February Horoscopes Are Posted People

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Scorpio Rising

February already?  You know, when time is giving you the freaks, it’s time to turn on your Saturn. Saturn will always repay moderation, consistency and damned hard work, never mind the smart bit for now lol.

AND the Feb scopes are up now…

Hectic times call for rapidly remodeled policies on, well, just about everything.  But there is also massive, untapped potential lurking in the Jupiter-Uranus square. Go read, stay rad.

 Oh and i also clocked up ludicrous hours sourcing the most amazing “now” image.  Profound.

Image: Scorpio Rising – Kenneth Anger

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43 thoughts on “February Horoscopes Are Posted People

  1. Whoo-hoo! I’m Scorp Rising! Time to get the jacket on! I am, however Kenneth Anger, onto you. And done my time in hell. Fresh jacket

      • Love Kenneth Anger too! Hollywood Babylon agogo…. Came through town back in the early 90’s with mini film fest – Scorpio Rising – think this was the one with the motorcycle and the fluffy duster? Or Mick Jagger all voodoo? Long time ago!

    • Holy Moly, I’m Scorp Rising too, and yes I did just break out my best jacket to wear this week, and even for the cold NYC winter, it is totally reflecting the Scorp-rays off of anyone who looks upon me in it.

  2. yes. thank you Mystic. I might have made it through the Large Magellanic Cloud of Emo. now to ‘start’. i think the next 2 months are going to be motivated by shedloads of music. as for the getting-done, just a little bit each day. “just take the next step” , that’s usually the advice for these times isn’t it :) x thank you again

  3. Seriously?
    MORE Saturn?? (in my Aqua rising). Just when I felt like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel.

    I feel like I’ve been crushed under the weight of it for the last few years in various other movements and aspects and such, and yes I know it’s good for me, but I am seriously about to lose it!!!

    AND Mercury Retrograde? Come on?!

    • Yes i know right. I always said it was going to be an interesting year, Next is Mars Retrograde and then Eclipse Season/the Zap Zone. But hey we work with what we have got, right? Check your 2014 Scopes (on Shop) for the overview.

      • Mystic, the Aqua scope feels so bang on for me ATM… austere of psyche? Le sigh, most definitely. But – bring on the manifesto! (this was one of the words I wrote down at the new moon last night :) And Saturn? Its moon Enceladus has geological activity in the form of ICE VOLCANOES. How awesome is that?

        • Hey brilliant…AND fuqing typical of Saturn, icy volcano is totally apt. So what…molten ice? Lava under glaciers?

          I was also thinking about ODIN – and how his like KING of Norse pantheon – he translates to Mercury.

          • YES: 2 eyes watching. His ravens relate in native american mythology to the trickster, or shapeshifter: surely mercurial, possibly with a does of uranus?, too?

            • you know what i want to know? Odin is sort of a badass. How was he not able to fix his own damn eye but instead uses those ravens as Google Glass or something?

    • Mwah – thank you.

      And guess what? I am planning an Astrological New Year Dinner — people seated in their sun signs, organic wine, amazing veggo food (meat eaters won’t care if they are veggo for a night will they?) a lecture rant from me AND a complimentary Pseudo-Intellectual Astro Bitch t-shirt for every guest.

      it is going to be EPIC.

  4. Oh my Mars! I just told some stupid guys trying to make vulgar noises at me while I was jogging to f- off. I really pity the person who is going to try to mug me without enough weapons. I have a good mind to shank someone with their own sternum, after i rip it out.

    • Me too Lux, like right right now! The things that have been coming up in my thoughts have been very interesting – stuff from my childhood that I haven’t thought about for years.

      How are you coping, SR Compadre?

  5. Two hours before i read Feb, started to sift through all my CD’s and layout my equipment to draw.
    So am synchronised.
    Work is slowly improving and is very satisfying. Will be debt free by mid-Feb then must stop myself ordering garments i adore from Jac & Jack, who the lovely hip Libran RockStar Publicist turned me onto.
    The sensual fabric, quality & looseness so appeal to me. We shall see. Retail Therapy won’t get me to French Polynesia or Queensland faster than quick, but will be dressed well when i get there :-)
    (Cashmere sweaters not really climate appropriate but hard to keep that
    Cap, read quality, rising in check!

  6. Yes! Scopes are looking action packed for the next 28 days. There are a lot of things mentioned in Saggi and Kataka that are relevant to my life right now. I’m on the verge of hitting a crossroads/climax with my professional life – I hope some lucrative offers do come to light in the next couple of weeks… I’ve been putting myself out there with job opportunities, and got some bites earlier in the week that have quietened down since.

    Meanwhile at my current workplace, I am copping it from a passive aggressive man child with an over-inflated sense of importance. The situation has been really testing, but it has made me stop and think about my pattern of reaction with these types of people. I realised I am very passive – I take on people’s asshole-ism, make excuses for it and always look for the role I am playing in provoking it. Last night, my boyfriend said, ‘It doesn’t always link back to you – some people in the world are just assholes without your input.’

