Are You An Astrological Pisshead?

Cat Moet

To be clear – “pisshead” is Australian & British colloquial slang for an enthusiastic drinker and this is post is for entertainment purposes. We are not discussing serious issues of addiction here.  Rather, it is an opportunity to learn more about you/your astro by looking at your birthchart.

Neptune is the numero uno suspect for good times, getting out of it and escapist tendencies. You would look to find him in your chart (my theory is that Neptune operates more like a cosmic drug than a planet) and then for the major aspects to Neptune.

The closer the more intense. Neptune-Jupiter is often the total party animal. Neptune-Moon is the psychological need to transcend mundane reality.  Neptune-Venus – don’t start me – is the classic Love Zombie aspect and Neptune-Mars can be a drive toward benders and chaos. Or, obviously, Shamanic Awesome.

Neptune squares would seem to be the most potentially problematic.

So Party Souls are often strong Neptunians & then of course we have the asteroid Wine Gods,  Bacchus and Dionysus, numbers 2063 and 3671 respectively.  Fling those into the Extended Chart Options at Astrodienst for a good time.

Channing Tatum has Bacchus exact conjunct his Taurus Sun – i can SO see that in him. He just needs a wreath of ivy, some maenads to chase around after him and to be brandishing bunches of grapes.

Bacchus is currently at 15 Sagittarius & Dionysus (as in Dionysian Revel) at 25 Taurus, opposite our friend Saturn.

Channing Tatum singing with old style records

Top Image: Laura Sfez

Bottom Image: Channing Tatum – G.Q.

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99 thoughts on “Are You An Astrological Pisshead?

    • me too! Her clothing is amazing! Just the thing I’d wear when I’m in a more urban mood.

      • neptune square venus. i’m totes fuqued.
        destroying any inner love zombie tendencies, i’m going to rise phoenix like from my own zombie ashes wearing that that bondgirl bow side slit turtle neck dress. seriously, how can you go wrong wearing that!

  1. Let’s see — I have Neptune Rx conjunct Jupiter Rx, oppose Saturn/Venus combo, sextile Moon and Pluto. And Neptune rules my Rising.

    Neptune/Jupiter Rx: My inner life as an optimist — I accepted that only health of my loved ones is important in life, the rest is either do-able or dismiss-able.

    I can’t drink at all. Yet, Bacchus conjuncts Sun.

    Neptune oppose Saturn/Venus — I can’t assess people realistically and my boundaries needed serious work. At the end, I have adopted “stay away from people unless they call you first” strategy against LZ tendencies.

    Saturn holds hands with Venus in my chart anyway. Neptune blowing up Venusian affairs is immediately turned down by Saturn.

    The best advice I have read about Neptune opposing Saturn is “find the area where Neptune rules, set boundaries then be as imaginative as you can be”

    Am prone to addictions, I can’t quit smoking. Since I’ve accepted that, I update and replace my addictions. Currently I am addicted to reading, smoking is slowly receding into the background.

    Neptune as the cosmic drug sounds lovely Mystic :-)

    • I quit three smoking months now. Smoked most of my life. I love smoking. I bought a smoking herbal blend from mountain rose so I can smoke something other than nicotine crap and dream weed. Don’t use it daily, but I am really surprised by how much I like the smoking blend. Its really relaxing. Now, I hate cigs- they smell so bad and generate so much trash! Maybe try something new?

      • Will definitely try it — yay to the possibility of an updated addiction 😀

        • Yes, I only smoke the herbs a few times per week maybe, so I figure its an improvement. And I haven’t had it confirmed, but I am fairly certain it smells better than cigs (can’t smell worse, right?) Good luck!

