Pan In Taurus & Your Weekend

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Hey don’t forget to rest and self-nourish this Dark Moon weekend. The Daily Horoscopes are up for Saturday/Sunday with more and all the times for the Moons…

Also, if you are getting a bit over the Zap Zone/Grand Cardinal Cross vibe turn onto Asteroid Pan in Taurus till May. Pan is the Wild God – number 4450 – irreverent and full of Pagan vitality, a lover of nature, storms, horses, music and sensuality.

Currently at 12 Taurus. Pan is a.k.a. the Horned God and that is from whence the word “horny” comes from. I mean, what’s not to like?

Pan is said to have an affinity with Capricorns – they could oust Saturn and nominate Pan as their ruler? There could be a rebellion.


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80 thoughts on “Pan In Taurus & Your Weekend

  1. Have Venus in Toro 14 degrees…so bascially, Pan is conjunct.

    Nope, firmly in the Zap Zone. Can do a bit of Pan…maybe.

    I’m feeling kinda pissy really and seeing all kinda hypocrites lately.

  2. I’ve not before heard of Pan. If it’s 14 Taurus, it’s in between my Moon and Chiron.

    • Well if it’s 12 degreed Taurus then orb of 3 d to conjunct my Chiron in 9th.

  3. Sade under a Tretchikoff ?

    El Toros with la Caps have outlasted any other relationships i know of..they seem to meld into one another beautifully. The only thing that doesn’t sit well with me is the material side, not judging, just doesn’t sit well… It is easier for a camel …

    • LOL I know…It took me a few minutes to absorb that too. At first I loved the image and then I saw the painting behind her and I just started giggling

    • Correction.. Pan is natal in my 8th house! (sigh).. My originally post was ‘Bring it”… I still say it! LOL!!


  4. Tom Robbins Pan in ‘Jitterbug Perfume’ – has anyone read it? Always makes me giggle.

    • I LOVE Jitterbug Perfume. I used to be a waitress, drove a vw bug, always searching for the perfect cappuccino, made my own perfume and had a thing about Pan. So you can imagine how much I loved and laughed at this book.

  5. Over the zap zone? I WISH.

    I knew beforehand that Wednesday something weird was going to happening because of the exact square, (3 Aries planets in 7th) but even so…news first thing that the Leo’s work partner in hospital.

    I go to my old workplace on Thursday (they have barely called me this year, and I used to be a mainstay) and I can really feel there is a new regime in place, and I’m not part of it. BUT have some promising seeds of new work, hope transiting Jupiter in 10th gets zapped (in a good way!)

    Mars retro in my first, some of the good disciplined eating habits I started in Dec have slipped, eating chocolate again, some carbs and smoking one cigarette a day :/

    I actually think that Saturn retro (in my 2nd) is the most stressful. Because when it Wasn’t retrograde, since it first started being in 2nd, it was great! covered a lot of new ground, actually bought a house. Now it’s nail bite-city as both our earnings are irregular and unpredictable.

    the Aquariuspapers man wrote about being Still in the Void while you start to connect to new energies that are more supportive to who you are now.
    Feeling the VOid. Looking forward to the new moon reset.

    • I so relate to the Saturn being preeminent. I can’t feel anything Saturn punching my Moon in the face. My mothering moony side is in the 6th – daily life. So it’s like a daily battle. Also my little ASD chap is a multiple Capricorn – he is Saturn! Hard yakka.

      Hope Saturn moves off yr 2nd soon!

      • Thanks A, it keeps ramping up a notch, doesn’t it?
        all these gains and then Saturn retro shows you how much you have to lose. A tight corner to be in, for both you and I. Definitely feel you, hon xxx

  6. I’ve got Pan conjunct my natal Chiron in 10th House. Bringing irreverence and Pagan vitality, nature, storms, horses, music and sensuality to my career hehehe sounds like fun.

    • No – I googled my head off but only got Tumblr and Pinterest hell – with them all referencing each other but no actual source – if you can do better please let me know…

  7. Ah Sade, so beautiful…

    Currently Pan is in my 2nd opposite my Sun-Venus in Scorpio. *Hot* My sagg bits find him irresistible.

    My son & I have a birthday party for his classmate to attend tomorrow at the rollerskating rink: his family has rented out the entire place for a few hours– and I am so excited! Lol The last time I went skating I really physically paid for it later, but damn I love it :) Just like horses: with my vertebra, not without some suffering. Have to be part of this stuff though or else I’ll wither & blow away in crumbs. Spirit raising, totally.

