Mars Direct & Tarot Live For All Subscribers

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Happy Mars Direct Pilgrims!

And within five minutes of this post appearing, the Tarot will be live and open to ALL subscribers.

Hit refresh if you don’t see it properly.

Sometime shortly, the “deck” of cards will be animated…

Re Mars…Now the Action Planet tracks back over ground already covered and gradually picks up speed – situations that were big in April get bigger (or better) over June as Mars re-triggers those very same degrees.

More in your Horoscopes, stay rad, stay real.


Image: Gabriele Dellโ€™Otto

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78 thoughts on “Mars Direct & Tarot Live For All Subscribers

    • There is more in daily mystic, horoscopes and mars mp3…the Grand Cardinal x was all at 13 degrees and mars goes back over that point in june.

      • Oh, goody! After the soul-crushing ride with narcissistic, lying cheater finally ended with a “THUD” on April 15 (he shut down, complete denial) and even worse, on Easter, the truth came flooding in – that everything was a LIE – he was using me the entire time, never loved me (which has been really hard to accept, because we have this undeniable, other-dimensional connection, depicted as a major trine in our composite charts. He has vanished, naturally. I am getting stronger, cleaning out those dark corners of my psyche, ditching some of those not-so-pretty aspects of myself which seem to attract these types, taking long walks, writing again. Don’t tell me after all this progress, I might have to deal with him some more?! AARGH! Is this a past life/karmic debt I still have to re-pay … WTF?! This Libra sun, Leo rising lady is done.

  1. Wow Mystic, you do not disappoint! My reading was so bang on it gave me goosebumps. SO worth the wait.

  2. Mars Direct = time to not study art therapy course. My Aqua friend had a dream about this guy she knows, as in a match for me (her dreams world is a premonition state). I couldn’t bring myself to meet this guy, as my heart space had been filled by another. The night I was supposed to meet this guy, my PTSD crazy train arrived and I kicked it over the boarder. Land in another State and in the Nut House and made homeless twice pre Mars Direct.
    So it seems fitting that my Aqua says he might be coming over tonight.
    Bring it on Mars my life needs a lucky turn of events.

    • Congratulations on the Tarot MM. The synchronicity is bang on. Super cool and well worth the subscription. Many thanks :)

      • No he was a no show. I also don’t like his wine choices. Also think he has a rescuer complex. I don’t want some temporary fella. Just the one that rocks my world and has a similar value system to myself. I am too old for dating. True love is resilient and has it’s own watch. Would love some romance but not with a stop gap man. Good to the core kinda fella and speaks my language (weird, witty and with musical taste like fine wine).
        Scorpbot and CS – hello :) xoxo

  3. Amazing work on the tarot Mystic! The tarot spread nailed me (in a good way)… Love the gif above too, I can feel it. Have felt so “held up” the past 11 weeks, so am welcoming Mars Direct with open arms. Come and get me Silver Mars Man!

  4. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    I really really really really really LOVE THIS! Thanks so much MM! Completely WOWED!! You’re amazing!!

    • I know. I was just about to post the same thing. Wow.
      Very cool Mystic. I really dig this tarot app thing you’ve done.

      I’ve not felt the oracle I must admit but this was just something else. Accuracy plus

      and (Woo!) Mars can get the hell off my IC now ๐Ÿ˜€

      Rather apt knives out outing today Re mars. Anyone else having surreal workplace mars direct?

  5. YES i am FEELING Mars direct! I have Mars in Leo, so my hair is finally starting to behave/look good. It was hideous for the entirety of Mars Retro.

    It’s like I’ve got my power, mojo and confideence back. Those 11 weeks were a hardcore grind, but it’s paying off now! I feel renewed.

  6. I’m not too crazy about Mars going direct as everybody is so damn bitchy today but at least the scenery won’t be staying the same.

    BTW love the Tarot thing. It’s uncanny how accurate it is for me. I’m amazed!

  7. The Mystic Tarot is just wonderful! Thank you so much – it’s fabulous.

    Weeks of slog, illness though I was slow to connect the dots, and despair about work and money lifted yesterday and today… sun in first house, mars direct, just have to get through my Saturn-mandated dental hurdle tomorrow. Optimism returning.

  8. Mystic – the tarot is beautiful! The care you took with it shows and it’s a rad addition to the site :)

  9. Head over heels in love with the Tarot already. It’s perfectly summed up my current finance/romance situ perfectly – first time. Now all I need is for Mars to get its schizz together and roll right on over the point where I met Hot Gem four days after the Lunar Eclipse and it is ON :)

  10. Amazing work on the Tarot and such a wonderful addition to the site. Congratulations! My reading was extremely insightful and pertinent.

    Doing my first Saturn return ( trying to be bold and unstuck, left a stressful job i knew wasn’t right but feeling the fear of unemployment and financial stress rising everyday) and being Gemini so happy to have mars back! Just got to get through Mercury retrograde and then maybe one of my applications will hit! Tarot said all the right things to keep my head up. And showed me a bit of how I’ve been a bit of a dick. Good stuff!