  2. This image reminds me of my taurean father in his youth :)
    same preppy style, with the loafers and the crooning. He taught me how to do the classic boogie-woogie in our kitchen!
    None of our family are much keen on the BDHJ. Nicotine is more the drug of choice (unfortunately)

    My moon and Neptune loosely conjunct, and I so do crave transcending the mundane. Is why I’ve been reading up on the ayahuasca…

  3. LOL I have Bacchus exact conjunct my Cap Sun. I seriously don’t see myself pulling off the grapes and ivy look! How does a Capricornian Bacchus look anyway?

    Neptune in Sag conjunct Mercury in Cap in 5th House, sextile Pluto in Lib 3rd House. LOL so I get drunk on frank, creative, and possibly verbose, discourses about transformation and phoenixing? Not too far from the truth!

  4. hmm, bacchus exactly conjunct jupiter,which is one degree off my sun and two off mercury, in the 7th house…probably explains why *all* my relationships have started in a drunken orgy lol

  5. Addicted to music. That’s my salvation. Paws off my Neptune that equals good tunes, nice surrounds and a working ladies.
    Top image: Looks like a bed of cheese with the cat’s meow front and centre.

    • Yeah I thought the bed was some kind of wacky cheese themed thing until I looked closely lol

      Music ~ antidote/remedy for low Neptune?

      • music is definitely the best addiction!

        music, meditation, and possibly some low impact yoga/tai chi/pilates etc are the only “safe” addictions i can think of. are there others? i, ahem, might need to know this…

        • @ HDQ “Soundtrack Your Soul (the way to heal and feel your way through it)”.

  6. Channing, sweet delicious Channing, you forgot to take off your shoes when you changed out of your business suit. Xox

  7. That is so me in the pic minus the fags. and the ghastly coloured sheets Jupiter SQ neptune is tempered by Saturn in Cap so a sensible party animal def in my youth. But no an addictive personality Im too lazy for that thankfully. This gal just likes to have fun and give fun times to others and make fun so everybody is having a good time.
    Now at work in the aged care homes if I can make someone laugh or even smile that is a great thing all round.

  8. Hmm. Aspects for Neptune:-

    Sun Trine Neptune, Moon Trine Neptune, Venus Trine Neptune, Mars Sextile Neptune, Jupiter Opposition Neptune, Neptune Sextile Pluto.

    A few aspects there!

    Dionysis conjunct everything in Pisces and trine to Neptune. Bacchus is opposite my moon.

    I can party with the best of them and am usually last to end the night. I love getting on the piss. It is the ultimate tool to transcend the daily grind. Nothing else makes me feel so happy and hangovers rarely occur. I do however try to have time off. I sleep much better!

  9. 12th House Neptune conjunct Moon/ Jup in Scorp- I’m a self help junkie. Partied ferociously in yesteryear. Designated driver most nights. Bacchus conjunct Saturn natally. LOL!

    Very sensitive to the grape- don’t teetotal- but partake mindfully. Still adore buzz/sweetness of great chilled vino.

  10. Neptune square Mars = Confusion/illusions/misdirection: Tick

    Hygeia conjunct Bacchus (in Taurus): Party Healer via Plonk. Helpless attraction to Channing: Tick

    Dionysius conjunct IC in 3rd (Virgo) & Pluto = Pissheaded verbosity present in early home life: Tick

    Dionysius Opposition MC = Tendency to want to Go Wild vs Knuckle Down & Work: Tick

      • Done. Synastry Match On!
        Using the point system on cafe astrology work out the top 3 positive aspects & the top worst partnership indicator + Venus/Mars relationships.
        May the Stars Decide Who Alone Will Have Astral Channing.

        (But I’m not doing it tonight. I am going to sleep now). :-

      • Ok, we have nothing going astrologically.. except his moon on my venus/saturn/mercury (same as my hub actually, lol).

        My Mars on his NN/Jupiter/Mars can’t be much chop.

        Plus he is Monkey and I am Tiger: Fail!

        You can have him, no fight.

    • LOL love Party Healer via Plonk!

      I only have Dionysus (Sco in 4th) opposing Chiron (Tau in 10th).

