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Storm by John Bolton

Hey Full Moon Trippers – i am taking a few days to focus fully on my Tarot but will pop back in to announce the winners of the Tarot Muse competition on the Full Moon.

Meanwhile, the Horoscopes & Daily Mystic email continue completely as usual, the Oracle is obviously still there & awesome and the Zeitgeist 2014 Super-Scopes, Lilith E-Book & Binaural Beats are available via the Shop. The Triple Leo Intern is also at call to answer queries & sort schizz out between gym visits.

If you did not yet read the most recent Daily Mystic email, please DO as it is a succinct summary of the current astro-weirding, as are your Scopes but more personally…Mercury in Aquarius for weeks now is a brilliant addition to the Zeitgeist, allowing for epic objectivity and genius even amidst the most profound psych evolutions. We need the Air.


Image: John Bolton via the Comics Vault

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95 thoughts on “Zeitgeisting

  1. Thank you. I love the presence you have been in my life for the last 3 years. I hope your year has started wonderfully. Many blessings to you and yours. xoxo

  2. Days like these are the days I am so thankful to subscribe to this site; I’m depressive by nature and just having an astro-weather-blurb every day to keep me on task and forward-looking really helps. It’s not the worst or the darkest right now but sometimes the monotony and lack of guarantees of the grind on the way to something better is harder than pure despair. Excited for Aqua season.

    That must be fun designing the tarot app. ^__^ Structure mixed with creativity; traditions updated.

    • You expressed my emotions exactly. Thank you. That we aren’t alone in our feelings is such a gift.

    • February is a sweet month, the craziness called Xmas is over and the ley of the land for 2014 emerging.
      Then Chinese New Year, sensible, as western new year too close to Xmas :-)
      Happy Solar return for when, Rache?

    • Mystic’s daily wisdom has been a lighthouse beacon through some storms these past few years. And yes, the regularity of the blog posts, the daily Mystic email, the weekly, monthly and daily horoscopes has become part of my essential routine.

    • yo Rache
      Totally, although I wouldn’t say I was depressive by nature, I’m certainly reclusive by nature. And HYPER sensitive to the vibes of the maddening crowd. Even being in a room where a TV is blasting out thought viruses and propaganda, I mean news or that crazy insecurity trigger stuff called advertising can make me feel crazy. I’m super Vata by nature (Ayrevedically speaking) as you must now by now also almost TOTALLY crippled with dyslexia. I also can’t see in 3D so I bump into things a lot and can mimic a dance or yoga teacher with ease but literally cannot remember the simplest of sequences so have always been chronically shy and introverted which I can hide but then feel fraudulent and I have at a few points in my life been severely depressed due to my own hubris, weird choices and antisocial behaviour SO I CAN COMPLETELY RELATE.
      Honestly, I’ve never felt more able to be myself and felt more acceptance and a sense of belonging than I do on this site. I’ve “met” so many awesome ands genuine people here. I find the dailies from MM and her guidance via consults like Phoenix etc and her ebooks and scopes have become a kind of life raft. The people here feel like my friends and I too am so incredibly grateful to MM for the work she does and others on this site who I have received support, encouragement, warmth and constructive criticism from.
      I guess because we are not in physical proximity, it also feels safer to get close to others (cyber close) with all my PTSD from that abusive childhood I made it through I really have a hard time connecting with others and can’t imagine how this year would have panned out for me had it not been for this site, my subscription here is some of the smartest money I ever spent. Sorry for going all emo there! Must be this Kataka full moon and my recently progressed moon into Kataka. I did part two in my “basics of yoga alignment ” course last night rather than see someone who “the old me in my scared little lizard brain head” thinks I cannot survive without. Losing the “support” from this person is genuinely terrifying but I know that in order to move forward I have to let go of that way of thinking and not be around anyone who prefers me when I’m functioning at a lower frequency. It’s total Qi vamping and I’m putting myself first.

      The writing is going pretty well, not brilliant but not bad at all when I actually DO IT. I can see a future where I support myself entirely via my own inner creativity and drive rather than relying on certain men to support me, or failing that “the kindness of strangers” aka my swag and guile as a person.

      I think I’m finally getting the hang of downward dog. Network Chiro twice a week is super helpful, as is listening to MM’s binaural beats at night and checking in here periodically during the day.