  11. So inspired by The Tarot – wow you are incredible!

    Yeya for Mars Direct!

  12. You rock Mystic! Thank you for the Tarot! Happy Mars Direct to you too girl…

    • I mean … WOWWEEE. Dunno if it’s the power of positive thinking, but it was SO spot on. SO spooky (in a good way). Literally everything talking about / pointing to the fact that I’m in love and in a healthy relationship with a man who is also really good for me business-wise, and helping me reframe my relationship with money. AND about a friend being a Qi Vampire. It’s kind of BATTTS!

      Thanks so much for this Mystic. So glad to be a subscriber!

  13. Amazing work on the tarot! Thanks Mystic x My first go was filled with super positive/proactive goodness :)

  14. WOW – Mind blown!
    I do my own cards once a month and it’s usually pretty accurate, even if the reading is not all fuqin rosy rainbows and unicorns.
    Just did The Tarot out of curiosity and pretty much got all the same cards I pulled on the Scorp full moon just gone. Will let you know if it all comes to pass (fingers crossed!) but it seems good things are about to come to those who wait (for Saturn to nick off).
    Goose bumps…..

  15. That’s really good, and I love how it can be saved to look at over the coming hours and days. Thank you Mysitc! My reading seemed quite accurate, encouraging and calming.


  17. Whoooooshhh! I’m so looking forward to checking the tarot out, once I have a moment. Mars in Libra has gone direct on my natal Pluto ass and I got shizzz to do!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ But LATER, yesyes! X

  18. Wow, it’s really very good MM! A pure stream of intuitive matter particles in the form of tarot :)

  19. Three words re both Tarot and Mars direct. Ah. May. Zing. My whole world shifted today – serious work schizz goin’ down. And I feel relaxed and energised. Bring it! Boo-yeah :). Thanks MM.

  20. Mystic, tarot is FABulous! I woke in the middle of the night & happily found this portal open, did a reading straight away. It told me some pretty crazy, almost unbelievable shiz lol but per the Oracle as of late, I’m dialing down the cynicism & upping the open-mindedness. From an 8 to a 6. Baby steps ๐Ÿ˜›

    And with Mars direct, my boy just left on his first ever field trip away from home without me. He’s 8, Cap sun/Kataka asc/Gem moon, & trans Mars in his 4th house. He was so bright-eyed & bushy tailed this a.m.! I’m a wreck *inhale* but he’s thrilled *exhale*. Trans Mars in my 7th.

    Re Kali, I have always known her as the other side of the creation coin, Destroyer aspect. Her energy is necessary. I’m calling on her now to annihilate my anxiety, see?

    • Wow, that’s huge Scorp Inc! My little Cap has his own room now and he loves it! I kept checking on him and missed him so much for the first few nights. Can’t imagine him leaving my home when leaving my bed is such a big deal. :)
      Little Cap has air moon too, in Aqua.

  21. Mars direct well it’s pretty good so far, got the “you got the job” phone call so smoothly moved through from sudden unemployment

    actually was more like slow motion since Mars went retro and climaxed on the eclipse and now new job today!

    Zap zone I think I love your crazy ways

  22. Let’s bring it!! I got an email from the recruiter I was waiting for. Phone interview hopefully today with the director. It would be so cool if I got this job by June! This would mean me being at another location for about a month for training then July I think it would be back to their new office. I am very excited about this.

    The recruiters for this job contacted me on April 11. Very small company but after working for 2 small companies I have been trained enough to change some of my big corporation work performance techniques to deal with small business plans. Let’s get this!!


  23. I don’t understand Tarot in any form very well but particularly this spread. Does it just tell you what is going on in your life at the moment? Like a transit? There is no future position to this reading, yes? I can def see how the reading summarizes where I am at but don’t see how it helps me see/steer to where I am going. tx

    • hi 12, i mentioned something somewhere else, i got a really good feel for how to manage myself out of this state I am in by asking basically that – “what action/s can I take to start to move out of / change out of this place” [similar]

      i think many of the cards look at past/present /future , try a few more readings , perspectives, maybe? also revisit readings in a week or 3, themes emerge.

      i wish they would just send me a typed letter with step by step action plan, but the darn things just aren’t coming through that way :)

      • Someone else (can’t remember who) mentioned that they were asking:

        “What do I most need to know now, for my highest and greatest good?”

        I’ve been using that and it’s spot on!

    • I don’t know if this will help, but for my reading it was mostly on present time frame with hints of future stuff and maybe small references to past stuff.

  24. LOVING THE TAROT! The big picture is that it’s telling me to vibe more Gemini. And with Gemini season starting in a few hours, I can’t wait. Whoo~!