    • i thought that was her. love .
      omg Toro Adonis (venus on sun) also was a Sade fan.

      help. flashbacks making me feel old and decrepit and twice the age i was then. because i am twice the age. is this status anxiety again? i never really understood that but maybe its what ive been experiencing all these years.
      oracle told me to (basically) fuq off and get laid. LOL
      sorry i have made this all about me again. oh well.
      have a great weekend scorpinc xx

      • Ok: makes sense that you feel twice the age because you are. But what’s up with the old & decrepit biz? Do you mean your body feels like crap?

  8. oh my Cap asc LOVES Pan.. πŸ˜€ That illustrated pic is way sexier than previous posts on supposedly hot guys.

    Pan is conjunct my Libra Venus in 9th.

    • oh, you DO love Pan! great placement :)

      i love Pan cos it’s one of the few things I have in fire and he featured in a relationship I had where my Pan was conjunct the dude’s Moon/Ceres. He loved to feed/look after me! Pan was exact on the ASC of our composite chart and the composite NN was on his natal Pan. It was, as you say, hot! πŸ˜€

      • “He loved to feed/look after me!”

        That must be your Toro moon and rising ? because the idea of someone feeding and looking after me doesn’t appeal to my Saggo moon at all. *eek*

        Frolicking in the woods Saggo style… sex, intellectual stimulation and refined love – venus in libra 9th style.

        I think that’s why Saggo guys with Mars in Libra really “get” me. The repressed Scorp Venus/Saturn conjunct in 12th I mentioned a while back has Pan in 12th smack bang on my Sun, along with his venus and Saturn! No wonder he’s obsessed with me.
        He told me he sublimates his carnal urges into his music. We only ever slept together once! Best kisser EVER!! He looked like Pan too – long hair, beard, big Saggo thunder thighs and his gait was heavy and stomping.

        A bit like this:

        but a blonde version.

        Drogo!! Hot hot hot!!! πŸ˜€

        • omg, I am with you – I had Drogo domination fantasies after I saw that show.

          Yes, probably Toro bits, but also, I spend my whole life feeding and looking after other people and it is rarely reciprocated, so it was a process of learning to accept nurturing which I think was expanding for me. We had refined love, intellectual stimulation and unbridled erotic connection up the wazoo as well, but it was completely fated, so it played out.

          hey, you know I’m obsessed with transiting NN as trigger? I recently realised that the first date I had with the primo lover happened when NN passed over my Mars! I’m so looking forward to it reaching my Venus πŸ˜€

          No wonder the guy was hot for you – those Pan connections are STRONG, I reckon x

          • what sign was the primo lover?

            Good luck with NN on Venus.

            I get so excited about some transits but nothing comes to pass – like Venus on my Part of Fortune. Oh well… 😐

              • Haha. Same with my Katakan. They’re good at the sexual /soul stuff. Not so much with the rest. I’m sure there are self actualised out there somewhere. Not interested though. The last one put me off Crabs forever

  9. Oh man! It’s ON my husband’s Asc! Looks like I’m in for a fun weekend…. πŸ˜‰

  10. I have Pan in Taurus I think…

    Can someone PLEASE explain why I decided to go off men?
    Shit man I just walked away from the sexiest scenario imaginable and I’m still shaking my head at amazement at how the fuq I managed to do that. But no, I did the right thing. It wouldn’t have been appropriate .. I mean come on. He’s my NC. But god is he hot. So today I’m there and I was feeling like absolute crapola and I asked him roughly how long this angry, sad, uncomfortable, feared up phase would last when he says, “i can show you an exercise to turbo charge it if you like. I was showing a client this morning… That’s why the bed is out.”
    Dude ALL OFF MY ENERGY is going into NOT looking at your bed right now and you’re suggesting I lay down on it?
    “um ok.” I say
    so anyways he shows me this breath-y noisy whatever lying down thing and casually mentions that he used to do massage.
    fast forward through the boring breathy stuff till he asks if I’m “ok with coconut oil” errrr is Putin a power hungry psychopath?
    Oh dear.. cue some very innocent neck massaging of yes EXACTLY where it hurt. And please guys I’m not degrading the dude (am I?) by saying he’s hot. He is hot. It’s a fact. He was not being at all inappropriate – which is precisely why I was determined not to behave inappropriately but jeeeez was I tempted. Why do I feel like catholic in a confession booth suddenly?
    Anyway NOTHING HAPPENED at all
    But we sat there on his bed for a while talking and I swear on my life the vibe was like “stay” he even said he was – done for the week and was I in rush? crikey!
    I was the one who stood up, he just sat there with that jar of coconut oil. Oh god no make it stop! lol the voices the voices :-)
    anyway it took ages but I left and we are still totally just Dr and patient. It’s all clean.
    As I was leaving he goes, “anyway, Mars in retrograde.”
    me “I KNOW…….. IN LIBRA!”
    he looked confused. I said you know Liiiiiiiiibra kind of shifting my head indecisively and MARS doing my best interpretation of a phallus. um ja anyway so um er um I’ll see you next week
    ja ok bye