      How is the part time job at the yoga studio going?
      You still doing ballet exercises? They rock, I love them. Do you have Classiore classes where you work? I think you’d LOVE them. Mix of yoga, ballet and Pilates. Hurts for days afterwards, in a good way.

      Your post have been so helpful and inspiring for me. I love your honesty and quirkiness and how you don’t edit out your vulnerable moment. They have helped me deal with my own issues SO MUCH. Thank you for sharing your real self on here Rache. You’re awesome!

      • I never cry but was having a bad morning and crying a bit in the shower, then I read this and they turned into happy tears. Everything you wrote really resonated with me…I am also moon in 12th (with mars too) and have extreme hypersensitivity to environments and influences as well as an abusive/traumatic adolescence.

        My yoga job is excellent! I work with mostly really present, positive, creative, interesting women and it’s the one thing at the moment that is inspiring me a lot. One of the reasons I loved dancing before was because I always struggled to connect with women (especially initially) and I just loved working with them and being able to make stronger female friendships. We don’t have Classicore at the studio but I know there are some barre classes in the area that are really popular. I’ve been doing the ballet exercises twice a week on top of yoga..

        I always love reading about your life and your thoughts and am excited to see where you go with all these massive changes!! And good for you for realizing what isn’t making you happy anymore and walking away from it even if the future is uncertain…

  3. Just saw moon is in Cancer now. This Kataka sun conjunct saturn totally got emotional. Cried some.

    My parents do so much more for my sister and her kids cause she lives there. I get this. I am so self reliant and far away. I just don’t want my kids cheated. My mom makes sure she balances things so well, but tonight, my heart sunk some. They bought my niece, 17, a car. My son turns 16 next week. He will get gift cards and some cash. :/

    • Tell them. I would gently let them know they have set a precedent. If they mean to give the others a car on their 17th it would be nice to know in advance.
      Because if not, their shortfall will be your problem to manage.

      They should be aware it could create a lot of upset to all the people involved (receiver kid vs other kids, grands vs kids, grands vs parents), and that if there is an amazing reason this gift was given, at least vocalising that would alleviate some of the tension.

      This kind of thing can fester for years if left unspoken, believe me I know. (From a receiver of gifts that damaged a sibling relationship through no fault of my own).

    • Absolutely, I agree with Andromeda, in that a precedent has been set…

      But I’d also be really congratulatory & join in the celebration with your parents & niece about how wonderful they are to buy the grandkids cars when they turn 17!…

      Then offer to help with doing some of the legwork & research, if they want, over the year in the lead up to your son’s 17th birthday gift car!

      Yay!… Must be Lovely to come from such a generous family! ; )

      Ps: Surely they’re not silly?!… They’d have to have already factored in that they’ve set a precedence now.

    • Thank you. Apparantly it isn’t a present but a loan. Not for a birthday, but because her car is being taken away due to my sister’s horrible financial mess. Sigh. She’s a great kid, dealing with family unstability. I am so grateful for my parents in her life.
      My mom was concerned about my reaction, but honestly I am not too worried about it. It is what it is. They would break their backs for me if I was closer.

  4. Polar vortex and extremely extreme cold Northern Hemp
    and debilitating heat wave in Southern Australia of 43 celcius with Bankok
    temperatures of a night.
    Of course fires are erupting at many locations
    So am grumpy as cannot do physical work as easy to overheat by absorbing
    peoples body heat, for a few days just when i was on a roll.
    Do we need a weather man to know which way the wind blows?
    Don’t fuq with Gaia, she’s bigger than thou.

    • I’m nervous about all this stuff…polar vortex in most of the US but here in California we’ve had no rain and fires in the winter. 10AM in January here and 75 degrees, again. This might be normal in SoCal but here it is very weird and 10-20 degrees higher than usual this time of year.

      • Yep, weather is demonstrating the weird & extreme effects of global warming here too…
        45C (113F) today & yesterday, with 46C (115F) forecast for tomorrow.
        Over the heat wave : /

  5. More air? yes, it’s hard to breathe BUT don’t want wind to exacerbate the fires.
    Silly they stopped building houses without cellars.

  6. Full moon, high tides, cyclone watch and rain, rain and more rain. It has been a day of unexpected twists and turns – thank you Aquarius.

