La Luna Piscean

surreal art woman in snow with full moon

Hey THIS is the Moon on Neptune.  In Pisces. In alchemy. In surrealism. Magical thinking clicks in to help you make all manner of useful mind synchs and connections. This energy is fluid, slippery and not to be fuqed with.  Combat Lower Neptunian cravings (Zombie Urges, Toxic Escapism) via Haute Neptune activities: art, yoga, scrawling in your journal with indigo ink, perfecting the Feng Shui.

OH and MEDITATION…How are we all going with the Transcendental Taurus Challenge?   I found it fuqing difficult. Especially as at one point of the moon cycle, i was spending hours a day dealing with spam attacks (1000 comments an hour at the worse) and squabbles in the comments + some weird random crap from strangers and felt totally stressed at not being able to score the time i needed to write/think.

BUT the meditation did help and i have managed to establish a fairly sketchy everyday brief meditation practice and i find that is easier to let my mind slip into that space of productive stillness.  I mean, it is called a meditation practice, right?

What should our New Moon in Gemini challenge be?

Also, the Weekly Horoscopes from May 24 are posted & it’s a DOOZIE of a week – Citizens, we have Mars in league with Lilith, the First Wife Of Adam and unrepentant biblical bad girl.  See Bitchcraft for more on the Lady Mars.


Image: Tom Bagshaw

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105 thoughts on “La Luna Piscean

    • Are you the yeti, the tentacle-thing, or all of it in a metaphoric sense?

        • Poor little mini yeti is looking scared.
          Notice there is no footsteps for mini-yeti though……

          • oh good point. Maybe he can levitate out of this madness?

            He’s scared because his situation is dire. Two of his crew are distracted by some hottie Lilith on the mountain apparition and the other 2 people who seem to notice what’s up: one is a voyueristic sock monkey in a back pack and the other is some lazy dude pulling up the rear.

            Will the mini-yeti get free? or will new crypto-zoological tentacle snuff porn be available for speedy download soon as a Bitorrent?

            Find out soon….

            like after Mercury rx….

  1. What should our New Moon in Gemini challenge be?
    New Moon = Fresh / Initiation
    Moon = Career / Emotions
    Gemini = Communication

    I would say a better way to communicate ‘something’.
    Personally, I’ll be working on disabling that Gemini portion of myself that feels compelled to ‘complain & explain’ or be defensive; Training a trademark ‘Gem-smirk’ rebuttal instead.

    • Nice one, I was thinking a fresh vibe and approach or organisation of communication too, especially since it’s the thing to do to tidy up all communications stuff before the Merc Retro hits.

      A fresh way of communicating.

      Perhaps examine our Stories and decide to not keep repeating the stories that we do not want manifesting in our lives?

      A Story Spring Cleaning so to speak. It’s always needed, at least every couple of months for me LOL

      • That’s absolutely brilliant. Retell the story. The retro will be entirely in my first house, and I know the story I’m telling myself about my physical being right now is pretty negative. Gosh, if there’s anything Gemini mercury’s good at, it’s self-talk. Anyway, to consciously recreate the story, slowly, excruciatingly slowly I betcha it’ll seem, over a month- it’s a gift. All hail the N Life Coaches!

        • My retro will be entirely in my 11th House and I know I’ve got some rewriting of that story there.

          The thing I’ve realised about our Stories is that it is often an outdated version of ourselves based on very old data and more than a handful of misconceptions.

          I believe that the mismatch between the stories that we tell ourselves {and fail to update} are one of the key reasons why we find change doesn’t stick. It’s not that we’re not doing the work. We’re self-sabotaging ourselves from within.

          We need to remember that change occurs on ALL levels, inner/outer, thoughts/words/deeds, spiritual/mental/emotional/physical.

          And as Merc Retros are an excellent time for revising, like you said, it’s the best time to do some serious revision of our life stories.

    • How about stream of consciousness morning journaling? Writing is Gemini right?

