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fashion shoot with nude male model woman in leather


Hey go read Fashioning Astrology by Katerina Pantelides, she is a dress historian, Libra and subscriber of mine who interviews ME in this piece but that’s not just why i am recommending. It is a very cool read.



Image: Mikael Jansson – Vogue Nippon September 2009

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57 thoughts on “Fashioning Astrology

  1. Vogue Nippon, would you please congratulate your photographer/ photog director for the image of the supine naked MAN and fully clothed WOMAN, for a change. a refreshing change in the positioning of teh relations :) Ok maybe it’s been done before a thousand times but not in anything i can recall seeing lately.

    • this is a cool article Mystic. congrats :)
      i would love to see it extended and illustrated with images from popular culture. x

    • It’s funny how dangerous it looks seen from the other perspective.. Those heels, that vulnerable nekkid dude.

      • SO revealing and subverting of so many ideas when one poses men in ways that are typically set for women. Even in comic strips poking fun at that. It’s so commonplace we hardly notice it until we do, then suddenly it’s _everywhere_!

        • First revelation for me (proper) was a thing mystic posted a while ago. Pi

        • I’ve just been reading about Kirsty McColl in Morrissey’s autobio. I had no idea that she died that way. She was an excellent singer. I loved ‘New England’.

          • It’s not Xmas for me unelss I get to hear her with the Pogues in “Fairytale of NY”

            I had no idea why her songs really hit me and then I realized we actually share a birthday.
            Marina of Marina and the Diamonds, I also share a birthday with but I don’t get her music at all. I guess cos it’s a different year.

  2. Great article – am always interested in the point where fashion and astrology meet

    I read an astro article years ago about uranus and the way each generation’s Transit through each sign created the spark

    below is a bit iffy so please correct if wrong
    Leo 1920’s – short skirts and sparkly things
    Virgo late 20’s early1930’s – most elegant style but so much austerity
    Scorpio late 50’s into the 60’s – my personal fav pencil skirts tight sweaters sexy!

    That’s all I can remember ….

    • that might explain why i like the 1940’s looks and pinups so much as it would’ve been Libra then!

      • Yes and even the shapes in the prints and general flouncey nipped waist look is ultra fem and venus fuelled – along with the military look is very crabesque no?

        I wonder if the poncho emerged duriing this transit

        • Ponchos were around since early early humans. But noted poncho historical use saw a rise to eminance in 1850’s so I don’t know what sign that would be in…

  3. Cool! Go MM! So I’m gonna take the author’s advice and channel some Neptune on my Sagg rising w some free n easy travel hippy styling. But Q – how would North Node look styled? It’s conjunct Neptune & Asc, in the 12th (as is my dear dippy Nep). Seems too good not to channel in?! All ideas considered. Libra Sun is in 9th so the Jupiter/Sagg theme seems strong..

  4. What a lovely article! So interesting about Chanel choosing Cara D. when she is super Leo like Chanel herself.

    Also it made me double check Neptune in my chart being it’s about fashion ‘n’ all.
    The Pullen astrolog gives me a heavy Neptune weighting as it calculates my Neptune conjunct my NN – with a 12 deg span of separation!
    That doesn’t seem kosher according to what I have read on this blog tho.

    • i get a large neptune count too and it is 10 deg away from asc, so technically not conjunct….but neptune is a huge beast.

      • So that’s two of us w NN & Neptune conjunct Saggi Asc, Sphinx. Agree w you, EEL, that Neptune has a wide and ahem nebulous field of influence. Are both of yours 12th house Nep rising too? I’m thinking that out n out la bóheme/nijinsky styling is a bit much but what about ninja? 😉 Make like a ghost – now you see us now you don’t! I read somewhere that Nep rising makes for a beautiful canvas – people find it easy to project onto you whatever they want to see. I’d say that’s true.. Thoughts?

        • oh I think i mis-stated but my NN is a couple of houses down, but Neptune in the 12th 10 deg away from ASC.

          That look works for me. I’d have to say that’s sort of true. People seem to get the wrong idea of what I’m about a lot. :( But likewise I seem to like peeps with Neptune ASC in turn. two mirrors that face each other. The party never ends….until someone breaks a mirror….

          • I’ve never knowingly met anyone else w 12th house Neptune rising but it would be fascinating (neptunian word!). I love things you can lost in like the mirror into mirror to infinity image. Fortunately I have a Virgo moon to pull me back into reality. But yes, around fellow Neptunians the party never ends :)

      • “Neptune is a huge beast”! When you put it that way, I am inclined to take that conjunction more seriously!