  7. Geez, I’m on the sad wagon today too. Can’t sleep – failing at quality sleep. Eating well – but feel sick. I’m always hydrated…. enough to have a cry. It’s days like this where it would be nice to come home and have someone to cuddle who loves and cares for you. Not just an empty house. Just so over it.


      I love melatonin, it’s been a life-saver for me. I get really hyper and anxious at night sometimes and it helps me have a normal sleep-wake cycle and actually be rested.

      • Wasn’t near the sad wagon but fell into it. Breakup hangover. Its ridiculous I am even having one. Ugh.

        Hugs to all xx

        • After midnight i got tearily nostalgic for an ancient yet avant garde art form i don’t get to see since i left that country. I’ve genuinely missed it but avoided thinking about it in detail, until i pored over the memory of a performance and was in genuine (not projected) tears. Chiron in the 5th trine Moon in 12th! Full moons seem to bring out my 12th house :(

          • I sometimes feel like that when there’s a full moon in Sadge. I have South Node in Sadge in 12th

          • I also have my natal Chiron in the 5th house and moon in 12th xxx
            Yeah. I know. I know.

            massive hugs (from here)

  8. Geez, I am sorry woohoo. This moon & where I am at least, the 45 degree heat, aren’t helping me either. Big fat virtual hugs, xx.

    • Aww thanks. Yeah, we had some 45 degree days earlier in the month – not fun.

      Hugs back! x

    • Perth had the Fire Breath before Adelaide and so it has reached Melba as well. Record temps of 46 C, that’s
      120 F, Outback temp ffs. Another 2 days more.

      Watching movies of Polar Bears whilst having a Gin & Tonic as outside is an OVEN at 8pm.

      Hope your babies are dealing with it ok.
      The tennis players were vomiting, down for the count with heat exhaustion. Mad Dogs & Englishmen or just sports madness?

  9. Heheh love the description of the Triple Leo Intern sorting shizz out between gym visits.

    • me too :) was just about to comment then saw yours already

      TLI, did you ask mystic to write about Leo slashie guy post?

    • You mentioned that Millie, ha yes me too, it put a smile on my dial :-)

      To those doing Yoga in the Southern States: Hot Yoga whether you like Bikram (a bad guru) or not!

  10. Wow. What a week it’s been. As other people have mentioned, it’s so hot in Melbourne right now. And last night the power in our entire suburb went out. for about four hours.

    At about 9pm, it was still 36 degrees and scorching, but started pissing down with rain for about five minutes. I went outside and it was like being in a giant hot shower. The air was thick with heat, and the water was evaporating off the hot concrete and bitumen. It was a rather dystopian energy.

    I am just wiped today. I’m finding it hard to keep the inauthenticity I feel being in my current job under wraps – getting snippy and agitated. It’s been too hot to maintain my exercise routine which really helps me cope with my career funk constructively. With Saturn sitting on its natal placement in my chart right now, the realisation that I have got to change things up to get more real is incredibly strong. I’ve set myself a goal to be working for myself as a contractor by the middle of this year.

    • Fellow Horse, no races for us in these temperatures.
      Also cannot work due to heat. Hardly any traffic on roads.
      MOvies are packed, so the malls wold be as well.
      The blood heats and peoples get angry, hence the term
      ‘hot blooded’.
      The air still as still, no movement at all. Expect to hear a huge thunderclap any minute :-)
      Last week heard a noise like a huge truck outside at 8am and yelled ‘shut up’ only to find it was a minor earthquake.

      Think i’ll do a few spins and change into “Storm’ even if only for The Hair.

      • Great idea, Pegs, and while you’re manifesting Storm, perhaps you could bring some stormy cool changes our way!

        I’d love to go to the movies but I am hesitant to leave the house. I have to go into the office tomorrow – by then everyone who’s out and about will be sleep-deprived and zombie-ing out. Heatwaves are such strange things.

        We have a family of magpies who live on our street, they’re lovely and placid things. Poor creatures aren’t handling the heat too well either so I placed a shallow bucket of water out in our front garden – they’ve been hovering around it for two days now. Neighbours are coming around and making sure it’s full. Quite touching, really!