  2. Also as it’s releasing this month, wondering if Maleficent has anything in common with Lillith? Or someone else..?

  3. A while ago, Mystic’s scopes warned Leos (or Leo ascendants like me) of a potential existential threat from a cash flow crisis. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution.The next week or two better be goddam awesome.

  4. Oddly, Neighboring towns water supply contaminated because of too much rain.

  5. Do zombie episodes include incessantly humming “let it go”? I haven’t even seen the movie, yet that song has permeated into my everyday world.

    New moon gem: try to learn a new skill. ?

      • She’s still hanging in there even tho the meds aren’t as effective anymore. There’s no cure for this.
        Been trying to take her to all her favourite places in her last days. Whirlwind parks and trees tour. So blessed that she’s been part of my life.
        It’s going to be tough.

        • I feel every inch of this, as it is something I will have to face sometime in the near future. My little staff dodged a bullet again this time, but she is getting grey in the face, and slower :/

          You know there are a few people on here who have lost their loved pets and mentioned that they are still hanging around? In dreams and even in waking life. They never really leave xx

          • So true: they never really leave. Thoughts & love to you & your sweet staff, Veronica x

            • Sweet staffy and me thank you for the thoughts, Scorp inc, at least she would too if she wasn’t snoring loudly atmo xx

        • How sweet, your whirlwind tour :) Thinking of you & your little hairy one, Xx. They are a blessing, & so are you. Love & strength x

  6. Unrelated question, but the zap zone is completely changing cardinal signs isn’t it? I feel so different from five years ago.

    • I’ve been on that cardinal cross all my life. The zap zone for me has been a good thing. I’m coping and growing in an astro environment I understand. Other people around me seem a bit shocked and disturbed. So maybe I don’t feel different but the world around me is so different and I’m responding to it in a new way. Cardinals need to step up now.

    • Completely changing everyone, I’d say. My life – down to my name – is different than 5 years ago and I’m not a cardinal sign (though I do have a lot of planets in Libra)

      • Yes, there is an unmistakeable candor that I have never seen before. Everyone is under pressure I guess. As much fun as it is to be a libra these days, at least I am not a Capricorn.

  7. Meditate? Ha! … the universe had other plans. But I suppose the gym has become a form of moving meditation so quite grateful for that.

    Feel like a great dark presence is slowly lifting off me ……………… The Oracle was right. There was a Qi Vampire in my midst. I did not realise what a psychic and emotionally intrusive leech he was until he was doused with symbolic leech deterent and flicked.

    Now I’m going to pack up all this stuff, move it into the shed and get it the fuck out of my house once and for all. Then he can know what it feels like to have his stuff messed with and his privacy invaded.

  8. There is a perfect trine happening between Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter too, all in the water signs! What’s that about Mystic?

    It’s a brilliant and genius fluid vibe today, I’m totally loving it. Fantastic backdrop for preparing and recording videos LOL

  9. I have NATAL Moon at 7 degrees Pisces! So…..transiting Moon AND transiting Neptune are RIGHT ON MY MOON!!

    ……..I’m feeling horrible tonight. SO many stresses…….

    I’m trying to be responsive, though, not reactive, and trying to find the inner locus of control and self-efficacy. I did have one Guinness, but I don’t think that’s much on the sea of consciousness, existence, reality, non-reality…..
    I wish I were better at playing guitar because I would just play the shit out of it tonight to relieve my stress….I think I’m gonna play anyway, and sing too…..that’s the most therapeutic thing for me….

    • I just got a piano, which I haven’t played since age 14 and suck of course, but it has been SO cathartic. Like, weeping for two days straight cathartic. Strings of the soul. :). Happy guitar playing! :) xxxx

  10. Spending my Pisces moon evening giving tarot readings to facebook friends, while hyped on caffeine. Many are pleased with the results.

    Maintaining a haute vibe today. I’m grateful for the magic.