    so tell me AGAIN please why I gave up men but have Pan in Taurus and it’s pinging right now. Damn. we could have had a fine old time of it. I think I might be an idiot. lol at home now.
    Cooking, cleaning and trying to write. Yes that’s why I’m on Mystic’s blog lol ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    just shoot me

    • Hahaha you are Jupiter rising too, no? Look at us all shouty and frustrated.
      Seriously though sister, I feel your pain. You could solve the dilemma by moving to the backwoods where there are NO REMOTELY ATTRACTIVE MEN WITHIN 100 MILES… ugh.
      Because he has a code of ethics to uphold, does he not? Doctor-patient relationships are strictly taboo, aren’t they? And not in a fun taboo way, more of a professional ruin way… or perhaps I am being naive. Anyway, caged lion roar xxx

      • Lol. Yup. Jupiter rising. Haha. No I really really really DO want a man. I want one so badly it’s ridiculous. I just want one who is mine. I’m so over being polygamous and I’m so over unavailable men. But I think I have a lot of emotional growth and spiritual development to do before I can manifest the dude I want. I really hope I won’t be alone forever but I do have “career chart” as in it’s all in the tenth house. Sun, mars, mercury, Pluto, Psyche, Athena, Sekhmet, the Sphinx, Anubus and I think Ceres too although not 100% sure about her but yeah. That plus my north node in Cap in the 2nd house means by rights I should be a workaholic empire building queen bitch of the corporate stratosphere but I’ve been undoing my Virgo due to certain self sabotage behaviours like using my saggo moon and saggo Jupiter rising to go “oh fuq it” also giving in to my South Node tendency to obsess over men as an avoidance behaviour. They are like my drug basically. Also there is this nasty pattern I’ve picked up from my now deceased mom of being this stupidly self sacrificing martyr for a man who couldn’t commit. Ie my dad. The epitome of the dashing Casanova and loveable ladies man with more excuse than a pregnant nun My mom and I used to fight a lot and I hated that she stayed with my dad and chose to turn a blind eye on his constant cheating. I honestly counted nine affairs in one year. He was so flagrant in his behaviour. I’d walk in on him constantly and have to pretend I hadn’t seen anything. Gave away a lot of my power doing that but dad used to protect me from mom’s beatings when he was at home and sober which admittedly was rare but he was kind of an ally in that way. I mean my mom just HATED me. So you see I have shitload of work to do on myself before I can even think about attracting a partner who will be good for me. And first I need to learn to support myself with decent work, then yes, I want a decent relationship but I suspect that is years away. Anyway. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it xx

    • Is Saturn in your 5th? I am behaving that way and I know its because of that.

      Attractive men – one ludicrously hot one I might add, innuendo, all that jazz and I just float away because being home alone is so much more important, obviously.

      • No I have Saturn in Gemini in the 6 th.
        I’m a hypochondriac of note and fitness is like a religion to me. Also I suspect there is some self loathing and body dysmorphia at play motivating the obsessive diet and exercise regimens. I mean I EAT. Like Jupiter rising and moon in sag means I LOVE MY FOOD. I’ve never had any food issues like bulimia or anorexia but I just feel so crapola if I’m not doing the uber healthy taking care of my body thing. My stomach goes ballistic if I’m stressed. I don’t loose my appetite but I do loose the ability to digest food. Meaning I have to take digestive enzymes constantly. But ja. Saturn in the 6th and square my moon so emotional stress just destroys me. Break ups or even fights in relationships make me physically ill … I break out in shingles, acne, I get fevers. Basically I’ve just really vulnerable to emotional stress to the point that I’ve always believed since childhood that I would one day literally die from a broken heart. I know I know. Melodramatic much???? Lol. But to me it always seemed entirely plausible. I have Chiron in Aries in the 5th. So ja
        I have been hurt a lot by lovers and thwarted in desires to have children of my own to the point that I’ve convinced myself I don’t want them and that the urge to reproduce is totally narcissistic. The truth is I’m scared shitless of how vulnerable having a child would make me. It’s all very Anna Karenina isn’t it ?

