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How EPIC is Venus in Aquarius sextile Uranus for objective insights around image – detaching, sloughing off sentimental attachment to outmoded limitations around how you ‘should’ look – and unconventional snazzy love-flirt-sex-lust action?

Of course, Mars is Retrograde so a lot of this feels like it is taking place in some parallel dimension whilst meanwhlle we battle to avoid Zap Zone burnout and frazzled nerves. Parallel dimensions and strange Time-Space continuum crushes never phase the Venus in Aquarius/Venus-Uranus vibe and it’s thankfully also more or less immune to infection by the Love Zombie virus.

Anyway, isn’t it true that if you catch it once naturally, you can’t get the Love Zombie bug again? Your super-ego-romantic immune system just shoots it down the second a thought that even RESEMBLES a  Love Zombie style impulse enters your air space.

So who is enjoying the makeover of romantic policy, image, art aesthetics & sex potential via the Venus-Uranian voodoo strong at the mo?

Also, i am going to give a proper breakdown and explanation of this love-sexy schizz in the Daily Mystic email for Thursday but things sparking up this week or feeling extra fierce are further developed in mid-May and then September…

Image: Ryoichi Ikegama

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218 thoughts on “Venus In Space

  1. Mood boards not bad moods I say!

    spent a few hours with sister last night having fun cutting up magazines and creating fabulous inspiration via art/colour/shape for our very zappy (clean / green / fun and fresh) homewares designs…..

    so much more fun than the utter crud I deal with at work which is only proving my true grit and motivating me towards my future of my own creating…think I am getting this thing called square

      • Hiya Dom we are designing soft furnishings in hemp and bamboo – but who knows where it will lead… you design ceramics? Cool!

  2. I guess things are more clear, but I still don’t really know what is to come. I realized every single missed opportunity with a girl was actually a good thing, a really good thing, and I would have exacerbated a lot of issues if I ended up getting lucky and would have never grown to the extent that I have. Which makes me think maybe I shouldn’t rock the boat, maybe I have to grow even more and that’s okay. I am just scared that is a rationalization keeping me from making change, but who knows. I probably won’t change any time soon, but I want to, but if I don’t I wont beat myself up about it. Its tough because I have heard of a lot of people who stay stuck where I am at and never get out of it, but I’ll just have to trust that won’t be the case with me. I don’t know how I could grow any more, but obviously that hasnt kept me from growing thus far. So who knows, I feel like I am still marinating in something, and more pieces are falling in to place. I was always scared I was always a step behind opportunity, but now maybe its more like I am a step ahead of inner growth junk, who knows.

  3. Ummmmmmm … you know it could possibly be that recurring Love Zombie symptoms are to do with a damaged id, that has been split off and abandoned by the ego/super-ego structure and is fighting back for reintegration via persistant and delusional romantic attachment …. just sayin.

    • So what you really need is a Shamanic Soul Retrieval, rather than another Martini ?

      • errr … no just suggesting that perhaps more ego control is not the answer to persistant love zombieism and that I’m finding it all a bit of a harsh and judgemental attitude towards something that obviously plagues people a lot?.

        • Hmmm have to agree that more ego control is not the answer. I was being semi serious about the Soul Retrieval though – you know that whole idea of looking for in others what you are missing in yourself…..

          • Where does the shaman retrieve the soul from? …. and has the soul like … gone some place specific?? I’m clueless about these matters I tell ya! 😀

            • Mine’s gone to Bora Bora to swim with the turtles and drink Mai Tais at sunset.

  4. This morning I went completely John West on the fishman and deleted his message ignoring arse from my facebook. It took deleting him to actually get a response but alas it was too lame, & too late, so long fuqer…

    I guess I’m in a bridge burning sorta mood today.

    • What’s going on in your 12th? You are really good at disappearing things!
      Like, I know keep banging on about yr balm, but it’s so good, it’s now the only thing that has helped the dermatitis around my eye. Disappeared, just like that. :)

      Do you think the fish is just afraid of coming on too strong and eager?

      • Ha, I thought you were about to compliment me on making the fishman vanish from my facebook! I don’t know what his game is actually, but my gut tells me its nothing so simple as him being scared of coming on too strong. (It was just a happy birthday message, he could have easily shot back a one word response like ‘cheers’ without looking desperate in any way shape or form…)

        Anyhow, I’m glad to hear my magic balm is doing good deeds :)

        Empty 12th house here, conscientious witchery is pretty good at making shit disappear though…

        • So when you say fisherman is that alluding to the fact that he is a Pisces … or an actual fisherman?? Because if he is a Pisces then he may have just disappeared up his bum someplace and forgotten to check FB. They are known to be somewhat vague …

          • He’s a Pisces, and yes he disappeared up his bum 😛 (he does that a lot – I think that’s probably where his fractured id hides) but if he can sign in every day for a week and post pics and memes and leave comments on his friends threads, then he can read my fuqing email while he’s at it as far as I’m concerned. (This is after two flirting dramas, so his behaviour doesn’t exactly scream “I’m into you”.)

            At any rate, what’s done is done. I explained why I was pissed off with him and he has seen the message but hasn’t replied. I don’t think he was into me, I think he just liked the idea of having me into him to feed his ego-deficiency and possibly an addiction to chaos and drama too. Back to my regularly scheduled zap zoning…

            • Its funny how true astro stereotypes are…Pisces just swims away. I did think it would be nice to have a wrap-up, some sort of reasonable discussion about what went wrong and why. But with a Pisces….I don’t know, maybe 10 years from now.

              • Yeah this exactly… I find it so frustrating not being able to get decent closure on situations and I had the opportunity to just let it go and leave him with the last lame word and no opportunity to reconcile, but no, my need for closure and probably some sort of LZ hope of reconciliation meant I had to go explain myself – waste of fucking keystrokes that was. Kicking myself for picking the scab…

                • Saturnalien.. again, me too! I want closure. If anything to hear their side and see if I can pull anything away that might help me next time! I hear ya!!


                  • You’ll have to find a way to get your own closure and know that next time you’ll be better equipped to spot douchebag behaviour so you can opt to run for the hills before getting sexually and emotionally entangled with another emotionally immature specimen. x

                    • Or you can accept you had a tryst, an affair, a brief engagement and feel desired by that connection yet also beyond it. Not easy, but its a posture I’m working on.

                • I get this! sometimes better to leave well enough alone! often? is it related to control do you think? even of your own involvement?

