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1980s pool party

Holy Harlots, this IS how i envisaged Lilith in Leo but no, that Full Moon in Virgo & the ensuring guilt off screwed that well and truly.

I was meant to do the Final Amazing Tarot Muse Competition Draw with the Full Moon but was too busy putting the anal (as in Freud, not anything Lars Von Triers-ish) back into analysis. As, i gather, were a lot of you.

Anyway, the competition will be now drawn & judged this Thursday, when the Sun gets to Zero Degrees of Aries and trines Lilith. It’s non-stop Cardinal Cross Square Hyper Psycho Kinetic energy ALL late March & April + early May – we may as well get it on already, right?

You can still enter the comp/be a Tarot Muse if you want & I will definitely be announcing (and emailing) the winners on Astrological New Year…

Pink Panther boxing

Top Image: Helmut Newton

Bottom Image: Pink Panther

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64 thoughts on “How I Envisaged Lilith In Leo

  1. Oh OK, well now I feel slightly better about my teary monologue on “Why am I such an IDIOT” to my boyfriend last night. I’m not an idiot for following my dreams, I realise now.

    Just to check, Mystic: you keep saying “no dumb debt”. But that excludes shelling out for education/ professional advancement, am I right? Even if it’s a big loan, would that be worth it, in your opinion?

    • investing in education/professional advancement is always a good idea – dumb debt is like going into hock for an “it” bag or something…

      that term is actually what it’s called in the banking trade – it is a very lucrative income stream.

      • Thank you Mystic, for the reminder. It’s a big dream, one I’ve been working towards all this year & most of last, and as you predicted the climax of the process is coming now, as the Zap Zone intensifies. x

    • I know you didn’t ask me but imo, be relatively certain you’re going to see a comparable return for that student loan debt. Ive got student loan debt that resembles a mortgage & thanks to it I just feel trapped. A dingy in a sea of red :/

      • Wowser, Mystic: thanks for reminding me that I haven’t been laid in 4+ years & I’m in debt up to my eyeballs on this frigid (temps) Monday morning. What a ray of sunshine you are. Next up: going to my job I strongly dislike! Cheezus.

        • Hey Scorporation, warmly, thanks for the advice. I am going to talk to a few people who have been through this process before I make any big decisions.

          I just wanted to say that we all have a responsibility to be our own ray of sunshine. Mystic’s just forecasting the climate. x

          • Lol I was being sarcastic but thanks for the reminder! I totally forgot that Mystic is an astrologer.

            Good luck out there!

          • Oh hold on a second– I’m responsible for my own happiness?! I thought that’s what boyfriends were for! Oh I’m *doomed*


            • Mz CEO of Awesome, I’ve wanted your advice on this for a long time, if you don’t mind sharing? I’m going into your field. My soul is happy with this decision. The problem is that damn debt/income calculation. I’ve stumbled accidentally into the peer counseling certificate program at my little community (read: absolutely free) college, and I’ve spent so many classes in tears overcome with the rightness of the p2p model. It’s the way forward in mental health care, yes? Anyway, a peer counselor makes in no way a living wage, and they’re at the absolute bottom of the totem pole at work. (Though in that regard, I generally get promoted at lightning speed- jupes rising and authority likes me- weird but true). Anyway, my plan has been to go the trad route and graduate with a master’s in like 5 years. A masters and a mountain of debt. Speaking with a prof about this, who is my age, LMFT for the county, with like 12 years of experience, she disclosed her salary. It’s the same as my carpenter ex’s, and we could barely live on that, even with zero debt. Aaaaah!! WHY do we value mental health so little??
              Anyway, if you have any advice, I’d be grateful. Jupiterio transiting mi casa nΓΊmero dos…

              • Hdq, you could totally do this: it’s pretty much what I did. I did the p2p thing for many years, tho, like 12 years, before finishing my bachelor’s & master’s. Grad school took me three years but it can be done in 2: I took my time because I had my son. And because I’m a Scorpio. πŸ˜‰

                Money is a *huge* issue before the degrees & state licensure come, & then it’s a big deal after school because of the student loan debt. You have to get very frugal & smart about money, & be creative about finding alternatives & generating more cash.