      Had a video clip run through my head, one of those tele ads on drink driving. Except it was a centaur veering off the side of a woodland path. Lost control of all four legs. Video ends aptly with very serious male voice: Don’t Drink and Drive.

      Yes, am off to bed now. #needsleep

      • Ah, drunken centaurs, now you are working your Bacchus/Sun conjunction properly SH! Does anyone else imagine guys as a centaur on occasion? It is the standard by which a certain kind of hotness can be measured. Eg. Channing makes an awesome centaur. While Johnny Depp makes a good faun, but he’s no centaur. But if he was, his horse half would be an Arabian or something lightly built. Lol.

        • Hehehe how about Hugh Jackman?

          On a completely random note on centaurs… I had the most hilarious image of all of our NRL players being centaurs and playing the field. Now THAT would get some awesome smashes there, though I hate to see what happens with all those flying legs getting tangled up!

          Yes, I’m stoked for Origin LOL #QLDER

    • I feel I should note I no longer smoke, rarely drink and when I pass a person on drugs in the street, practically fall over from the effect their energy has on me!
      So Neptune energy has been transformed from substance use & abuse to actual sensitive awareness of the limitless through meditation etc.

  11. I have Venus-Neptune square. Prone to loving what cant be mine/more in the head. The safest way I’ve ever handled this was falling for fictional characters. But I’ve been growing up more (aren’t we always?) and having to handle actual people. Gimme the tonic.

    Also have Jupiter-Neptune opposite and I’m not a party animal at all. Nor do I overdo alcohol, any drugs, etc.

    However, I do have Neptune trine Mercury. If I drink a bit when doing tarot, I get fab results. And of course, drunk texts but they’re usually playful and sometimes insightful.

  12. I thought this was gonna be a post on being addicted to astrology and I was gonna say Hell To The Yeah. Mystic Medusa astrology anyways. Anyone else?

    • i actually thought it was going to be asking us if we overindulged… on this site!

  13. Neptune opp Jupiter, sq Venus, trine Merc, sextile Mars, sextile moon. Transiting Saturn currently on my Neptune. Transiting Neptune currently exact conj my Pisces sun-Saturn, almost on my Pisces Merc. Dionysus conj my sun-Saturn-Merc in Pisces therefore transiting is Neptune on my Dionysus :) Bacchus conj my moon-Lilith in Cap – Pluto on all that.

    Do I win something? Can it be wine?

  14. Um yeah – my Neptune squares Saturn, Mars and my Moon. I love the idea of transcending reality with substances, shamanism and have partaken of the blue devil hoochie juice in copious amounts in the past, less so in the last few years.
    When I party, I par-tay 😉

  15. Not massively tight, but I’ve got Neptune square Mars. And it’s true, though I’ve got my bats party-animal, wild side under control a bit better. I don’t really go out and cause mayhem or self-destruct publicly anymore. Any of my lower-Neptunian benders are a lot more quiet and by myself and…ha, sad I guess.

    Also got Neptune sextile my Piscean Sun and Merc. Music, both making it and listening to it, is my great love, and I think of that as very Neptune-Merc, and also Neptune-Sun (as well as the just being dreamy and deeply Fishy in general.) I am, if I may say so, a really talented singer, and think it is/could be my gift to the world, if I could find an outlet for it (overly critical of my own songwriting, which makes it hard (Saturn squaring my Sun, Moon, and Merc, make me unsure of my worth/value/talent in some areas.) Neptune is trine my midheaven, too, just proving, I guess, that I shouldn’t have let my insecurities get he better of me, and art/music is my true vocation — guess there’s still time…. *shrug* (but with a Jupiter square there…anyway *sigh*)

    Now Bacchus and Dionysus, haha, unsurprisingly, I’ve got strong wine-god influences (I love to imbibe all of the BDHJ, but wine truly IS a drink of the gods.) Dionysus conjunct my MC and trine Neptune, square Jupiter. Bacchus is sextile my moon, trine Lilith.