                  • as someone who’s at various times both wanted closure and cbf ‘giving’ it to someone else (haven’t we all lol.. ok also i am a pisces i guess) – in my experience the closure definitely relates solely to our own need and the other person is not obliged to do anything about it. I mean wouldn’t it be great if we could get together for coffee for a mutual exchange of who did what wrong and when but from what i’ve learned life just isn’t like that. I have just had to leave things be. I mean it would be a bit awkward for me to have explained to the Very Keen Cap that he was impossble to have a normal conversation with, or that hi s problem with ‘higher’ society and marxist leaning rants (ok sure whatever I don’t actually care, but it’s not going to make m want to date you or introduce you to friends who happen to be wealthy and/or better-adjusted). Or that I really just can’t see myself in bed with someone in spite of other stuff. Or maybe I was flirting with a couple of people at once and that guy sort of came off second best. Or maybe it’s just stupid details and we’ll all figure it out sans uncomfortable dissection… lol. know when to hold ’em, when to fold em, etc.. “control by letting go” that got me through some potentially sticky interpersonal situations, sort of

                  • I don’t know if its a control thing or not, to me it feels more like a Venusian need for an harmonious ending… like I’m bummed because it’s fuqed up a friendship as well as potential partnership, I would have liked to be able to save the friendship at least (we have peeps in common so it’s kind of hard to avoid each other) … I dunno, is that a control thing? maybe…

            • In my experience chasing a fish can be a fruitless endeavour. However baiting the surrounding water with loads of tempting and interesting treats tends to inspire the fish to come swimming around your way all of it’s own accord and in no time flat. 😀

              • I wasn’t chasing him, I was just wishing him a happy birthday! (Chasing isn’t my style, but we were making solid plans together, I was finding out information and re-arranging my life & house for him, having communication ignored under such circumstances is just fuqing rude in my world!)

                • I know … however Piscean and Capricornian interpretations of ermmm “not chasing” can be a little different.

                  • Well if I’ve got to play games to interest someone, they’re not for me. (Haven’t had this problem with previous fish men though, just this one.) At any rate, if he was feeling ‘chased’, hopefully getting his arse dumped has cleared up that misconception. :)

                • I like your thinking Saturnalien!
                  Sorry to hear it all went pear shaped. It was going so well. I was hoping for a happy ending.

                  I hope my future partner isn’t on Facebook – it’s nothing but trouble when it comes to “dating”.

                  • Thanks Scorpy! My one chance with a Mars Cappy guy and I’ve blown it before I got to test drive it in the sack damn it! Oh wells…

                    And ditto on the facebook shizz, it’s nothing but trouble!

                • it does suck doesn’t it saturnfabulous… :( we just wanted to make a little connection with someone and they delete themselves from our life. I have to admit there is one of these in my orbit and i’ve been shitcanned, by all appearances. ah fuq him. last time we even spoke, I was a different person. 😉 better things await, somewhere

                  • I was the one that initiated the deleting in this case, so I have to own the suckage factor…

            • dear godfather! i had a piscean male encounter – or series of them – that went exactly the same.

              why didn’t i know better?? who the hell plays so strong and deep then…pouf!…not even the faeries can say. i wonder if he thinks it’s endearing, or intriguing.

              • omg, you too?! I hate that someone as awesome as you has been through this mindfucking palaver, but at the same time I’m seriously comforted that it’s not just ‘me’ who knows exactly what the fuq I’m talking about here!

                I cant work out if he thinks this is endearing or if he’s just fuqing a fuqing clueless buffoon, but what scares me is that this sort of tactic must actually work on some chicks, unless he gets off on fucking with heads then swimming back off up his arse to love zombie out with his own fractured id or some shit…

                • It’s seriously putting me off Pisces men. Weird but they rarely cross my path. Last time I slept with one was in the 80’s!
                  Anyway, I think the disappearing trick must work on a lot of women. That and / or they just don’t give a shit because plenty more will come along and throw themselves at fuqtard, so they make minimal effort but maximum ego boost.
                  Fuq off is my policy.

                  • I’m a bit of a sucker for Pisces guys cos I’ve got fuqing Mars in fish, fortunately they don’t cross my path too often either.

                    Your theory on them not giving a shit because plenty more will come along/minimal effort/maximum ego boost – that’s the exact vibe I was starting to feel from the fishman. Fuq off is my policy too! 😀

                    • oh it’s true i’ve known a few yumalicious capricorn men…Mars in Capricorn. Hang on, known most or all of zodiac…Venus Aqua 😯

                  • Oh yeh the very same “plenty more” vibe, especially with this one jetting off around the globe. At first i thought it was just being busy, serious work, and it was to some degree but not once you’re back on home soil with a birthday wish coming for you…ignored my txt. NOT ON. Don’t write off all Piscean men, young davidnumbers here is one, plus my fav dubstep youngblood Patrick Reza is too. But it’s Earth or Fire for me, matey!

                    • This is too trippy, my fish was busy with work shit for 2 weeks before his birthday and I’d been leaving him to it because I appreciate busy, but then he’s apparently not busy again but too busy to say cheers for bday message, too weird…

                • Interesting. I have Mars in Aqua and seriously zero interest in Aqua men whatsoever. It seems that I only “do” earth signs.

                  I’m sorry I was a bit glib in my response to you early saturnalienator darling … I can see now that you are upset and angry by fisherman’s behaviour and yes it does sound like an exasperating situation. *hug*

                  • yes, I’m sorry too Satcat, different comment, same reason. I actually think you’re all really onto something with the fractured id. This happened to me but with an Aqua! The surprise there being you wouldn’t expect the heavy come on in the first place, I spose….but his emotions were defo not integrated.

                    A hug from here x

        • and I quote from some MM sage
          “Hello heartbreak hotel?
          My usual room pls”

          • Ha! Well he didn’t quite have my heart yet, but it deffo could have headed that way. I’m more feeling personally disrespected than heart broken right now (which doesn’t mean I’m not crying, sad and anxious and shit, but not actually heart broken thank fuq…)

              • Thanks Andro! It would be easier if he wasn’t so in my face (he’s an offline friend of my good sis, so I still see him communicating with her on facebook) I’ll be ok! x

                • man, that sucks!!
                  Being disrespected is pretty bad in my books. We’ve talked about self respect before.
                  Sometimes I think (my Cap Asc anyway) would rather be respected than loved. Love is fickle and conditional but respect… well that endures, unless one royally stuffs up.

