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Fuq yeah the Moon is in Aries!!! 

Fierce ideas, spunky soul, everyday Awesome, self-belief to the max, screw the haters and anyone trying to make you (YOU!) feel inadequate to sell you petro-chemical schizz or cheesy crap.

You’ve got wings, you’ve got strut, you’ve got major personal mojo. Sparks fly in your wake. 

Your tail wiggles in glee when you hit yet another target bang-on.

Far out. I mean, when YOU go to sleep, spirits on the astral plane get an alert so that they can get the hell out of your way. 


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30 thoughts on “Everyday Awesome

  1. Fuq yeah
    This is exactly how I feel.
    I’ve harnessed the power of Venus retro to change my entire life.
    My editor is LOVING my work, which just gets better every day.
    I’m hanging out literally in a hammock in Cape Town next to a pool making my living as a writer. It’s ALMOST too good to be true.
    Am I scared? Fuq yeah. Excited. You bet!

  2. Woohoo! Super for my day ahead – a full day at work, and then an allnighter to get my assignment in by 8am on Wednesday, when I get the amazing gift of another day of work!! Yeah!! I chose it – I’m doin’ it! I’m lovin’ it! I think my rising bull is about to meet my galloping Fire Horse.

  3. i’m just grateful for venus direct! hadn’t realized what a long, slow slog it’d been until the last two days of unveiling. i SO get it now. and now the vibe is completely turned around- horse year galloping ahead, aries moon has this fab freshness. and i have a sex drive again, roar!

    the song that’s been stuck in my head since saturday is so perfectly zz i have to share:

    “here’s to the rubble
    a casket buried 6 feet deep of everybody’s heroes
    here’s to our lives being meaningless
    and how beautiful it is
    because freedom doesn’t have a purpose”

  4. So sounds like the kinda day i need to power through a lot of work and get ready for a long holiday that starts at the end of this week.

    go screw the haters and anyone trying to make me feel inadequate!!

    I think i can fly today

  5. this might seem like a strange question but is the colour of the headings on the home page darker than it used to be? It’s amazing what a difference it makes whatever it is that’s changed.

  6. LOL Astral beings get the eff outta my way!! Yes I’m so glad Venus is back and revitalized. Self respect y’all. No more LZ moi! Aries Moon is de la bomb. Charge! (*insert Wagner’s “Ride if the Valkyries” theme*)

  7. Really? I’m shattered. Been seriously kicking peoples asses today, landlord, real estate, randoms in need of discipline (not the fun kind) but still arian. Did not let a fucking thing stop me, no hot water=had a shower at work, no transport, I jogged and bought a new lipstick stopped shagging my ex, bought a new phone and lost all my numbers. ceasing to give one fuck on losses just ducking and weaving. doing major prep pre mercx

  8. ERrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh



    Urgh. I was doing so well post-dumping, and now, despite my best efforts and intellectualising about the whole thing, I feel like I’m going through opiate withdrawal. Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuqqqqqqqq…..

    Any tips for dealing with the twisting snakes in my chest? I’m off to a vinyasa class in an hour… hopefully that settles things down for a bit. Not thinking anything now… just feeling it really physically.


    • relationships are like an addiction cycle, that’s been my main learning since 2009. so it probably does feel like an opiate withdrawal. we ‘feel good’ around said person, and when they are not around or do not respond in a desired way, and we don’t get our fix of attention – our biochemical reward response – so we chase harder for the attention. ‘just one fix’. Like gambling, even. I started to get through an intense (for me) breakup by recognising that the cravings (for attention from the ex-in-process) diminish over time and all I had to do was ride them out. Freedom came from recognising when a craving was coming on, the precursor feelings and thoughts. wow. love is a drug eh. *Hi My name is Pi and I have been sober for 600 days*

        • agree – it IS like an addiction and so anti-addiction things can help. Exercise; see friends; try and keep busy; only allow yourself to think about it for a specific period of time; delete their contacts so you cannot text or call on impulse; do not ‘intrigue’ i.e. start conversation with people who will mention him or wind you up (this is an addiction term – addicts ‘intrigue’ with each other to trigger the compulsion to score); write their name on paper and put it in the fridge; write a letter to them but do not post it. Good luck!!

          • Thanks guys, that was good to read. Intellectually I know that it’s a good thing it ended, but physically and emotionally I’m almost spewing with the withdrawals. I think the distractions of exercise, friends, and getting stuck into my work are going to be the best things to do. Just wish I could pop a pill for it at the moment!

            • Yeah and also creating some boundaries with friends about talking about the whole debacle! I’m kind of done with that now, and it was a convo with a friend yesterday that triggered this stuff.

            • if you’re feeling a bit strung out, i find taking a b-complex vitamin helps to soothe ragged nerves. many nutritional types reading who could probably recommend other things too.

              i feel for you mate. breaking up fuqing sux, there’s no two ways about it. hugs. x

      • Romantic love/lust is an addiction. I see so many people falling & out of love so quickly, onto the next disposing people like trash.
        I try to avoid the trap.
        “Love is a Drug”

  9. Aries moon energy. Meh, not feeling it.
    Went for a walk yesterday evening and felt so sluggish.
    Damn Venus retro on my ascendant… have put on weight. Ugh.
    Hopefully will drop off when I start working or commence Uni.

  10. Had the best day! Really really great jivamutki class w my favorite teacher. We did a lot of backbends which she warned can be emotional and i cried during savasana. I am so NOT that type/never that girl! It felt great, they were silent processing tears.

    A good closure/new beginnings hybrid phone conversation today as well. And an oxygen facial and new makeup. Venus direct feels good. Getting up early for my flight tomorrow. Nervous but so so excited. Laundry time..

  11. Been sick since the Fire Horse New Moon.
    Hasn’t completely fettered me, but I am sluggish as can be now.