    Looks like my career path should have involved being a wandering minstrel, singing dreamy tales of parallel worlds, paid for my talents in wine and revelry. Actually…that does sound about perfect!

  16. Bacchus conjunct Moon, Chiron & asteroid compassion all at 15 degrees Aries

    Dionysus conjunct MC both at 5 degrees Gemini (also opposite Neptune at 4 deg Sag & conjunct Saturn at 7 deg Gem)

    Neptune conjunct IC

    Transit Neptune currently conj DC, transit Baccus conjuct Sun, transit Dionysus trine moon

    I don’t stand a chance…

  17. Neptune conjunct North Node in Sagg, trine Pluto-Moon Libra, square Jupiter-ascendant Pisces.

    I drank quite a bit in my later teens, & a lot in my early 20s. Drinking fell off as I approached 30 & these days I only drink once or twice a year in social situations. But always, when I drink I want to move– physically raise energy. Dancing, sex– I can’t tolerate sitting on my duff at some bar or some mom’s kitchen table, just sitting there drinking. Total bore, all my energy gets stuck & then I’m just irritated & hungry & wishing I wasn’t shitfaced.

    • Hey, my Neptune conj MC in Sagg… Apart from when I am travelling, or in one of those conversations where the ideas are travelling I think most people think I am perpetually stoned, drunk or on a rosehip tea trip etc. There’s something a bit unreachable about neptune in Sagg. It makes for fabulous thinking but I am a terrible student cos I can’t stick to the script, despite Saturn in gemini.. ..

      • Yes I totally get this too! People think I’m high, & I am– but not like they think I am. Hey, with Neptune trans our Pisces rising you’ll have that, right? I can’t imagine doing school through this: I’ve been out for a little over a year. More power to you, twinfishrising! How much can you channel your trip– er creativity– into your academics? “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Einstein 😉

  18. I have a T square with Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune as the apex, so, yeah. Addictions? Check. Quit cigs, love dream weed – love smoke and fire – not a boozer. Really manifests as a problem with being realistic about the value of things, including romantic interests, my own talents, time and money. As a 3xVirgo, I am well aware of how much more $$ I’d have w/o this aspect as I wouldn’t blow it on dream weed and emo purchases or waste energy being an LZ. BUT rather than guilt out over my wiring, I will enjoy my buzz, potential love interest, and new purchases. I was born this way.

    • Am totally with you, love the dreaming weed and factor it in – neptune conj moon scorp in huge kite w sun/Pluto/sth node in Virgo 1st / lillith in cancer / nrth node in the twin fish

      My Venus in Leo squ Nep – LZ alert but have to say have embraced my fantasies and enjoy them for what they are – Saturn trawling over my Nep/moon is nearly over so DELUSIONS OBVIOUS NOW – thanks….

  19. hard neptune-venus conj. I’m not a party animal at all. No drugs either. “love” is my only “drug” fortunately and unfortunately.

    • I have Neptune opposite Venus and I’m with you, love was def my drug of choice, “fortunately and unfortunately”

  20. Neptune-Jupiter is often the total party animal. Neptune-Moon is the psychological need to transcend mundane reality.

    sigh, surely this is something that mellows with age and experience and discipline and focus. i’m telling myself so anyways…

    my transcending mundane realities is pursued in healthy ways as age sets in, its noice, its different 😉

  21. I have Bacchus conj Leo sun in 12th.(sounds like I lay around with grapes and wine…ok, maybe sometimes) ..square my Nep Moon conj in 4th house Scorpio and yes…I do all kinds of woo woo: tarot,angel cards,reiki,I have ghosts and I love astro…..

    ps: (Bac is sextile my Dionysus in 3rd house Libra don’t know what that could mean)

  22. Pretty sure I’ve hit the addiction Jackpot. Neptune conjunct moon in 8th house Scorpio, squaring Saturn and Mars.. Yay!!. NOT

  23. I have that Venus square Neptune affliction also (Neptune also squares sun, moon and mercury.) Neptune in my 5th house Sagittarius (its planetary ruler Jupiter is in Leo in 12th house, conjunct Leo ascendant).

