. Less is more.

    Love her new hair. Makes her look fresh and years younger.

  14. I have always loved Pam – so smart, funny, and joyous. I always respected her animal rights work, and I respect her even more now. And everytime I see her & La Westwood together, I am overcome with happiness. What a team! I don’t get the ‘bimbo’ put-downs …

    • I have to be honest, I love bimbo themes. Partaking in them myself from time to time, I never thought to level it as a criticism at someone else 😉

  15. Good on her for addressing her issues and fighting against victim shame. I love how she found solace with animals which kept her heart open.

    She also rocks a short hair do. That is big progress for her, breaking the stereotype look that she had for decades.

  16. Any thoughts on Pamela’s birth chart? Using this one,_Pamela I see she has Pluto in the fourth house, which I’ve been told is an indicator of this type of stuff… I have it too and had incidents in childhood. Some interesting comments here, agree that abuse creates lasting damage that often only comes to light a lot later – can be truly awful dealing with it… Happy healing everyone!

    • I have done a lot of reading about this aspect .
      I think abuse or not, a strong element of this energy is essentially “you’re on your own, kid.”
      This sort of transpires in various ways, some hideous, some subtle, but the unifying element might be sense of being left to fend for oneself, and how effectively we achieve this (or not) depends on many other things. Psychotherapy is genius for this placement imo, if we find we’re constantly hitting emotional walls in our adult relationships.

      • Hey darlin’ Calypso…

        I do too…Virgo Pluto 2 degrees conjunct IC/4thhouse cusp 5 degrees.

        What makes this more poignant for a near cusper as it is not technically in the 4th is that it is opposite Pisces Sun/Mn midpoint on the MC..

        Anyway, looked much more developed at a young age…started my period when 11…I was ridiculed because i wore a bra in 4th grade.

        One friend’s mother said I should have been “ashamed’…

        Had college men expose themselves to me…had my breast pinched by a stranger…

        Crap like that..

        Let me tell you tho…any 25 yr old touch my 12 yr old grandaugher and he is getting his head blown off…

        No questions asked….

        Will save that for another life…

        Sorry I didn’t make it to enlightenment God…just pissed is all….

        “Turn Down for What”

        Okay, I knowbeyond that shit….Like what we carry is electromagetically in the cells/dna…etc…

        It gets played out as patterns…it is the patterns we must transcend…

        Meditate…connect with Source energy and it will heal it all…x

        • hi Sweets!

          and thank you both, you beautiful souls xx

          ps. it has taken a fair bit of work but I am pretty good :)

          • hugs. feeling it all today! trauma everywhere… US friend just posted on FB witnessing a motorcycle crash! couldn’t read the full post, she was obviously distressed…

            This is why I can’t bear to watch the news and the terror and misery ‘infotainment’

            • because it breaks my heart.

              Still, as Rumi said, ‘Keep breaking your heart until it cracks open’ <3

            • yes, it’s sometimes all too much isn’t it GY? especially for sensitive or empathic souls. I’ve spent a fair bit of time in isolation lately and have savoured the peace it brought. restorative xx

    • I have pluto in the 4th house too and though all my siblings have been abused at some point, some by a family member another outside the family – I have not. However I have had to be a big part of helping some of the sibs to process this and to act on their behalf when the trauma was too debilitating.

  17. Heavy day on the MM threads. :(

    So sorry to read your stories my darling blog comrades.

    • Yes just read above exchanges and have been crying for your honesty and bravery, all of you. Thankyou. You are heard.

  18. Yes, indeed, as James Hillman said, “Life is psychological, & the purpose of life is to make psyche, or meaning of it”.. And yes Pam has been so often seen by many as the queen of the superficial etc.. Baywatch & beyond.. And now, here she is looking radiant, interestingly with her hair cut seemingly fitting for this moment of revealing her past sexual abuse.. And, meanwhile all this too with my also listening to Brene Brown talking about “Shame” & the fear of disconnection.. Also of course archetypally, rape relates directly to the god Pan, & the Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld.. Who of course kidnapped Persephone from her overprotective Mother & “initiated” her into the Underworld.. And so archetypally all that is “repressed” has to come out in one way or another.. We cannot fight with the laws of Necessity, this is also the realm of Dark Goddess.. And, as Michael Meade said the ancients new that all Wisdom comes from Dark Knowledge.. ie. referring to the psychological.. And, that also from another talk at the PCC Forum on “Trusting Psyche,” the was also a discussion about the reality that whenever we have a “wounded” Feminine, we also have a wounded “Mascline”.. ie. THERE IS NO SEPERATION.. All are connected.. This is the ultimate Truth of Neptune/Pisces & the 12th house.. What is the cause of all human suffering.. None other than the fear of “Seperation”.. And, the deep fear of feeling Shame, in a world still full of “Old Testament” judgement or narrow thinking.. This takes me back to the Sabian Symbol for Taurus 7, THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA AT THE WELL.. The meeting of the traditional past & of the Creative Spirit pointing to the future..

    Early in his ministry, Jesus meets a Samaritan woman at an ancestral well. This woman belongs to a tribe despised by the Jews, moreover she is unmarried & therefore on the fringe of even her own Society. It is just to this kind of woman that Jesus reveals that he is the Messiah: “I am He,” a revelation that he apparently will not bestow upon his disciples, at least not in words..

    What does this mean? Jesus, as the Avatar incorporating the Christ-Impulse, came to replace the old tribal order with a new order based on Universal Love. It was not to representatives of, or even to those still attached to, the Old Order that Jesus could reveal his Spiritual, evolutionary & Society-transforming status, they had to reach a point where they could “discover” his avatarship.. But to the woman of Samaria – who, in her openness to love’s urgings, had already repudiated any narrow subservience to the Old Order – Jesus could reveal his function. The highest meets the “lowest” when this lowest is free from the traditional bonds & open to love. The Creative future descends first to that which has become Chaos. An old order is never open to a new Revelation until it has accepted disorder in the name of that Power which subsumes all forms of order, ie. Love..

    While the following symbol also reveals the next evolutionary step ahead, at *8degTau.. A SLEIGH ON LAND UNCOVERED BY SNOW.. The value of anticipating & preparing for expectable conditions..

    At this thrid stage of the eighth five-fold sequence we should realise the value of FUTURE-ORIENTED IMAGINATION, but also of relying upon the natural order of unfoldment of all life processes….

    And, here is a short talk with Brene Brown at, on Shame & Empathy..

    In an excerpt from her new psychoeducational shame-resilience curriculum, University of Houston researcher and educator Brené Brown discusses the destructive nature of shame and the healing power of empathy…

    And here is my recent blog “On the Unforgivability of Abuse,” at!/2014/05/on-unforgivablity-of-abuse.html.. in response to another blog I read by Jennifer Wilson at her No Place For Sheep blog, also writing about her own experience of sexual abuse..

    And no we cannot simply automatically epect people to understand or forgive others for various acts of “abuse”.. And, yet, we must also be aware of the automatic responses we expect others to have to various life experiences, in a fundamentalist kind of way, harking back to the “Good versus Evil” debate etc et al.. One definition of the word “Evil” is “unripe”.. There is light & shadow in ALL things.. There are various levels & depths to understanding the meaning of our own lives & of life as a Whole.. And as Neitzche said, “The world is deep, deeper than day can comprehend”..

    “We are not troubled by things, but by the opinions we have of things”..

    **NB: from Dane Rudhyar’s book ‘An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformation & Its 360 Symbolic Phases’….