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The first collection of Astrology IRL Apparel is a collaboration between astrologer Morgan Rehbock and graphic designer Romina Cenisio. They were inspired to update the symbolism of the zodiac for the multi-dimensional consumers of 2014. Because it’s time for a NEW New Age.

This is F.Y.I.

Definitely agree with the NEW New Age concept.ย  However, on principle,ย  people modelling Aries gear should have their fists up or be pumping the air and feature a huge cheesy “big wheels keep on turning” grin, don’t you think?

Aries Fashion

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72 thoughts on “Zodiac Couture

      • She reminds me of an airhead old house mate of mine – Cancer with Gemini rising: mooney sanpaku eyes, totally vacant between the ears.

    • I’ll take her brows anyday as I hardly have any. they were always thin but between shaving back in the 60’s and using Nair on them I’m lucky if I have any left.

      • Eyebrows that thin-out or just vanish on the ourside third of the eye are usually and indicater of low thyroid ,might wana’ get that checked.
        so if your thin outside edge…check it out…cure is simple……….. iodine.

        • Thanks for the info I need to start taking minerals daily but I often forget.

          I’ve been on thyroid meds for years. Thin eyebrows, ashes and hair is all hereditary in my family. My Mother used to pencil a thick black line for her eyebrows ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  1. “time for a NEW New Age”…

    It’s NEVER time to wear ugly astro clothes :)

    Those white outfits are hurting my eyes ๐Ÿ˜ฏ I’m allergic to white

      • LMAO!! I hadn’t actually looked at the link. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        A graphic designer did that?! The proportions are all out of whack and those boxes on Aquarius. The horrible fonts on Gemini. The symbols look like clip art from the 80’s. LOL. It’s all so badly executed.
        They look like something you’d pick up in a $2 shop! OMG!

        • As a graphic designer in training, I have 3 theories so far for the terrible graphic design:

          – They recruited a high school student to do the designing.
          – They went back in time to hire someone from the 80’s who had no idea how to work with current technologies (Adobe products etc).
          – The graphic designer did a bad job on purpose to be ironic or out of spite.

          Also I feel the designs would improve on less dour/blah/I’m-so-over-life-in-general models. At least they put Sagg in a spunky skirt. I’d never wear the virgo one even if they paid me.

    • I think the Aries sweatshirt is totally cool, but absolutely agree with Mystic — how can you have someone model Aries apparel with such a dour demeanor??? Put her in a “Team Aquarius…Whatever” or a “Pisces Dream Team” sweatshirt, and then maybe I’ll buy it, but not Aries.

    • Oh, thank thy Scorpio Moon for also being deathly allergic to white!

      Then again, I’m also allergic to khaki and yellow. My motto is: “If it’s not black, put it back on the rack!”

      • I wonder if there is an astro signature for hating colors cause you listed the ones I hate the most! lol No scorp moon here but plenty of pluto.

        • I’ve wondered that too. I’m loaded with Pluto as well, but I’ve also got a ton of Uranus and Neptune.

  2. On the upside my 98 year old Nana will be able to read her sign on her t-shirt. Or, y’know, astronauts…

    • Hey Andy,

      Stumbled across a pic of a horse wearing a poncho. Couldn’t resist. LOVE horses! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Ha haa! I am reinstating Jersey Pony for you today.
        Am actually fond of my Dingo’s now. I didn’t know you liked horses, with your Gem NN I imagined you like cats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Yes, I liked the dingos too.

          Moon in Saggo = love horses. :)

          I ADORE cats!! Have never owned one but i’m always busy patting them in my neighbourhood.

          I love birds too.

  3. Those models look positively suicidal!
    No wonder – Only one I like is the Scorpio one, buy we don’t need to advertise darling.

  4. ‘Proud Mary keeps on burning’โ€ฆโ€ฆthe following one to ‘big wheels keep on turning’. Creedance Clearwater Revival, a blast from the past.

    Really like the white sweats. White sweats are on my wish list. Expensive
    non-symbolised Jac & Jack white sweats. And a white baseball cap.

    Wish the design team very good luck. May the tear the world apart and reshape it closer to their heat’s desire.

  5. I liked the concept of the moon on Cancer but it isn’t subtle is it. I did however like both the Scorp and Leo but I felt Leo could have been a bit more in yer face Grrrrrrrr.
    Can say I won’t be buying. Unlike the Pseudo astro bitch tee which is mine as soon as it hits the shelves.

    • I love the concept of the giant moon. As I believe it’s better to have the stars on your back that in your eyes. But that hideous oversized 69 on the front has got to go..
      The blonde model is pulling her look from circa 90’s Bjork.

      • 69 on my chest. Touting for business???
        69 Anyone??

        I must admit to loving that as my symbol

    • The Cancer one is one of my favorites, though I guess the big 69 on the chest is a bit much, lol.

      As a Leo-rising, I totally agree that the Leo one is not nearly big enough. Personally, I think it’s all wrong, except for the gold. Rather than say “Leo” it should just have a big, gorgeously-maned roaring lion head on the front with a giant golden Sun on the back — and I’d make the background color white, or something brighter (orange with gold???)

