Baking Soda, Qi Vampires & Ancient Egypt

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surreal art evoking ancient Atlantis

Given that the astro – Grand Water Trine – is so sensationally pure raw magic at the mo, i have a number of emails from people wanting my thoughts on magical rituals, spells etc. I don’t really believe in them. I do Feng Shui which probably counts as ancient Chinese witchcraft but remember this: In ancient days, people considered their cleaning of the house and their bodies to be magic.

Every scrub down was obviously purifying and stimulating the skin but also the soul, sloughing off dead cells and who knew what else. Hence the popularity of demon-busting herbs like rosemary and birch with the ultimate magical subsctance: salt. The Ancient Egyptians used baking soda for cleaning and banishing bad luck/dark entities – they thought it was magic and they called it natron.

The clean was the ritual. Then of course there would be a candle burned to invoke whatever. But the cleaning and sorting was It. The phrase “clean as a witches kitcen” did not come out of nowhere. Nor the old school “cleanliness is next to godliness.” The idea of multiple levels of existence is familiar to all schools of magic, Taoism, whatever. If you have a house as fenged up as mine though, things can get weird. I have pictures jump off the ceiling, salt shakers explode and the front gate mysteriously fly open. It’s not ghosts. It’s Qi.

This is a really weird example but it makes me think that Qi Vampires are like a form of fungus. I was doing these super strength probiotics (Bio-Kult Candea) that are meant to blitz any candida in your system. So okay, a day later i am half dead with some sort of Herxheimer Reaction (should be called Hex Reaction) and at the same time i notice that my Lucky Bamboo is coated with this white stuff – fungus. And rather then obeying my Mercury in Aries urges to just chuck it, i spend some quality Taurus-style time wiping it all down Ti-Tree oil etc.Β  And as i was dealing with all this I got a really terse email from a Qi Vampire.

Qi Vampires can get into your life the way fungus does – you know how we all need a bit of it but it can multiply and do scary things by hooking into your g.i tract or whatever (obviously i am not a doctor – this is not medical advice lol)? That is how Qi Vampires start out. They don’t rock up and say “hey, I am here to bludge off your Awesome, mess with your mind and drain you dry.”

Sometimes, you only know you have a Qi Vampire or fungus when you try to get rid of them/it. So anyway, i love the idea of the Ancient Egyptians using baking soda and if you want some house-witching, consider sacred cleansing – washing tables and floors with water to which you have added the appropriate oil, a good smudge with Mugwort and/or flinging some salt around.

And this Dark Moon in Taurus is perfection for cleansing.

Image: Waldek Borowski

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69 thoughts on “Baking Soda, Qi Vampires & Ancient Egypt

  1. I really like this Myst. Practical magic is mortal magic and all magic must still be grounded in the reality we are in or the result cannot be earthed.. y’know actually appear in this dimension, it will float out in the either or in the psyche just out of reach…

    Qi v ghosts… I don’t know about all the time given I can see them here and there but ghosts is such an incorrect word implying hauntings and negative vibes but definitely Qi flow can act like the wind but so can spirit and I say this fessing that I’m not feng shui expert or ghost expert for that matter :)

    The fungus … fascinating!!

    I will re-read later this eve.

  2. Im so intrigued by this concept of Qi Vampire. I fear that I am one I have had low self esteem issues which crop upwhen I am tired, and I seem to struggle a bit with life, the simple things. I do admire people who seem to be strong and to whom things, as I see it, ” come easily”. Instinctivley I feared I was a chi vamp, and really freared, since reading this blog, because I would do things such as be jealous of people who were happier than me; I wasnt happy; I used to enjoy being wtih boyfriends who had alot of material things because I wasnt sorting myself out in that field…generally a bit of a bumbing person, observing but not being rad myself.

    Recently and right now I am going through a hard time. However,I dont think I am one any more. I hold myself responsible for my own problems, I try not to become codependent on boyfriends, I love the extreme challenges life gives me because at least I have my health and know I will grow from it (even though I find making decisions really hard and have alot of fear around them), I am starting to make hard choices, I am getting over indecisiveness….., I think I am getting out of chi vampness (in my eyes).