                For many of my years in the field, sure I found the financial situation stressful but the work always made up for it. The people I met & experience I gained made it all worth it. Plus it was my 20s & bohemian was ultra chic. None of us had money but we had each other & always what we needed. As my NN is in Sagg/9th-Neptune, I felt good about the whole thing, you know?

                You can totally do this & the world of mental health needs good people like you! No telling where this path may lead… xx

                • Oh– also– I know I’ve crapped on about not being happy, but remember that I’ve been at this for many years! It’s time for a change for me. But regardless, I wouldn’t take back any of the experiences I’ve had or people I met. I still think of clients I had 15 years ago. Fondly. :)

          • πŸ˜› I really hate my job, Pi LOL! I’m no good at tolerating bullshit. Celibacy I can handle– it’s bullshit free– but having to deal with this job to make ends meet shits me to no end. Yes, I’ve been looking for another. No, I’m not having bourbon for breakfast. Yet.

            Love u babe xx

  2. If it’s any consolation Mystic, my natal Lilith in Leo envisages something along these lines for me on a daily basis, but the universe rarely comes up with the goods… damn it.

  3. Ewww, my venus in Libra doesn’t find that appealing at all. Too tanned, too oily, too muscly and too many. 😯

    Beautiful sculpture though. :)

  4. Hehe I am Leo Sun Leo Rising and I am already getting a pretty good idea of how fierce I am going to be (esp at work)

    Did someone mention in another post about becoming alluring when Lilith in Leo? Last night I was moping along to the supermarket last night in a pre-Full Moon slump thinking how frumpy I am these days and a gay man randomly said “Nice dress” and a few seconds later another man (not connected and seemingly hetero) followed up with “yes, it is a nice dress”. Woah, thank you Universe!

    And Ariel, you should definitely follow your dreams even if it involves education debt. I have been doing a similar thing for the past 12 months and I feel so good and happy about my decision. I have work colleagues who sit beside me, earn much more and are so miserable, which confirms to me I made the right decision. Good luck!

    • damn, you are looking GREAT today! Have you done something new with your hair? those two guys were onto something. πŸ˜‰

      • LOL Pi, thanks! I changed hairdressers and I think this look really works for me πŸ˜‰

        Hey I forgot to follow the posts closely, you had a big exam/essay in recent months, about the same time as mine. How did it go, did you pass with flying colours?

  5. A bit off topic, but I found someone wrote a book on the subject I was going to write about. I find this encouraging as someone else has pieced together the past. Its amazing how things burst through the collective consciousness. Anyway, its about how literacy lead to patriarchy and the demise of goddess culture. Wholistic thinking was traded for linear thought control.

    • ok I totally bridled at this phrase:
      “Writing of any kind, but especially its alphabetic form, diminishes feminine values and with them, women’s power in the culture.” assuming that someone holds certain values just because they have a uterus. shits me. also a presumption that the capacity to ‘nurture’ is lumped on the entire gender just because we are female, and also by inference, that it is outside the male domain. Is the author assuming that cultures where women dominate(d) are kind of pre-literate? is this that assumption thing where the party line is that women are all mysterious and all knowing, dark and unknowable blooded creatures of unfathomable nature and men are all straight lines, and sunshine, ideas and hierarchies? grrrrr on principle, on behalf of both sexes and those in between. (not at you, but at where I think the author might be coming from)

      having said this, I can see how it’s possible to come up trumps with a freshly codified set of rules, bigger muscles and a decent gang to back you up when you say “I’m teh boss, bitchez” and the ladies say “o yeh sez who” while they give birth and fend off mammoths and lecherous neighbouring tribes men etc and new boss man points to the rules and says “this book sez so” .. and on it goes. So yes, on that point (which I have loosely interpreted from the brainpickings article), it is possible to see how the written word makes it easier to divorce physical reality (‘there’s just me, this newborn, the mammoths and those berries over there’) from ‘information’ in service of some inexplicable need to be a big swinging dick and making up the stories to make it so. (“the profound impact these ancient scriptures had upon the development of the West depended as much on their being written in an alphabet *as on the moral lessons they contained*. ” my emphasis

      rambling now, ach oh well

      • I could talk about this for hours but can’t type about it for hours alas. we need an international mystic medusa dinner for a forum like this :)