                  I had to let the Crab go (AGAIN!) because he was disrespecting my time. Gave him plenty of chances to get his shit together.
                  Of course he’s making out like I’m the baddie for dumping him over something so trivial. My time is not trivial, especially now that I have so little of it to spare. And it wasn’t just the time issue anyway.
                  And although I wasn’t in love with him, energy was exchanged and I feel like crap and a little sad. Can’t help wishing I never went back just for the sex. There’s always a price to pray. Innit!
                  I need to Feng my Vag with Frankincense!!! Just wish I had a spare moment!!


                  • Gah, that sucks, I totally get where you’re coming from, I get quietly psychotic when people disrespect my time. And it sucks when you’re basically giving someone a second chance and a fuqing ‘user manual’ with a bonus guide to common basic courtesies and they still fuqing don’t geddit!

                    I hope you feel better about the whole situation soon! happy vag fenging when you get around to it!

  5. Seriously, my head AND my heart is splitting due to a guy I met (yes during Venus Retro) whom seemed wonderful…however he has completely gone AWOL since Saturday…so I wonder the feelings that seem super intense now that will return in May and September will be the great place we were in OR this effing heartbreak I am feeling now? I would love opinions because mine is changing all the time!

  6. My body said (in a Little Britain’s voice) -“Naaaa” and got sick, so sick – I am glued to my bed since Sunday night and in love with my pillow and ‘organic-berry-tea’ at the moment. On the Zombi bug – I agree with you MM – when you know you have it, get over it and then get immune to it. I know – I did it. Can’t wait for the Astro New Year and a power of Ramzila!

  7. I’m one of the sick ones too!

    I’ve had some shit to deal w already about other people’s expectations, and judgements that come without being discussed w me…. I’m laying low, keeping my integrity, and od on Vit c, mag and zinc!

  8. Oh lordy! I’m an Aries caught up in an incredibly hostile tenancy situation after sudden eviction, fighting every day. .. meanwhile a sexy friend offered himself up but only on a casual basis, right when I decided for the first time to stop that so I could overcome my whore complex (I seem to be everyones party girl but no one’s long term girl)…it’s startingm to drive me insane!

  9. This is freakazoid for me. I dont fully undastand it all;by along shot. However lm getn strong eye-locks from a Taurus girl in social settings but never at work. My Aqua moon is bustn to talk to her about her wild flirts with me. My KatSun n Asc are holdn me back. I stopped telln me mates about her aft readn tdays email;Mars retro thingo. Anyway apart from sextile Suns. Her:me. Moon:Aries:Aqua. Merc:Gem:Leo. & really good Venus:Taurus:Virgo & Mars:Cancer:Virgo. All sextiles + her Venus Trines my Mars as she does my Venus. Plus she is hot. Someone hit me over the head. Im tryn not to go love zombie over her; somthn l can so easily do.

  10. “…if you catch it once naturally, you can’t get the Love Zombie bug again”

    That is hysterical! And completely true. I’m not going anywhere near it this time. Instead of crazy stalkery behaviour I’ve naturally just fallen of the radar with an ‘I can’t be bothered’ vibe. And I’ve got Scorpio planets everywhere in my chart. Yippee for immunity!

  11. The Cap has called me everyday for the past 3 days – today 3 times. Twice to discuss a work related issue and another to apologise for potentially coming across as arrogant and like he knows everything in the first two conversations. *bemused*

      • LOL! No not at all … we had a good laugh actually. I love him and don’t really care anymore that he’s not perfect and that his id is fractured and his superego a bit munted. It’s all good. :)

        • You “love” him. 😯 In the general sense or LZ? You gonna give him another chance?

          • Dunno … what’s the difference between the two in your book?

            Am I gonna give him another chance? Well it’s wasn’t necessarily just “him” that messed it up the last time. Have owned my side and worked on my stuff. Maybe he needs to give me another chance? 😉

            But hey as Mystic has been saying … now’s not the time for making decisions like that. For me it looks like the time for healing, learning about myself and building trust. I’m just grateful to be able to enjoy the interaction without spazzing out about it … at least today. Tomorrow I may totally lose my shit but hey let’s worry about that then!


            • LOL. :)

              The difference between the two loves –
              1. A healthy mutual respect kind of love. The kind where you’ve been together a long time, know each warts and all and there’s room for growth – together… or maybe even part… hmm. II dunno my ideal changes all the time.


              2. Love Zombie – fantasy, unrequited, delusional etc etc

              • and I just noticed I’ve typed two “II” ‘s

                Do I need the reintegration you mentioned above? :)

                Nah, all good. Just so damn tired..

              • Right definitely the former not the latter. I used to live in the fantasy delusion …. but it got smashed out of me and thank Cedric for that! I’ve found I don’t actually get any nourishment from fantasy delusion like I used to … actually you know what? It’s fuqing boring. :mrgreen:

                • I wouldn’t say boring, but definitely strange inhabiting that headspace after so much growth and /or a Saturn transit. I haven’t been a Love Zombie since 2008!! – beginning of Zap Zone.

                  Had a crush on the artist barista but he’s taken, so it seems silly and waste of time to go there.

                  My venus in Libra kinda misses that giddy feeling though. Art is filling the spot for now.

                  • Giddy is fun and stupid and maybe worth it anyway! (4 planets in Libra here)

                    • well that explains your Zombie-ism. 😀 Mine’s just laying dormant, waiting for my next victim. LOL

        • I haven’t had time to keep up with posts around here for ages but he was in the dog box last I knew, so its good to hear the sitch has improved since then! :)

          • Yeah … I realised I was being a blaming, projecting twat. I do that. Often. Most annoying.


            • I have to put my hand up and say Guilty to blaming projecting twat. Over the past ten months I recognised a lot pertaining to this behavioural pattern in myself. OOpppps

            • We’re all blaming projecting twats at some time or another, that’s what relationships are all about 😀

  12. Andro may I ask what is this magic balm you speak of? My eye plague keeps coming back worse. This is not good for the end of April monkey-love fest that Mystic predicts will happen. People keep backing off muttering things about contagious.

    • Hello Amp, I am afraid that it is not for sale in a shop but was offered freely by a kind person above. This is no love fest look, agreed.
      In the meantime, I was told by my naturopath to apply only edible coconut oil as it contains antifungal properties.
      If you can get your hands on cannabis oil I would recommend that but I do not know where you live or how easy it is to get your hands. Where do you live?

    • +1 for the coconut oil. Weleda also do a very hippy and lovely calendula….

      Although I must day I got the most disgusting eczema – with – pustules – all over my face when I was pregnant with #3 and I tried every goddammed hippy remedy going, from the two above, to Manuka honey, to apple cider vinegar, to french clay… you name it, I slathered it on my face…

      After six weeks I reluctantly tried some cortisone .05% and it cleared up overnight 😀

      Worked out after a re-occurrance that it was a combination of pool chlorine and my new mineral makeup. I still get scabs on my head if I swim in a chlorinated pool too often..