  11. It’s a bit Oprah but I think for the new moon in Gemini a gratitude journal should be in order. Writing down five things a day that you either have kicked some arse on or are stocked about I think could be a fine way to go. That and astral travelling or maybe hot air ballooning – seems pretty Gem to me 😉

    • Greetings Geminian.
      I’ve been thinking along these lines since the divine pixie like Scorp Sun /Katakan Rising/ Aqua moon Barista said she does it daily after work. Or rather she writes what good things happened to her today…
      Feels like a good idea, I have been questioning who i am/ who i think i am/ who i come across as / what my actions say… this might help with re alignment and stripping back.

  12. The moon on Neptune on my natal moon? Typical! Nice, though. Spent evening playing cards w/ some odd people in the courtyard of my bf’s apartment complex today (elevators out).
    One drunk woman kept talking about her past & it was all Neptune stuff, come to think, high and low – addiction, her father’s death, donating all her hair for those wigs, recovery.
    Strange stranger bonding used to run the show for me. Like in those adventure games where people press bizarre tokens and platitudes on the player and some of them turn out to be, uh, amulets later on. I almost said “Neptune in 7th house, right?” but, of course, Neptune is still in my 7th and, if I think of it, the same kind of stuff still happens, it’s just my universe doesn’t become skewed by every added detail, lol.
    PLUTO is on my Neptune (et Venus). Was def. getting the vapors about having these transits at once considering I’ve been paranoid and nasty (Pluto on Sun/Mercury + teenage girl?!) or totally deluded (Neptune square Mars and Pluto – a day in drug court, even, classic!) w/ such influences before.
    But I’m good, actually.
    People around seem good, too.

  13. Man, I have been meditating 30 min or more every day for a few days now right off the bat, and I’ve read the best way is to start with 5 min a day and slowly incrementally build off of that, and I have been beating myself up constantly for not doing a good 40 min daily. There was so much reading involved and so many specific things to keep in mind, to just do what it recommends daily suddenly would be hard, and I am going to have to ease in to it. Or for the specific type I am doing anyways.

    Otherwise, things I already knew, from my deepest depths, are just humorously once and for all being articulated and being hammered in to my being as nothing but obvious by now. I can’t explain the conversations I have had, but dangit, what I have done up until this point and can’t even explain is real shit, and where I am at is understandable and not too shabby. And even still, I want more, even still, I will eventually have to resort to extremes. Just having it understood and acknowledged by someone else, just confirms and vindicates nearly everything for me. Basically, somehow, things are just constantly getting more and more intense, and yet in another way nothing is happening or moving really. Things are not calming down, they are themes being further articulated to the point of being heavy handed, at this point I am a spectator to something nuts, I am just along for the ride and can tell ahead of time, and man, something is coming. And ya, that sound like a real eye roller wind bag rant, but that’s it, and actually what’s goin on. Mars retro was like a heavy foreshadowing, and right now, its like a weird thematic explicit manifestation of everything from before, and things are just obviously invariably moving forward in some indescribable way, no definitive progress, but man guys this most recent chunk of time has been something. There is nothing technically explainable and worth mentioning, but there is something. And its just picking up or something.

    • Stop beating yourself up David. That is unnecessary and doesn’t help. Being kind to yourself is more efficient, truly. Sure, work hard, aspire, but being harsh on yourself is NOT motivating. It took me a long time and a lot of counselling to learn this!

  14. I’m on a train to Bristol 😀 it’s green as far as the eye can see, somewhere in the west country. Going to see artists friend new collection. Hang with her studio, see a yogi queen and meet the circus school.

    Bristol has Haute Neptune trine running through my loxatio

    • Ha. Location line. Trigger happy phone. Maybe loxatio is ancient Roman for leyline #PIAB

    • Massive rain in the old mother country over winter.
      Have been to Bristol, to see Fairport Conventionwith Sandy Denny play there, stayed overnight.
      Enjoy Ms.

  15. Meditation every morning and eve, even if it’s 10 min a time, I’m doing it. Some days are better than others but the fact you are doing it is what matters. Good habits

  16. gemini challenge mmmm to know when to keep thy beautiful mouth closed?