  11. I’ve taken the bait twice today: road rage and online dispute. I may have to ride this one out from home, offline.

    • Oh the online debate…..

      My stepdaughter’s mom is a horrid sag with moon in Cancer. She blew up, I slightly took the bait, but pride myself and not sinking as low as her. Disengaged.

  12. Dearest Astro Fiends,


    I write to you from a corporately-funded hotel room in Cincinnati, Ohio, having been summoned here on business. Non-negotiable. No worries-it’s a nice place-we’ll take care of everything, they told me. I’ve stayed in casino hotels that were cleaner than this place.

    So I’m stuck here for two days– just like the toxic spill rolling down the river from West Virginia. The chems are due to arrive in Cinci about 12 hours from now: “You’ll know the chemicals are here by the distinct smell of *licorice* in the air,” so said the local news. People in West Virginia are now free to drink their water again– if they dare.

    This full moon is happening in my 5th house, too near my natal rx Saturn. This biz im here on is neither romantic nor creative, nor having anything to do with parenting (unless sacrificing time with my son for this bullshit biz trip counts), nor anything fifth house-y. So, wtf?!

    Just, w.t.f.

    Fear & loathing (of bedbugs & toxic rivers) in Cincinnati,

    Scorp Inc.


    • hi scorp inc. I read about this. Sorry to hear you are one of those affected.
      I am utterly amazed, given the proximity of the storage facility to a drinking water supply, that there were not more systemic precautions in place to prevent such a thing. Due diligence, hello. Contaminating a city’s drinking water supply should be the kind of offence that sends people to prison.

      At these times, with my political interests as they are: I always ask: What if it was not perpetrated by a US company but an organisation acting to make a political statement? What if exactly the same thing happened? Answer: Labelled an act of terrorism. Many peeps incl me have argued elsewhere in the past that several countries act, or fail to act in such a way as to have the best interests of their wider population at heart, they commit acts of domestic terrorism. Eco-terrorism is my specific interest here. Think of all of the disasters that have have sweeping cross-border impacts on wider civilian populations – fukushima, collapse of mine tailings dams, Ohio River spill – all failures of private infrastructure affecting public goods / rendering the population ill, or land resources unusable, for an indefinite term. hope am not rambling,.
      oh god I can’t wait to stick the knife into these organisations, academically and hopefully professionally, one day soon.

      • anyway my point i didn’t make too clearly there was that it’s all in the labelling. ‘accident’ or ‘eco terrorism’, intentional or not? the impact, in the end is the same. i could go on (a bit more clearly next time maybe) :) x

        • Many years ago when young and naive I went to one BHP shareholder meeting, never again thereafter… The security there quickly discarded share holder protesters from the public gathering. A sibling and I were horrified at how quietly and efficiently people were brutally removed.

          At the time the controversy revolved over Ok Tedi mine and we knew little of the devastation, being recent beneficaries of a minor inheritance.

          I kept them all these years for my child, as my step-grandfather who fled post war europe acquired them as a civil engineer for BHP (He was a road-worker initially as an immigrant) but I wonder if I should have let them go…

          My husband completed a masters of environmental science and mentioned sustainable eco shares…The truth is that you really need to know quite a lot before you commit to anything. Most investments are far from what folk realise…

          • true. shareholder protest is a thing now, as in I have heard about organisations that buy up enough shares in a company to give them quite a bit of clout in decision making. can’t recall details of course. but it’s out there. have come across in business pages here n there.

            there are def ethical investment options. one thing i have never done is look into my superannuation investments – i think it’s quite difficult to get firms to release their portfolio information but then again i have never tried. Would be aghast if my retirement were being partly funded by Lockheed Martin or Phillip Morris which it probably is 0_0

            • Most super funds have a sustainable option now – australian or foreign sustainable are the usual choices and they tell you how the money is invested and what their definition of sustainable is.

              Everyone has choices. Balanced/high/low/secure = a cloaking device. Unless you choose a sustainable option, yes, you are funding things you probably don’t agree with in principle. No doubt about it. In some funds sustainable super has outperformed all the other mainstream options in the last few years. Although recent changes in government may change all that.

              • I have changed my super fund to ethical super I think it’s called — doesn’t invest in mining or unsustainable or unethical industry.

                • good on you – it astounds me that most people don’t even know where their life savings are. That it’s actually their money.