      But yes, people used to back away from me… *sigh*

      Moral – if the hippy shit isn’t working, blast it with some Western Devil Medicine.

      • Thanks DT, that’s helpful to me too.
        I have become pinterest-obsessed with the healing properties of cannabis oil lately.
        Honestly, I am beginning to think that stuff is the Holy Grail of Healing.
        I was in a chemist today and just was getting so frantic at the walls of crap drugs.

        Btw, I am studying MMS or chlorine dioxide atm.
        It may be the ultimate in terms of treating ASD for my poppet. We had some verrrry interesting results already.

        • Yah – people swear by the Moo Goo MSM cream for exzema. Didn’t work for me, but there’s something in the whole MSM thing.

          Do you use iHerb ? I can highly recommend it – costs $4 to ship to Australia and very cheap compared with here.

          And you *can* get hemp seed oil here in Australia. I’ve seen it in the local Organic Food Shop. Tastes disgusting.

          • No, marijuana from an active female plant, not hemp seeds. Cannabis oil as in the medical grade oil. It’s known to kill cancer cells. Let alone my paltry dermatitis. It’s also a powerful anti-epileptic, which I have & I haven’t used it, but I want to.

            MMS is a different topic.. *but must bed now *yawn*

            • Er, no. Not in dear old Australia.

              When I was younger there was something called Green Dragon, which is a tincture of flowering female heads….

              But *gasp* use marijuana for genuine medical problems ? Not in this country. We’re too busy towing refugees back to sea and helping mining companies with their corporate welfare to do something kind and common sense….

            • ah, excellent!
              perhaps the next-best option is to phones a friend of a friend of a friend (ahem by this i mean a dealer) for some decent bush buds and make home grown infusion in olive oil? surely can’t be too far off the other stuff :)

              • You’d be better off to infuse the buds in vodka to make a medicinal tincture.

                (Cannabis oil isn’t cannabis infused in oil, it’s the oily resin extracted from the flowers using alcohols such as isopropyl and you need a shitload of buds to make a decent quantity.)

          • LOL! I have to ditto the tastes disgusting. It smells like rotting fish. Someone suggested I should use it as part of the oil cleansing method on my face. I swear I smelled like dead fish for 3 damn days. >:( That was my retro venus fuck up story.

    • The magic balm is made from cannabis root alkaloids. I don’t have any to spare at the moment though, soz!

      • ah so …
        *daydreams of intervening in MJ supply chain for materials to generate lucrative income stream in alternative health remedies*

        • I have a kick-arse product and I reckon I could be doing exactly that if it weren’t so ummm, illegal…

          • I love the new name saturminator… it’s in your name…saturn…. you will find a way .. tell us when you do xx

          • Just for the record, the ingredients in my balm aren’t illegal, but growing the plants to get the roots I need to make it is illegal and not worth cheech and changing out my back yard for, even if it were possible to do that without the neighbours noticing!

            So unless the law changes, or I can find a root donor who plants commercial quantities of organic weed by the moon, its not going to happen :(

            (Current root donor grows a few plants in a state where it is legal to do so and posts me the roots, but it’s only enough to make a few tiny batches a year unfortunately :( )

            • The more I learn, the more I get upset by this! It should be criminal to deny sick people the use of an easily growable plant.

    • LOL! Monkey love fest made chuckle!

      Monkey love fest indeed! I don’t believe it. More like monkeys throwing poop rocks.

  13. Def agree on LZ inoculation. I think it would take some kind of zomb superbug to fell me now.
    As for identity , have found that transits to asc/1st and 5 th houses have been reshaping how I do my thing in the world, “root and branch” as they say..

    • I don’t do vaccines. Can this inoculation just make you too damn phobic so you just don’t get in the pool again??
      I will put my hand up to LZ in the past and LZ during this last 10 months but I will also state that I consider it natural and healing in itself. Learned a huge amount about me and him and the dynamic. Yay for getting the bug and forming your own immune response.

      • you’re in luck emg, there’s no vaccine for this from what I can tell, unless you’re born a Taurus or maybe Aqua.. cap rising aquarian with saggi moon? maybe there IS a cohort of humans born without the LZ receptors

        • i think the immune response is unique to the individual as well :) no one size fits all solution

          [how much further can we take this analogy lol]

        • I would substitute Cap for the Taurus in your list. Taureans are Venus ruled and therefore prone to LZ-ism because of their need for sex and affection. It’s like the 3 basics in life for them – sex, food & shelter.
          Of course I’m stereotyping and judging purely from my experience with the Toro rising Katakan.
          Maybe Aqua, Saggo moon, Cap rising? Funny, I have two of those signs. LOL, but Venus in Libra is the fly in the ointment. Damn!

  14. Aw thanks for replying! I’ve got some coconut oil I’ll give it a whirl. I’m in Wales – about the furthest away from you I could be I reckon (assuming you’re in Oz?). Do you have any idea of the ingredients at all? I’ve got a herbalist friend who says she’ll make me up something if I need it.

  15. Awaiting arrival of new Piscean family member bub … Beautiful wise Sagg cousin in labour now – first time,contractions since last night, now down to 4 minutes apart, me thinks little one was hanging out for the Scorpie moon…Piscean Dad almost throttled today for filming contractions today ”For baby to see !!” So looking forward to meeting…And finding out rising …New Life … nothing like it.

    • Yay !! Little Miss Grand Water Trine, Piscean Stellium, Scorpie Moon and Rising… Psychic like Piscean Great Grandmother for sure ! Now Pisces oldest (88) and Youngest in family..Magic Magic Magic. Especially since Piscean father had convinced us all she was a boy !! The most pleasantist of surprises !!

  16. Day off tomorrow to get my hair done. Haven’t gotten highlights in a long time but I am so in the mood to change it up a bit. Now that I am into acting / modeling.. I want a change.

    In regard to romance, ok.. I can feel the changes within. Definitely not getting the LZ dimensions like time. I think it’s more a dimension of understanding me better.


  17. Hmmmm – Just quit a project I’ve been. working on since October, the commitee were making it far to difficult to run to schedule – so thank you venus in. Aqua, I really needed to do that :-) Don’t care that I won’t be paid.
    Problem is retro saturn just back in my 12th and retro Mars on my sun – I just want to hibernate rather than deal with the fallout.
    Guess I should go and meditate on my warrior energy :-)

    • UPDATE – have now been offered a really good deal:-)
      But what I’m trying to work out is was I being pass-ag or was I exposing theirs ?