    I’m pretty sure I should be a wild perma-drunk LZ but instead the only thing that is interesting is how uniquely boring ive had it. Missed out on any resemblance of a party lifestyle. Health probs prevented me from drinking and going out.

    My sister knew a guy who had mars-neptune conjunct was was a major Steve McQueen type of Aries. Actually he is exactly like Warren Beatty – Looks exactly like him too circa- Splendor in the Grass. Slept with everything that moved, massive reputation, but still managed to have a certain charm that could make a woman feel like he has a unique emotional chemistry with her. My gem sister is the only person he placed on a perpetual pedestal. she was the only women who he got nervous around. He was terrified of rejection with her so it never eventuated even though he worshiped her and they had a mutually felt karmic connection spanning 7 years!!! He is currently getting fat with the munchies because he is in depression that she left his life. my sister’s scorp rising enjoys this.

    I have Saturnian-esq guilt of escaping my reality until I have reached my goals (sun/moon/merc/venus squ Saturn).

    I am currently addicted to food and celebrity gossip, for which they is no known cure.

    • btw my Dionysus in Libra is conjunct my sun/moon/merc/venus and squ Neptune.

      I have always loved Dionysus in greek mythology. especially the one about the thebian women who were warned to respect the dark side of indulgence. He introduced them to pleasure and merry celebration and wine. One night the women had an all-female celebration sans the men. they drank and danced around a fire in the woods. they heard some lions in the bushes watching so they caught them and in their drunken zeal ripped the heads off the lions. As they marched back to the city they held the lion’s heads above their heads to show off their victory….but as they marched they began to sober up…. until they noticed that the heads were not that of a lions but that of their husbands and the king.

      the men had been curious to see what the women were getting up to, what sacred things Dionysus had shown them. the women had gotten so lost in the haze of their drunken frenzy that couldn’t see reality clearly.

      I myself have lost myself in dreams, infatuations and castles built on sand. But I have always been lucky enough to sober up and get out just in time. love this fable tho.

  24. Yes Mystic I’m totally Starlush and Neptune is conjunct my ascendent, Mars and Neptune!!! The interpretations totally ring true for me and those are the kind of men I’m driven towards as well… Free spirited, sensitive party animals, usually with a flair of artistic genius. The drug part too yes so that where my acupuncture career comes in to balance schizz out! Lol, herb infused Vinos laboratory type energy tonics mixed with the hypnotics. We have fun.

    • Did I mention Jupiter is in the cluster $&@$& Asc. Business lol!

  25. YEP!
    Moon in 12th(neptune’s house) trine neptune in 4th. I prefer to party and lucid dream at home.
    Neptune inconjunct mars ….weird energy.

  26. Neptune& Bacchus/Sun/Venus conjunct in Scorpio 9th house ….120 mon in Pisces and 90 mars in Leo….thats rock´n´roll baby!

  27. i for one am glad it is not an admonishment to us for pisshead posting! 😯 not that i would ever do that. 😯

    neptune opp jupiter rising by one degree. sometimes ALL CAPS IS CALLED FOR! (or that’s what they think when they team up- sorry… 😯 ) neptune not aspecting personals but all in the 12th (yeah, you know, yawn). dionysus on my ic- there is some overabundant liquid love in the family tree though all hidden- family of strict and i do mean strict teetollers. bacchus exactly, like by 12 minutes, smack bang on my NN. what’s that all about?????? i am doing this right??? pass the wine? oh, it’s only 9 am…

  28. I have Bacchus at 25 degrees Pisces in the 10th, trine Neptune at 26 Scorpio in the 5th.

    Also in Pisces:

