The Werewolf Diet & The Astrological New Year Dinner

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Freeminds Werewolf

Another day, another ground-breaking Daily Mail diet – this one is the Werewolf Diet, as apparently favored by those stalwarts of diet/detox stories, Madonna, Demi & Gwyneth.   It is, at least, based on lunar principles which kind of makes sense.

You are supposed to limit your intake with the waning moon (right after when it is full) and then oomph up the exercise and the the nutrient intake from the New Moon.  A lot of people do this naturally.  Stringing together consecutive days of not eating crap is also a fairly simple and effective, one sentence, regime.  I don’t know about you guys but i feel like the Venus Retro fuqed my fitness routine in some respects; heaps of ye olde stuff surfacing.

And if you have not seen it yet, check the Astrological New Year Dinner.  Totally worth the trip. How often do you get the chance to hang with a group of Psuedo-Intellectual Astro-Bitches, get your Sun Sign forecast for the next DECADE from me in person and stuff your face with gourmet Awesome?  Plus you get the t-shirt.

Here is the chart for the night – note the Moon trine Uranus, Mars on Vesta and the North Node newly in LIBRA and the chart ruler Mercury on Neptune and Chiron. We will have fun. People will fall in LOVE on that night.

Once you have booked, i will finalize numbers this Friday (as there is a choice of venues i have scoped out, small and large) and then email you with the address + to gather any dietary prefs. BUT my intention is to make it predominantly veggo and have gluten-free options…The other decision is banquet style or buffet.  astro_2gw_2104_astrological_new_year_dinner.9794.42317


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49 thoughts on “The Werewolf Diet & The Astrological New Year Dinner

  1. Opened MM after just pressing my astrodienst chart with the transits & goddess asteroids, Juno, Pallas, Vesta, Lilith, and Ceres, so from one chart to another. Mine blew me away! Totally.
    March 22? A reason for an adventure. I’m there!

    So i’m not a klutz with astrology.
    Printer has spat the dummy in the heat, it actually ran out of all inks
    so can’t print either out, which would increase my earning now i’m on a roll :-) To compare.

    Fly to Sidders for lunch? Faster than quick if the date works for me.
    A drive would be fun………’on the road again’ sang Canned Heat.

  2. Speaking of Daily Mail, have you heard of philosopher Alain de Botton’s new news outlet, Philosophers’ Mail?

    It was launched this week and had 1 million web visits on first day.

    “The Philosopher’s Mail is a new news organisation, based in bureaux in London, NYC and Melbourne, run and staffed entirely by philosophers.”

    In Alain’s words: “The Mail Online is the world’s most visited English language news website. 40 million people look at it every day. They come because it satisfies some easy appetites: for shots of attractive people, of disaster etc. It’s tempting and natural to say: this is terrible. But there’s possibly another response, which I and a team are currently exploring; and this is to engage with people’s appetites and try to raise them. So rather than giving people a lecture on philosophy, we enter into the topics via a different take on stories covered by the Daily Mail. Is it sugaring the pill [of philosophy]? Very much so. The bet is that in the modern world, intellectuals cannot afford to retreat into the academy, they have to take the fight out into the market place and compete with those who are attracting vast support. So, this is a calculated strategy, and we are watching how it goes.”

    Very cool intro about the who, what, why & especially WHY NOT behind the creation/decision of The Philosophers’ Mail:

    Home page for Philosophers’ Mail (displaying all stories of the day- scroll down!) is:

    …Mystic, that Astrological New Year’s dinner sounds absolutely outrageously BRILLIANT!!! Am making plans to perhaps fly in from Melbourne and make a weekend of it! :)

    • thank you for the link MiM!

      i am all for the academy and a rarefied atmosphere or two, yet the idea of applying this world of knowledge to current affairs or fashionable topics utterly engages me. After all we must live in this world. How can we accuse people of becoming more stupid or thoughtless or ignorant and yet do nothing about changing that, in open-hearted ways? So. I will be reading with interest. thanks again xx

      • You’re welcome Pi!

        You summed it up very well. If we can’t bring the people to philosophy, we must take philosophy to them.

        If you’re on Twitter, they’re on @PhilosopherMail. And @AlaindeBotton

        Facebook = Alain de Botton

        Some of the pieces on there have me cracking up. Lots of (subtle) humour, humanity & wisdom.

        Happy reading!

          • I love the take-off of the panting Daily Mail copy style re people like Tamara Ecclestone and Cara D but the lead story lampooning the homicide of the wife trying to leave is in atrocious taste.

            • Definitely poor taste if read literally.

              The philosophical point (one of many) is that the horrific action of the husband is something we would not associate with ‘normal’ people.

              The way that people appear on the surface (him the “cheeky boy in the classroom when you were a kid”; she “like someone you just saw at the supermarket”) is often not true to how they really are.

              “We mostly encounter the edited versions of other people. While we are continually exposed to the unedited version of ourselves.”