  18. Making plates. Worked out where I went wrong last time.

    Made my own glazes for the first time 😀 😀 Sooooo exciting.

    I’m getting much better at just sitting with uncomfortable feelings, watching them ebb and flow. I feel a lot more positive as a result of not throwing my hands up and giving in to the drama.

  19. Aqua’s my 12th, & have most all of Aries in my 1st: been having a time getting to sleep at night. I lay down and then my head is buzzing with so much energy, I dare not crawl into bed only vaguely tired.

    Had a good heart-to-heart with my supervisor last night re a compromising position our company has put me in. Put us in. Compromising our licenses. That’s very 8th house: “our” resources & investments. Rx Mars revisiting this month-old issue & the ZZ agitating for a resolution… I didn’t come out & say that I’m actively looking for another job, but I did say that I’m hip to the position the CEO has put me– us– in & that I’m not making peace with it. My supervisor is sharp but this is her first rodeo, & I think she lost some of her innocence last night when I layed it all out for her. Wakey wakey, little bird, and wipe the sleep from your eyes!

    Politics abound. Soon I’m on my way to meet with local gov’t to hammer out another stale issue that effects hundreds of families around here. They tried to shut us down once & then I got in touch with the state gov’t: now the local gov has time to sit down & here me out. Pfft figures. But that’s they way this shiz works. I know.

    Accountability! My list gets longer & longer… Booster rockets engaged.

    • Boom! Love your work Scorp Inc. you sound very grounded with those rockets ready to launch. xx.

      • Boom chikka boom boom *squawk* !

        Good: I need to sound grounded for this meeting. Thanks for the lift, Andro 😉 xx

        • And meeting’s over.

          When someone makes shit up to appear just, that’s enough of an irritant. When that someone is an agent of the government– when these falsehoods are Systematic– then I fantasize about Earth free of this scourge. Ah, a girl can dream…

          Venus: balance & harmony.

  20. Ooh. Also, I found some super-charged adrenal supplements and I’ve managed to halve my dose of thyroid medication. I’m still losing weight and I have no 3pm slump. Its a bloody miracle !

      • On this topic I can concur that it sucks. So decided to take adrenal cortex. OMG!!! I felt like me twenty years ago. Could see straight and drove my car like I used to, it was wild. Got back in the gym and did three classes straight, then ran the dog up the hill and off before getting the best quality sleep I have had in years. Wooo hoooo. Then thought woah hang on, I might just burn out a la Limitless. So I pulled back a bit and started to take more vits and mins plus some herbals and just one of the cortex daily. Seems to be a pretty good way forward. Still sleeping, still working out really well and driving the car with enthusiasm. But that stuff is rocket fuel. Well it is steroids after all.

      • Its called “From Fatigued to Fantastic” from iHerb. Does what it says on the tin.

        VERY strong. I’d start with one and you MUST take it with a decent whack of food.

        Like EMG said – I felt like I did when I was 20, before all my autoimmune stuff flared up. I too have cut back on it – I was taking two and it was like speeding. Mind you, I’ve been so sub-par for so long I’d imagine even vaguely normal feels like “Speeding”.

        I have managed to get so much done that I can actually consciously pace myself because I’m not screaming from one mad scenario to the next ….

  21. burnout and frazzled nerves – YES!

    Art aesthetics – Yes!!

    Does a TINY, little, crush on a fellow art student count as “unconventional snazzy love-flirt-sex-lust action” … considering he’s YEARS younger?

    I’m a sucker for a pretty face and his is remarkable. I want to paint it and sculpt it. Can’t stop staring at him!! *sigh* … It’s purely aesthetic appreciation, I swear! LOL.

    But this evening, something happened – a Love zombie spark perhaps 😯 I couldn’t help but grin like a Chesire cat.

    Last week in sculpture class we created a tiny abstract piece from clay about 15 – 20 sq cm. We were allowed to take it home but had to dismantle the much larger figure and toss it in the clay recycling bin.
    I was surprised to see so many students discard theirs. Definitely wanted to keep mine and spoke to the teacher about painting it and he suggested i pick up a few pieces from the bin to experiment with.

    So I took two small broken pieces home, they’ve been in my home all this time and tonight I finally decided to drop some ink on it. About an an hour later after it dried i picked it up and *bang* I suddenly noticed three engraved letters – the abbreviation of his name. 😯
    How come i never noticed it before!!!. It’s sweet, it’s like I got a little piece of him. :) I’m keeping it. He might be a famous artist one day.

    • Well of course, paint or draw him, girl needs a muse!

      It’s not really LZ if it is transformed into art, is it? :)

      • Still LZ even if made into art. That’s where all the beautiful and tragic songs and movies come from. An artist who is a heoin addict is still a heroin addict even if they make the best art on the planet. It’s the positive part of LZ and what it can show us.

        • Well there are definitely a few artists who were heroin addicts, Brett Whitely and Howard Arkley to name just two…but not every heroin addict is an artist.

          In my own experience one channels that longing for transcendence and heightened states into art, and art making. Happily spent many hours of my teens alone drawing, sometimes my unattainable crush of the moment, or a remote fashion ideal. Mars/Uranus/Pluto in 12th I guess.

          • ” one channels that longing for transcendence and heightened states into art”

            Yes. I use to do that in the 80’s. I did two illustrations of guys I love zombied over.
            Suddenly occurred to me that they were both Caps!! Then there was a Gem i did a drawing of. He was my first official boyfriend but i was never in love with him, just got him to pose nude for me.

            Then nothing until 2000 when i really got into photography. Some magic happened in front of my lens. Especially with the Saggo work colleague – unattainable crush for 4 years.

            Mars/Uranus/Pluto in 12th – that’s a great placement – manifesting the subconscious through your art.

            My Mars/Uranus/Pluto is in the 8th. :(
            Oh well, it is what it is.

      • if it helps, have been making myself transmute random crush-ness into ‘appreciating’ – youth, ideas, general awesomeness. these people have no idea how divine they are. ahhhh life is awesome.

  22. Uranian Scorp made a shout out for a “good lady” on Facebook last night. lol. Men are getting nutty with Mars retro, yeah?

    • I’ve noticed it’s making a lot of them both impatient and clumsy. I’ve witnessed some grand stupidities lately.

      • The servant-Virgo in me wants to issue gentle warnings to non-astro-savvy men about Mars retro in Libra et al, but I’m going more with the Lilith-Leo vibe – let the stupid show itself.

