Tarot Muse Competition Draw in Five Hours

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Images Of Wine & Seduction

Hey – don’t go bats during the Void Moon in Scorpio.Β  It’s a long one. See Daily Horoscopes for times. Mars is still Retrograde. I should be able to text that to subscribers every three hours or so.

Also the Tarot Muse Competition is being drawn at Sunset, my time.Β  The prizes are obviously amazing – the cool cannabis candle, the Jupiter picture, a consult in person with moi, t-shirts etc BUT the main thing with becoming a Tarot Muse is that you will get an eight week head start on everyone else with the Tarot.

All Tarot Muses are in the draw and i will be back here at Sunset to announce the winners of the final Tarot Muse comp


Image: Images Of Wine & Seduction

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13 thoughts on “Tarot Muse Competition Draw in Five Hours

  1. Thanks so much for letting us view free today, I love your site and will buy when I can. I did share, and hope it brings your good Karma back to you in many ways.

  2. ‘Mars is still Retrograde. I should be able to text that to subscribers every three hours or so.’

    Um, Madonna just posted a instagram pic of her “long” armpit hair!! 😯

  3. Mystic, here Cali time this evening, CNN asking “was FLT 370 a “Zombie Plane?”


    Dude said, “I would prefer to call it a Ghost Plane as Zombie connotes something sinister”…

  4. I did my Equinox ritual last night in the hopes of having the prophetic dreams one may encounter on such an evening.
    Score – very insightful and my dearly departed Dad came to speak to me: told me he was proud of me and that I was being strong – but I need to suit up as more farting in my general direction was on it’s way and I’d need to be even stronger. I saw myself walking a tightrope and he was there to encourage me and said dont look down, don’t look back and just focus on moving forward even though he knew I was scared shizzless.
    He also said he was looking for a ‘keeper’ for me in a man friend – and I said can he hurry up with that already!
    Also was hanging out with with my Kinky Virgo ex and we were running to catch a flight to Los Angeles from GATE 8. We were flying ‘stand-by’ and didn’t know if there were going to be enough seats left for us both, but I had higher priority than him. The gate 8 thing has come up a few times the past few months – any insights on that peeps?

    • Aw, cool dream Catzai…#8 as infinity? Going thru a gate seems indicative as another level of consciousness of some sort.