        Actually my Neptune is conjunct my DC in the 6th so it is important regardless I guess. Plus Trine my Sun etc.

  5. I LOVE the idea of dressing for your ascendant, but with my Scorpio rising, it means a lot of black and I love colours!

  6. Dress for your ascendent, great concept. My sister is a Leo ascendent and definitely dresses the part, wearing lots of bright colors, and a signature curly mane of hair. And she doesn’t even know astrology! I have Cancer ascendent, which is ‘quieter’. I’ve never really had a style concept and but have been consciously forming one this past year. It’s basics, neutrals, sailor stripes, polka dots, light blue and white and gray in summer, darker hues in winter. Understated and minimal but classic is the vibe I’m trying to give off. I’m not sure that’s very ‘cancer’ but it’s what I gravitate towards.

    • I think that’s definitely very Cancerian. I bet you love good quality materials too and things that have been given to you or that you’ve had for ages, that remind you of special times? My ex and my mother both Cancerians and would never throw anything away unless they didn’t really like it in the first place. Both into stripes & navy. And hats! Do you have a fetish for hats?! Not sure whether it was to hide under or for practical reasons – hating to be caught out & get cold! :)

      • lol – yes, I do get sentimental and attached to clothes. Especially if it was from a ‘good’ time in my life – I get very nostalgic for college and can’t get rid of any t-shirt from that time. Even though I never wear them I can’t part with them. Luckily another part of me (4 Virgo planets probably) craves a minimalist space and I have been able to part with old clothes after years of hanging onto them for no good reason. Letting go is hard but I always feel better afterwards.

        • oh and I have one ‘lucky’ winter hat that I have worn for 5+ years now. that’s as far as my interest in hats go as I never wear them in summer.

  7. Who else dresses with their ascendant?
    Does anyone else have a Venus somewhat at odds with their AC?

    I have flashes of Libran, but I’m multiple (incl Venus) Aries, and feel more at home (Sagg/)Arian. I spose they are either end of the same pole. Sagg is my favourite way to dress. (Jupiter-Uranus & Neptune)

    What’s everyone else dress with? This is really interesting to me. Nearly as much as eyes! I’m studying eyes and faces more and more deeply. ASC & Venus & Sun seem to forge eye appearance in an identifiable way. & Mercury and mouths. Piscean Mercuries have some noticeably fish-like mouths. & Wide cupids bows. (eg Serge Gainsbourg: Venus conj Mercury in Pisces)

    • I am a Virgo Asc with conj Virgo Sun Pluto and NN with a stellium in Libra 1st house so always been into style – sixties cool

      was a little mod chick in the 80’s and still live in a uniform of boat neck 3/4 tops and slim fit pants sometimes 3/4 hahaha just noticed that – am 4’11” and 3/4

      Years ago a gay friend noted how our mutual friend and I were both Virgo Sun/ Scorpion Moon but our styles completely different.

      She is a visual artist from NNSW who is in her own uniform of wild black with huge black stacked boots – not a very Virgoan look – Scorpio Asc or maybe a bent Cap

  8. I mix elements of sun with moon and asc. Sagg ascendant likes a touch of boho, mobility and comfort. Scorpy moon like black, gothy / witchy elements. As a sun in 10th houser i also like structured powerful looking outfits that scream refinement when it is fitting to wear them.

    otherwise it’s yoga pants all the way down,..

    • Sagg Asc here – not moved out of my new hippyesque (ravey tiedye print, nicer than it sounds) nike crop top & leggings all day. White t-shirt over the top and I consider myself ‘dressed’ lol. Hmm 10th house & Sagg, clash? Is Scorp moon also 10th house?

      • no my scorpy moon is in the 12th.

        I don’t feel like the 10th house (cappy) and Sagg clash. I just make sure the Saggy elements in my wardrobe are classic well-made items instead of just trendy pieces.

        • Aha! That sounds like best of both worlds as Sagg can have fairly ahem interesting (read lax, sorry Saggis) style ideas. I have 8th house moon & find myself armouring up w talismanic (to me) jewellery.

            • I refer to my jewellery as armor! Lots of silver metal (some air for all of my water) & some stones for their properties. i feel you guys. Never leave home without it 😉

        • Moon and Neptune in the 12th! Niice. Are you borderline psychic / in touch w past lives as Egyptian temple priestess? 😉

          • naw. more like borderline psycho.