  23. This must explain why the objects of my lust of late are Abraham Lincoln and Caesar …

  24. I don’t buy the whole febrile disease model of love zombie.
    i think it’s more endemic and everyone was born infected. But how is it that some people get full blown recurrent cases and other people never? Depends on other factors.

    born a love zombie. the end.

    altho im more into spreadsheets and making $ now. no people are interesting to me now.

    • Same here. Can an alcoholic be inoculated against alcoholism? Can a natal Venus-square-Neptune be inoculated against lz tendencies? I think not.

      • MTE! An alcoholic is always an alcoholic even when they are dry. Same for LZ. But thank goodness there really isn’t an added social stigma for being a love zombie as a woman. People just think ‘oh what a dumb broad’, because they already think that anyways.

        Also all that romantic blah blah….love at first sight stuff in the Dailies….guffaw….like no….bah humburg. Must finish taxes and work on computer. Then off to cats and yoga!

        • Yeah, I don’t have to act like an LZ, but I can never ever forget that I am one least I dip a toe in those dangerous fantasy waters and drown. LZ for life.

    • Yes yes yes. I agree
      Some of us are just better with an other half with us. We connect, things work and it’s hell to let that go. We suffer and we grieve. Some of us are born totally single. As in we don’t need an other half or someone to make us tick. They don’t catch it.
      Case in point. Me and the main man. We have such a brilliant connection, when I am with him I feel more me. I know that is probably not PC on this site but for me it’s the truth. I know I function better when wired up to those that make a good connection to my electro magnetics. He does. And what is great is that I do almost the mirror image to him. ie he feels connected and more himself in my company. We both just do better when together.
      So unplug us types and we fizzle out and grind to a halt. Or simply pine for the connection that was lost.
      Some do and some simply function on their own. What is awful though is telling those that do suffer that they shouldn’t. They should and they do and they will.

        • +1 to that!

          Just as I doubt someone can be immune to LZdom, I doubt anyone is immune to the need for intimate connection to another human being.

          • +1 to this too. Humans are made to connect with one another. It doesn’t have to be romance but it’s got to be something strong. But let’s be honest, unless you adopt or find some baby on the side of the road, chances are you had to have some kind of romance of some kind before having a baby. So humans deprived of romantic love are often deprived of being able to create babies to have any other type of love. So can you imagine how if you had no real family or they all died, no romantic partner, and no baby how shitty that would feel? I guess you can adopt a dog or cat, but it’s still not the same as connecting with a human.

            • I imagine I’d have to make something up. Find new connections. Pets aren’t for everyone. Adopt old people, homeless people, inner city youths, get into a public hobby or sport or something. It wouldn’t be easy. It would be like a diet or new habit to make. But it would be an adventure. Relationships are as deep as you allow your perception to feel they are, right? My 12th house Sun – I like my privacy. But I isolate. Jupiter in my 6th. My pets help me enjoy my life.

      • I get this emg, and it’s way sad when you can’t be with the person that lights you up like that and I think it’s OK to say here. Some people ignite your synapses or whatever – they’re still your synapses and you still get to choose based on whether it’s a good thing in all the other ways. Everybody would want to feel like that right? want to be the best, most alive you you can be?

      • Love Zombie should be a verb.
        I have Love Zombied, I will Love Zombie, She is Love Zombieing etc.

        I have & I think the defining characteristic of this with NN in the 7th. Worse in Sagg, their are so charismatic to my Leo Sun, so painful to Aries Chiron.

        Well my relationship transit (Saturn Return Plus) showed me I put my relationship above my connection to my Higher Self. However you view the Higher Self, nothing should be above it in terms of importance imo.

  25. I was noting the exact hits of the Pluto-Uranus squares. I can see the transformation pattern now. It has nothing to do with romance. It has to do with living a life I want to live and being the one (the final ultimate one) to make that happen. No buffers.

    Nothing is sparking up this week or feeling extra fierce except, perhaps, some work assignments. I do have a new romantic policy: I am not looking for romance. I’m looking forward to having Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sag. Less water, more fire. Last time Saturn went through my 3rd house, I dramatically revitalized-changed my social life. I could use that again.

    BTW – is it going to be super ick for Scorps to loose the Pluto-Saturn mutual reception once Saturn gets into Sag? I think Saturn leaving one’s sign is generally considered good, but not sure about it for Scorps with the Pluto stuff and all. (Am not a Scorp, just thinking). Ah…first surviving April, “the cruelest month…”

    • The provacitour Pluto! I think it’ll be all about how you want to look at it. Hardcore & total clawing for Truth? Mmm yes 😉

      • I think Saturn in Scorpio is extra awesome with Pluto in Capricorn cause of the mutual reception thing, is all. But I am getting way ahead of the astro here…

        • When Saturn was in Libra (my 7th) & went over my natal Pluto-Moon a few times, it was excruciating. I lost so many people I loved. Looking at it a new way was survival. See: here I am :)

          • I lost a lot of people I loved when Saturn went over my moon in Leo. Certainly, not all Saturn transits have to be that hard.

            • Saturn gets close to my moon in April, retrogrades, then hits it for real in October.
              Aaaaahhhhh… where is the proverbial hole for me to crawl into? I dread this transit.

            • Saturn is conj my Moon now.
              It’s been a bit hurtful! Lonely.
              But it’s also pushed me to be more independent. Eg, I was ‘chosen’ to be a teacher by my teacher. But I decided that I didn’t want to pay for training, partly as I find energy is unstable around money at certain levels with certain people.
              This has encouraged me to work towards tailoring a method that is mine ground up, suited to my emotional/electromagnetic qualities.

              • Yes, independence. Good thing to have – like patience. No fun getting it, but glad I have it :-)

    • “I can see the transformation pattern now. It has nothing to do with romance. It has to do with living a life I want to live and being the one (the final ultimate one) to make that happen. No buffers.”

      Perfectly said.
      Looking at the dates and tripping out a bit as well.

  26. Yes Myst, immunity comes from the LZ infection as it is so embarrassing, never to go there again. Retrospective Cringe.
    As Mother used to say: you can always stoop and pick up nothing.

  27. I feel sort of detached, but in an unhealthy dissociative way. And then random pangs of extreme emotional pain will hit me. Even when we were not together and had not seen one another for over a year the Pisces and I spoke on the phone every day. It feels crazy to just suddenly not have that, permanently. I know it’s the right thing but it’s a mindfuck and I just feel so empty. It will pass. But slowly, Taurus style.

    I’ve been in this place before and it’s driven me to some very dark places. I have a plan this time. Mysore every day. Meetings (even though I have mixed feelings on NA as a whole) every day until I’m out of the danger zone (probably about a month). Have an appt. with a therapist next week. Anything to make sure time passes and I start to heal without doing anything stupid.