    • That’s amazing! The fact that you’ve decided to start taking responsibility for yourself and are already able to pinpoint areas where you (in the past) have used others because you’ve felt you can’t do something or be something for yourself IS awesome … most dyed-in-the-wool qi vamps never do this. They continue to leech and then externalise the issue as everyone else’s fault and play the victim. The resist looking at themselves because it’s easier to blame/use others. Sounds like you’ve experienced a lot of growth and yes it is hard but very rewarding in the long term. :)

      • Yep. I had a long comment I wrote earlier but the phone died. My essential message was that as long as you’re not in denial you’re ahead of 90% of chronic qi vampire types…I too have had major qi vampire tendencies starting around the time I finished college and was dealing with health issues and completely lost when it came to my career goals. Became way too dependent on a boyfriend, super negative…I still have those tendencies but I am more honest about it and able to flip out of the thought patterns quicker through being and staying aware. It takes time and it’s a practice. I also come from a family of extremely pessimistic people so it is deeply ingrained and at times I felt so ashamed because I knew it was not actually me wanting to be this way, it was a pattern. Tough stuff.

    • It takes real honesty to acknowledge our Qi vamp tendencies and to move on from them. Kudos to you for doing it!

      I can relate to a lot of what you say. I’ve been realizing over the past few days how much Qi vamp energy I projected onto a friend a few years ago. On the one hand, I feel so ashamed of my behavior when I look back on it. On the other, I’m glad I’ve come to this point of awareness and that the friendship has moved on from that dynamic.

      I’m going to smudge my house now to allow this energy to fully leave my life.

  3. I wanted to say I no longer cringe when reading about Chi Vamps on this site, even though I feel my life is not quite where I want it to be right now.

    • but yeah thats the first step and its a big one. A lot of us are not where we want to be per say but if you are on the way there its all that matters

  4. That has to be the most sensible thing I’ve ever heard said about spells!

  5. My daughter is google researching magic and spells. She’s practicing fire bending right now.She came out of her room with a pentagram drawn on her hand talking about the power of 8s. Must be in the air right now. I don’t believe in it either, but I do believe in the power of the bamboo and the godliness of clean. Rather, I don’t believe it, but I had it happen that the bamboo reflected the toxicity in my environment before said toxicity came to my awareness. So – that happens.

  6. Ha! I relate to all of this.
    As I was sloughing off qi vamp fam in the last weeks I had a series of incidents that kept me aware of the drain they were having.
    Apart from skin issues, illness etc. due to the stress of it all, my Cap scaled a high shelf and threw down Qi Vamp Piscean’s print he was storing at my house.
    A dark grey and silver spooky airman. Glass everywhere. Felt so good to have it gone!

  7. Totes. I’ve been cleaning, smudging, hanging out with my best GFs, laughing, potting new bargain plants!

    Moved into new studio and swept and smudged. Walls are yellow, brown plasterboard I will paint white, floor is industrial concrete painted a beautiful orange. It already matches my paintings.

    I love bicarbonate soda for cleaning and Epsom salts and lavender in the bath.

    • And I put a new line of salt across my threshold last week πŸ˜‰

    • How exciting GY!! Sounds like it will be gorgeous, blessings for a harmonious and creative sacred space!

  8. “Na, is an abbreviation of that element’s New Latin name natrium, which was derived from natron which refers to Wadi El Natrun or natron valley in Egypt from which natron was mined in ancient Egypt for use in burial rites”.
    I love this!

    It makes sense that anything that has a practical ability for cleanliness would impact us as a vibration. We are vibrating energy and sound ourselves.

    But that is why spells can work too, I mean you are setting the intent through sound which is a vibration. Thoughts have a vibration too of course. β€œIf you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

    • I love what you say Sphinx – everything is energy – and we are creating the future NOW – we are weaving spells every moment we live. We are in this reality because our antecedents created this by thoughts which manifested into actions. To weave a better future we need to have a healthy and uncluttered mind – we need a good flow of energy to help direct our intentions. Feng shui was set up as a practical method to help with physical and mental hygene – they knew that the physical affects the mental and emotional and the other way round too. I guess the hard part is the intention – it has to be pure, without harming anybody else – or it will always come back to bight you in the bum. Some people call this karma, I call it guilt – and guilt eats away at you. Our bodies store guilt as well as other emotions even if you’re not consciously aware of it. And guilt erodes and breaks down defences on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels – and well, it’s a spiral into negativity – not a good thing.