        • AND I just read the dailies, so, “wtf”? That’s what the fuq! Far out, Mystic. Ok: I got this 😉

          Bitch Moon RAAAAH


      I don’t know what to say except I’d be completely fuqin freaked out too. Like beyond freaked out.

      Is there any way you can get to a different location. Somewhere CLEAN? Like yesterday already?
      fuq sorry to hear. Sounds horrid!

    • ScorpInc, perhaps means other peoples’
      children that you are there for?
      Brave Woman, you have my admiration.

  13. My stepdaughter’s mom….Saggy with a moon in Kataka …..showed her ass today, again! If she doesn’t get her way right when she wants it, she freaks out.
    She screams over her daughter while she is trying to figure out plans with her dad, yanks the phone out of her hand. She screams, cusses, and calls him name as soon as taking the phone.
    She doesn’t cuss or call me names if she is messaging me at least. But doesn’t like if I call her out on her behavior and gets pissy.
    I told her my kids could hear her screaming through the phone. My kids think she is an angry bitch. She said she tries so hard to keep the peace with my boyfriend(wtf?) and doesn’t need me making things harder. There is pain from the years they are still trying to heal.
    UGH!!!! Really? I had to disengage.

  14. 12th House Virgo and I are talking – yay! Mate i respond shortly.

    Also, last call for Tarot Muse entrants – the competition closes at 6pm this evening and will be drawn on the Full Moon tomorrow with winners announced shortly afterward.

  15. This Bitch Moon is vile!!! 😡
    Feels like a Full moon and a Dark moon all rolled into one. PMT doesn’t help.

    Looking forward to Venus going direct too. It’s affecting my job search. As if natal Saturn (initially wrote Satan. 😆 ) in the second house wasn’t enough of a hurdle. :(

  16. Whatever snit I was in yesterday has disappeared. Although let’s see how I feel Monday/Tuesday when redundancies are rolled through my company. Ouch!

    Having a look at my chart. Natal and transitting Lilith are so damn close!

      • Geez! Wanna come to the Caribbean with me? I’m thinking a short trip is needed. I have to go to America for a wedding in March and am thinking a small reality escape is needed for my sanity.

        • lol, does Calypso want to go tot he Caribbean with you? Woohoo!

          Sounds great, I would love to be able to 😀

          You should definitely do it!

  17. I’m kind of loving this astro.
    Like how much momentum there is to surf change my life in a tornado if I keep my wits about me, stay balanced, focused and on mission. I’m scared but believe that the universe supports me.
    Hesitant to say that after what I’ve read here but I’m only loving it because I know it’s rough and I’m prepped for it and have support RIGHT HERE.

  18. The last few days have been shitty. But today I worked a short day then came home and read on the couch in the air con. Sooooooo hot and will be over 40 (105 F) for next 2 days. Lucky there’s no such thing as climate change hey? /sarcasm
    Anyway it has cooled down slightly (29) and I went for a walk as its cooler outside and I saw the enormous almost full moon!!! It was slightly obscured by hazy cloud and looks very portentous. Now I’m on my terrace with candles and a smudge stick lit to deter mosquitos, but I actually feel a lot more positive. I also saw solar fairy lights on a verandah — beautiful. Someone’s Xmas decorations still up. And I thought, if you get out in the world, there’s always the possibility of fairy lights. Sometimes I forget. Anyway hugs to everyone who needs one! Xx

    • aww that’s sweet. yes the moon was beautiful. humid here, sky was full and hazy. I guess that’s Jupes all lit up nearest the moon? Arooooooo

  19. I haz kitties ! Two little tabbies I got suckered into taking…

    This is the level I am working at, at the moment 😀 Its all rolling over me, like the tide. Full moon ? Yeah, over she goes… I’m like a piece of seaweed…. My little rubber band snapped, and now I’m all floppy. Working really well.

    New Years resolutions – have an exhibition of my ceramics and learn how to lucid dream. I am using : http://www.amazon.com/Exploring-World-Dreaming-Stephen-LaBerge/dp/034537410X

    …and have been turned on to a compound called AMZ by my Grindr nephew (body building, not gay sex. At least, I think not….) – its mostly Magnesium and Zinc, but if gives you fabulous rest and amazing lucid dreams. Winging its way to me from iHerb right now. Am keeping that dream diary, so when it gets here, I’ll have the jump on it.