    Moon at 7 Pisces, now being transited by Neptune at 7 Pisces

    Mars conjunct MC at 17 Pisces, now being transited by Chiron at 17 Pisces

    Chiron at 26 Pisces, conjunct my Bacchus at 25 Pisces

    At times in my life I have been a big party girl, for sure. Not so much recently, though very recently I have noticed an increase in my alcohol consumption and I keep an eye on that because I know Neptune is transiting right on my Moon right now. I’m trying to transmute all this into connection with Spirit and into the arts, working on my music and playing guitar more, rather than just partying and using alcohol as ‘medicine’. I’m very sensitive to substances so I can’t drink much anyway, compared to most people.
    I’ve never been into other drugs at all, and never tried any of what I call ‘scary’ drugs, the really addictive ones like heroin.
    A few times at uni I tried psychedelics, particularly LSD, and I did enjoy that and felt that it was constructive and that I learned something from it, but it’s not the sort of thing you can do all the time.
    I am a healer and definitely interested in the shamanic realm, and have some interest in maybe trying peyote or aya someday, though I don’t know if I’m physically strong enough to do something like that. I’ll probably just go for more mantra chanting/kirtan and meditation to work with the spirit realm.

  29. I’m just going to say YES without going into my chart. I think I have Dionysus or Bacchus in Leo. I know I enjoy a drink, and I have the alcoholic gene in my family, but luckily I am more moderate.

  30. Neptune-Uranus-Venus all bunched up together in the 8th. Born to be a love zombie slash Liz Taylor. Trying to figure out how to make this a strength without being afraid of it.

    I was doing market research for a book I’ve been asked to write and typed in “stripper programmer” into google. No relevant results (which is great and makes me think I might consider getting them the proposal) but there was randomly a bio of an author who worked as a programmer by day and romance novelist by night who wrote that her profession was inevitable because of her Uranus in the 8th and moon in the 12th. It was a little eerie and a lot hilarious. 😀

  31. Dionysis moving toward my Taurus rising at 27 degrees. O_O I had a little slip up last week that turned out to be not very fun or productive…also been reminiscing about the good ‘ol days and quietly accepting that there is no going back nor do I really want to. I also have Bacchus at 0 degrees Aries squaring my Venus at 0 Capricorn and the aforementioned Neptune party stellium in the 8th. Gah!

    “Astrology Made Me Do It” looking more and more like a valid excuse, huh? :p

  32. Neptune venus conjunct scorp ascendent here.
    Was prone to be lower type until I grew up. For me it’s about spiritual v romantic love. I always had a strong ‘god’ connection, but not the ability to articulate it. My early life was a search to understand the aching desire for the divine & how to make it mundane. Have I succeded? The ache has faded, I have a spiritual practice, I’m just at the beginning and confident in my knowledge & understanding while living an ordinary life. I also feel blessed to have been tempered by a wide orb pluto/jupiter/mars/moon stellium in virgo.

  33. Chart ruler Jupiter in Pisces in exact square with Neptune. It’s a wonder I can function at all :)

    • LOL somehow you do. I wonder that often now as a mature (cough cough) Leo gal. But I never ever lose any sleep poss thanks to aqua rising because I know something will come along to wake me up and give me an opp to make up for my mistakes. Truly just gotta pay more attention.

      Happened just today I get an opp to help out a person who stuck up for me big time. Never miss that kind of opp and honour it.

  34. One of many reasons I benefit and enjoy the study of astrology is that if I know what influences me I can exercise my free will…… or free won’t. My pisces sun is square my ruler neptune and while I can definitely fall into a bottomless glass of something, I think it has to do with my father, represented by the sun, square my natal sun. He was a raging alcoholic. I actually crave sobriety and clarity most of the time because my meditation practice is important to me. There have been times though when I was willing to spin out of control and deny that I was doing it. Saturn conj MC saves me as I can be a lil type A. I love when the symmetry happens in a chart that balances out.

  35. ‘Neptune-Mars can be a drive toward benders and chaos. Or, obviously, Shamanic Awesome.

