Mars In Libra Can Be A Schizz

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Yes, yes Mars Retrograde in Libra is sacred and revisionary blah blah blah but frankly, the Action Planet Retrograde in his opposite sign can also be a total pain.

Exhibit A – An upsurge in the W.T.F. Passive Aggressive Snark Factor. I got an email from someone saying that my site redesign was appalling, i was ripped off etc – the site redesign was in 2012. Is Mars Retro also a time machine?

What else…? Oh god don’t start me – it’s my birthday!  And i got an Ankh tattoo.  It glows indigo laser rays of Awesome whenever a troll draws near. No but seriously, the Ankh has always been my fave talisman.

Anyway, if you feel it’s a nuisance to have Mars Retro during the Zap Zone all late March and April, damn right it is.  But hello, a change of tactics could be epic, yes?

Also the Weekly Horoscopes from March 22 are up, so are Friday’s Daily Horoscopes obviously AND i am behind on email answering – last week’s Virgo Dermatologist Extravaganza, nebulous sadness over some of the recent crappy news cycle content etc – BUT i will be completely caught up tomorrow.

Zap on…Shun Pass-Agg…

Image: David Lachapelle

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127 thoughts on “Mars In Libra Can Be A Schizz

  1. Happy birthday dear Mystic, may it be great and good, as are you xxx

    • And I just LOVE that image on so many levels…
      The headdress…the green tights….the Austraian art nouveau woodwork on the walls, echoed on the champagne bottle.
      And she looks like a South American priestess instead of Egyptian.

      David laChapelle, I love his work!

  2. Happy birthday my mystical fairy godmother! I treasure your perspective.
    May it be an amazing one.

  3. Lots of birthday love Mystic!!

    For what it’s worth think your site redesign looks fuqing awesome.

    And the news IS depressing right now. Media detox time?

  4. Happy Birthday Mystic. You and your site rock. xx I’m loving Mars Retro in Libra. So much clarity, getting shizz done etc

  5. Birthday blessings Mystic xo

    This post gave me a laugh. My (mostly) bomb proof tactic is amped Uranian vibe aka weird out of context, sometimes funny, sometimes provocative statement to short circuit the flow of whatever communication is mid flight. I expect interpretive dance or a foreign accent could also work, y’know just for one statement and then reverting back to normal speech :)

  6. Happy Birthday hon!!!
    Oh fuq I know, I know!
    Have upped my network chiro practice to 4 sessions per week, totally off booze of any kind and men (of any kind) lol until further notice! Bring on the April of Awe!
    Seriously tho, happy birthday xxx

  7. Happy Birthday, Mystic! And many many more :) x

    Get out– I just started painting an Ankh last week! It’s for my living room. Have a bare wall in there & I thought an ankh would be just the fix. To fixes, salud!

  8. Happy Birthday Mystic! Just another fan singing your praises & hoping you’ve enjoyed your birthday x

  9. Happy happy birthday Mystic. Wishing you a year that is prosperous in every way. x

  10. Happy birthday Mystic!
    Thank you for… EVERYTHING.
    If only I discovered you and your magic site earlier in life – as in right at birth :)
    Better late-ish than never though, right?
    From one Piscean to another.. dive deep (rock on)! x

    your posts and knowledge bring us all so much joy xx

    • Hear, hear – Felicitations to you dear Mystic!! thanks a million for the uplifting inspirational insights!! Xx

  12. Happy Birthday Mystic!! We share the same birthday, but some years and continents apart :) Keep strong & inspirational – passive agressive shizz melts away eventually leaving behind some great awareness gems.

  13. Happy Birthday Beautiful!
    Don’t forget to make a wish when blowing out the candles tonight.

  14. Happy birthday to you and thank you for a wonderfully expansive and visionary site…Here’s to Mercury in Aries razor wit to defy any inherent retrograde Libra Mars passive aggressive tendencies!

  15. … but the upside is that in the world of blogging, you always get another chance for those “Treppenwitz” moments.

    Happy Birthday MM!!


  16. happy birthday mystic! thanks for your guidance and astro expertise! I feel way ahead of the muggles who have no idea what’s going on.

    and I’m with you, not really feeling mars retro in libra along with all this other heavy astro…I burnt out (got sick and did nothing for a day or two) which is exactly what your daily mystic said not to do. thankfully I am getting back on track now.

  17. Happy Solar Return gorgeous Mystical One!
    Many thanks for your wit, generosity, encouragement, curiosity and stylishness!! It all adds up into a general bundle of awesome and it is an honour to watch your grow and flow and spill over into the public consciousness as you have and do.

    Much happiness, abundance and health to you always, xx.

