Is Absinthe Magic?

Viktor Oliva

So I have never actually drunk absinthe – i have Neptune opposite Jupiter and no need of strong spirits beside my own – but obviously it has a fearsome reputation. Apparently you see the world through a strange green glow…the eerie atmosphere of Van Goth’s paintings (it was one of his favorite tipples) is a good approximation. 

But it’s interesting because absinthe does in fact have magical connotations – it is viewed from Mugwort aka Artemesia – which we have talked about before as the most powerful magic herb of all. Literally – herb of Artemis and used in smudging (to get rid of anything) tie-breaking spells and most famously as to invoke flying dreams.  Witches of legend rubbed it on their broomsticks. 

Homeopathic and Herbal Thuja (to banish warts & fungal schizz, amongst other things) are made from mugwort. So arguably, alcoholic Artemsia should be magic and mental as fuq. 

There is a cocktail called Sacred Heart made from pomegranate tequila and absinthe – i’d call that more something like Pluto Colonic. Has anyone had direct experience of abstinthe? Mercury is stationing Retro on Neptune, i think we can talk about this, right?


Image: Viktor Oliva – The Abinsthe Drinker

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67 thoughts on “Is Absinthe Magic?

  1. Absinthe in it’s original, and purest form – the type that causes these delusions / illusions is long since removed from any Australian liquor shelf, and it is also quite rare in the world at large – I have yet to come across it in my travels… or my trips. 😉

    • Absinthe was legalized in Oregon a couple of years ago and I have had the pleasure of visiting the green goddess. It is quite a spirit! Tastes like licorice…it slowly transforms the light until everything is glowing. I stopped at the glow, but one day I hope to go as deep as Van Gogh did–it’s pretty enticing, but it’s expensive, so one day. Besides, it really is a drink for intimate gatherings, especially due to the ceremonial aspect of drinking it with the spoon, sugar cube, and water. It’s “alcohol,” but it’s really more like a psychedelic (although much less powerful).

      • Ah….I am a country girl, not use to many folks or sounds about. Two years ago I was in Portland though, went to a lovely quaint bar and restuarant. The bar was tiny and there were the absinthe fountains available. There were a couple of tables enjoying but I didn’t venture there. I was already so high from the noise and couldn’t even finish my wine. I pick up on vibes easily.
        Which was for the best because right after dinner my daughter called, missing me and in physical pain. I fretted.

  2. i have a bottle of it in my kitchen cupboard. given to me as a present . contains the spoon and glass. i can drink it and get back to you….if u give me the correct dates to do so !!! :)

  3. I dont really know if absinthe is magic…..

    But thus cool change and Venus direct definitely is

    Thank fuq for that :-)

    • Sunday was excruciating wasn’t it at nearly 45 celcius?
      Rainbow Serpent from the Flinder’s Ranges breathing fire over Adders making the air too hot for the lungs comfort, and more next weekend developing…..eek!

  4. A friend brought me some olde schoole absinthe back from the Czech Republic about five years ago. It remains unopened. I’m a neptune conjunct jupiter lady myself so I’m not exactly gagging for a glug of this.

    • Absinth is interesting… if you respect and appreciate it, im sure it will be good to you as well :))) has definitely a magical quality to it.. give it a try… just dont over do it! :)

  5. They used to sell it at Lizzie Bay Cellars. I tried it and it was a bit like Jagermeister. Not hallucinogenic or anything. Yes, I have mars opposite Neptune and moon opposite Neptune. :(

    • I too have neptune opp mars and moon & I got very into this absinthe a few years back.
      Mars in GEM so, you know, I sampled a dozen or so brands.

      I’m a painter & I was married to this very serious american poet at the time & we used to have these big parties.
      No special experiences to relate though, I’m afraid.