    Yes! I haz it. Neptune in Scorpio 7th opposite Mars in Toro 2nd.

    Now that I’m almost 50, the shamanic awesome is slowly overtaking the drive toward benders and chaos. Luckily. Although I can still party like a rock star, it appears that I cannot recover like one. Lol

  36. I love Laura Sfez. I follow her on Instagram. Insanely sexy and cool.

  37. Neptune and I are good friends. It sits in my 5th in early Scorpio and has sextiles and trines to Pluto , mars and Saturn.
    I rarely say no to Neptune but I do know when to stop and go home.

  38. Yes.

    Neptune and Jupiter one degree apart Neptune exactly opposite Saturn.

    Have always been and will always be a party girl.

    Interesting to note that I also am fascinated by mind altered states that can be achieved without substances.

    Music too.

  39. You know Iike the vibe of this post. Thx MM for setting that. Some peeps are into and some aren’t . Its all cool. No judgements here love that.
    Me says trying to study with glass of red by the laptop. Will take a tad longer but it will be a lot more fun as i jump to dance at every chance.
    Shakira, Whitney,Pink whatevs

  40. Hahaha. I have Neptune and Venus in my 11th house. I am the Queen of Love Zombies! Neptune square Jupiter. I am a Starlush and proud of it. Oh how could anyone have yellow and orange manchester? Seriously. That would be so destabilising.

  41. I have a strong Neptune, conjunct my moon in Cap (sixth house). It’s trine my Sun and Mars conjunct in Virgo. (Why yes, I am a Mars-Neptune…woman). It’s also trine my Jupiter in the last degree of Aries. (So yes…a Grand Trine). And sextile my Pluto in Scorp (which makes this formation a kite I believe). I have all that earth in my chart but then that Neptune adds this dreamy otherworldly, Pisces quality. I feel like I’m extra sensitive and sense other people’s energies super well. If I could understand this part of my chart fully I’ll have unlocked the key…

  42. moon square neptune exact. :((((( this also indicates food addictions/sensitivities, especially sugar. nothin’ good about this aspect, imo.

    neptune ruled with jupiter in pisces conjunct pis asc. venus loosely conj neptune. saturn hits it first though. my venus conjuncted my last boyfriend’s neptune exact, in over-the-top saggo, so that was a wild substance fuelled trip of a relationship. not so fun though — too much saturn/pluto karma going on.

    • Neptune should make you more photogenic than non-Neptune types. Maybe not a HUGE plus, but its something!

  43. i had an interesting realisation re: Neptune during my hiatus from blogland which was that the whole time I was in love with a drug dealer I had a Neptune square Neptune transit going on. Beware! (hello 12HV!)

    Neptune strong in my chart – conjunct DC, opposite rising Moon, sextile Mars and Pluto.

    • Today I was thinking “I wonder how calypso’s doing.” I have the Neptune square Neptune transit going on right now. I had a dream last night about being in a play with no role and trying to resolve a relationship between a dog and a whale.

      • Just realized I have moon trine Neptune too, duh. Moon in Leo. Neptune in Sag. And Mercury and Pluto sextile, plus the Venus and Jupiter square. I’ve got it all! NN and Neptune in Saggo. That’s A LOT of Neptune. I’m stoned all the time, sober or not, and usually not.

      • all is well m’dear, thank you for thinking of me :) how are you?

        my MC and NN are Pisces too, so perhaps I am Neptune bound!

        • I’m good. I feel sensitive about updating personal life here. I started my own blog where I can digest myself. So far, I have no audience so no hecklers! Its funny, I can’t keep a journal unless its public. My Leo moon is a total exhibitionist that never feels she gets her way – 12th house sun. I’ve been meeting lots of Neptune on MC people of late. Love the dreamers.

          • lol, yep. Circumspect R Us!

            Details, shmeetails, I can feel you. thanks for the 12H hit :)

            in astro news: loving this grand water trine, feels very supportive!