  18. LOL
    You get a second HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mystic from me!
    Are you bored with hearing it yet?
    Tomorrow is another day…
    Decided to do 8 network chiro sessions per week.
    2 x 4 days per week
    crazy ?
    maybe baby but thats what the voice in my head told me to do during my session today. I got a clear vision of it, plus an audible one (inner ears) and yeah HF emailed me..”had the most intense dream of my life about you last night.”
    I just said, “yep, i know, me too”
    more network chiro, no alcohol and no men
    I can’t be held responsible for astral sex tho can i ?

  19. happy birthday mystic! love that you got a tattoo! ankhs are so classic they will never go out of style!

    and yes the sarcasm meter has been turned way up, but i’m harnessing it all for good.

  20. Happy birthday MM! Keep up the amazing work.

    The ankh must have a piscean link – my other fave piscean woman erykah badu is all about the symbol.

    • Lo down Loretta Brown! Love Badu 😀 Pisces rising here. *Return of the Ankh* x

  21. Happy B-Day, Gurlll!!! It’s a great day to thank you for YOUR amazing site—the redo not withstanding–lol Seriously, you are so FAB!

    The Ankh has always been my go to…actually was using it as a signature as a kid in the 70’s much to the dismay of the muggles. Neptune in Sag was a magical time for a this little Leo.

  22. Happy birthday, beautiful!

    I am natal Mars in Libra, first house so you’d think I could get this. But I am getting exhausted from diplomatic relations at this point. Its like the never ending good bye with the Pisces (whose bday was yesterday, btw. Are MM, and he and Mille born the same day?). I feel like the classy, graceful thing to do is have a dignified goodbye. He did live with us, my girl and pets and all. Have him over, let him say bye to the little ones, and wish him well. Seems right. On the other hand, I want to run over his head with a verbal train of truth. Split him right open, make him bleed, and then tell him “there, there.” I’d like some freaking gore but I am going for diplomacy…fing Mars in Libra. And I’m being a pass-ag bitch at work. Its ugly. Trying not to guilt-out on it and just woman-up.

    • It’s the Scorp moon pouring over the rx Mars, I swear: feeling gore & acting diplomatic! You just exactly described the flavor of my day yesterday. And now I’m home painting. Recuperating.

      The guilt (on several levels) literally feels like it’ll break my back sometimes. So I need to go lay down now. x

      • Feeling pretty much the same. Just finding out ways i was duped. Want the ex to get hurt really badly but then almost immediately feel guilty/ act cool and demure on the outside if someone broaches the topic….

        • Truth be told – the worst thing you can wish upon an f’ed up person is for them to be themselves all their life long. Its when you love them and want them to change that you get caught up. I don’t want to hurt the Pisces-Cap. He will do that very well on his own. I wish he could heal himself internally instead of isolate himself externally. THAT is what makes me angry. People rejecting love and healing. Intimacy is complicated business and we all have odd reactions at times. But…would I love him really if I demanded he change? See the bind of it? I’ve learned to never try to change anyone (hence the automatic revenge of them being themselves without me, mwuah, ha, ha!). Besides, he does have a 12th house moon in Sag, Mars in Cap on the AC, so maybe living on an ice mountain *is* the right life for him. There are just certain sympathies I will no longer extend to him now that his made his big-boy choice 😉

          • oh dear! sorry, my comment below mentioned this and of course you’re onto that already, carry on… x

        • The Man is setting me up to get majorly duped but I’m struggling with this one because it’s my income, too. A crap romantic relationship I can ditch easily– that’s a win-win in my book– but a crap work situation is not so black & white: if I cut ties with my job without another to hop to, then I just fuqed myself (and my son). I’m not a serial monogamist, but very pragmatic real life concerns require that I approach biz relationships in this way. *dislike*

          One way or another, let your feelings flow, Vslr. They are a sign of what you value: honesty, authenticity, You. The duping is over, remember 😉

    • ” I want to run over his head with a verbal train of truth”

      Know how you feel 12th V. I have Mars in Virgo in 8th. Saggo moon (in 11th) square Uranus in 8th conjunct my Pluto.

      Hard for me to walk away without speaking my mind then burning the bridge. It’s the only way I can move on sometimes.

      • I have Pluto-Mercury-Mars in Libra. That’s what I blame, at least. Analyzing the fuq out of people doesn’t help my relationships. Who knew? lol. I am working on welcoming the clarity and taking action for myself without being a long winded hammer about it. No one likes their head pounded in and for years I thought someone may thank me for my clear analysis, lol! In this case, Pisces Cap can’t swim far enough away from human intimacy, he has to climb ice mountains and dig holes in the crust of the earth to escape it. He’s coming Sunday to say goodbye and driving west Monday. I warned him I have a truth train in my mouth that wants to run over his head. I will be choking on it, so I hope he doesn’t dwadle too long. I can’t be 100% to blame when I’ve issued a warning: diplomacy done.