    And as a result, I’m assessing the boundaries I have in place to deal with qi-suckers like this. So far, my strategy has been not to react to this dude’s rude ‘tude, but I am also thinking about what I am and am not willing to put up with in a workplace. The reaction he seems to want to elicit from me is that I am a victim and subordinate to him – he’s trying to quieten me and ‘put me in my place.’ I know I need to be more assertive because by not reacting at all, I’m acting like his behaviour is okay… but I’m not sure how to actually be confidently assertive; I always veer between two extremes – passive and defensive. One of my challenges of 2014 is to really figure this kind of sh*t out :-)

    • It’s difficult when it’s in the workplace. Your boyfriend is right – this stuff exists without you, so it isn’t personal. Though you being triggered by it now IS. I had boundary issues last year and was being triggered all the time. I’d say it’s about the confidence to trust your gut instinct about what is and what is not a transgression. If your gut says it is, then it is. That’s all that matters – you listening to yourself and valuing yourself above anyone else. Harsh but your inner self needs to hear that it comes first. Go you. x

      • Thank you, Lotus Flower – that is really helpful. I’ve had issues for a while with not trusting my gut; instead of validating my instincts and reactions, more often than not, I’ll question them in a way that insinuates that either I’m being too sensitive or that other people’s transgressions are triggered by something I’ve done. So I end up accepting and probably validating the negative behaviour of others.

        Did you overcome the boundary situation you were faced with last year?

  7. The downside of being astro savvy is fear. Fear of the unknown or not understood. I was dreading my saturn transits, having only pluto carve its way through my entire 80s-2000s of alchemic forging but I am really getting into saturn on my stellium right now. Life fuquery has nothing to do with this transit, its’ holding the spine strong if anything. I cannot say how much I love saturn right now even if I have donated all my earlier self this is like clarity times a million. I can only think what brutal insights you get when its on your moon as opposed to my masculine planets right now.

    • i barely noticed it on my scorp moon. was having mega chiro with NET at the time so maybe it was sublimated. I expected it to be depressing but it just wasn’t. Was totally liberating. Hitting the venus and mercury simultaneously 3 x in the 5th because of a retro was the killer. As was the same 3x on pluto uranus sun. That was total life fuqery but it also involved uranus exact opposite + pluto squaring so unavoidable full immersion. It was a revolution for sure but things are way better now because I knew what was happening and navigated accordingly. knowledge is power. Power on Ms x

      • are you formerly know as what’s?? 😉

        Yes, better to know but sometimes our fear can invent the future – which can impersonate knowledge.

        I have a small reprise this weekend in which to plan so I am maxing out my solo time to do so. Glad you survived the above. I think I’ve detonated almost everything now so seeds will grow again. I lost my lover, income, crew, faith, pretty much everything but my house. A good time to have a saturn transit of uranus to merc-sun.

        • oui voila!

          that whole invent the future thing is too true if you aren’t vigilant / objective about interps. I use the symbolism of the transits to guide me – conceptually. It’s all just themes not specifics. This I say after an absurd consult with someone who related it all to their lifestyle and experiences. We’re not even the same gender or generation. ridiculous. but a good lesson learned re the importance of being your own guru. I use electional charts for business and legal stuff though. That I am down with.

          • Yep. Dangerous times for guruing too though, if I meet one more loa all affirmation lazy fear driven twat I may combust in annoyance.

            Really glad you are still around. Kiss

            • For ages I stared at that wondering wtf linseed sunflower and almond had to do with anything. I lost a friend of 20 years to LOA. I blame the doctors for letting him get addicted to pain killers. Drained his life force. Them and Oprah.

              • Fluxie, hey, thanx for turning me onto William Orbit. Similar but more interesting than Moby.
                Thought Hinterland brilliant!

                • : ) happy I finally had something to give back pegs you’ve shared so much with me in the past x

                  The orb kind of stepped back/sideways when the chemical brothers and Moby stepped forward and it all left the forests and groves. You might like the future sound of london too. It’s a bummer a lot of electronica dates so quickly though.

            • oh thank goodness! I get sick of LOA too. I see the potential and understand the value but as a model you can’t extend it onto all things! I see lots of ways people can pervert it.

              • Ditto! The original LOA thinkers/pioneers focused on all the hard work/actions needed to make something happen. That seems to have been lost on some of the contemporary so-called gurus. No wonder they appeal to lazy people! (Cap moon here. )

                • uggh YES I felt like slapping him – there’s a gfc, you’ve got kids and no job. Let’s keep it real. The way to pay the mortgage is to leave the woods and go to the city where the people who give other people money in exchange for their time and energy are and ask them to give you a job. Not sit on your ass aspiring and refusing to return even on a temporary basis to your previous ‘shallow and empty’ but very lucrative work which luckily embraces freelancers and short term projects.

                  It all devolved into something really sad and strange.

                  I have saturn in the 10th in aries trine mars in virgo. I’m all about the law of rolling your sleeves up and getting shit done – possibly there will be some self-flagellation along the way but you don’t dwell, it’s inefficient.

  8. Feb scopes for Saggo are unbelievably, ludicrously bang on! Feel so in tune since the new moon, so crystalline in my intent and absolutely set to manifest. My Neptune in the cleanest, shiniest way possible. awesome and aware! Thank you, Mystic!

  9. Guys, I don’t know whether to be excited or scared….this is pretty epic….

    Mercury is going to be retrograding RIGHT over my Chart Ruler sun at 0 Pisces, which is exact conjunct my Natal Mercury, AND skating over my conjunct natal Moon at 21 Aqua! 0_o

    Either I’ll be receiving crazy psychic transmissions from the Void and telepathic signals from everyone around me, channeling them into song and major emotional and intellectual insights….or every piece of electronic equipment I own will break, my commute will be riddled with accidents and traffics, and I’ll be inexplicably arguing with everyone — or all of those things at once! *braces self*