      • That is the same thought I had in that the Leo needed to be bolder with a maned lion on it. She’s missed a trick there

  6. I’m sorry, I’m not much of a designer…. but I just don’t like any of this. There was the potential for so much more.

  7. yes to interesting couture that gels with a person’s star signature.

    not a huge fan of the above except for the waist-high white screenprinted denim pencil skirt (unlike lovely Scorpbot I do like white :) )

    aren’t we past the sunday-paper-style astro-symbol-representations and sports clothing interpretations?? or is that just the PIABs… I want moda oscura and encoded messages and personal awareness and still looking alluring. not the astro equivalent of a giant tacky gucci logo. maybe i am a fusspot.

  8. Hello Damon Albarn called and he wants his Best of Britpop shots back.
    Me thinks the fashion tardis get stuck in 1992.

  9. Do they expect a Taurus to wear those symbols they scanned off a Led Zeppelin album? And what is that thing on the arm? It has a checkered section and some incomprehensible logo, is this a NASCAR shirt?

    That Libra shirt is just simulated in Photoshop. The collagen lip injections just do not work, especially on the guy. Trout pout is so 1992.

    • My guess is Aries. But team Capricorn would have the most practice and be the best prepared for a game.

      I’d love to see a Cancer v. Pisces baseball game, lol. OR a Libra v. Leo! A battle of the preeners!

        • Yes, lol! Once they saw that their gorgeous, perfectly symmetrical features were being overshadowed by so much Leo-flipping of big, gorgeous hair, they’d just be all crossed arms, pretty pouts, massive side-eye, and “oh no, I’m not mad, everything’s fine, we can keep playing.” ๐Ÿ˜€ (I say this with so much love for my packed 6th in Libra, mega-Venusian Mr!)

        • libras would all be in conversation and give you this kind of delayed disdainful look when you whistled and shouted to them “BATTER UP”… aries would be going mental and arrange a game later on sans libras.

          pisces and cancerians … would be like Calvinball ๐Ÿ˜€

    • lol! nothing said this person is a d00sh more than wearing Ed Hardy anything back in 2012. Now it’s Obey.

    • god I am so sheltered i had to google Ed Hardy. now feeling grateful for my cultural isolation, lol! good call though :)

  10. Ugh hate the Libra one. Looks like you are advertising your taichi or yoga studio… at least it isn’t pink.

    • I agree and actually think it’s the best one.. but $85.00?? The Ed Hardy echoes bother me. Also I would think for that kind of money, there could be a bit more going on with the cut no?

  11. They look Russian, the models, esp the dude.

    If the designers are Eastern European could be why they’re not overly sophisticated

    • Well it’s over 25 years since I was in Moscow, no doubt things have really changed since then.
      and no offence intended as it was totally fascinating but clothing design -wise it was in a strange time warp.

  12. My stuff is better. personally I’ve never found the astro wheel a good aesthetic as a whole print. Mystic WE should collaborate, hahaah

  13. Why would a Libran wear such an ugly T-shirt? Everyone knows they are Libran anyway. As for the white with Astro Wheel I could see ABBA wearing them to sing Calendar Girl.

  14. As a creative, this is one of those moments when thinking that I am tapped into the same collective unconscious as these guys not only freaks me the fuq out but also is highly depressing. I need a neural shower after looking at this. Its just really mediocre all around, super uncreative.

    Can someone be so uncreative – running 160 mph in the opposite direction – that they form this Black Hole Death Star of Ugly are actually killing things around them? Because thats how I feel with this.

  15. Ugh.
    To me these are the clothes equivalent of those restaurants with a fantastic view but the food is crap.

    • or the food might be good but the decor isn’t, and to add insult to injury there is a television ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The best television i ever saw was at a noodle cafe. The screen was behind my friend and i had to apologise that i hadn’t heard the last part of her conversation because on screen an overweight Chinese dude had just killed a mafia man and middle aged woman by flipping mahjjong tiles off his fat tits and striking them both in the skulls. Most amazing way to die! I’d like to see that translated into clothing design – without the Ukrainian models.

  16. Two words: Ugly. Over-priced. Or is that three words? Regardless, I wouldn’t pick these up from the $2.98 bin at the local thrift store, much less pay $85 for one.

  17. yeah..those clothes really do look like a graphic designer & an astrologer collaborated…& ended up with products that are 100% concept & 0% appeal, which is probably a good thing right? tres daggy

  18. “Guys…… I totally get that Bianca, the Aries chick who is supposed to be wearing this shirt got a head injury at softball practice and like totally had to get stitches and all….but me and my boyfriend Fekai are like totally supposed to be kicking it at the beach under the stars right now. He’s going to read me his new haiku that he wrote about finding an ice cube in his freezer that was shaped like a frog riding an eskimo. He has this friend, Rankko….who like totally has this awesome tattoo of a werewolf playing pinball on his collarbone. Well, yeah anyway… Rankko is having this like, totally stellar, E-P-I-C rave in his shed before his Mom makes him move out and get rid of all the lawn gnomes. And can I….just like say something? I’m totally not getting this red vibe-thing? And I don’t really do long sleeves… cause my aura is like this magenta-sea foam green color …and it’s like, massively claustrophobic.” —- says the Pisces, Gemini Moon, Venus in Aquarius & Cancer Rising chick who’s filling in for Bianca the Aries.