              What we find to be really true (i.e. the UNEDITED version of other people, situations) is often shocking – as shocking as this story.

              …A cautionary true-life tale to not take things at face value.

    • Tamara Ecclestone prompts a rethink of Capitalism

      ‘Close friendship’ of Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez raises usual paradoxical interest among men

      Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou !

  3. That dinner sounds so fab. I’m so envious of people who are getting to go.

    –I think as long as your period (assuming you have one) follows the lunar cycle, it’s probably ok to do the diet. Women need to consume more calories right before they bleed.

  4. That Venus retro stuffed w my mojo big time, think I’ve put on all the weight of lost, my strengthening core has turned to jelly, I’ve got a shoulder that wakes me up through the night in pain, I have sugar in my diet again albeit no too much, and the clincher is I’m tired so not much energy to even shift this, and it’s a new moon, shouldn’t I be camping it up now…. Just tried to recruit a walking partner but instead I think I’ll succumb to the tired zzzzzz

    • Ooohh no.. I know how you feel, I sprained my hand last weekend and now have a cold. But POWER through. You must after all that awesome work. You’ll break the Blah Barrier the minute you start moving, trust me..

    • You can come back! I too faltered this month a bit after some major gains late last year. Re-started positive-ish thinking and healthy habits for like 3 days and am shocked at how malleable my emotions, body, and mindset are. It’s just a pause button. Don’t give up. Construction and destruction are equally addictive. INERTIA is the thing to fear (and my natural state that I fight every day, unfortunately…)

      • Thanks fa and rache… I agree inertia is my demon too, but I find if o don’t move my body and mind don’t cope so well these days… Actually felt better after that first pain free sleep in a while after massage hot bath and voltaren and shoulder stands! Then went on a lovely walk w my loved ones and while it was gentle it was good for my mind and heart I feel my body needs more vigorous and I must work out how to do that… Thank you again lovelies it was so heart warming to come back and see your comments…

    • Had a bit of this problem, too! Leave it to Venus retro to set sugar traps everywhere. But I think it’s important not to get too snagged up in it. Success takes many failures sometimes :) GO GO GO!

  5. OMG I want to go so bad! 2k round trip is too hard to justify…for now. World domination imminent so I hope this goes well and there are more of this sort of thing so I can meet y’all in person. :D Expecting astro-statistics on the turnout.

    Re: werewolf diet I seem to do this sort of thing naturally more as I age and get in tune with my body. The results are likely from water retention/natural changes in appetite around this time of the month.

    Dudes, I am going to meet up with the guy I met when Pluto was on my Venus in Cap four years ago in two days. Can’t tell if this is astro-fate/everything working out/fairy tale or love zombie. Either way I’ll be having fun, spending time with other friends as well while in town, and trying not to analyze too much.

    • I’m having a romance parallel with you. I’ve sort of hooked up with friend I met when Pluto on my Venus (and NN on my desc) 2.5 years ago, Venus and Pluto are on his NN right now. Also not sure if it’s fate/fairy tale or LZ shizz… feels surreal. I’m in watch and wait mode.

  6. The tail end of this Venus rx has not been good, the last couple weeks or so I just totally had to veg out. Im still fighting it, but a lot of the offending factor is healing wounds that others keep putting on me. I am in a toxic situation for the time being. I know how we are in control of our emotions, but sometimes there is only so much one can take. Im Cancer Rising too so I think that affects things with me more. Some very hurtful things Ive witnessed and been accused of in only the last, oh, Month. They arent true but the disappointment in hearing it is enough. I feel I am in a psycho circus. HA!

  7. Dam being poor… so want to go to this even….. how long will you keep the booking options open Mystic?
    Hope it’s for a couple of weeks, then i can fiddle the books a bit to find the money.
    Sounds too good an offer to pass up.

  8. Mars has just entered my 8th house & will be there thru September. Five celestial bodies natally in the house that Pluto built: for a real good time, just add transiting Mars! I thought my news was appropriate to mention here seeing how we’re on the subject of werewolves and all that.

  9. Would love to be there and meet y’all but no can do. Can you set up some kind of special post on the night so we can send messages and attendees can post photos live and we at home can reply or something – so want to be there.

    • ***twitter updates or hash tag e.g. #ANYdinner2014…? any photos with guests in them must have the permission of all in the image before public sharing though [goes without saying]

        • yeah… that’s why I’m not going – Privacy.

          My Sadge moon would love to meet everyone and put names to faces but my Scorp sun wishes to remain a mystery. :cool:

          • I am tempted as it could be such a beautiful and amazing occasion with much simpatico company.. Or I might lose the delicate flower that is this blog to my wino ways… Nah! I just have a Scorpio Moon that craves quiet and a Gem Asc that don’t shut it! Still I would love to meet everyone one day. I just don’t think I can do it next month.

  10. Aw, sounds fun! Have the best time ever!

    Won’t be able to make the trip from California, but maybe another time when I have more time and money..

    What a great idea, and I do hope we get some reports on the festivities!

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