      Seems the good stuff is either myth or lost to history …though I’m perfectly willing to hold onto the romance a bit longer if anyone has info to the contrary :)

  6. I have wormwood in two spots and this last year 2013, we distiled some and I wanted to put it in a bottle of absinthe from the liquor store. they just started importing the stuff here in the us, and I think it is weakened to serve the I schemed to put my few drops of wormwood in with the drink…
    I got scared and didn’t consume it in the end.
    I got worried about my brain and all that..I still have a ton of extract too..
    I love wormwood, the bitterest of all herbs!

    yur the best miss! :)

    • Artemisia absinthium is wormwood which is essentially anthelmintic, meaning it dispels worms and parasites. Artemisia vulgaris is mugwort which is also anthelmintic but has additional properties such as promoting regular menstrual flow – and yes, it is used to make moxa for moxibustion. Thuja is Thuja occidentalis, an entirely different genus which is antifungal and antiviral, hence the use for warts.
      As an herbalist, I would say that any herb taken in distilled form and to excess could probably bring on hallucinations on the way to death. Lucky we inherited so many great works of writing and visual art from those who indulged: Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Wild, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec etc. all of whom were notorious boozers. Magic? Perhaps only in the brains of a select few.

      • Or death is selected (mistakenly) as an avenue during a hallucination. I don’t trust myself with strong hallucinogens for this reasons. I’ve come close enough high without the drugs to selecting a ‘wrong avenue’. Don’t know if it’s just me or if others have experienced this. Once this was during an OOBE – I remember having to make the choice to come back down. I don’t know where I’d be now otherwise. It definitely felt like I had two clear choices – return or travel on – and I heard two heart pulses, one for each possibility. I returned.

        Jupiter (ruler of my chart) & Neptune in mutual reception – Neptune 12th house rising in Sagg & Jup in Pisces, 2nd, retro. Always gotta be careful!

        • I did have to make a similar decision during a bout with liquid mescaline once. There was definitely the increasing pressure to drop out and never return. That stuff comes on harder than acid peaks, required some serious fortitude. Curiosity, as they say..

          • Hey Kitty. Thanks for sharing.Yes re. curiosity lol. I HAD had a small toke, to be fair, but nothing funny: picnic, quick smoke and lay back on the grass. But we *were* on an ancient pathway/leyline – that power might have been enough to trip it off. Were you anywhere special?

            I wonder what creates that pressure & suction in though?..

        • I am also very sensitive to drugs and all things spiritual as I have an exact Neptune Venus conjunction in Libra in my 11th and a PISCES North Node in my 4th house. I have had OOBE and didn’t want to come back. And all sorts of other real physical other dimensionally experiences stone cold sober. I can barely drink more than a glass of anything alcoholic maybe 4 times a year. I have taken wormwood as a cleanse. I planted artemesia because it is beautiful on my front garden. Also we have datura plants growing in great profusion, they just arrived. Now those are hallucinogenic, jimson weed, angels trumpets. Wouldn’t think of experimenting.

          • Its quite funny when you get to know a few of the power magic and pychotropic plants and see a plethora of them growing in common suburban gardens, magic is all around us. Reminds me of what the nature spirits/ Mimi spirits told me recently, just because YOU or we can’t see us does mean we’re not here.

  7. There have been a few types I’ve tried, and while I personally experienced the same sort of visuals similar to those experienced with binaural beats (just it works with the eyes open) and whatnot when I have absinthe, it’s not something everyone experiences. I tend to be rather sensitive to herbs, teas, natural medicines in general though, (have never done any drugs so I can’t compare otherwise). It’s definitely not a drink I would want to have out somewhere for this reason unless it’s at someone’s house and not too many people.

    Absinthe is really strong since it’s normally around 140-160 proof. Personally, I can’t really sit still for long with a small amount, so any creative benefits go out the window (probably better off with the mugwort on it’s own). It’s nice on occasion, one bottle I’ve had for over three years now, and there’s still a good bit left. The classic way is to dilute the spirit with water since some types will turn from green to an opalescent white (I believe it’s due to the wormwood), and I once read that only a real lunatic drinks it straight which I really don’t recommend if you’d like to avoid feeling like you’ve swallowed Wildfire, a sensation which will last for hours.

    Oddly enough, it’s really expensive nowadays despite the fact that Vincent van Gogh and the like were known for drinking absinthe because it was always super cheap, generally being considered a plethora of random herbs all together versus something rare and well-crafted. The most prominent flavour nearly always seems to be anise.