        • We definitely do. I nominate Santa Cruz as the location, and somebody can just borrow a jumbo jet and fly y’all over here!! πŸ˜€

          • I hear Malaysian airlines is partial to loaning out a jet at short notice.
            Always ha d a crush on santa Cruz.

      • another interesting field is the incursion of blundering men presuming superior knowledge (Dunning-Kruger effect maybe lol) in the earlier forms of gynaecology and obstetrics and banning existing midwives from attending births.
        ‘we’ll take over from here ladies’ ‘so.. how does this all work then’
        definitely not to set aside modern O/G medicine, there’s a reason maternal mortality rates are so low in developed regions

      • Well, this is the bit that resonated with me:

        “The introduction of the written word…initiated a fundamental change in the way newly literate cultures understood their reality. It was this dramatic change in mindset … that was primarily responsible for fostering patriarchy.” And taxes and slavery and interest and debt, I would add.

        Maybe I should write a book. I certainly don’t think genetics or natural attitude differences between men and women had anything to do with it. It was pure politics, but politics that have fundamentally changed our understanding of reality.

        • I think you should definitely write a book. I want to as well, about another thing. Let’s do it. Books, 2014. First draft by November. Are you in?

      • “written word makes it easier to divorce physical reality” YES! And it makes it so you can make up other realities, like pulp fiction, accounting, and religion.

        • Yes, one of the parts that struck me was the discussion of television, and its reactivation of our right hemispheres. For how many millennia have we as humanity been all hoo-ra war, then TV comes along, Vietnam atrocities are broadcast at the dinner table, and, for the first time, we had to feel those feels. The first mass protests for collective justice (as in, not just my family is starving fuq you aristocracy eye) ever? By now we seem to have managed to disassociate a lot, but wow, the power of image…

        • accounting! lollolol

          although much to your possible chagrin, there were also non-written ways to record information and data. I was reading that the Incas used knotted string in certain combinations and knot types to record information about their communities including what appear to be some kind of tax records. they’re called Quipu

      • Ahhhh, Pi, so nice to hear your ravings or should I say read them , in dare I say, a linear fashion, the alphabet seems in this case to be your friend. I tried mixing up the letters and converting them to ‘feelings’ .. I know, as if I could have one of those right… into a more feminine non linear sort of holistic way and upon reflection (ha, yeah sure what does any man know about reflection..bear with me ) until I had formed what one might call an interpretive dance. I’m doing it now and so far the family have found it to be in their words ‘annoying’.

        • Seriously, tears, tears falling..
          I now have the image in my mind of you dancing around your dining table in a pair of budgie snugglers wearing the Pseudo Intellectual Bitch – t-shirt (knotted) casting letters of the alphabet out like flowers.. It’s so goddamn beautiful Dl.

          • Yes and a rainbow colored tea cosy nana knitted for my anti nuclear demonstrators ensemble.
            I’m about to try interpretive dance to order dinner from the local Thai. I’ll start with the easy one… Cum On Sum Yung Gy …hmmmm maybe not.

    • That’s fascinating. I took a similar class years ago, where we studied the shift in Ancient Greece. Tragedy to comedy, painting to sculpture, the collective to the elite, emotion to intellect, chaos to order.

      This is not the world’s first ZZ!! I can’t help feeling that we’re coming full circle…

    • Great sounding book! It brings to mind astrologer B.H. Clow’s talking about the bicameral mind, how our brains have changed over time and therefore our perception of reality.