    • “It feels crazy to just suddenly not have that, permanently.”

      Fair. So, why tell yourself its permanent? I am not saying work on reconciling with him. But when it is too painful to carry forever, don’t. Let it just be for today. I’m glad you have a plan in place to get through this. Very ZZ savvy of you!

      • Amen. “Just for today”, etc. The yoga helps so much with that. It’s been hard being so sick ever since it happened and unable to practice, just sitting around stewing and processing. But chats with my sister and friends have helped.

        On the positive side, I never realized how much time all that communication was taking away from other things. It was usually about an hour a day. Crazy.

    • I’ve been feeling the same. What causes most of it is the current confusion regarding what exactly is happening with my current love-interest. It was developing strongly up until mercury went direct again and I’m not quite sure how to maneuver around this energy. Learning to become more detached, but it’s still such a strange struggle. Oh and I’ve been boxing.

    • Hang in there and be kind to yourself Rache, it’s so natural to want to numb out when you’re grieving loss of a connection with someone (even if it wasn’t a healthy one). I’m having my own version of Pisces induced Venus/Pluto grief and am feeling along the same lines. A plan is a fucking good idea (exercise is my lay off the substances therapy and so my plan is to join MMA and become a fucking machine). x

      • I’m still too sick for yoga but may be well enough tomorrow. So for now I’m numbing out by binge-watching Portlandia and synthetically inducing laughter and lightness. Even funnier since I’ve been immersed in Santa Cruz for the last month.

    • Rach your situation sounds Same as mine was/is/has been. What is it with Pisces male/taurus female? It’s like we need each other to survive but will kill each other instead. If that makes any sense at all?
      Definately done 3years of pain with one and on day 4 (feels like 4yrs) of not responding after being MSG’d and told how much he hates life and treated me disgustingly and is a boring depressed word I won’t use here! How I wanted to soothe away his troubles and say something to make him feel better but reading his own words of ‘how disgustingly he treated me & how much love & hapiness I deserve’, stopped me. Even he knows how wrong he treated me.And I feel I’ve left him all at sea I was the one he could always depend on to be there good or bad even if just via txt, but why should I care anymore, he disappeared without a word & ignored me when I needed him sometimes for months on end! My gosh I’m totally drawn to the piscean vibe but I’ve learned it hurts more often than it felt good! In fact I think no matter even if I end up with a guy I’m totally in love with & him me the time spent all washed up or out or under the sea or belly flopped on the beach in a mess will still always be a ‘pain’ that will never leave me no matter how hard I try leave it. I feel your pain. Waking every day knowing you ‘can’t talk to them for your own health & safety’ is just another daily pain to deal with! In some ways it feels karmic like there will always be a tie and I want it gone cos it’s too painful! Crap

  28. I’ve got some interesting long term transits going on.
    I think they fall into the category of ‘old person transits’
    Which is quite disturbing in it’s own way but they sound good.
    Neptune trine Neptune 5th and Uranus trine Uranus 2nd.
    All the interps I’ve read are talking about reflection and refinement.
    Enough reflection already. They go on for years.
    Any one want to interp these transits for me ?

    • If you have Uranus in 2nd natally, am not surprised you do programming or something computerish for a living.

      Since Uranus has entered my 7th I have become progressively more tech oriented, using iPad for drawing reference, listening to podcasts while I work, taking it around with me as portfolio, taking part in a blog community, sell items via web etc. live somewhat away from city centres, but connected via web.

      Uranus training your natal… I could see more refinements in either how you provide your service, or something else more techy. Maybe a surprising new way of accessing different clients?

      • Hmmm, new ways for new clients. I like that.
        I don’t do any marketing it’s all by referral and clients I sort of hand pick.
        All my people are saying .. Start marketing ! New website ! New salespeople !
        I know they are right but sadly I’m lacking ambition right now, I do love my comfort zone.
        Maybe when Jupiter conjs natal Uranus in early Leo 2nd it will come. Thanks lovely x

    • neptune trine neptune, time to try some new drugs: blood pressure medication, analgesics for the footy injury when you were 19, etc.

      LOL just kidding. ok also neptune trine, Maybe time to get into cognac, single malt and Cannabis Oil, I hear it’s all the rage

      Uranus trine uranus: throw your TV out the window, listen to a lot of electronic music like this,

      and/or: get yourself microchipped? ascend to the next dimension and allow your wisdom to be channeled by mystic and… bear grylls? and anyone called Gary?

      • sorry I am watching a fabulous 1980s NY dance thing film directed by sylvester stallone starring John Travolta looking babetastic. it’s permeating my mind right now :) I know you were one of the first to throw your cathode ray tv out the window back before even the rock stars were doing it. well, maybe at the same time.

      • I have been trying a few new drugs and enjoying them immensely.
        Surprisingly electronica is my meditation music of choice. It settles me.
        I think that the interps I read are based on these transits coming at the later stages of life.
        So they go on about looking back blah blah… They need updating … People aren’t near death in their fuqing fifties sitting around breeding butterflies FFS.
        I’m just starting out in lots of ways. It does though challenge me to prove my mind is as sharp as ever and I will ! Love you beautiful Pi x

        • I’m having that Uranus opp Uranus and approaching Nep square Nep. Plus having Saturn opp Saturn. And i’m not old so i stopped reading the cookbooks.

          I do notice old patterns, the really shadowy imprints, surfacing with clarity. These are not the obvious ones. I feel a choice to discard, change or even more empowering (for a Piscean, anyway) to own some of them. Once i own and acknowledge it seems suddenly as if it is more open to change, in a flowing way. Change comes easily in some aspects, with decisions, but not at first. At first it was kicking and screaming and De Nile, longest river in Africa. Now i’m in the midst of my new life. Stage Four is coming up, right in the middle of the Zap Zone!

          Neptune business: all i can say is, what you think you know, is not actually what it is. I don’t know how anyone can offer advice on Neptune matters, not even. or especially a strong 12th house Neptune multi-conjunct Piscean. Use the Mars Retro to back off and stop fighting, more flow. Enlightenment never comes on a fortune cookie paper. Though eerily hilariously on point reminders might!

          I presently don’t know what i believe in, if you asked me. Still strong and deep faith, but i can’t say what i believe in. When people make statements of belief, i feel distant and…old, i guess. Sort of old statue type old. Timeless.