    Pomegranate and absinthe sounds like something my Neptune-Persephone conjunction would like. :)

  8. Haven’t had absinthe at all, but I HAve tried Mezcal, in Oaxaca, Mexico, many years ago. Not like being drunk, there is a real mental clarity accompanying a definitely altered state.

    the morning after, while lying in bed with my eyes closed, I saw a goldish colour Mandala, with moving glyphs and characters inscribed on it. I opened my eyes wide, but it was there again when I shut them. And I was a bit constipated after for a couple of days…

      • Hi Pegs! Read on a previous post that biz is going well for you, congrats! Then you might do a spot of travel…

        Need the saggy luck to rub off on me. maybe current jupe in my 10th squaring Uranus soon might do the trick

      • Yes, just inexpensive local mescal, from a bottle!
        no fancy ceremony, just at a youth hostel, no preconceptions ideas of what it might do. And it tasted like turps

  9. I found wormwood vodka recently…. Babika

    True absinthe and not the horrid fluro stuff is lovely if treated with respect.

  10. There is an Absinthe bar in Sydney (Surry Hills) which serves the real deal. I went there with an old flame, we drank, we cried, we laughed, we entered a cosmic occlusion. For me it was a truth serum and for him a drink of courage, explosive combination.

  11. Was invited to share a bottle with a wine writers who used to have cases of promotional ‘material’ given to him.
    A ritual of pouring it over a spoon and flame involved and a square of sugar i think…….anyways it didn’t inspire me to write poetry like i assumed it would!
    Do love my Artemesia essential oil though. Essenza bottle an excellent one whose aroma is intoxicating, more so than ‘the green fairy’ alcohol.

  12. I had it in Prague a decade ago – complete with water sugar cube and beautiful absinthe spoon. I was really disappointed that the magic green fairy did not bestow beautiful visions on me. But was very romantic taking it none the less.

    I think perhaps like proper 60s acid the idea of how fabulous it is is better than actually being able to have it.
    Well as we can’t have either that’s what I have told myself. I don’t do drugs but those two things I really wanted to try!

  13. I’ve tried the real stuff with a friend who brought it home from the Netherlands, and being a fan of old Oscar Wilde, I tried quite a bit! Some would call it magic, others would call it hallucinogenic! But I did see many lights with the clear impression that they were flying entities!! Best to try at home with a friend, rather than at the pub!!

  14. I’ve got a taste for it, the only thing I really enjoy drinking as far as alcohol drinks go.

    Why I don’t really know, outside of the fact that it doesn’t feel like being drunk, it has components within it, (and if its really good) that actually counteract its alcohol content. Since I already “see things”, I don’t think I see anything special within the sipping of the “green fairy” but I feel a medicinal relaxed sense of well being that alcohol can not give at all… it does not feel sick, it does not feel like a dry mouth. It feels like plunging into the content of my mind awake yet, more “dream-like”…

    (dream-like wide awake)

    I never have taken any hallucinogenics & I have very little drinking & little wild experiences other than my first champagne experience seeing the world in “stop frame” ; absinthe has not given me any strange experiences like that. It has given me the relaxed awake, awake dreaming analysis of the world… which I suspect many musicians, writers & artists may have really enjoyed. (I guess I qualify as one of more of the above)

    You can also drink much of it without feeling sleepy or any feeling of impairments.. yet you have to know, you ARE in fact impaired. You must not drink too much of it, because it is, even if dilution only makes it about 16% 4 glasses is more than enough.. 2 is probably just right but like sharing a bottle of wine with someone. It also eases my stomach, it felt very tonic like. Very good previous to a meal or after sweets or alone.

    I’ve liked the complexity of it, do not drink bad extracts drink only “good stuff” it gets diluted down 4-5 parts so it equals out.

    Don’t drink it straight ever., it wastes its flavour, since its bloom happens in the cold water with a sugar cube.. (never set it on fire!) and lastly if you don’t “do sugar” just get your ecological sugar cubes out.. it’s part if the blooming of the flavour.. you won’t consume too much sugar to increase bad bacterial growth, but you can actually help discourage parasites, bacterial & well as some other types..out there in the ethereal.

    A friend mentioned drinking an entire bottle of good absinthe & had a conversation with someone only to find out they were not there! I asked the most important question… “did you have a hang over the next day..?” he said no. :)

  15. I once saw 4 eclipsed full moons on absinthe. But that’s just my blue hootchie juice experience. Alcohol + hallucinogens? No thanks!