    • Lol im hearing ya leogroover…wish I could keep my big beautiful trap nice to be more like a quiet little mouse..

  17. I have to say I’m really loving this at the moment
    I had a great interview with a company I believe I can appreciate and excel in
    The culture is everything I wanted and more

    I resigned today from a job that causes me so much stress

    It felt good
    The world off my shoulders and I’m suddenly so open to a world of possibilities

    Very happy.

    • Good for you! It’s amazing how great it feels to remove yourself from a box and find an open field that allows creativity.

      Good Luck!!


  18. Having just read all the comments on this post …

    Everyone’s on the same vibe

    It’s. Nice after all the hectic shit that’s been happening

  19. I opened a corporation for myself yesterday! Yikes… I just had to do it to get the intention out there. It was more money than I expected but I did it. Working with a recruiter on a contract position and I will know if have a decent paying job later today. I would mean me living in a different state for a month or so but it is a lot of money. It feels right!

    So, as someone posted above (credit goes to: PhoenixWolf).. I would say this new moon in Gemini is spot on accurate based on what they posted:

    What should our New Moon in Gemini challenge be?
    New Moon = Fresh / Initiation
    Moon = Career / Emotions
    Gemini = Communication

    Will keep you posted!! xo!!

    • wooooo hooooo! I LOVE it! CEO!
      my copy arrived today- I NEVER buy hard copies of books anymore but this one felt different.
      Am a CEO too now, officially. Costing me a bloody fortune so I need to make it pay off. Originally it was my accountant’s idea to save tax payouts but with what I’ve been earning lately it feels like a bit of a joke. But hey… watch this space! Let’s rock this VE!

      • Nice Invictus… Hello to you CEO! Go get’m.. yes. it may seem to be a big hurdle at the beginning.. but give it 5 years. Baby steps!

        Glad to see women taking charge. I honestly don’t have any role model women as CEOs… You will be my first!!


  20. Darth Scorpio? Ahahaha! So I should rearrange my weekend plans.

  21. New moon in Gemini challenge

    Write down 3 things you are grateful for every morning and evening! (as above)
    Consciously speak with a kind heart and compliment with integrity someone every day!

  22. New moon challenge: say nothing negative about anyone: for 3 days, for a month… And watch how your life changes. (borrowed from a Yoko Ono art work)

  23. Ahhh, completely blew it, had all but extricate myself from fateful non-relationship and then in a moment of weakness capitulated for ‘final fling’ date today….. did an iching reading and got big message, louder than ever with the coins,’ this is wrong, this is dangerous, don’t mess with this energy’, feel like a complete idiot for succumbing to lust, ….zombie took over, now I have to be braver than ever and cancel the date, …feeling like a complete idiot, did a thoth reading just after, got of course lust card, ….Sun, moon + 4 planets in pisces, with chiron sitting right up there, I know what I should be doing, carving out a new space for me, recently separated with 3 smalls, lonely as all hell and throwing myself to the winds….was meditating every day , with the fab challenge, connecting into my higher self,and that went out the the window this week…..and breathe some more! Phew!!!

  24. Well.. Mystic “peeps”.. I got the contract job. It’s a 3 month deal in my industry of expertise… AND.. what is amazing about this offer that I accepted is I get to work in a different state for 2 weeks … then out of my home, remotely for 3 months! Unbelievable… it all goes along with my new company I opened yesterday!!


    • Happy Solar return coming up Barista?’ Happy B-day to you’
      repeat many times.x

    • Ah darlin’ you know I love you ten times over…

      Over what?

      The New Moon…

      Have your birthday deets but long story why I cannot access it….

      But Happy Birthday! (soon?) Think any minute now…

      For a Gem with so much in the 3rd house you are a quiet one…(yes the rest of us make fools of ourselves) but that must be your Pisces Asc watching us idiots…

      Can’t say I blame you..