      • Ha ha, you are picking up on me or there is synchronicity there islandgirl. This morning I woke up with conjunctivitis in both eyes and a bad cold. I sat on the edge of my bed thinking ‘that’s not right’! Then I understood that I was feeling soo much guilt for cutting ties with qi vamp fam. I forgave myself & did some reiki on my eyes and I heard:

        ‘Establishing boundaries provides you with traction. Traction is necessary to move forward in life”.

        The conjunctivitis cleared up immediately. 😯

  9. anything can be a spell as long as you set an intention with it.

  10. Interesting Mystic that those things happening in your house you see as Qi?twice in the last week when I approached a door at home, it magically opened for me, like in a gentle breeze. I said thank you to the wind, but wondered, who or what was it really?

    • How lovely! I can relate to this – I once lived in a lovely old flat where the kettle would turn itself on in a kitchen that whenever I took photos of it, had big rings of light around that appeared from all angels (I’m leaving that typo). I woke up in the morning three times to find the front door wide open before I realised I was gently being sent to pursue my destiny…. Elsewhere!

      • The doors opened for me when I came home after being away, so after reading your comments about leaving the house, I am taking it as I need to stay put, a kind of welcome home!

  11. I have been cleaning my house and doing laundry today as well as I have purged some ‘stuff’ from the house, including old clothes. I am in that mood….. and then I saw this post! So I guess I’m doing the right thing…… I will try the baking soda thing, though. Sometimes I leave an open box of it in rooms, not just in the fridge, to absorb the bad qi. Also, I saged myself and my house today. I do have some sea salt across the front doorway. This is an intense and a bit dark-side neighborhood –gang violence and all that– so I want to keep those vibes out of my house.

    I’m in a sad mood today. Feeling lonely…. I went to the community garden in my neighborhood and had a chat with a friend there, though, and sat in the warm sun for a good long time. Still can’t shake this mood, though……feeling sad, but angry too. I catalyzed the energy into my cleaning…..
    I’m seeing a new guy on and off and there is something about the situation that is making me sad and angry, though we’ve had very nice, fun, and sexy times together so far. I’m just not sure what it is….. In some ways I guess I feel like he’s just not that into me, but I’m not sure if that’s true, and I’m not sure that’s the only thing….He’s not very good at getting in touch, but he’s very enthusiastic about getting together if I get in touch with him. It’s just weird to me……. Also, the situation is developing so slowly that I don’t know if it is really going anywhere at all, yet he seems to keep on wanting to see me. I just don’t get it…

    Anyway, I’m just gonna keep on cleaning this house and clearing the energy and I’m gonna get that baking soda!

    • hmmm sounds like the guy isn’t a good thing in your life. You will know what to do if you listen. Hugs for the sad.

    • Big hugs to you flowerchild! As Mystic has said before, sometimes it’s good to ‘slow down and simplify’. Good luck with + enjoy new man – remember thou shalt not take shite.

      Loved this post about ‘spells’. I swear by cleaning and doing laundry with essential oils.

      Half a cup baking soda mixed with quarter cup salt poured down drains, then followed by a cup of white vinegar (stand back, as it will FIZZLE) will rid house of any drain smells, by the way. Good way to “un-drain” your house/soul/life.

      • Thanks for the input, gemyogi and MiM!

        I’m now reading articles on the internet about dating Swedish guys, because the guy I’m dating is Swedish and it occurred to me that some of this ‘communication’ stuff that is going on is somewhat cultural differences. I am American, from California, and we are both living here in San Francisco. Anyway, the articles I’ve found so far have been quite validating! …..some of the stuff going on, though, I think is just man/woman stuff, and then perhaps some dynamics that are potentially not so good, that are just particular to me and him together, so down the road don’t know….. I’m frustrated, though, and I’m not the most patient person so when I’m frustrated it won’t be long before I just call it all off, but something makes me want to check it out a bit longer………

  12. Made sea salt and coconut oil tooth paste – (that is about all i think CO is good for lol) added a few drops of myrrh eo and evoo. Loveee.TP is such a rip off / full of junk. This is just as good at removing the biofilm & keeping gums tip top – (or way better I would argue!)

    • I often use bicard soda for teeth also. It’s a wonder product. Also salt can whiten teeth by scrubbing off tartar etc. Just be gentle though.

      I’ve just go into coconut oil, using it in frying and cooking. Love it. I also love coconut cream, I used in a curry, then used the left over on my porridge this morning! it’s delish

      • Bi-carb & hydrogen peroxide is good too.. for the whitening. But coconut oil in food is a non non for me – like eating soap!