  16. The Aqua has a stellium in Aqua and when Neptune slowly rolled over all that it was pure illogical magic and more. An Aqua and a Leo together with Pluto finishing in Sag and Neptune in Aqua…those years are EPIC. In a far off land…an evening full of hookas, the sweet smells of tobacco, and belly dancers, I enjoyed Dubai and absinthe…like a hit of licorice with a slow burn. In the duty free shop at the airport, we would return to the states with Absinthe galore. Since the Aqua and I were highy Neptunian at the time, our at-home Absinthe parties were amazing in that all the muggles would react as if they were drinking truth serum. Pluto in Cap ushered in a new age for sure but we still laugh at all the WTF Absinthe moments.

  17. Is it just me or is there some conflict between the posts on PSH dying of Neptunian substances & the enjoyment of Neptunian of substances being back-to-back? I guess not. That is life after all.

    Love some of the experiences detailed here!

  18. I had a bottle in the late 90s – looking back on it, just around the time that Neptune swung into Aqua :) No visions, had to wait a few years until Neptune had me experimenting with rather more illegal stuff for that to happen. I do love any boozing that involves a little ritual or particular method of prep though.

  19. it’s good for killing worms and parasites! with enough your liver and brain cells too!
    i had access to the real deal in the late 90’s. I wouldn’t say it’s magical in that sweet fairy way. More like Pan’s labyrinth. Respect the green!

  20. In aftrica they drink jet fuel, and thats supposed to be the most hardcore alcohol, but it probably kills you.
    I can handle straight vodka way better then most people, but something like everclear or worse is just overkill, absinthe is just a bit much to me.

  21. I have a few bottles of clear absinthe in the cupboard and I drink it often because the flavor is delicious and the myths that surround absinthe intrigue me. The addition of cold water emulsifies the liquid into a beautiful opalescent milky white swirling drink that is pleasing to look at.
    Another favorite of mine is Chartreuse, somehow imbibing with these herbal infused liquors make sense to me in a way I can’t explain. It feels like magic.
    There are no hallucinatory side effects and I rarely feel drunk or affected but some part of me is compelled to drink it regardless. I get more twisted off of tequila than absinthe.

    • can be found in many australian gardens. the thing about preparations – what you get out from it – what goes into preparing it. absinthe is the c19th drug, originally for washing paintbrushes – a bit like meth, nowadays turps.
      should anyone want to go to other planes from maryjanewana to methamphet, prepare the dose, prepare for the fallout – n that means doing you research. some are plants ( you can totaly come back from), some ruin your brain (not a sure thing, they make holes that remain). Drugs are not wrong, just understand that if you want another plane, it might show you other planets, and you might want to stay on them – and noone on thsi planet will get it. Sorry that heoin has claimed another, we can’t say we we’ren’t warned. I thought PSH might have been pisces due to his hmanitarian representation and immersion. Leo and leo – all Leos could learn from this. And also dont take smack. Balck Swan, the movie, best eg of the pressure us actors/artists could be under on behalf of you all. Blessings. ps dont do heroin – reality cannot get with this

  22. It’s been legal for a bit here in the US…. I like it: I get a buzz that’s clearer and calmer than many other liquors, but that may be my imagination. :) No green fairies….. the Absinthe that caused all the problems back in the day was produced cheap by some distillers because they kept the beginning and the end of the runs in the mix…. normally, as part of the distilling process, these would be poured off, because the alcohol changes composition as it starts up and again as it exhausts and that part of the process produces alcohol more akin to rubbing alcohol (which is illegal nowadays to include in the drinkable portion in the bottle) and that’s why historians think it destroyed people’s brains ……

  23. yes, on many occasions. It gives hallucinations. yes, absolutely magical experience.
    I think the stuff Wilde & Toulouse Lautrec were drinking were stronger, perhaps cheaper and more toxic forms.

  24. absinthe is much gentler magick than i expected it to be. i just bought my second bottle the other day and used it in my new moon ritual. drank some last night too. :) it gives a very clean,alert, brainy buzz, not remotely psychedelic. makes you light and not drunk, and also, (this is strange for me also being jupiter opposite neptune) i never want to have more than two. not a party drink, really. however, the guy at the liquor store, as i was buying my expensive (though not the reeeeaally expensive bottle) bottle directed me towards those little two-shot bottles. he said that that one was the only one that actually contains wormwood. what?! also much higher proof. so maybe i’ll go do some research. 😉 i ingest copious mugwort to zero effect regularly, so i might just not be sensitive? will report back. 😀

    i had that painting as my fb cover photo for a while, and my czech bestie tells me it is a cafe in prague that she used to frequent. and, random tangent, i have been the worst astro-friend to her lately. so busy talking her through saturn on her sun this last year that i completely missed the fact that pluto is now on her moon! d’oh!!!