      Love you lots and forever luv! Happy Solar Return…xo

      • ps, happy belated Charles too! x

        And Mystic, in my heart so sorry the squabbles caused you distress..

        The story or Arjuna and his higher self, Krishna come to mind.

        Arjuna was on the battlefield (of life) and Krisha said that he could only guide, not make a choice for Arjuna.

        Everything around Arjuna was in turmoil…the families were fighting, etc.

        Arjuna then decided to throw down his weapons and retreat.

        He retreated into himself.

        Personally, I call this “the cozy consciousness of self” )

        Fitting for an Aries eh? (Or Aries Mercury :mrgreen: )


    • Love this! I’m gonna dj my day with this song + vid: it’s like dancing to a visual rep of the blogosphere :)

    • 😯

      I love you guys! Thanks so much for the lovely wishes Peggy & Sweetpea! My birthday’s not until the 13th & this year it falls on a Friday! My actual day of birth, can you tell?! 😀

      I have an internal conflict about my ‘quietness’ Sweetpea!! Part of me is constantly chattering & the other part is quiet & reflective, maybe I need to break that up a bit yeah? 😀 😀

      And you know I love love love you Sweetpea!! Happy New Moon in Gemmy, let’s paaaaaaarttaaaay! 😯

  25. Whatta week with starting with Mars direct…vroom.
    Daisy Dog has definitely adopted ME! What a girl is she. Loyal protective, total love sponge and funny. She heavy tho’, if she pulls on lead i ain’t strong enough to ‘heel’ her, so off to dog school she must go. Love her so much coz she reminded me of Kelly the Kelpie i used to dog sit at the yoga ranch, then last night got the call that Kelly had died of heart complications aged 12, overlooking the sea at home with CowGirl & AquaMan holding her & they sent photos.
    Sent back pix of Daisy, they replied ‘treat her like you did Kelly’. Then the tears flowed…still going.
    One arrives, one departs. The wheel of fortune spins.
    Looks like i’m now the guardian of an amazing blood line Am Staff sookie muscle dog who will protect me from ghouls :-)
    My Moon is very tight with Neptune nataly, can ya tell?

    • I am very partial to the Am Staff, they are just gorgeous dogs, very sweet.
      Very happy for you to have a protector and friend, I am probably alive or at least unharmed due to my brilliant dog friends. Fab for you, I have Moon in the 6th, so I am partial to the doggies.

      Had a friend who was Scorp to the MAX. Sun/Asc/Moon/Merc/Venus/Mars/Neptune in Scorpio ALL in the 6th House.

      She lived and breathed witchcraft & dogs – to the detriment of her children. The money all went on saving dogs.
      The food was poor and vegan and one of her kids nearly died of complications partly due to malnutrition.
      But when I saw her chart, I wondered if she could even help her obsession with animals.

      • Sphinx Am Staff would have been one of the last choices, but she chose me as much as i her.
        Nothing in the 6th but my horsey parts love dogs, it’s the eyes, innit? x

    • aw, so sweet Pegs.

      Had a gorge half lab half Irish Setter. I named him Benjiman. Benjiman Lee..Middle name after my father.

      Looked like an Irish…long black hair. Awhite spot on his chest. I could never spank him ever. He used to sit in the morning sun, against the fence, letting it warm him.

      One time I called him in from the yard.. He had been naughty but he sat down in front of me and I kissed the top of his muzzle. His dark eyes just looked so ancient and wise.

      And as i did I asked “is it so hard to be kind?”

      Sounds like the two of you will be a wonderful fit. x

      • Hiya Sweetpea, love me an Irish Setter, surfing dogs
        and again the beautiful eyes and the way they lope.