  6. Lilith into Leo (second house: $$$ & My Stuff) and a more steady line of casual work falls into my lap (sort of, it’s an existing connection but I’ve been making sure to keep the opportunity warm..). Glad I didn’t overload study for now. Hello credit card debt-ditching! Hello major service for car! Hello, other important stuff!

    Between that and study I realised that I only have time for these two things plus renewed health plan if I am going to hit the marks I want this year (Hello, Honours!) and halt any slide into further pudge relating to too much sitting on my ass and not enough salad and sit-ups. I can feel a new dedicated routine coming on. oh it feels good.

    Keeping an eye on when Lilith passes over my saturn too. shall take notes..

  7. Lilith compliments are WoW.
    I get compliments like “you’re cute”, “nice shoes, skirt…” which I think are to do with libra sun or venus (1st house).

    But the Leo rising compliments of late since lilith dropped in, I’ve been getting are a whole other level, they’re bigger, showy, like: “you’re glamorous”.

  8. Dear Mystic,
    I am so glad that I attend your homeschooling of astro awesome. Where wayward folk unite under the cyber shield.

  9. My Sun is at 4 deg Leo so Lilith will hit soon!
    I think of Lilith as Kali like, all bloody with a child skull necklace, empowerment in a directly wild way, who is barely restrained by her love.
    Whereas I see this pic through the lens of reverse sexism, where the clothed powerful women objectify the near naked men, in a kind of masculine homoerotic way.
    I hope Lilith in Leo brings some empowerment with her to Leo’s Achille’s Heel of confidence.

      • Hellowa. Good actors tend to be quite shy & loud. Same dynamic of opposite tendencies working themselves out. Leo’s require much stroking & petting because they are acutely insecure. Something like that.

  10. Back in London.
    Well, that was one DRAINING full moon in Virgo.
    I need tea and my bed.
    Cleaning I can deal with tomorrow.
    Feel a serious purge of the stuff and the people oncoming.
    So this what people mean when they say “it was a learning experience”

    • Glad you are home, I hope something becomes of all your hard work.. Btw, Invicta is the femme form to the masculine Invictus, so if you are referring to yourself, as a woman Invicta would be the preferred form, or does the Invictus refer to something else? I like it!

  11. That Moon in Virgo, it’s so true it was a guilt Moon!
    What came up for me was so out of left field…

    I lived in a tiny village for a year that was devastated by the 2004 tsunami.
    When the tsunami occurred I was living elsewhere & going through my epic LZ break-up.

    So this Full Moon night I chose to watch ‘The Impossible’ – a movie about that tsunami which actually TOOK place in that village I lived in.. well I bawled my eyes out.

    What hellish guilt I felt at not.. processing it, being with it, doing more..
    At the time I chose not to register the situation, it was easy to avoid as I had not internet or tv & was completely overworked & slightly nuts.

    But this moon got me I thinking about how letting myself be such a LZ meant I had lost years of being a sensible, caring human being.. and I was just so upset for the place that had nurtured me.
    Just want to get on a plane and go there.

    Does this astro hark back to 2004 in any way?

  12. I’m just in a bliss bubble at present. Everything is just wonderful. That full moon I slept under with the main man beside me and we slept deeply. I’ve had the best sleep I have had in years over the past week and I am utterly chilled. Not an ounce of guilt over anything, no constant niggles of doubt, none of the normal crap that pervades my life. Not that life has changed too much on paper but wow what a change in the heart and soul of it.
    It’s just got way way bigger and better again.
    And on reading your posts, I wish you can all experience a bliss bubble soon. I am however aware of their transient nature but they are great when they arrive.

      • Great aren’t they. All shimmery and opaque. Opal quality.
        Still, today I am bouncing along the floor in mine as I have a huge task of filling out a form E for the courts and all that is justice! HA
        Sperm donor of a father still thinks he owes not a bean toward his daughter and I am playing at tactics with the law. It’s a waste of time. Must say the law has never ever done me or cappi sprog any good.
        But seeing as this started out being joyous, I am still joyous. Yay