        • The one I’m using is yummy. One of my favourite desserts is black rice pudding with coconut cream.

  13. Hi there,

    Vesta rising here. Oh wow! Before I even read you post!
    This morning I ceremoniously cleaned my boyfriends HEARTH (well, wood-heater), candle burning on it and all. It gave great comfort and solace to tend to the centre and ‘heart’ of the house, giving thanks for the warmth, protection, solace, merriment, storytelling and comfort – everything that a home fire brings. (I have a past life memory of a neolithic time, resting peacefully in a dark cave with my fellow kin)

    Let’s just say, before I came alone his house was full of hoarder-clutter (my Virgo rising nearly fainted) – but I stepped back (I was an over functioner in my last relationship) and gradually over nearly six months, he cleaned out his home gradually.

    SO…I gave a hand during the last house-witching weekend – Four bags of *ancient* rubbish (you don’t want to know), masses of cobwebs (but keeping the spiders in their home)…and cleaned out and furiously smudged the letterbox. – Two bags of snail-chewed letters there. A years worth of unpaid bills, angry council notices etc. (A talkative Libra who blocks communication, how droll). Get that energy flowing! Face that music! The last thing left is pile of (literally) a hundred wine casks. HE will be the one cleaning that out, gradually.

    The front bedroom was closed off like Bluebeards closet. I found girl’s clothes and girl’s stuff from his last eight-year-long relationship that ended FOUR YEARS AGO. I waited until the time was right, and no it wasn’t some disgusting shrine like Jimmy Savile’s to his mother… just a simple “I didn’t get around to it”, I was doing her a favour when she was living in a flat, out of mind out of sight. OK. He called his estranged ex-girlfriend’s best friend, who was also thinking the same thing- it’s time to clean out that front room. So the smudging is moving on that old energy. I did the smudging firmly but gently – out of respect for the memories of the love and the home that was once there, but time to move it on, and bringing in new love and light. (I am a Pluto first house, ascendant – AND a psychologist, heavy grief and loss is my game atm)

    Also I nearly had a fit last weekend when a Qi Vamp came and went under my rader- but calmed (just). An former female friend of his, who used him for ages – a rabble rouser, trouble, Qi Vamp, user “Oh this is my BROTHER I am having dinner with at the cafe, I am still single!!! But I have the convenience of a wingman who will pay for it all and protect me”. Picks up lots of random men (fair enough) and takes them back to his place all the time (not cool) to do the deed and kick them out as soon as its done (different strokes for different folks). Yeah, one of those types that puts on a front real tough and bitchy, picking fights on King St (while my BF was there to pick up the pieces)…but is really weak and dependent. He finally cut her off about a year ago – she would have nothing to do with him.

    WELL – she comes crawling back – messaging. I miss u – badly. He ignores it. Then she writes the next day, I don’t want to rekindle our friendship, just want to know if you are okay. My boyfriend is gone now, you were right he was really controlling (She basically ditched him for that bf, and got angry when my partner pointed out his jealous tendencies) and I lost a lot of friendships…. He tells her he has a girlfriend (moi) and did not want to mess that up, no more. Maybe one day. (He has reconciled friendships from 5 10 years ago that broke up badly, but now work when everyone is more mature)
    He chose to ward off the Qi Vamp than not be roped back in
    Thank goodness, he learned from the one this year that really pumbled him.

    (I actually messaged her, something along the lines of you make your choices and live with the consequences, especially with friendships. And that I see through her calling on him again because it is convenient for her and she has a use for him again…You are not welcome here. Nothing here for you. Move on. It must have fallen into her “Other” mailbox in Facebook. Unseen, unnoticed and unread. But perhaps it does not need to – the message has been received, energetically.)

    Salt across all the thresholds and doorways anyway…
    (and in the letter box to keep the snails from eating the mail)

    • ah, has the wine been drunk? I hate to ask, but does that situation require more than salt?

      • Time and trial will tell, Calypso (I’d say, yep!).
        It’s a very Dionysian/Ariadne coupling.

        Me: In the middle of the Neptune square natal Neptune transit.
        Him: Neptune transiting 12th house.
        We exit these at around the same time (2016).