    Making the most gorgeous, dreamy, pale, clear porcelain vessels. I lie awake at night coming up with new shapes… Star shaped tea light holders; “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”; light fittings which look like undersea anemones; bowls for sacred offerings, or drinking sacramental blood, or both….

    Its all a bit nebulous, quite frankly. I’m still making “To Do” lists – haven’t managed to anesthetize the Virgo completely – but everything flows; despite the fact that, technically, I’m busier than ever…

    Under me, over me, through me… just washing me backwards and forwards…. my hair streaming like Ophelia, but a smile on my face as I get washed back to shore, sea shells in my hair….

    • I’ve been WONDERING where you were!!! Happy New Year and Happy Ceramic Exhibitionisting to you, Dom Triff xxx

      • Yeah – had an absolute spasm at the start of December. Little rubber band snapped completely – I quite literally said to one of my friends “I’ve had to give up. I can’t do anything. All I can do is put my head in the lap of Buddha and pray”. Literally 20 minutes after I said this to her, I saw an ad for an studio in an Artists collective in Fremantle, which I am currently sharing with my sister 😀 Two days later Mr Squeaky got offered a place in an Autism program which was “full”. Then my other two decided that they wanted to go to the local primary school and I agreed after Mr Squeaky ate the Principal’s lunch and he didn’t turn a hair…

        The odd thing is, my Universe bifurcated and I’ve been getting readings, oracle messages etc for the alternate me – they’re all internally consistent, but completely irrelevant to me. I think in that alternate Universe, I didn’t call as soon as I saw the ad (I sat down on the pavement to do it 😀 ).

        ….and its odd, Mystic has been completely out for me as well. I’ve been reading Mystic for, oooh, fifteen years now ? And this is the first time she’s been irrelevant to me. Maybe the Universe bifurcated and I jumped at the same time, so sort of crossed into the alternate Universe at the same time ?

        Anyway, I feel really quite odd, but happy at the same time. Going over all my goals and iChing readings for the last year, I just crossed out SO many things which have happened in the last 6 weeks, even though when I wrote them I felt it was more an exercise in wishful thinking than in anything else….

        • Dom Triff! Great to hear everything is coming together for you, may we all rest easy in the lap of the Buddha!

          That’s a massive lot of change to be going so gracefully, good for you. I like that Principal. My pranic books always say that the mentality of the owner/leader/ceo has resonance for the rest of the company, regardless of the awesome people who work under them, I always look to the leader of anything I involve my family in with interest now.

          Would love to see yr Neptunian ceramics if your are posting online, share a link? They sound glorious!

          As to being in step with MM, I think this astro is very difficult to generalise. I am feeling pretty high vibration most of the time and do not relate to the extreme tensions described in the astro, though I do observe the geopolitical situations with interest.

          But just generally I think the ZZ is not going to quite hit home for a few years. It seems to me that it isn’t the Titanic sinking, so much as humanity being a frog in boiling water. Pluto in Capricorn is the pot, Uranus in Aries the fire, Neptune in Pisces the water and it’s getting warmer, but.. here we still are!

        • He ate the Prinicpal’s lunch! Hilarious. Sounds like a nice man.

          Your universe bifurcated? There’s a lot to ponder in what you’ve written here, but I sort of had this feeling it was coming for you in your later posts. What was coming i didn’t know. But a fork in the road, for sure.

          When change is coming we feel like we need to jump in the right direction and we sit there shaking with it for what seems ages, going nowhere really. Then it comes at you from various directions.

          Will look out for ceramic exhibitions in Freo. Post a link or something? I love ceramics and still miss my time at the wheel, driving to the Land of Form and Finesse. I wonder if i’ll meet you.

    • Kitties! Naw! I love the kitties!!!! 😀

      Happy new year DT, keep us posted regarding your resolutions! I’ve set quite a few goals this year but they’re mainly ways to get my health, bank balance and career in order. A major saturn transit means they are working in my favour :-)

      • And YES!!! Love Kitties!!! Magic to have two tiny panthers padding about the place. Stirs about the chi – excellent Feng Shui I am sure, 😉 . Plus all that love..