    • Bahahahaaaaha oh goodness I am laughing with you at this. “Are you ok with coconut oil” ?? Well done for not making the first move to fuq up a professional working relationship. Shame on him for doing all this! “That’s why the bed is out” OMG!!! Stay strong xxx

      • I know right? I went home and cooked up a storm. I fuqin love coconut oil and use excessive amounts of the stuff. God did I ever want his hands all over me. You have no idea how badly. But no way am I willing to sabotage my own healing process. He’s brilliant at what he does and right now NC is like my lifeline. It’s keeping me sane. Oh god. That pre supposes I was sane to begin with. Errrr it’s helping me become more integrated and um ja it’s just helping me period. But also me and the NC in question have the identical south node and north node so I kind of see this as my gift to him and myself too really. Like by not giving in to this mutual attraction I’m helping us both shift towards where we need to go. But jeeeeez I’m so attracted to him. I know that not every relationship or potential relationship or crush needs to be consummated tho and I actually mentioned it to him shortly after we met. I wanted to address the fact that I find him attractive rather than pretend I’m not. I didn’t come out and say “I find you incredibly sexy” but I did mention that I was experiencing a kind of teenage crush thing that I was “too cool to tell the person in question”. Then I said that this was my pattern and something I was trying to overcome. Sexualising situations as avoidance behaviour. His reaction was that his teacher had said to him a few days before “love is free but sex never is” I thought that was quite profound. In fairness to him he was not actually coming on to me directly and didn’t do anything Inappropriate at all but I could feel this huge wave of potential romance between us. It was just like breaking eye contact was really hard. One of those conversations that is just so hard to finish. I kept picking up my bag and then we’d get onto another subject and I’d put it down because we’d get into another really interesting topic and I was just riveted or he’d be listening so intently to me and kind of urgently wanting to respond but holding back cuz I was saying something but yeah it was just like we both really wanted to hang out and spend time together but obviously we both know it isn’t appropriate and neither of us wants to sabotage it. We just have a lot in common and I think he’s lovely. But I’m lovelier and I’m staying with ME I’m choosing ME.

    • you could see it as a test, and you passed!

      seriously, this is WHY you swore off them (under these sorts of circumstances?) how would this have ended? he would have kept his gf and you might have lost your NC.

      • Yeah, I know what I heard – Invicta just took control of her destiny, of herself and set a boundary about how she wants what she wants!
        Go girl! He better have a courteous invite and a barrel of coconut oil next time. πŸ˜‰

  11. Well, boo! I just had a pan return then, natal @ 11 toro, and it didn’t pan out. πŸ˜› Eros return last week too and nothing! Circe on my DC! Mars on my NN!
    Dammit. I’m half Taurus and I have needs!!!
    I suppose the reawakening of those needs is sooomething, but STILL.
    grumble grumble grumble off to find the cauldron and mugwort

  12. Hello to my Mystic Counselors! I shouldn’t post my question here but I am completely stuck on what I should do with the Pisces. No.. Pan will have no influence on me with the Pisces since it seems history is repeating itself after being with the toro/gem for so long. This Pisces is acting the same way. And as Mystic said in the Daily… “try and get out of it as smoothly as possible before April”…

    SO.. my dilemma. I will be in the area of where the Pisces is on Monday for a doctor’s appt. (Isn’t it great that the only female doctor is in that area?) I know a lot of his friends in that area. We aren’t that close but these friends have been very helpful to me getting settled the last 3 years. I hadn’t met most of these friends face to face until I met the Pisces in February…. so I feel a strong connection with how I interact with these friends while the Pisces is in town. His sister is one of these friends and is where he is staying.

    I will feel really bad, being in walking distance from these people and I don’t tell them that I am in the area. Should I honestly ignore them all because of the Pisces until he leaves? He’s moving down to that area and I will be visiting this doctor so it might be an issue. Or maybe just reach out to one of them that knows most of the story .. she was such a sport and eventually got tired of it and so I haven’t talked to her about it since February. (stupid me)

    I don’t want to use this reason to contact the Pisces (hence, trying to end this peaceful)… He posted a picture on FB and tagged me. The photo wasn’t very pleasant from what I could see.. it was hard to see what it was. He deleted it very quickly after he posted it but if you all are familiar with FB.. you get a notification and it stays for a while. WTH!! I think he just wanted me to contact him. Why he couldn’t contact me is beyond my knowledge. Again… WTH!! I didn’t freak out.. I just asked WTH. What is going on. He’s like “I’ll call ya later”… I didn’t leave it alone.. I told him I was coming down to see him. Of course he lied and said this that and the other thing and the story ended. I still haven’t heard from him. Very strange. I don’t get it!