  25. Love the Tarot MM! Works so well, is brilliantly accurate an love that I can save it. Thank you!

  26. The tarot is amazing. My reading was scary accurate… got a lot of the same cards as I did when I did my own tarot earlier in the week. Thank you for putting so much hard work into this awesome new tool.

  27. Haha I love that photo, makes me go all “Yeah!”The Tarot is fantastic – good job Mystic & I especially like that the reading can be saved as a Pdf. – genius!

  28. Adds to the cheering throng !!!!!!!!

    And the cards and interps seem to be eerily accurate or fateful

    How do you do it – but dont tell me, a little mystery is a good thing

  29. Wow, thank you for this! Very generous of you MM. I’m also really digging the Weekly horoscopes, and your Daily email is now he first thing at look at each morning!

    Not sure where to say this, but from my member dashboard Im unable to access The Oracle as when I hover on it, both the Oracle and the Scheduler lines come alive and when I click on it, I can only get the Scheduler.

  30. Tidied my desk. Normally the cleanest, most intensively organised part of my life, past 6 months has been invisible beneath the chaos. Pi Game is looking closer and closer., fingers crossed.

  31. Mystic, you’ve truly outdone yourself. That was an astoundingly accurate reading. Lots of love cards for me coming up which is surprising but perhaps it can be art & self-love too. I asked an open question about what choices would make me happiest this summer & it absolutely confirmed my plans. Yesssss! Wowser.

  32. Oh happy days Mars direct. The locks have been changed and the housemate has been evicted. Friends are on rotating sleep over duty in case he decides to do something stupid when he picks up his stuff tonight. Police have been notified. Neighbours have been alerted. But the boundary has been set into motion – begone Qi Vampire! Go leech off someone else you energy stealing Virgo creepoid.

    ps. The Tarot was spot on. How long is the time span for it roughly? Six months or so? Or can you consult it on a situational basis?

      • I ran it past my friends who are in the know about DV/stalker issues and they all said his behaviour signalled serious red flags. It’s when you terminate these people out of your life that they tend to be triggered into their abusive behaviour cycle so it was suggested to me to cover all basis and let the cops in on the situation so if something happens there is a report and they can act quickly.

        • Wow, how did he respond to the news? Do you feel concerned he might react to this?
          Good luck prowln, sounds like you have a great team about you, well done.

          • I warned him that any inappropriate communication would be reported to the police … and that I didn’t want him to contact me again. And yeah I am concerned about how he might react. It’s hard to determine for sure whether he really is just stupid … or actually quite malevolent and cunning. Oracle has been saying for ages I have a Qi Vampire in my life and to put salt around my door … lol Finally taken the hint!

    • zomg! crossing my fingers for you! Make sure you are de stressing yourself with yoga, herbs, whatever so you can sleep. I always get so wired when this stuff happens.

    • @ Prowlncrab – Huge steps taken for you lovely one.
      I am helping someone today with re-admission to hospital. It’s definitely a completion of my own wellness. Can’t thank you and this wonderful community of angels enough for your help. xxx

      • Thanks lovely. Yes it’s been a trial …. obviously something I’ve had to go through for reasons that I can’t for the life of me work out yet. And yeah I know full well about the helping others ends up meaning that you help yourself ethos. Hope you are well and will be in touch soon when things have calmed down a bit. :)

        • Don’t you have a gem asc? So Libra stuff is 4th house, more or less? Zap or mars related?

      • Glad you got it all sorted. I couldn’t believe it when you mentioned him checking your emails and using your computer when you weren’t home. That’s insane.!

        • Checking her emails & using her comp?? WTF? I missed that bit.. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
          My own husband would never look at my emails or phone. Ick, glad for Prowls he is out.

        • Ummm … I think there’s been a bit of Chinese whispers going on here … lol. I caught him in my room using my computer when I came home early from work AND he opened my mail. Like actual physical mail. But hey if he was on my computer he may have looked at my riveting work emails as well. Everything else is password protected ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Soz, too busy atm, just skimming through comments.

            Well, physical mail is just as bad!! I feel uncomfortable with anyone using my computer even when I’m in the room let alone while I’m away. I would have gone MENTAL!!!

  33. Ok, so a lot of the cards are pretty much in line with the transits I’m going through atm, how do you do that?! Eerie.

  34. just had my first go on the tarot… just wow

    and thank you mystic for adding yet more amazingness to your wonderful site. apt timing launching with mars direct, the message i personally got with my tarot is very mars direct in its energy – lots enforcing the benefits of the meditation practice we’ve all undertaken recently, made my day. and i just listened to grandmaster mars again as it turned direct as well. love your mp3 astro, lovely to hear your voice after all these years of reading your wonderful words, x

  35. Strange, I feel way more depressed and tired with Mars Direct. However, I love the tarot cards. Thank you Mystic!

  36. Yes, kudos on the Tarot … uncanny accuracy, and timely, too. Always helps to be reminded of our higher gifts to the collective when we’ve been kicked around by emotional abusers. So grateful for you post ZZ and into the future, MM! xo