D.I.Y. Astro-Hacks Number 3 – Getting Your Mars On

Kellan Lutz Hercules

Hey People, the latest D.I.Y. Astro-Hacks Mp3 Astrology lesson is up now & available for instant download at $8.88. It’s all about Mars.


Image: Kellan Lutz – Hercules

27 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Astro-Hacks Number 3 – Getting Your Mars On

  1. I could however say a lot more but I am sure to be banned from the site but a similar thought on Phroar had crossed my mind too. Some one run me a cold shower… it must be spring

  2. *fans herself*
    Wouldn’t kick him outta bed for farting…..
    Anyone else feel ridiculously, ahem, lusty/sexy/come hithery at the mo?

    • you wouldn’t need to request. He’d just do it. You’re standing at the kitchen table, coffee in hand, leafing through the mail, wondering when the truck will arrive. Suddenly, WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! *crunch.*
      As you run to the front of the house, you see Mars silhouetted by puffs of dust and sunlight in the door frame, 3-seater balanced in one hand, front door dangling, splintered, in the other.
      you pause.. lost for words.
      “G’day. I have a delivery of the Neptune Blue Lagoon couch for a Ms Notte. Is that you? Sign here please.” He seems impatient. Juts his chin downwards to indicate his leather-clad hip, where there is a clipboard clanking off a chain.
      He seems to be challenging you to say something pertinent about the situation but you’re not sure where to start. You sign. He strides past you – 3-seater casually under one hulking arm – after impertinently dropping the door at your feet. “where d’you want it?” he asks over his shoulder. You point uncertainly towards the living room, still wordless.

      • Love it, Pi. But there’s a lot of ‘not sure’ in here. I’m Sag Rising :) Where there’s a match, there’s a flame.

  3. I would throw that young man over my shoulder & carry him upstairs to my bed. He wouldn’t be heard from again for days.

    Need to put on some gravy to go with those biscuits. *chews on toothpick*

    • all this talk of carting this boy to the boudoir reminds me that I totally freaked my postman out on monday. He stopped me on the stairs and waved an envelope at me
      ‘do you have a Mr Taylor with you at your place?’
      ‘No’ says I and then added
      “if I did he’d never leave the house” then I giggled.
      Posty swallowed hard and legged it up those stairs faster than I have ever seen him move.

  4. O Lord! What does a God?/demi-God wear under his skirt? He’s wearing a skirt?! Not for long… :)

    • Yes, self actualising was rather actual. My Mars placement could use some more warrior imagery. Because Capricorn needs a prod. Or let’s say it might assist my intercepted Aries?

      • I mean, Mystic, this is going to be such a chore for you. Finding twelve Mars types for houses/signs, spending hours shifting through image after image of God like males. If you need a hand there I can offer a good pair of critical eyes. Must say this chap has graced my Desktop quite frequently this week.