    So, anyone want to comment?

    Thanks!! xo!!

      • He’s 45. Weird! He owns his own business, extremely successful and was married for 18 years.. I don’t get it!

    • Ellie, honestly, give yourself some cred, cut this guy loose, run don’t walk, etc.

      • Oh I have Calypso.. Him posting something so disrespectful on Facebook with me connected to it makes me question what he was doing. I need to understand it It’s the psychologist in me.

        What would make someone do such a thing? Yes, there is something definitely wrong with him.. but what else has or will he do to me! He lives in my hometown!

        What also bothers me is that he is with his sister. His sister is married, happy with her spouse, has good friends and then he acts like this in front her! I KNOW she would NOT let him get away with this!

        I am afraid of the damage he is doing to me now.. here where I live and in my hometown! Does everyone see through him like I do?

        I don’t get it! Is he that much of a sociopath? What happened to him! It’s so sad!!

        It’s the psychologist AND Virgo in me! LOL!!

        What’s gonna suck is that I have to move to where my work is.. which is where he use to live.. so everyone is going to think I am moving for him. Crap.. he’s the one that tagged me in the out to dinner nights we had. Everyone who knows me was asking him about me and he gets upset with everyone thinking that he and I are dating. WTH!

        What a fool I am! AGAIN!!

        • just leave it, walk away. how can you understand people’s dysfunctions and why would you want to waste your energy doing that? the best way to ensure he doesn’t fuq with your or your rep is to make yourself absent (from his perspective).

          as for other people? they can make up their own minds but obsessing over him is not the way to assure everyone that you’re cool and he’s not. as MM says, do you. and do it before April. what about a little release ritual for the New Moon?

          • Ok.. I had put it my phone calendar to remind me to do a ritual. 2:45 baby!! Pure good intentions. I feel like that is all I am dong is me right now.. he just threw me with that FB post Wednesday. QI Vampire at his best.

            Been cleaning.. will do more, then saging and really feeling I am making some good changes. Some I don’t like but make it has to happen to really create more positive waves for me. (ie. moving).

            Thanks Calypso! xo!!

            • good for you Ellie, I think you’re right on about him being a Qi Vamp, but is probably just a bit messed up. Either way, it won’t serve you, love. thanks for reminding me about the sage. I’ll go get mine out too. remember, the more centred you are, the less other people matter. good luck! xx

              • Yup.. switching gears! I need to keep stepping. I have SO much to do in the next 6 months.

                Thanks again Calypso.. seriously. This is the only group I can come to with this crazy relationship stuff. I hopefully there will be a day that I will show up and say “he says he loves me” and has shown it all a long.


                • what a day it would be! a happy day. in the meantime, good luck with your 6 month goals :)

  13. so this is prolly not the best weekend to punch a biatch in the face? hmmm.

  14. I have natal Pan conjunct my Sun/Saturn/Merc conjunction in Pisces 7th. I’m a little bit Neptune and a little bit rock ‘n’ roll :)

  15. HEY HEY HEY!!!!
    Natal Pan is at 14* Taurus so having my Pan return….LOL.

    My mars is at 6* Taurus. Torro(mercury at 19 and sun at 24 Taurus) and I had amazing Pan morning.

  16. Pan in Aries, 25 degrees, Sun 27 degrees.
    2nd house (along with Mercury and Chiron).
    Explains everything up to Saturn Return !
    Oooh the debauchery !!

  17. Well, I’m with Pan and I’m going camping in the bush for just about all of April! Yippee!!!
    Looking good and having Fun!! ;-D

  18. Well, this is a new interesting something! Pan eh? I am of course going to have to do some research. Nice diversion, thanks. So far I’ve discovered that my Pan return is imminent, due to my IC being at 14 Taurus, same as Catfish above. And to repeat the joke made upstream, i also hope something ‘pans’ out, lol

    • Oops! No no no not an imminent Pan return for me, got mixed up. Pan is currently near my IC at 14 Tauris BUT my natal 4450 Pan is at 15 Cancer in 5th. Just found that out and realised I was tAlking shizz before!

  19. Pan on Sun sign. No wonder I want to Partay like a wild woman. And I don’t even drink anymore…Ha! I’m Pan-dora. I just saw my own name, lol.