        Who knows what will be left standing once all the Neptunian fairy dust scatters! The prognosis looks grim, but I will go with the flow of this transit (for someone like me with such a strong Saturn, this itself is an astounding development). Much magic, soul-mating and happiness from our friends has been made despite outward appearances and inward obstacles…

        • oh well, I congratulate you on your self awareness and wish you much enjoyment of the blurring of Saturnine boundaries! Did the beginning of the relationship coincide with yr N square N transit? Mine was a doozy (on my angles and with Saturn in 12H). An old friend used to say you should spend at least 3 years in a relationship before contemplating children. Now I imagine this is why!

          All the best to you Impolite Society :)

          • Cheers!

            Ooh yours sounded tricky. My N 2 N started in March, but felt “on” in Dec… Around the same time this relationship started along with the occultation of Venus retrograde. I wasn’t sure if it would even pass that phase, but it was a major romantic reset indeed.

          • Cheers!

            Ooh yours sounded tricky. My N 2 N started in March, but felt “on” in Dec… Around the same time this relationship started along with the occultation of Venus retrograde. I wasn’t sure if it would even pass that phase, but it was a major romantic reset indeed.

            • wow, timing of Venus Rx is interesting!

              I recently saw the man in question during the Mars Rx. It was so striking to me that I didn’t feel anything – and I used to sniff this guys mattress that he left in my garage long after he left the state to avoid creditors and ppl who wanted to kill him (only a slight exaggeration – would be funny if it wasn’t true) – So I checked the ephemeris and lo, it began and ended with the Neptune Sq Neptune transit. It was a transcendent, orgasmic, substance-fuelled thing too, fun while it lasted x

  14. Pertinent. I’ve been pondering what kind of cleansing ritual I might need to do now that the qi vamp in this house has been evicted. I never believed in qi vampism until I met him to be honest. I thought it was always a mental illness that created this type of behaviour. But he has no mental illness, no addiction or other factor that I can see. He’s just a C***T through and through. :mrgreen:

    ….. soz but compassion lacking on that front at the moment

    So yes cleansing the house. Awaiting instructions from Cedric.

    Cleaning really does work especially when you’re doing it with clear intention. White lighting always worked for me for protection. Another thing that occurred to me was that qi vampires – like all vampires – have to have been invited in somewhere along the way. Raising intuitive awareness might be a good preventive tool.

    In terms of spells … years ago I did some Wiccan classes in spellcasting and goddam they worked so well it freaked me out and I stopped. Mainly binding and protection spells … but I was always a bit suspicious about what the karmic cost might be. You have to have really clear and pure intent when doing that sort of work as you don’t want to be accidentally attracting karmic repercussions.

    • Yeah I don’t do spells as such anymore, even though they were mostly benign (a few fuelled by love zombieism) they were way too effective and it was only later that I started thinking about the wider ripples of consequences … I reckon raising your qi and setting up general protections against negativity and cleansing of space ie. Salt, sage etc. are prob best. I love using bay leaf – love the smell, love the positive vibe. It feels strong to me and it grows plentifully in many gardens!

    • just burn some sage, and clean/wash/get rid of anything he spent a lot of time with in the house.

  15. Funny, I just bought a big brick sized box of bicarb to clean my new bathroom yesterday! And havr been having wild dreams, as in, people in the dreams actually say things that I need to hear. This little libra rising wants to get going with mars direct but I’m holding back … good thing I love taurus moons :) new rose lipstick, lavender oil, pizza and couch and game of thrones with a dear friend tonight! So very taurus of me!

  16. Mystic please do a blog about Michiel Huisman’s astro. He’s a Cancer but it would be nice to know of his other aspects as well. I’ve had the biggest crush on him this week.

  17. A rough dark moon for me this week. Stress is a factor. I need to cleanse….Have cleaned my house for 2 days, then dragged brush into one pile this morning.

  18. if you are taking requests, do Donald Levine astrology the guy who invented GI joe dolls for boys! he just died recently. He’s got to have some strange Mars and Cancer things going on.