          • Thanks but closure is an attitude. I don’t need to talk it out with him. I am just doing diplomacy. This guy – I said to him the last time he was here “You don’t even know what you’re feeling right now, do you? You’re totally disassociated from your own feelings” and he was like “Yeah, I learned how to do that in prison.” So, he could love me more than anyone, he wouldn’t know it. LOL! How could I be rejected by someone like that? How could I not be? Closure is a perspective on the rejection bit, I suspect. But intimacy is never so clear cut. Pisces-Cap is nuts and he would say “Yeah, I’ve heard that one before.” ??? He’ll putz around my house like he is my Mom…totally detached from reality. Makes me want to look at my Mom’s chart again since his ability to just be-nice in situations that demand intimacy (imho) reminds me so much of my childhood home life.

            • hi 12v, i know you’re a smart and clever virgo person hopefully it ok with you if I share this observation..?
              it clicked with me as I have been going through a same-but-different thing recently.

              just reading your last sentence about the kind of relationship you have (/had?) with your mother. And how you describe the pisces. Might it be possible that you are seeking development and healing of your relationship with your mother by re-entering the same dynamic with other people. It struck me that sometimes relationships are just us shadow-boxing with our own history.

              • or it’s a learnt and deeply held pattern rather than the ‘seeking healing’ aspect. This is purely me reading my own experiences into what i am seeing as your own pain(?) and frustration. quite possibly i am wrong! we can’t change other people, we simply can’t make them someone they are not. we can only work on ourselves. ..with a magnifying mirror and some decent self help literature etc. if someone we had high hopes for then disappoints us we can share that with them and if they’re semi-decent people then we see a change maybe, but if not, they’re simply not the right person, best that we’re free of them then. ruminating on their flaws and shortcomings is such a waste of mental space. we can either respectfully address it with the partner or let it go as just part of who they are, and then we either live with that or not. I’m sure what you’re experiencing is sort of relayed in concentrated form here, it’s easy to let off steam and it sounds like it’s all bad. but maybe it’s not? … give yourself a break from thinking about it all and just let him be a flake, he’s out of your life and he will continue to do whatever it is he does in his own time, you’re free from that now.

                • Sure, family patterns in relationships are pretty standard and each time I notice one (which I did because I wrote about it) I change the pattern. I am not expecting anything of Pisces. Not that worried about it. Just being social.

                  • Also, being a Virgo, nit-picky is part of my love language. I could really explain what went wrong in painful detail. And I would think it loving. But I know its like gashing him open for the Pisces to have things put so plainly. I am trying to accept both views at once. Both are valid. Libra-Mars-scales.

                  • yeah that’s cool, I do hope that the dust settles soon for you 12v. brighter, more fun things await you down the line. XOXOX
                    One thing I do appreciate about Virgos is when I ask them for feedback, they are never vague, and usually are absolutely dying to share some correctional points but have been holding back out of politeness. plus they are lots of fun, and they are kind and never rude and awww i bloody love you guys xxox

              • What it comes down to for me is learning to hold my own standard, that its OK, that sometimes you have to be the grown up and demonstrate proper behavior, that being the grown up doesn’t mean the Universe is down on you, earning and owning that Mars-in-Libra grace, really.

      • It’s the only way I can move on All The Time! Uranus-Mercury in the 8th/29° Libra: I will have my say. It’s preferable to say it to whoever it’s meant for, but sometimes I have to settle for writing it down & sending it out via smoke. Burning? Check.

        Honor you, Scorpbot. xx

        • “It’s preferable to say it to whoever it’s meant for”
          LOL. You’re funny!

          Thanks mate! 😀 x

        • Oh yeah, open mouth, flames come out, turn head, burn bridge, clippety clop ahead.

          Sag Rising, Sag Moon, Sag Jupiter trine Aries Mercury.

          • Yo there Milli
            I was formerly known as Blue
            Also sag moon, sag rising and Jupiter in sag. Open mouth, flames jump out, bridge explodes (triple Virgo sun mars mercury square my moon and square Saturn in Gemini ) meaning I plant dynamite strategically to detonate on contact with hand grenade as it is lovingly chucked over ma sholulda.

            Clip petty clop petty on we go

            • That triple Virgo must slice n dice on the way out!!! Virgo Sun-Mars i know can cut to ribbons, she might also be Virgo Mercury, can’t remember.

          • Clippety clop LOL. Ooh firey Mars in the mix, & all those hot Sagg bits! Burn baby burn. Cleansing, non?

            • Well for me :) Left behind toasted mo-fos didn’t appear all that refreshed, though i kindly assured them they would soon. I forgot…that Merc is squared Mars and opposed Uranus. No strategy from me. Just one grand explosion.

  23. Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my oldest’s birthday.