    • also, i think, come april, that i will try that plutonic colonic. absinthe is air, mix that with tequila’s fire and the earth of pomegranate- wow. madness.

  25. Mugwort grows wild here. In my last garden I had a large Wormwood plant that I miss. I must go get a clump……

  26. I make the most amazing cocktail with Absinthe. It’s called the Green Fairy (of course) and it begins with flaming the Absinthe :) Hey I’m Aries! :)

    It’s Absinthe, lychee liquor, fresh lime juice and lemonade (or sprite for the non Aussies)

    It does seem to cast a spell upon all those with drink it. People seem to go off to their own little world and it’s like I have a little club of Green Fairy friends who whenever they see me give a subtle knowing nod.

    But best of all was when I did an Absinthe Tim Tam slam by the fire once. I now know what it feels like to be a dragon…yes, I would call that cocktail the Green Dragon!

  27. I used to be a huge tequila drinker, have taken myself to some wonderful places with that stuff. I’ve made a lot of liqueurs and alcohol herbal infusions with herbs, mugwort included. Mugwort never did a huge amount for me but Damiana combined with tequila now THAT is something fairly epic.

    As for absinthe, have tried various kinds, I guess all lacking the essential wormwoodyness for seeing green, just a bad hangover.

  28. I had four absinthe drinks at a friend’s party; two with red bull. I was up for 24 hours straight, after getting off a flight. No jet lag; felt great. Went to sleep around 6 am, got up at 10. Felt like someone used me to mop a floor. Someone else there had eight drinks, his friends put him in a cab. He rushed in the door the next morning with eyes the size of plates asking what happened. He remembered setting the drink down and nothing after that.

  29. Hi I make my own Absinthe, its the most wonderful and fun thing to get pissed on, if thats your thing, and which I have done in the past. It really is a different kind of drunk much more open and magical. Now days I only use it for magic healing.I now make it so strong its really is a tincture rather than I drink and I use ONLY a few drops to open the doors of perception for myself and sometimes my clients when I am doing Shamanic healing for them, again only a drop or three is enough to just tilt ones consciousness off of normal standard. As far as I know its not illegal to make your own. Mugwort and wormwood is not scheduled as illegal and is freely available or grow your own . Mugwort and wormwood are of the “Artimesia” genus, a plant that is named after and and relates back the the Goddess of nature and the hunt Artemis, it carries for me her energy.

  30. We were given a bottle as a present from the Czech republic we drank it one New years eve…. I was afraid but watched everyone drinking it and they all seemed fine… so i succumbed… it was sooommmeee party…. we all kind of disappeared into our own worlds… i for one seemed to come to not really knowing what had been happening…luckily we were among friends and sober ones at that … there was no intimacy … it was isolating … I wouldnt have it again because there really seemed no point considering i lost time and i only had one 30 ml drink!!!

  31. I have made the same recipe that Van Gogh is said to have drank during his time in history. It has a wormwood base and is fermented and brewed in the dark for over a month. It is taken out and strained and more of the same ingredients are put in. Yes, it does taste like anise/licorice yet if it is the right formula and preparation, it heightens the senses and opens the doors to perception without the intoxication or hallucinations. It is definitely a preferred taste. I like absinthe and have purchased Lucid absinthe, which is the closest to the recipe I have (when I can make it around Samhain/Halloween when life permits).

  32. An old Qi Vamp / EX of mine from Paris would travel to Prague to buy it. Never had any, but he was a delusional jerk and he felt “cool” for drinking it. He saw himself as some great artist . Years after we parted, I contacted him and he was at the hospital because he had he forced his new GF to drink it and she ended up with alcohol poisoning! Always think of him when I hear the word absinthe.

    No thanks, not for me…

  33. I had a little drink in a pub in London, & it’s the only thing that’s made me out-of-it, world-spinningly dizzy. I didn’t like it, felt like everything was moving around me, and everyone else was sort of calling out from underwater.