    • yep. Cancer guys are obsessed with masculinity :roll:

      Just looked him up. He’s a Gemini with moon in Gem at 22ΒΊ. Who knows what time he was born. He could have had moon in Cancer?
      Anyway He has Pluto conjunct Jupiter on Cancer

  19. Fungus on my mind…! My partner and I just discovered the third entity in our relationship- a super fungus in our mattress- producing heat and water in copious amounts. A new mattress and airy slatted base were quickly purchased and I am sleeping much better- and no longer dreaming of Mycelium taking over mankind πŸ˜› Reading about other’s Qi Vampires makes me happy mine was a simple fungus! Also, like an Egyptian, I have shaved off all hair that isn’t on my head and exfoliated with baking soda! It must be in the collective unconscious- I am never this extreme with my grooming! But I am Taurean and doing a ‘cleanse and hide’ Dark Moon…

  20. Hi……..Mystic just wondering what a super Feng Shui house like yours would look like? Are there any photos of a portion of a room of yours on this site? Funny I went crazy cleaning today, neglected cleaning and then read this post this evening! Horizontal surface clearing, cleaning. Oh dear, I hope tomorrow isn’t the y axis………..even brought in lavender to calm the energy, so not me. LOL

  21. Love a bit of practical magic. Sending over the banshee body guards Mystic πŸ˜‰ Other side of the salt line please people.

    Reminds me, I have a guy at work who is all enticed by Crowely, the occult and clairvoyance who keeps harassing me about spells and interviewing me incessantly since discovering a previous place of work that had me outed slightly. I see him only one day a week and its spent politely shutting down his ridiculous spell casting questions by pointing out the obvious and not giving any energy away to what is seriously stupid and unintentional black magic.

    Practical is where its at. Its not hard to see the psychological component here either. someone who would rather go and cast to create control, over others which we don’t have, than face up to long standing issues and amend this.

  22. Weird timing…I went in for a facial yesterday and came out with a fairy godmother of candida cleanse support who swore by a handful of supplements refined over a decade of trial and error and is putting me on a strict no sugar diet (not too crazy for me; basically I just need to cut out the fruit because I eat pretty clean). She warned me that I’ll feel like death for two weeks then slowly come back…very slowly. I’m in. Upgrade me.

  23. Ooh this moon feels so intensely Dark! Today I’m taking a carload of my no longer useful items to charity: suddenly it feels imperative that I unload less I drown in the stale Qi these items emit. Also, am putting the finishing touches on a firey ankh painting for my living room: the room’s too watery, needs balanced. The painting will hang on a south wall, opposite a big mirror (that I cannot move myself). Didn’t I read here once that mirrors are a Scorpio thing? This house was full of mirrors when we moved in, many of which are huge & heavy, some of which are built in. Buckets of water, like me. Been applying feng shui remedies to balance the energy ever since moving in (two years ago). It’s a process.

  24. Oh crazy synchronicity! Yesterday, spent most of the day cleaning my apartment Virgo-style, then put salt along the threshhold of the doorways before I went to sleep. It did feel ritualistic, and I just felt inspired to do it.

    Feels kind of creepy how we are influenced (controlled??!) by the collective unconscious.

  25. Practical magic i.e. cleaning and feng shui is about all the magic I do too. De-cluttering feels so good. I wish my housemates were into that because they have SO MUCH clutter and the energy affects everyone. sigh.

    I fear that I have been a qi vampire in the past. In fact around a year ago I went through a major life crisis. And during that time I know I was a qi vampire and I lost some friends. I mean, some stuck around, but it was a really bad time. I don’t think it’d happen again but I’m still not proud of that.

    I also seem to have little psychic protection against qi vampires or even people with negative energy who aren’t even exhibiting qi-vampire behavior but their stress just radiates off them and makes me feel very stressed. I pick up on other’s energy way too easily.

    Now I’m at the point where I’m so over ‘friends’ that I just want to be alone. I realize this isn’t the healthiest response. I do need some kind of ‘protection’ spell or something to stop absorbing other’s energies so easily. If anyone has any tips that’d be great.

    • Hi Virgo Kathleen, I too, have discovered I too easily absorb the energies of others around me. Majorly. Not good for my well-being! Feel overwhelmed, drained, sad, anxious etc etc. I recently found an article that you may find useful.

      I found some great tips. I do the white-lighting when I’m going to be around others, and it helps to contain your own energy, & seems to work not take on others’ energies!… Take care! Hope it helps.

        • reading all comments here really really inspiring! thanks also for these links, i have Issues with a capital I in absorbing and feeling other peoples energies – it aint nice when they cleanse themselves off of me! links very helpful :) !!!

      • Thank you very much! I’m so glad I spotted your comment! I have Neptune conjunct moon in Capricorn which explains why this happens to me. I’m off to read the second article now. xx