    My natal Mars is in the twelfth house part of Scorpio and Mars, even though in Libra, is also transiting my twelfth house, but I can’t tell that anything’s happening.

  24. I can see the Mighty Mystic bursting through,roaring with a conquering Vikings lungs! SPRING! Must be born’ded in time for Spring! Mum? You ok?

    Happy Birthday, Mystic!

    • Yes, it’s cool and fitting it seems for her to be born on the first day of spring..Not sure if my grandaughter is going to make it today tho…daughter has a doctor visit this afternoon!

    • EEEEEKKKKKK! AUTUMN! FOR AUTUMN EQUINOX! In Phoenix, AZ, that’s our second spring so still, kinda counts? the Happy Birthday Wishes still fully apply.

  25. Happy birthday gorgeous Mystic…. love your work xxx

    I’ve decided to use Mars retro in Libra to revise my communications strategy. Am really paying attention to what I say and how I communicate with other people. The Weatherbeaten Virgo is back and I am learning this stuff from him. Really paying attention to what I say to others and the effect it has. Libra my 3rd house – attempting to do it properly for once :)

  26. Happy Birthday MysticMedusa!!….Keep on rockin!

    And OMG – what is happenning out there? – it’s dangerous ….I’m dangerous …May the Force be with us .

  27. Happy birthday!!! Isn’t the astro party coming up too? Either way I hope you celebrated and had a wonderful time with people who love you. And know how much you are loved and appreciated by all of us for your wisdom, hilarity, and always-relevant and on-point insights.

  28. Happy Birthday, Mystic!

    You are RAD!!!!

    …..just flick Mars/Lib/Retro to the side and enjoy your special day! :)

  29. Happy Birthday Mystic!!!!

    Happy Spring and Fall Equinox. So lovely here, a few lingering daffodils blooming and Irises beginning to flourish.

  30. Happy birthday Mystic! Wow, the last degrees of Pisces. Epic.
    Hope all of you have an amazing time at the dinner, wish I could be there! Xxx

  31. hope your birthday was RAD and you felt special despite snarky pass-agg emails….

    with gratitude for your daily offerings, persistent brilliance, sage advice, and the LOLZ xx

  32. Happy Birthday Beautiful and Fabulous Mystic!
    Blessings for the year ahead xxxxx

  33. Love you Mystic Goddess x happy birthday from me and your Arcturian security team.
    Not sure about your exact deg but today the sun conj’s my mercury at 0 deg Aries. Also trans merc has been opposing natal Pluto for months… Ended yesterday.
    I’ve decided that although mars in libra is calling for diplomacy blah blah I’m going to fire a few very pointy steel tipped arrows into the air… Call it a celebration if you like. Pass agg imbecile narks should all stay hidden at home today. You have been warned. Have a nice day :)

  34. Mystic – happy first day of your personal astro new year.

    Your site, your blogs, your daily emails and the sign by sign astro every day is a great offering. Personally it keeps me motivated, energised to keep shooting for awesomeness of all awesomenesses, and focused on the positive and goodness in me and others.

    So – appreciation, gratitude, blessings and thanks a million!!!!

  35. Heya, Lady of the Revelations, may beautiful birthday wishes colour your air xxx

  36. Hey Mystic, Happy Birthday! Wishing you an inspiring, meaningful, properous and fun-filled year ahead! Thanks so much for … being here! xxx

  37. Happy birthday Mystic! Enjoy your day…..thank you for working your magic and sharing it with us xx

  38. Very happy belated, but genuine, birthday greetings Mystic, may all your birthday wishes come true.
    Personally, I’m ready to fire a few arrows at the snarky pass-aggs, too (behold my street-dumb Leo ‘friend’ who accuses me of being too critical, ffs) but am sitting on my hands awaiting the forward traction of Mars *big sigh*
    But you my lovely Piscean soothsayer deserve to enjoy your big day so I sincerely hope you did. Hip hip ‘Raaay!!! xox
    Oh… and… I hope the big PIAB do on the 22nd is a cracker, I would have loved to have attended if I could.

  39. happy birthday mystic!! thankyou for sharing all your fabulosity!! may you have a prosperous year, filled with ankh powaaa!!

  40. Happy belated birthday dear Mystic. Thanks for guiding us through the zap zone, and for your inspiring advice and wonderful sense of humour! Xxx

  41. Happy Belated Birthday, Mystic!

    I was JUST ranting about this in the latest post, but YES, this Mars Retro has been EXCRUCIATING for me! And I think particularly so because it’s in Libra, opposite MY Mars. I can’t even muster the energy to plan a new plan! *sigh*

  42. Happy Belated Birthday dear Mystic!! Hope it was half as fantastic as your insight always is! Much Love, SN

    • happy birthday! what a fresh day to be born!

      Thanks for the Kismet consult – wow – just wow!