          • Yes that phase for me, early 40’s was big. Much bigger and brutal than the same planets now. In a beautiful way you have answered my question. As soon as I look back at the opposition I understand the trine. Thank you.
            That point of not knowing if anyone really knows anything to be true or even valid and then including yourself in the same mob is stunning as in mullet style. That feeling of I am ‘different’ , that the rules of time don’t apply to me… we play with in our 30’s… shattered. It’s at this point in your life that you have 2 distinct paths. Service to others and service to oneself. The mob needs you now or you need you now. Cause the choice you make now will pretty much stick till the trine. X

            • Wow. The mob – me. Uranus transiting conjunct my Merc in Aries 5th, transiting opposite my Uranus in Libra 11th. Choices that will stick! *gulp* I’m in the middle of a mob, my mob. I’ve always run. You’ll never guess where i’m moving to next (i can’t say unfortunately cos it’s dead funny)…it’s right in enemy territory. Face your fears?? I’ve got some really odd allies in the hood, don’t know how but they’ve kind of always been around, even if not always in that hood.

              I was kind of thinking aloud, because i’m not too great on advice, especially if i haven’t been there, so i’m glad it triggered a realisation for you, David. But thank you even more for your wisdom xx

  29. Appreciate the sharing above as usual as It helps me remember and realize that I can ease up on
    Myself and can breathe into cringe-worthy realizations about recent love encounters. I have venus in aqua and I am still suffering the LZ sickness although I stared straight in the eye of said romantic objects and know that I was honest, graceful, responsible, fearless, and ….. grown-up, I guess, in discussion. In-between moments of stinging, I respect myself more even though I may have royally thwarted a great connection with a captivating man.

    • Oh Venus in Aqua Pisces here, too. Was yours also relatively short time stinging, but felt rea-aaa-llly long? I had about three weeks of serious Zomb, then spent more time looking for answers to rest my mind, as the heart had settled.

  30. My Aqua son is depressed now. He got tattletailed on at school. A friend offered him some alcohol and he drank some. Not okay. He wasn’t drunk, sick, it wasn’t noticable, he was ratted on by the high school bully. Now he has been kicked off the baseball team. His first time on the team. He didn’t make it the last 2 years. Bummer. Now he wants to go back on independent study.

    Pisces did great this week on independent study. We got along wonderfully and really bonded. That is why I did it.
    Then tonight he blew up at his dad over the phone. Still hottempered.

    Torro and I so sick we could not work, which is horrid since we both had work. We don’t always.

  31. Don’t chase, don’t get all emo, don’t get attached/give away ones heart till they’ve been through the Aqua lab. Easy.

      • Agree!

        But what is Aqua lab? Meaning test and observe the person in different situations. I don’t actually like that concept but I think i need to come up with something that still allows me to decide whether i can trusts someone or not…

  32. It’s great. Let go of my online dating profiles, the bad Pisces of manipulation, and now my current long distance interest is not so frustrating when his Virgo-ness is making him completely consumed with his work. Emotional independence is almost attained! Sex is still wanted though }:/

    • Dude. Did every Pisces in the universe get broken up with or let go of (or the inverse) this week? Seriously, wtf is going on?!

      • Rache, at one stage when you were posting about your Pisces antics, I seriously got paranoid for a moment that we were actually being played by the same guy until you mentioned his age – that in itself was weirdness, but this mass John Westing of Pisceans going on right now – yea seriously, wtf?!

  33. Well the worst for me was that, unlike some comments here, I can’t really blame the person for being a derbrain, because in fact they are awesome in many unusual ways.

    So the worst part was feeling very much “not good enough”.

    But then, here’s the true awesome, i was able to use my Piscean powers to dive and truly delve into aspects of his psyche. It’s amazing how many random incoming communiques came in when i stopped fussing. The fussing didn’t last very long (it just felt like it); the main part was the Aqua Venus 3rd and Sag 1st plus Mercury straightshooting questing for Knowledge, Sleuthing and True Perspective. At first i thought i could be making it up. Then a mutual friend blabbed a few unasked for secrets. Haha! Fancy that! The Pisces gets another Pisces’ secrets, on a platter.

    And wasn’t that the cure! I know too much about his love style to even be interested anymore…without having to go there. He will be back. (I’ll bet i can even time that, my antennae twitch). And i will be around, just a face, smiling and playing, enjoying the moment, watching quietly to see how right i am. Funny thing is, i know it because i’ve been it myself, and even his friends don’t get how he relates to lovers. So it’s quite a learning experience. A mirror, if you will.

    • That sucks that you were left feeling not good enough, I sincerely hope the uncovering of the secrets proved that feeling to be inappropriate to the circumstances, because from what I know of you here Mille, you’re fucking mega awesome yourself in many unusual ways.

      Also, the derbrain fish also had to have some form of awesome for any of us to be attracted to them in the first place (I mean this is the first time in over a decade I have even considered anything serious with someone, and its his awesome qualities that made me consider going there) so maybe your fish was a derbrain in his own way too…

      I’ve had this line from one of MM’s horoscopes in my head for weeks now; something about the futility of trying to prove your awesome to someone too thick to realise it… that kind of helped me not get into the “I’m not good enough” headspace under the circumstances x

      • Hey gorgeous, i forgot i posted all the way here and just looked. And shucks! Compliments from Capricorns always undo me :) Seriously, that has got to be the best!

        It was weird. He’s super successful and well connected, like from my side of the tracks and i’ve never been with people like that (i shun my background because they don’t get art). As soon as i’d got hold of the fact that i was feeling lesser, it easily became just a thing my mind was making up, not truth. But even better was that this totally together guy in some way revealed the chink in his flawless facade. I thought and thought (and magic enquiries heheh) until i got it, didn’t trust myself, then totally had the friend spill. So now instead of lesser/better (is that my Mars in Capricorn? Power in sexual relationship? I read that once somewhere but i think it was in a totally negative 80s astro book) i saw different strengths and weak spots in each of us. When he’s around he’s amazing at rapport – it sneaked up on me – and so did his freaking Venus in Capricorn. But i’m not into around-not-around. Lots of space is cool. Silent treatment not cool.

        And you’re right about attractions: they had something sparkly to begin with! Noone is all bad. (Though i understand in some people The Turd in Them takes over.)

  34. Today I am suffering from Kissing Disease. But Wednesday was for lust action. Can I tell you the synastry? Have you experienced these?

    Sun conj Pluto . . . (1st House)
    Venus/Eros conj Jupiter/Uranus (IC)

    Eros & Psyche in Aqua
    Space between, but..

    His Mars, Sun & Mercury in Libra in my 1st House

    My Venus & Mars in his 7th.