            It’s funny you mention this because I’m going through an ordeal that is something from a past life atm.
            I’m involved in a strange teacher-student ‘relationship’. The kicker is that this person was also my teacher in at least one other past life. :( As someone with part Asian heritage, I untterly resent having to take a remedial class again. Because obviously if we have met again in the same exact or almost exact circumstance with the same positions, it must mean I didn’t learn my lesson the first damn time. :(
            I suppose it could’ve been he that did not learn his lesson either, but who really knows?

            So done with south node bullshit.

      • Maybe dont think of 10th house as pinstripes or muted colours or whatever (another cappy misconception: caps are officially wierd remember). think of it as the most public element of your chart. “visibility” . :)

    • That sounds exactly what I like! I will lay down to my Sun in the 2nd & Gem Rising tho. :)

      • Gemi rising is supposed to be an ever youthful look. I totally envy that! The ability to wear trends and not look “trendy”! Mercury game too strong!

  9. This was a great read. Brilliantly written article and so of the moment! Mystic I feel a need for some direct and actionable style advice apropos of this. Would you be willing to do some more style related posts for those of us who aren’t way out there fashionistas with rising Leo or something equally obvious but just ordinary civilians trying to work out what looks and feels right in the morning? Possibly even combine w someone in the know to do some individual coaching/readings?

  10. I, too, am super interested in the “dress for your ascendant” concept. Mystic, it’s noted in the article that you say this is the most effective way to dress… but effective in what way? As in… projecting a certain image or for looking your best?

    I struggle with this a lot… my Saggi sun pushes me to like super tacky things… leopard print mini skirts, hot pink, anything with glitter, novelty items. But my super serious Cap ascendant is like… “no way!” to all of this (especially as I start to push 30), and I find it difficult to dress in a way that satisfies both.

    Sigh. I probably spend way too much time thinking about fashiony things.

    • What house and sign is your Venus? I do find Venus affects my image too.

      I too have that Cap-Sag-Scorp-Pisces pull from the main signs but Virgo in the 9th reinforces the Cap and Sagg elements even harder.

    • 30 is nothing. keep doing it. maybe feature one thing rather than every one of those elements at the same time maybe :) if the cap asc is struggling :) and good quality, that’s always a cap thing. NO acrylic fabrics, no tatty accessories unless deliberate. etc :) healthy physique.

      one can NEVER spend too much time thinking about fashiony things :)

      i have 9th house (pisces) sun so i vibe easily with saggi things. Cap moon for the “let’s consider this from the angle of personal dignity pls” … gemini asc

  11. You can check out star sign style .com which has lots of useful astro fashion and it says we dress for the sun, moon, ascendant and Venus… Lots of imagery and celebrity examples x

  12. I liked it all except for the first line. I don’t really consider astrology to be an “art of divination” — this is what gets us dangerously linked to fortune tellers and the like.

    • Thanks for the interesting article! I do think that divination can be an aspect of what astrology is, but it’s too limiting to consider it as that only. I realize the focus of the Pantelides blog is fashion, not astrology, so I can’t expect it to be totally nuanced in this regard. I’m sensitized to how astrology is portrayed in the wider world and this strikes me as a characterization that is both common and misleading.

  13. “when I need to choose between two outfits, I always pick the one I haven’t tried yet”

    apologies to mae west 😉

    • Great quote Pi :)
      Might have had me a cup of Mae West attitude this AM with my new local caffination emporium.
      “Store it in the freeze” said my franchise grinder lady.
      “Oh no, you need it at room temperature. Freezing will kill the flavour.”
      Clearly my natal Toro Venus is radiating attitude. I muttered “Oh don’t fuq with my bean” upon exit.
      Fruedian slips a go-go.

      • i hear that freezing affects the oils in the beans. chat up your local hot barista for more info I reckon :)

  14. What a cool article – thanks for sharing, Mystic! Hmm, as an Aqua with Cap rising I’ve always bemoaned my knack for looking respectable/elegant even when trying to dress more ME, I.e. Aqua. I guess I should stop fighting it? Explains my fabric snobbery, though. Oh and my strange attraction to well cut jackets :)

    • huh. Nail art terrifies me usually, it’s ghastly and hideous, like cheap purple lipstick on anyone over 17, vinyl accessories and acrylic fabric.. lol *personal opinion only*

      BUT this is kind of cool maybe because associated with astro and the hand models are beautifully photographed :)