        We’s running with the wolves :-)

    • omg I LOVE Kelpies. I had one as a kid. Green eyes and funny ears that crossed over the top of his head as a pup. Wow blast from the past. Nice energy. x

  26. The meditating has been going … OKAY.. I do the 20/25mins in the morning when I can. Obvs doesn’t go hand-in-hand with my raging Jupiter-Neptune exact square weekend partytime habits (when I’m not in hermit mode). But during the week, it’s been going well. Today was my first morning since Monday though due to travelling / upset to routines. It was hard to get into at first – so much fidgeting and distraction – but then the loveliness.. Agree with you MM that it gets quicker to access, once you find the zone. The other benefit of meditating regularly is finding that you want to access that space during quiet moments during the day – sitting on the bus, walking down the street, standing in the sun for a moment.. Bliss at will. What’s not to like? I think it makes me a better person!

    New Moon resolution? I’m ok; you’re ok? For real?

    • It’s so 80s but I LOVE the idea of I’m ok you’re ok: everyone just relaks, ok? Ok.

      • Relax, now you’re talking 80s! 😉 I’m thinking of ZZ-fuelled realisations about parental / old ego relating patterns that permeate so much & are totally not relevant in the now. Tell me LZ is not a symptom of projecting power out and getting addicted to the person or relationship as a way of getting what you gave away back? That’s I’m not ok, yr ok. Or you feel the urge to rescue someone – yr not ok, I’m ok. Fuq it all! We’re all ok or I don’t wanna know haha.

        • I’m not ok, you’re not ok, and that’s ok. Wise words from my psychologist when I was talking about being depressed and feeling not ok. ‘So just be that. Feel those feelings. They are just feelings, and the things you’re telling yourself eg. I’m pathetic and useless, are not true’

  27. Hey homies
    Freaking out a tad but in a good way.
    Submissions close for this article I’m pitching in a few hours ..
    I’ve been so terrified I’ve totally procrastinated until the last day but been working on it all day. Pitch is written but it needs to be submitted in a bloody MS Word doc and i’m such a luddite/applefankid. This needs to change but with my crazy slow internet connection I’ve been waiting 4 hours for stupid program to install. Hey I think it’s cooked. Back soon xxx

    • OMG
      I did it I did it I did it!
      I just submitted my pitch to a BitchFlicks. They are a feminist publication (don’t google them because you’ll probably get porn. You have to take the i out of bitch – because it’s about all of us not just one of us:)
      So maybe they read my stuff and tell me I’m stupid or that I’m not allowed to write about feminism because I don’t have a degree in women’s studies and sociology or whatever but I care. I shipped.

      • Hahaha that was a Freudian slip! I meant to write “I don’t care”
        Yeah right blue…

      • Of course you care! Why else would you write on such & go to all this trouble? Sounds like an awesome pub & if they are true to their vision (“there’s no I in btch”– which I love!), they won’t snub your work for your lack of a related college degree. That would be awfully hypocritical, lame as fuq.

        So, Congrats!! Fingers crossed for you, beautiful Invictus x

        • I mean, congrats on getting it written & submitted– that’s all the work, right there. Now it’s out of your hands, now you can take five for rejuvie. Enjoy :)

          • Thank you so much Scorpi and 12th H
            I know it’s silly to fear rejection because I don’t possess any formal education. Most of our fears are silly and unfounded but hey.. The point is, I faced my fear, dealt with the tech issues and shipped it. I feel so empowered and emboldened by the act of doing this that I want to keep going. I literally feel as if I have wings under my feet (Mercury?) it’s just awesome.
            Steven King collected rejection slips and it’s the best way to learn, to try and fail and learn and keep trying .. Hey I haven’t been here in a while so I’ve missed your recent updates Scorpi. How are you feeling post surg?
            You back home?
            All ok?
            Have missed my astro crew.
            tell me your news…

            • All went well: I spent 2 nights in hospital then went home, have been off pain meds pretty much since I got home. Biopsy results back a few days ago: no malignancies WOO! Now it’s just rest & lifting restrictions for the next 5 weeks. No prob, as the astro totally supports my laying low & recovering during this time. I’ve been reading & painting, napping & scheming, & soaking up all the love at chez Scorpio. Regaining ground every day 😉 Thanks for asking, babe xx

              • Ah that is such a relief to hear. Rest up beautiful Scorpi xxxx